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Ages and Stages - A Continuation

Ages and Stages - Part 16

Ages & Stages - Part 16


Karen opened the front door with her finger to her lips, and whispered, "Come in, the baby is sleeping, be very quiet." Tim was of large build, while Jimmy was very small in stature, she wondered how he could handle such a big package. Both boys whispered their greetings and headed back to Jimmy's father's pick-up, where they hoisted the box and waddled up the sidewalk. The box tipped precariously as the larger boy tried to steady it on the trip up the stairs. They set the box down in the foyer as they removed their boots.

"Where do you want it?" Jimmy whispered. Karen motioned for them to follow her to the master bedroom, where the boys set it near the wall opposite the king sized bed. They quietly removed the packaging, and then set it up tightly against the wall. "How's that, Mrs. Matthews?" Jimmy asked.

"Perfect." The boys picked up the loose paper and packaging, and headed for the front door, but before they could get their boots back on Karen handed each of them a crisp $20 bill.

"That's not necessary, my boss is paying me for the delivery." said Jimmy.

"And he's splitting it with me," Tim added.

"Shush... You don't need to tell your boss about the tip," Karen said as she winked to the two boys. She leaned forward and gave each boy a hug, and a peck on the cheek. As she reached around Jimmy, she noticed that his bottom seemed a bit padded, not as much as John's, but there was definitely something more than BVD's beneath his khakis!" She mused if this might be why a boy his age worked in a diaper supply store.

Karen went to the kitchen door and looked into the garage, to find John still fast asleep in his car seat. She stopped in the utility room to load the spun-out diapers into the dryer, and then to her room to start loading supplies onto the changing table. She opened the gift pack to find a sample container of baby powder, baby oil, Desitin™ diaper rash ointment, baby lotion, and three sealed baby bottles each filled with pre-mixed baby formula. It said right on the package that each was formulated to be the closest substitutes available to emulate mother's milk. She took these to the refrigerator, she could try these later, and if he liked them she could buy more at the market.

"Oh, my! The market! I don't have anything ready for dinner!" she said to herself. Karen grabbed her coat and got into the car, pushed the button to open the garage door, and backed out of the driveway. As she pulled into a parking space at the market, John awoke.

"Where are we?" he asked.

"We're at the market," she answered, "I have to pick up something for supper." Karen unbuckled John from his car seat and placed him on her hip. As she entered the store, she plopped John into a cart, and started browsing the aisles for something quick and easy. Over at the deli, she found sliced London Broil and some Kimelweck rolls. Remembering that she had half a jar of horseradish mustard at home, and a full jar of horseradish itself, she ordered a pound of meat, thinly sliced, and four rolls. Karen also grabbed a quart of Au Jus, this would be a quick meal for her. As she waited for her order, John started whining.

"Mommy, I gotta go poop," he whined. "I gotta go right now! Mommy, take me potty!"

"John, I can't take you potty here. They don't have a public restroom here," she answered.

"But I gotta go NOW!" he cried.

"If you can't hold it, use your diaper." Karen could not believe she just said that. It came out so naturally, after all, she was looking directly at her baby.

"I can't," John answered.

"Why not? You have triple diapers on, and plastic baby pants. There's a poop liner in your diaper, so it won't be bad at all." she reasoned. "Just go in your diaper, and I will change you when we get home."

"But, I can't go poopy in my diaper. Please take me to the potty... I don't wanna go poopy in my..." and his voice trailed off, as Karen watched John lift himself slightly in the cart. There was the faint sound of a fart, and then the face that Karen hadn't witnessed in years: the "toddler poopy" face. She saw John strain to hold back, and then it was obvious that he had given in and was pushing his usually large afternoon load into his diaper. His poop hit the back of the diaper and then stopped for a second, before curling around, and spreading out. As his lifted himself, John didn't realize that he was allowing his poop to fill the void he was leaving between his legs and the cart, where the diaper formed a small valley beneath his scrotum. John felt the pressure and pushed again, releasing more semi-soft poop into the cup shaped area of the diaper between his legs. After a third and final push, he dropped back down into the cart, and felt the poop squish and push up against his balls. With-in seconds the smell confirmed what his expressions had already signaled. Karen smiled to herself, she was once again the mommy of a full-fledged diapered baby.

