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Zoe's Desires

Chapter 5 - Jack's Story

Jack at first appeared startled at Zoe's question.

"I was wondering if you were going to ask that question, lady. Turnaround is fair play, I guess. My life is somewhat uneventful compared to yours. I guess. I have no brothers and sisters, only my mom. My dad died years ago and she brought me up--typical Midwestern family life I guess. My mother was a strict disciplinarian, but loving, and took good care of us. Like you, she was a nurse at a local community hospital. She worked the day shift while I was in school so she could be home when I came home."

"Sometimes, if she was late," Jack continued, " I stayed with the lady across the street and played with her kids. In fact, one of those kids, Barbara, lives in your building. Eventually, I went off to college here and mostly stayed, leaving for a while for the Army, but came back, getting a job as an inhalation therapist, which I learned in my Army days. I lived in your apartment building as well, as do a number from the hospital, but I moved a couple of years ago to a larger place on the edge of town."

"Sounds like an interesting time, Jack. Tell me a bit more about your mother. There is an old saying that children are fashioned like their parents. My experiences certainly went in that direction. What about you? Are you your mother?"

"No way," came the quick response. "I am much more easy and forgiving than my mother. In our house, you did something and you paid the penalty. She had this huge hairbrush that made an immense impression on me as a kid. I was easy-going, had friends who loved to do whatever they thought about at the moment, and we often got into trouble."

"Wow, we had nothing like that in my house," responded Zoe, patting Jack's hand. "She had other methods for keeping us in line though. Thinking bout it now, a hairbrush spanking probably would have been preferred by most of us."

"Standing in the corner or something could not have been as, shall we say, impressive, as a hairbrush."

"No Jack, she had other ways to keep the kids in line. It is very embarrassing to say the least. Don't get me wrong, mom was not hurtful, she just believed in keeping people in line."

"Okay, that seems fair, I guess."

"Fair? Like hell," said Zoe quietly, but with obvious anger. "If you were on the receiving end of a hot, soapy enema just for doing something stupid, you would not be happy." Zoe's face turned red, then she lowered her head, looking down to where she and Jack were holding hands. "I could not wait to get out to college Jack."

Looking around for the waiter, Jack waved at him and motioned for a bill.

"Let's get on our way, shall we Zoe? We can speak more in the car."

"You're right jack, I just lost it there for a moment."

"It's OK. Just remember that you are not the only person the the world who mother had wacko discipline ideas." Jack paid the bill, and they stood to leave. Zoe leaned over and kissed Jack on the cheek.

"Thanks for listening and understanding."

"Not a problem," responded jack. "Thank you as well, and for a wonderful evening, Ms. Nurse Zoe." She took his arm as they walked out of the restaurant, down the short alley, and back to the parking area where Jack parked his car earlier. Opening the door for her, she turned to get into the passenger seat and, as she did so, Jack placed his hand on her back, then kissed her lovingly. She responded, putting her hand around his neck.

Driving down the street toward the center of town where Zoe lived, she turned and said, "Would you come up for a cup of tea, Jack?"

"Sure, I would love to. Right now, I might go anywhere with you Zoe. You are truly amazing." Holding one hand on the wheel, he reached over with the other to hold her hand and the drove along.

Zoe, sitting there thinking, wondered what else Jack had not said, but she was going to find out, and soon.

The drive to Zoe's apartment took about ten minutes, since the streets in the area were virtually empty. Jack found a space in front of the building, brought the car to a stop, and walked around to let Zoe out from the passenger side. As he did, she kissed him again, this time with even more passion. "That;s for a great evening, young man. Loved going out with you. let's go get some tea."

Zoe gave jack her key, he opened the doors, and they headed for the elevator. All this brought back memories for Jack of his life here, and his former girlfriend Barbara who lived in the same building.

"Jack, what floor did you live on here?" she asked.

"Fifth, apartment 506 to be exact," came the reply.

And you said you had a girlfriend here as well? Not prying, just wondering if I have met her?"

"Oh, no problem. her name is Barbara, and she lived on the sixth floor; right above me to be exact."

"Oh, I know Barbara. She is a nurse at my place. over in the trauma unit, I think. I seldom see her. Our shifts are different."

"That's Barbara," responded Jack. "We have known each other since we were kids. It was her mother who watched me until my own mom came home."

"Well, push the button for the 8th floor. I live way up in the building, in apartment 822."

Jack pushed the button and the elevator started to rise. Things were quiet as it rose, and they quickly came to the 8th floor.

"Here we are, Jack. The old homestead, at least when I am not working." She led Jack down the corridor toward her doorway, took back her keys and unlocked the door, walking in and Jack followed.

"This is very nice," Jack started to say, but only got halfway through the sentence before Zoe was taking off his overcoat, and then kissing him again madly.

"It is nice," she answered, "But right now, I want you in the worst way. I want to screw your brains out. This way please," she said, pointing to her bedroom. By the time they reached the middle of the room, the two had their clothes off and there was a rush toward her large poster bed, Jack in her arms. They made love for the next two hours, until they both lay exhausted in the middle of the bed, partially covered by the bed covers.

"Do you still want Tea?" asked Zoe, looking over at Jack.

"I'm almost afraid to ask what you might want next," he responded.

"Well, let's get tea later. Right now, I want to know more about you." Zoe moved over a bit on the bed, under Jack's right arm and they cuddled without talking for a few minutes, simply enjoying each other.

"OK, Jack, so tell me about your domineering mother. You did say that, didn't you?"

"Well, that is a long boring story. Do you really want to hear all about it?"

"Can't be that long. You already told me about the large hairbrush."

"Yes, I did, didn't I. Well, she had a strong arm and, if she applied the hairbrush, you were quickly regretting anything you did wrong.

"Anything else?"

"Well, since you already confessed on yourself, mine probably used the enema bag as much as yours. She had graduated punishments. You might get a spanking with her hand for something, the hairbrush for others, and, if the offense was great enough you got a hot, soapy enema with her big red bag. She got it from someone in England, I think, and it sure held a lot of water. Doubled as a hot water bottle."

"My God," responded Zoe, "We could have lived the same life. What kind of soap did she use?"

"Only Ivory. We used Ivory soap for everything except the dishes, and when the bars got small she put them in a jar underneath the bathroom cabinet with some water. They eventually liquefied. If you smelled ivory soap you knew you were in for trouble at my house. What about you?"

"She used some kind of yellow soap. I later found out it was similar to what we use in the hospital, but stronger, and it burned. When she did one on you, you knew you have received an enema, and felt the after effects for days. Same thing if you were home from school sick. As soon as the kids left, you got a soapy enema, and one after lunch as well. She believed in volume. You took the whole bag or got another one to make sure she had cleaned you out."

Jack snuggled closer to Zoe, and they just hugged, both knowing the relationship just started had taken a more serious turn.

[Continuing Story]