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My Cousin Jack

My Cousin Jack - Part 6 - A Chance Encounter

For days all I could think of was the episode with my cousin Jack. I relived it in my mind over and over and, I must admit, ached for days from the ass-fucking he gave me. It was an amazing mix of sensations, feelings, and questions that rolled over in my mind, day and night.

Walking toward work one morning few days later, I crossed the street to get coffee in a small bakery near my office. Loved their pastries, but today all I really wanted was a black coffee. Walking in, I nearly bumped into another customer who had turned to leave. I smiled as I saw my aunt Sue.

"Well there, young man," she said, "Haven't seen you for quite a while. have you been hiding, away, or just not crossing paths?"

"A little of both, Sue," I answered. "Things are busy at work, time passes quickly when you keep at it. What about you?"

"Not much on my side, I'm afraid," she offered. "Want to sit and have some coffee? Got time?"

Joe looked at his watch. "Sure, got a bunch of time this morning. No meetings until 11am." They found a small table, and sat next to each other.

It had been about three months, or so, Joe thought to himself.

"So, what have you been doing that is so important that you neglect your aunt?"

"Just the usual stuff. We have a couple of new clients, and that keeps me going. Yourself?"

"Even less, I've been traveling a bit and enjoying the time off. As you get older, you really enjoy the time you get for yourself."

"That's great. Wish I could do that. Maybe in the future. right now, it's keep the head to the proverbial grindstone."

"Saw your cousin Jack the other day, by the way," responded Sue. "He said you two had hooked up a few days ago. Glad to hear that. You are all I have here these days, and it seemed like you two put distance between yourselves."

"Not really, Sue. He has his own group of friends, and I have mine. We don't see each other as much as we could, I guess, but we do make contact every once in a while."

"Probably true, Joe, but isn't family supposed to stay together?"

"Sure, but we a lot of differences, lifestyle, friends, likes and dislikes, for example."

"Sure Joe, I get that. Your mom, Jack's mother and myself had a lot of differences, but we still relied on each other for a lot of things. in any event, I'm glad you two got together for once. Hope you do again soon."

"I intend to Sue," responded Joe, sipping on his coffee. "We do have differences, but I was glad he called me the other day. i was happy to get together and help him out."

"Really, Is Jack having problems?"

"Not big ones. He asked me for a favor."

"Okay, so let me intrude a bit. What kind of favor?" she asked.

"Well, I think it is sort of private Sue, between the two of us," Joe responded, a bit hesitatingly.

Sue leaned over toward Joe and said in a low voice, "You mean about the enema, Joe? Is that was is embarrassing you?"

"It was kind of an off-the-wall request, Sue. Something I did not expect from him."

"Joe, get over it. Jack has had problems since he was a kid. Both of you got enemas fairly frequently, as I recall, and neither is the worse for wear as a result. In fact, I do remember a discussion years ago about you two getting in some kind of trouble and got pretty severe punishments, including enemas to straighten you both out. Worked then, didn't it?"

"Yeah, I just wasn't expecting it," Joe retorted, "What did Jack tell you anyway?"

"I see Jack as often as possible. He needs someone now that his mom is gone, and I promised my sister I would look in on him once in a while. I do that. Sometimes he has problems like he indicated to you, and I give him his treatments. Nothing to it if you know how."

"You do?" said Joe quickly.

"Sure do, but I was away when he called you. It was you instead of me. Jack appreciated it, by the way."

Jack seemed flabbergasted, looking toward his aunt, his face reddening a bit.

"Wow, this is a bit like hitting a wall."

"I know, Joe, but life has turns and bends. You experienced one, and I hope you will continue to connect with Jack in the future."

Jack visualized their encounter once more, and wondered, 'What does she know?'

"I have to get to work," said Jack, looking at his watch. "Good you see you Sure. let's get together for dinner soon."

As Joe started to rise, Sue answered, "Great idea. How about tonight or tomorrow at my apartment? I make a great meal."

"Sure, why not," responded Joe. "I'm free tonight. What time?"

"About 6:30, then?" she answered quickly. "You do remember where I live?"

"Sure do. 6:30pm then at your place. Enjoy your day," Joe offered as he rose to leave.

"Great day to you too, Joe," came the reply. Joe walked out of the bakery and went quickly down the street toward his office building.

[Continuing Story]


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