The butcher handed Karen her order, she had HER dinner, but John, on the other hand, was not fond of London Broil, so she went looking for something for him to eat. Moments later, she found herself in the baby aisle, amid jar after jar of baby food. Karen again mused at her situation, here she was, a mother of a toddler, out shopping as if all was normal. Her baby sat there in the shopping cart, stinky dirty diaper and all. She looked at the toddler foods, and found a couple of jars of macaroni and cheese, along with some Hawaiian Delight desert.

Karen remembered when John was very little he loved Hawaiian Delight. Another mother was in the aisle with her baby, gathering up strained peas and carrots and such, she said a quick "Hello" and then whispered, "I think somebody has a dirty diaper!"

"Oh, really, I hadn't noticed," Karen said, "thank you." Then turning to John, quite loudly she said, "Somebody has a poopy diaper! You tinky bad, baby! Mommy gots to get you home so Mommy can get that tinky diapey offen you little messy bottom." This moment was the icing on the cake for Karen. It had been a great day, but this little episode topped it all off beautifully. John was lost in his thoughts, questioning if he really was a baby. Here he was in a wet messy diaper, waiting for his mommy to take him home, to change him, he MUST be a baby. There was simply no other explanation. This was the watershed moment that Karen had subconsciously been hoping and praying for, the moment her child accepted and understood that he was a toddler. The moment he knew that he was Mommy's baby. Heading toward the registers Karen passed through the Health and Beauty section of the store, where she spied a canister of MiraLAX­® laxative and a box of Ducolax­® stool softener. She tossed one of each into her cart.

As Karen put the items on the checkout belt, she knew that her life was nearly perfect again. Here she was, shopping with her baby, getting ready to take him home ot change his dirty diaper. Her mind was already racing as to how she could keep regressing John, now that he had reached this stage. There was no turning back. Obviously, it was a gift from God, after all the prayers that she had prayed, that somehow God would give her back her child. She could have her son closer to her, there were prayers that he could be more dependent on her. Tonight, she would finish off the next step, for the item she really needed to regress him further tonight was already waiting for him in the fridge.

Karen pushed her cart full of food (and her baby) to the car, loaded everything in, including this toddler, and drove home. Dinner that evening was handled immediately upon their arrival. When John begged to be changed, Karen explained that supper was hours late, and she would change him after dinner. As John was placed into his highchair he could feel the warm mass spreading across his bottom and pushing further forward at the same time. Karen popped the jars of mac and cheese into the microwave oven, and while that heated up she prepared a sippy cup of milk. Karen poured about four ounces of milk into the cup followed by a quarter teaspoon of MiraLAX­­®. She shook the mixture well, then added another four ounces of Enfamil™. After tying on a bib and checking the mac and cheese to be sure it wasn't too hot, she spoon-fed John his supper. Karen "accidently" missed John's mouth several times, and by the time she had both jars in him, John's face was a complete mess. Karen finished off with a jar of Hawaiian Delight, which happened to add to the mess on John's cheeks. When finished she removed his bib and used it to wipe his face, followed by a warm moist washcloth.

Karen unbuckled John from his high chair and carried him into the living room where he was plopped down on the floor. As John landed he felt his load spread even further across his messy bottom. Karen turned on the TV to a preschooler’s program, and left him to play with his baby toys as she returned to the kitchen to eat her Beef on Weck. All the while, as she ate her delicious dinner, Karen listened to the sounds coming from the living room. She heard bells and clicks coming from the baby toys, and she could faintly hear John joining in, singing nursery songs, with the children on the TV program. John was so enchanted by his new found freedom to be the baby he had been hiding inside, that he forgot about his messy bottom, and enjoyed his toys and childish program.

About fifteen minutes later Karen came into the living room and gathered John up in her arms, and carried him to his new changing table in the Master Bedroom. After laying him down and running the safety strap across his chest, Karen unsnapped John's short-alls and folded them over his tummy. When she removed his baby pants, the pungent smell filled the room. John wrinkled his nose at the odor, but it didn't seem to bother his mommy one bit. Karen unpinned John's diapers and was overtaken by how natural all this felt to her. How she had prayed each night that God would give her baby back to her! This was not exactly how she had envisioned it, but she could readily accept this scenario, as it must be God's will for her life, and her purpose to fulfill the role of "Mommy," to the child that He had given her.

