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Buddy Bunk


Bedwetting ain’t so bad

I was at a summer camp exercise the last year of middle school. I found one of the guys in our bunkhouse to be pretty hot; never mind that, he was real nice. I always carry medical supplies and stuff, just in case. We all managed to get to sleep more or less. But Tom came over and woke me up and whispered “you gotta help me, I wet my bunk!” Firstly we wiped his mattress dry; all of them were plastic coated, thank God. Then we got his pants, shoes, socks, underwear off.

Then I got some diapers on him, he went back to bed, and I thought that would be it.

But no. I was sitting on my bunk, trying to clear my head, and Scott sat down next to me. He was either JV football or whatnot, but definitely a jock, but not an asshole; real nice. We always liked each other. “So what’s going on?”

“Oh, Tom wet the bed, I took care of it.” “Yeah, I saw. You’re pretty handy with them diapers by the way.” “But how do you think Tom is feeling wearing diapers by himself, like there is something wrong with him?”

“Wow, not good.” “Well, come with me, I know where they have a couple cases of diapers , and then all the guys will wear em every night including us.”

We hugged each other, and I told him “hey you’re not a badass jock”. “Don’t tell anybody.”

Scott and I got everybody diapered up in no time, with no whining from the guys. We got each other done, and just bunked together that night. Subsequent nights, the guys seemed really into it, and Scott and I got every packed up and bunked right quick.

After all that, me, Tom, and Scott were really into diapers. And each other. Scott’s dad was a medical supply guy and didn’t mind giving us whatever we wanted.

The three of us would get together to innocently study at one of our houses, overnight. Tommy had to move away end of middle school, sadly. (innocently??)

You get a guy in diapers, he’s a friend for life.