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A Friend in Need

Chapter 5.

June, so aroused now that she could not stop abusing herself, no matter how much shame and humiliation she felt, watched with mounting anxiety as her two tormentors quickly stripped off their remaining clothes and at last displayed themselves, stark naked, before her.

She looked at the big man and again flushed with shame. His big, heavy balls, hung down between his thighs. His rampant prick stood out, stiffly, from under his bulging belly, its bloated knob seeming to pulse and glow an angry, turgid red and a thick, milky cream dribbled from the gaping pisshole at the tip.

Turning her lovely head, she looked at the woman. Again she blushed to the roots of her hair. Miss Stern was standing before her, knees bent, full thighs spread wide, and her hips thrust forward. The older woman's beautiful face was a mask of lust. Lips twisted in a lecherous leer, her left hand kneading her left breast, while her right hand pulled aside the soft flesh of her right thigh.

What gave June her biggest shock, was the big, bulging, bald cunny that gaped at her in all its swollen glory. It's fat, white, naked cuntlips, pouting out on each side of its raw, red crack, while it's inner lips and stiffened clit, burst out in wet, puffy folds. The young blonde could not take her eyes off the hairless pouter.

"Like it, Mrs Bending?" The lovely brunette leered. "You must have a closer look. It's not shaved, mind. Oh, no. This is the result of a much more permanent and efficient process."

Just then the naked man gripped the younger woman's arm and turned her to face the foot of the bed once more.

"You'll have plenty of time to admire Miss Stern's cunt in just a little while, Mrs Bending." He grinned. "But first we've got some more well deserved punishment for that big bum of yours."

"Oh, no! Please! No more." June cried, her eyes again brimming with tears.

"Oh, yes, Mrs Bending." George answered with a sneer. "You just bend over the end of that bed and lean forward on your hands."

Weeping, the naked young wife submissively obeyed and leaning over the end of the bed, she supported herself on her arms.

"That's it. Now move your legs closer to the bed and get your feet farther apart." The man directed, his eyes blazing with lust. "Yer. That's right. Now stick up that fat arse and round it out, like Mrs Stern showed you."

June quickly assumed the lewd pose and waited, tearfully, for what was to come next. Turning her head, she watched with mounting apprehension as the man picked up the feather duster and pulling off the feathered head, threw it to one side.

Left with just a three foot long bamboo cane in his large hands, George leered at Dolly and rolled his eyes, suggestively, at the young wife's fat, naked arse.

"Do you think this will warm it up a bit for her, Miss Stern?" He asked, swishing the cane, experimentally, through the air. "Perhaps you would like to lie on the bed in front of her and give her a good, close, look at that lovely bald cunt of yours, while we do it, eh?"

Dolly, her beautiful face contorted with lust, moved towards him and held out her hand.

"Oh, please, Mr Cane." She begged with a childish pout. "Let me give her a few cuts to start her off. Pleeease."

George gave a cruel chuckle and handed her the cane.

"As you wish, my dear." He grinned, waving his hand, ceremoniously, towards the blonde's big, naked bum. "Be my guest."

The cruel brunette bent and flexed the cane in her hands; as if to test its strength.

"Thank you, Mr Cane." She crooned, as she sized up June's heavy, rounded buttocks with one of her sweet smiles. "If you would stand by her face, she can admire that big 'Rajah' of yours, while I work on her fat arse."

George moved close to the buxom blonde's pretty face and gripping his prick at the base of it's shaft, he bounced it up and down in front of her wide, worried eyes.

Behind her, Dolly carefully laid the cane gently, across both full, smooth arsecheeks.

At it's touch the girl gave an apprehensive cry.

With a cruel giggle, the lovely older woman raised the cane high in the air.

"Get ready, Mrs Bending." She laughed. "Here it comes."

And she brought the cane swishing down across both the girl's full, rounded cheeks with a mighty.....


"YYNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" The young wife's shriek filled the sunny room.

