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Ages and Stages - A Continuation

Ages and Stages - Part 14


Ages & Stages - Part 14

Updated 01/05/2019

When they arrived at the mall Karen unbuckled John from his car seat and then placed him on her hip. Once inside, she went right to the Service Desk and rented a stroller. John whispered to his mother, "Mommy, why are renting a stroller? I can walk."

As soon as Karen paid the clerk for the rental, she sat John down into the stroller and removed his coat. "Baby, this is so much easier than having me carry you, and besides, if anyone sees you in the stroller, they will think you are a toddler. Anyway, do you really feel like walking this whole mall?" she asked as she hadded him his pacifier.

"Okay, Mommy," he answered, as he popped the pacifier into his mouth. And then they were off on their shopping excursion. As Karen pushed John through the mall, nobody paid much attention to the big baby in the stroller, he just fit in among all the other little ones that were out for a day of shopping with their own mommies.

Their first stop was Kathrine's Kids and Babies. Karen pushed John into the store and started browsing the racks. "Oh, this is adorable!" she gushed, as she pulled a dark blue long sleeve tee from the rack. On the front, in large letters, it said, "Whiz Kid." Karen thought of how appropriate this would be for John. He was a bit of a "Whiz Kid" as far as his school work went, but the "alternate" meaning was not lost on her, after-all, with the number of diapers her was using each day, he really was a "Whiz Kid!" She looked through the rack and found another blue one in size 6X.

"We just got some more of these in," a clerk noted as she passed by, "We have more in the stock room in green and red. Let me know if you are interested."

"We're going to try this on, and I will let you know," answered Karen. She led John to the fitting room, and after lifting him from the stroller, removed the hanger from the shirt. As she did a pair of matching shorts fell to the floor. It was then that she noticed that the tag on the garment said it was a "set" of shirt and shorts. Karen pulled the shirt over John's head and it fit well, except that it was a little short, and showed off the top of his Pampers™ perfectly. Then she removed his snow pants and pulled the little short shorts up over his buldging diaper. He looked adorable! He certainly was a toddler when he was dressed in this fashion!

There was a knock on the fitting room door. Karen cracked the door open to see the clerk holding two more hangers. "I brought you the other colors, in case you liked the first one," the clerk explained, "Oh, he looks adorable! And these are on sale, buy two, get one free."

"We'll take them," Karen said. She turned to remove the clothes and the clerk offered to bag them up for her. As Karen removed John's new shorts, the clerk couldn't help but see his diapered state.

"You can leave those one, if you'd like, I'll just ring them up with the rest of the stuff," she said. "Is there anything else I can help you with?" she offered as they left the fitting area.

It was then that the snap-crotch short-alls caught Karen's eye. "Yes, do you carry these in a size 6X?" Karen asked.

"No, I'm sorry. The largest size we have in snap-crotch is 5T." she answered. "You could try over at BL Specialties on Maple."

"I'm sorry, I never heard of them." Karen replied.

"Are you familiar with Baby Lane on Pine Street?" the clerk asked.

"Yes, I've been by there before." Karen answered.

"Baby Lane expanded their building and put a new entrance on Maple Street. They call it BL Specialties, they carry infant styled clothing, and furniture, and accesories in larger sizes for special needs children. I have a friend with a special needs daughter who wears size 10 clothing, and they make a size 10T to fit over diapers, and they even have a snap-crotch as well," she informed Karen. She went on to explain, "Any size that is followed by a 'T' designates 'Toddler' which means it is exactly the same size as the regular size, but the pants are cut with more room for diapers or training pants. And many of the 'T' clothing has the snap-crotch feature to help with diaper changes on an older child. They also carry waterproof baby-pants and diapers for older children, as well."

"That sounds wonderful!" Karen exclaimed, "I will certainly check it out this afternoon."

The clerk rang up the order and handed the packages to Karen, who put them into the back of the stroller. "Thank you so much for the info!" and off they went back out into the concourse of the mall.

Karen pushed John's stroller down to the department store, and headed straight to the infants department. Staring at all of the baby parphenalia, Karen was drawn into a dream-like state. How her heart longed to have John fully returned to this stage of life! Nothing could be more "right" with the world, than to have her baby, as he was meant to be. Seeing baby bottles, bibs, and onesees, made her ache for a baby again, and the sight of a breast pump nearly put her over the top! As she grazed the ailes, she noticed that the large crib she had seen on her last visit was still on sale, and once again she was tempted to purchase it, but alas, it was just a mommy's dream to have her baby back, and not really appropriate for a twelve-year-old boy. As she stood gazing at the crib, a saleswoman appeared around the corner.

"May I help you?" she asked.

"Oh, just looking," Karen replied. "This crib is really nice. I'm tempted to purchase it, but I am afraid Johnny would outgrow it too soon."

"This crib is built for larger toddlers, like your son. It will handle a child up to one hundred pounds or more." Pointing to a tag on the crib, Karen saw the weight rating of 150 pounds or 68 Kilograms. "Many child 'experts' recommend moving the child out of the crib when they reach somewhere around 50 pounds, but others suggest allowing the child to remain in a crib as long as he is comfortable."

Hearing the women talk about a crib made John think more deeply about his babied state. He couldn't help seeing this as a re-inforcement of becoming a baby again. After-all, would his mommy really be looking at cribs if he wasn't really turning into a baby?

"Well, I'll think about it. By the way, do you carry Diaper Doublers™?" Karen asked.

"Yes, we do, down at the end of the disposable diaper rack." the woman answered.

Karen pushed John down to the diaper rack, where he was suddenly aware that he was seeing more diapers in one place than he'd ever seen before! There were Pampers™ and Huggies™ and Luvs™ and even more! Why hadn't he noticed all of these on his last visit? Perhaps he was now more focused. Sure enough, at the end of the rack were packages of Diaper Doublers™ booster pads. Karen grabbed

a box of six packs, a total of 180 pads. John could see that his days in diapers were long ahead. Karen grabbed two large boxes of Pampers™ size 7 and headed to the check-out. As they stood in the que, Karen retrieved another sippy cup from the diaper bag and handed it to John. He sucked it contentedly as they waited their turn.

"Heavy wetter?" the cashier asked.

"Um, yes, he is. Do these things really work?" Karen asked, pointing to the Diaper Doublers™.

"Use them on my kid, never have a leaky diaper, and he really is a heavy wetter!" she answered. "I think my boy is about the same age as yours, four, and he just isn't ready to train yet. Diaper Doublers™ are a life-saver when it comes to furniture and crib sheets. At night, you might want to use two or three at a time, and then you can sleep all night! And if you use cloth diapers, they make a great diaper liner, they relly cut down on the poop stains in cloth diapers."

"Thank you," Karen replied, and started pushing John out of the store and toward the mall entrance. As they rolled along, John could feel his diaper grown warmer and heavier. Although he really wasn't fully aware of actually peeing, he felt no urgency or pressure, and it was now happening with-out any effort on his part.

Karen pushed John out to the service desk and returned the stroller. As she lifted John out of the seat, she felt the bulkiness of his soggy diaper, and decided that now was as good a time as any to change her baby. A quick trip to the restrooms found John laying on his back on a changing table, having his shorts removed as well as his sodden garment. Karen tossed the used diaper into the bin and grabbed a fresh Pampers™ size 7 and two Diaper Doublers™. After padding John's bottom with the aparel, Karen picked John up onto her hip. Noting that the time was approaching four o'clock, and she wanted to got over to Baby Lane before they closed at five, Karen rushed to the car. After tossing her purchases into the trunk, John was buckled into his car seat and off they went toward the city center.


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