Using the front of the diaper, she wiped the loose poop off of John. She set aside the soiled garment as she retrieved fresh baby wipes from a warmer that now sat on the shelf beneath the table. This part of the situation was not lost on Karen, as it justified her caressing her baby once again, like old times. As Karen wiped his bottom and handled his penis and scrotum, John was confused by the sudden wave of feelings. Was it okay for a mother of a twelve-year-old boy to be rubbing and caressing his privates and his buttocks? However, then again, he really wasn't much of a twelve-year-old anymore, somewhere, somehow, he had returned to the status of a toddler. It took about a half-dozen baby wipes to clean John's bottom and scrotum of all of his poop, but by now he was pretty well wiped clean.

"I guess you don't need your potty tonight, do you?" she asked the child.

"No, guess not, I think I'm done." John answered.

Karen handed him his pacifier, set a cloth diaper loosely over John, and left to start the bath water. In less than five minutes, she returned, unhooked the tie-down strap, and then removed his loose clothing, pulling the short-all and tee sirt over his head. When he was completely naked she carrried him to the bathroom and slid him into the tub. Karen handed John a couple of baby bath toys, and told him to stay put. Once he was placed into the warm water, Karen returned to the changing table to retrieve the dirty diaper. She returned to the bathroom and dumped the contents into the toilet, flushed, and then rinsed the garment in the running water of the vessel. She tossed the partially cleaned diaper into the sink and made a quick mental note that she would need a diaper pail in the bathroom.

Looking at John sitting naked in the tub, Karen was tempted to get into the tub with John. She used to hold him in the tub while bathing him for many years, but now that he was chronologically twelve-years-old, she feared that others might look at this situation in a negative manner, so she she put that thought aside. Karen grabbed a washcloth and a sample bar of baby soap that had been included in her gift pack. After washing his upper body with the soap, she grabbed some Johnson's™ Baby Shampoo and washed his hair. She had him stand up while she soaped up his genitals and his bottom. Suddenly, a stream of urine shot across the bathtub! Just like any toodler boy, handling his genitals had stimulated his bladder into releasing uncontrollably into the tub. Karen giggled slightly as John frowned at this turn of events. "It's okay, Baby. It's what little boys do sometimes when Mommy washes their little pee pee." Once the stream subsided, Karen finished washing and rinsing her baby off. Convinced that he was as clean as any other baby could be, she pulled the drain plug, lifted him from the tub, and wrapped him in a fluffy towel.

Karen laid her baby on the new changing table, and again pulled the safety strap across his chest. She reached over to the shelf, grabbed a small bottle of baby oil, and squirted some onto John's tummy. Karen rubbed and caressed the oil all over John's chest and tummy. She poured a little puddle into the palm of her hand and worked John's little penis and ball sack between her hands. John didn't know how to respond to this, after-all, according to the calender, he was twelve-years-old, but he felt every bit the baby as his mommy rubbed him all over. Karen loosened the strap and instructed John to roll over. She preceeded to rub more baby oil onto his back and bottom. Karen spent a great deal of time rubbing and kneeding his butt cheeks with her palms. Oh, how she had missed this aspect of having a baby! Karen grabbed some Vaselene® patroleum jelly and coated John's bottom. She placed a small dab onto her middle finger and pushed it into his anus, then had him turn over onto his back. Sqeezing a line of Desitin® into the palm of her hand, she worked the diaper rash cream over his whole diaper area in front and coated his penis and scrotum with the protectant barrier. Before finishing, Karen lifeted John's legs and placed a large dab of Desitin® between his cheeks, and worked a little of this into his anus as well.

Karen reached below to the cloth diaper stack and grabbed two of the new "Super Toddler /Small Child" sized prefolds, along with two of the regular sized Gerber™ prefold diapers. Karen laid out the two larger diapers first, then stacked the two smaller diapers on top with the "wings" folded under. On top of the diapers she placed a diaper liner, and then, holding his legs up by the ankles, slid the whole pile under John's bottom. Karen placed his feet back down on the table and spread his legs. Before to pulling the diaper up and through, she sprinkled a generous amount of baby powder on him. She finished by pinning the diapers in place with two cute teddy bear styled diaper pins. Next came the translucent baby pants, and finally, his back-zipping sleeper. Karen lifted John and set him down with his feet on the floor. John looked so cute as He stood a bit bow-legged with all of the padding between his legs, looking and smelling every bit the toddler he was becoming. Karen led him to the living room, and after retrieving another sippy cup, again filled with the same mixture as from dinner, she instructed him to play quietly while she left to take her own bath.

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