"Lovely." Dolly laughed with cruel delight. "Here's some more."

Swish. CRACK! Swish. CRACK! Swish. CRACK!

The beautiful business woman brought the cane down with careful precision in a ferocious volley of hard, burning cuts across the younger woman's round and fleshy buttocks. June's shrieks were like music to their ears.

After a score of cuts, Dolly turned to George and handed back the cane.

"I'm ready now, Mr Cane." She panted. "You take over while I get comfy."

And while George inspected the purple and red welts that striped the blonde girl's writhing arse, the lecherous brunette climbed onto the bed and sprawled before the bitterly crying young wife.

Arranging herself under the girl's sweet, tear streaked face, Dolly lay back on some pillows and, pulling her knees back to her naked breasts, spread her thighs wide. Her bald and pouting cunt bulged and gaped under the blonde's fearful eyes.

"There now, isn't it a pretty one?" She asked the wide eyed young woman, with a giggle. "It cost a small fortune to get it all smooth and bald like that."

The tearful girl stared at the older woman's pouting, naked sex, with fascination. Her pink tongue flicked out over her full, red lips as she saw the crack gape, the inner lips thicken and unfold and the large clitoris, stiffen and swell until it stood, ridged and engorged, under her awed gaze.

Watching the young woman's reactions with delight, Dolly moved both her hands down between her splayed thighs and with her fingers on the plump lips, she pulled open her rosy cuntcrack for June's inspection.

"Yes, my dear." She went on. "It's so smooth and clean like that. Just like a little girl's. And it's so much nicer to suck and lick, too."

June's big, tearful blue eyes flashed up with sudden apprehension, to the sprawling brunette's beautiful face. Dolly's head was tilted to one side and she was smiling her sweetest smile.

"Yes, Mrs Bending," She nodded her lovely head. "I said Lick and Suck." And she humped her rosy, widely spread sex, lewdly, towards the girl's trembling mouth.

"Now, I'd like you to stick your tongue, deep into my crack and suck my whole cunt, right into your pretty mouth, my dear." The lustful lady purred to the shocked young wife. "I know your going to love doing it. Every one says I taste delicious."

With those words, she lifted her right hand to her mouth and licked, with lascivious relish at the rich, milky juice that thickly coated her fingers.

June looked down at the plump, gaping, oozing cunny, so shamelessly displayed just a few inches from her face. She could feel its warmth on her cheeks and in her nostrils she could smell the exciting smell of a beautiful, mature, woman in heat.

Strange, new thrills raced through her body and seemed to explode in her own aroused sex, making her big swollen clitty jump and throb exquisitely.

The young wife shut her eyes, bit her lower lip and shook her blonde head.

"I'm sorry Miss Stern." She cried. "I...I just couldn't. I never have before. Not with...Not with another woman."

"You'll soon get use to it, Mrs Bending." The business woman chuckled. "And you must. I'm not asking you. I'm telling you. So get that lovely head of yours down here and get your beautiful mouth sucking."

Just then June felt the man's naked, hairy body press against hers as he leaned over her and looked over her shoulder.

"Having any trouble?" He asked his assistant with a wink. "Perhaps I'd better work a bit more on this big bum of her's?"

"Oh, no! Please God, no!" Cried June, again bursting into tears.

"Yes. Good idea." Dolly leered up at her lover. "Get her fat arse warmed up again."

George stepped back behind the girl and she, in an effort to see what he was about to do, strained her lovely head around and looked back over her shoulder. He smiled into her pretty, tear stained face with its big blue eyes and waved the cane at her.

"Change your mind?" He asked.

She shook her head. "I couldn't. I just couldn't." She snivelled.

"Right then, Mrs Bending." He grinned. "Hold on, here it comes."

He raised the cane high in the air and brought it flashing down in a stinging.....SSsssssswish.


"WWAAAAAAAAAAAHH !" She shrieked.

Swish CRACK. Swish CRACK. Swish CRACK.

Again and again the big naked man smacked the long whippy cane down in a stinging, blistering cut across the screaming, naked blonde's full, red buttocks.

As she shrieked and writhed at the scolding heat of the strokes, below her, sprawled on the bed and vigorously fingering her own wet quim, the lecherous brunette watched with glee, the anguished, tearful expressions that twisted the younger woman's lovely face.

"Give her a few across those lovely plump thighs of hers." Dolly called to her lover. "On the soft, rounded parts, high on the inside of her legs. That'll make her hit the high notes."

"Anything you say. Miss Stern." George answered with a chuckle. "Now, Mrs Bending. Bend your knees a bit more. That's it. Now spread your thighs wider. Wider. That's lovely. Now lift your fat arse higher. Right. Hold it like that."

Sobbing, June did as he bid her. There was a slight pause, then she heard the swish of the cane. It was as if he laid a red hot poker across the fleshy inner part of one of her full thighs.


She would have leapt up, but he gripped the back of her neck and held her down.

"Hold still." He commanded.

She held her position. Just. Her plump, purple welted, boiling buttocks, writhing and twisting as if on fire. Hot tears dripping down onto Dolly's round, white belly. The woman spread them into her pale flesh with a cruel laugh.




He had treated her other soft, inner thigh to a scolding cut.

"No! No! Pleeeease. No more. No more. I'll do it. I'll do it." The writhing, weeping young mother sobbed, pitifully.

And, while Dolly gloated triumphantly over her debasement, the buxom young wife lowered her lovely face to the older woman's waiting cunt.

Through her pain and tears, June was horrified to feel a shameful excitement run through her body. She smelt the hot, sweet smell of the lovely woman, waft up into her flaring nostrils. She opened her full, red lipped mouth, extended her pink tongue as far as she could and with a cry of shame, she plunged it deep into the woman's gaping, wet cuntcrack.

"AAAAH!" Dolly cried out with joy. "OOOOOW! AAAAAHH! YES! YES! SUCK IT! SUCK IT!"

Writhing in cruel delight, the aroused brunette gripped the younger woman's hair in both hands and, looking down through the deep valley between her own heaving breasts and over her quivering, rounded belly, she watched with squeals of glee, as June's lovely, red lips opened wide and obediently and sucked the fat, naked lips of her cunt in, until her spurting, spasming sex was completely enclosed in the weeping, subjugated young wife's pretty mouth.

"AAAAH! That's it!" The older woman groaned in delight. "Now. SUCK IT! AAAAAAH! Yes! YES!"

Submissively, the sobbing young blonde began sucking hard at the writhing woman's plump cunt.

"Oh, yes! That's lovely, my dear." Dolly leered down at June's flushed face as, twisting the girl's corn coloured hair in both fists, she pressed her gushing twat deeper into the girl's mouth. "And get that sweet tongue of yours working, too."

Strangely, although still crying, June was now fully aroused by her shameful humiliation. Snorting with lust, she could feel Dolly's fat, bald cunt lips swelling in her mouth and she could taste the lewd lady's thick, rich love juice as it gushed over her tongue. She gave a groan of total submission and, gripping the woman's full, white thighs in her in her arms, she plunged the hot wedge of her tongue in and out of the squealing brunette's gaping gash, while at the same time sucking greedily, at the plump, bare lips.

George's jowlly face was red with lust and his heavy, hairy body dripped with sweat as he watched the two beautiful women squeal and groan before him. Now that her head was lowered, the young blonde's superb arse seamed to rear up and round out towards him even more lewdly than it had done before. Below the puckered pink rosette of her winking bumhole, her chubby cunt bulged out from between her full, white thighs, its red raw, dribbling cuntcrack gaped at him, enticingly. With a snarl, he threw the cane aside and gripped his throbbing, painfully engorged prick in his fist.

Through heavy lidded eyes, Dolly saw her lover advance towards June's quivering bum.

"Oooo! Mrs Bending." The curvy brunette laughed wickedly. "Brace yourself. Mr Cane is about to mount you."

Glancing down to where the blonde's flushed face was pressed firmly between her full thighs she tightened her fingers in the younger woman's wheat coloured hair and shook her lovely head.

June's big, tearful blue eyes opened wide and with her mouth still full of creamy cunt, she stared with alarm up over Dolly's heaving belly and tits and gazed in dismay at the older woman's beautiful, lust contorted face as it leered, cruelly down at her.

"Yes, my dear." Dolly laughed, nodding eagerly down at the girl's tear streaked face. "He's going to fuck you ever so hard. I know you are going to love it. He's going to 'Backscuttle' you. Hold on tight, now."

She looked up at George, gleefully. "She's ready, Mr Cane." She grinned. "Go on. Ram it up her."

George needed no urging. The rounded globes of the buxom young blonde's dimpled arsecheeks, crossed red and purple with the hot welts of the punishment they had administered to them, danced before him, voluptuously. Holding his turgid prick pointing at her beautiful big bum, the big man advanced, menacingly, on the degraded young mother.

On reaching her, he gripped her plump hip firmly with his left hand and, spreading his feet to get a good grip on the carpet, he stooped, shuffled forward and directed the swollen, blood engorged knob of his ridged cock at her gaping cuntcrack.

Looking down, his burning eyes watched avidly as the livid gland neared the wet, red slit of the young woman's peachlike twat. He halted the glowing tip a hair's breadth from her palpitating pussy. Then, his lips curling back from his teeth in a lascivious leer, he plunged the throbbing knob between her plump cuntlips and stabbed it into the hot, wet depths of her oozing gash.

June groaned into the swollen folds of Dolly's sex and her buxom body jumped at the immodest contact.

Dolly laughed, evilly, and held the girl's pretty mouth, tightly against her own juicy cunt.

For a few moments George enjoyed the sight and feel of the young wife's fat, wet cuntlips, stretched open and bulging out around his cock's pulsing red warhead. Releasing his hold on the shaft, he gripped her hips with both large hands and, with one merciless lunge forward, embedded the full, swollen length of his rigid prick, with a jolt, into the boiling depth of her belly.

"MuuuuummphhhHH!" June's cry was lost in the folds of Dolly's twat as, having been lifted off her feet by the jolt; she collapsed onto her knees before him.

Standing firmly on his two feet, his strong fingers sinking into the blonde's fleshy hips as he pulled her rounded buttocks, tightly, into his groin, George dropped to a crouching squat behind her, the wide column of his cock still embedded, to the root, in her swollen cunt.

For some moments he squatted there, mounted on the young mother's fat arse, savouring the delicious wet, hot contractions that engulfed his pulsing prick.

Watching the look of pure pleasure spread across the florid face of her lover, Dolly grinned up at him.

"How is she?" She asked.

"God! She's fucking delicious!" He groaned through clenched teeth. "Her cunt's so tight and hot and wet. It's like sticking it into a tub of hot butter."

He sucked in air between his teeth.

"Aaaaah! I can feel her cunt clenching around my cock." He gasped.

"Go on!" Urged Dolly, shaking with excitement. "Fuck her! Give her a right, Royal Shafting. Fuck her hard!"

George withdrew his prick, with a sucking sound, from the exquisitely tight confines of June's wet sex, until only the bloated knob remained within. Then, with a vicious, hard jolt of his muscular hips, he rammed its full length, to the hilt, into her belly.

"UGHH!" The blonde's loud grunt vibrated through the fat lips of the older woman's lust swollen cunt.

"AAAAAAGH!" Came Dolly's answering cry. "Oh, yes! That was lovely! Make her do it again."

Obediently, George drew out his blood engorged cock to the knob and again slammed it back into the girl's congested quim.

"MMMUUMMPHHH!" Groaned June, into Dolly's cunt.

"AAAAAAGH!" Cried Dolly, in delight.

Again George withdrew his rigid prick and rammed it back into its slimy sheath. Both women writhed and groaned and George pulled out and thrust in again.

In and out. In and out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In, out, in, out, in, out, in-out-in-out-in-out.

Taking a good, tight grip of her rounded hips, the big man began to fuck the helpless young mother in earnest. His thick, steel hard prick thudding into her battered cunt, in hard, fast, body juddering jolts. His hips thudding against her burning buttocks. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP.

"Go on! Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!" Dolly cried out in delight, while humping her gushing, bald cunt into the squealing young woman's open mouth. "Go on! Fill her belly with spunk!"

George, his rigid shaft now pistoning, smoothly in and out of June's plump cunt, moved his hands up and gripped her round shoulders, firmly. Bending forward over her back he put his face close to hers and watched, with lecherous delight, as his mistress skilfully fucked the moaning young wife's sucking mouth.

Looking up at Dolly's lovely, lust contorted face, he grinned as the lascivious brunette put out her tongue and wiggled it at him, lewdly.

"Oh, George. This is delicious." The dark haired woman groaned. "I'm nearly there. Bring her off, darling. I want to 'Cum' in her mouth just as she spurts her cuntjuice."

Eagerly, George did as he was bid. Dropping his strong hands from June's shoulders, he slid them down, around her torso, to where the big, dangling globes of her breasts hung down under her forward bending body. Cupping a heave gourd in each palm, he began kneading her fleshy jugs in his fingers.

His vigorous fucking of the buxom young blonde coupled with the mangling of her big tits, soon had the desired result.

Squealing and snorting into Dolly's humping cunt, June started thrusting her fat arse back, violently, on to the hard and gristlely column of muscle with which she was being shafted.

"Ah! That's it! That's getting to her!" Cried Dolly, intently watching the girl's every reaction. "Try milking that big clitty of her's George. That should do it."

"George, his sweat dripping over the writhing back of the kneeling blonde, released her right tit to swing furiously, and moving his right hand down over her rippling belly, he thrust his fingers into the folds of wet flesh that bulged out of the top of her stretched cuntcrack.

The squealing young wife bucked under him as his questing digit found its prize and her large tickler popped out, naked and defenceless. Quickly, George gripped the swollen stalk between finger and thumb and, squeezing it tightly, he began twisting and stretching it, as he mercilessly milked the buxom, bucking blonde to a climax.

June gave a loud but muffled shriek and her eyes rolled back in her head, beneath their half closed lids.

"Look! Look! She's CUMMING!" Dolly squealed with wicked glee. "Quick, George. Cream her. Pump your spunk into her belly."

"AAAAAH! Yes! I feel it!" Gasped George, furiously pistoning his greatly distended prick into the boiling depths of the blonde's convulsioning cunt. "AAAAAAAAAAH! FUCK! Her cunt's sucking on my prick. Squeezing it. Milking it. AAAAH! FUCK! I'M CUMMING! CUMMINNNNNGGG!"

And with a loud bellow, he shot a great salvo of thick spunk, deep into the young woman's belly.

The lascivious spectacle of the humiliated young wife and mother being so thoroughly raped by her lover, was more than Dolly's excited senses could stand.

"OOOooooo! AAAAH! My CUNT! I'm going to CUM! I'M GOING TO CUMMMM!" The handsome Matron shrieked while gripping the younger woman's lovely face in both hands and thrusting her fat, bald, spurting cunt further into the naked girl's open mouth. "AAAAAAH! Yes! YES! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING IN HER MOUTH! AAAAAAAAH! YES! RIGHT IN HER PRETTY MOUTH! AAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!"

And the climaxing young Juno felt her mouth fill with spurts of thick cuntcream, while her happy cunt was pumped full of rich, hot spunk.

As her delicious orgasm slowly faded, June slumped forward over the relaxing body of the groaning brunette, while George, in turn, collapsed onto her back.