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My Cousin Jack

My Cousin Jack - Part 2 -The Discussion

Part 2 - The Discussion

"OK Jack, what do you want me to do?"

"Simple really," he answered, "Just fill the bag up with warm water and add in some of the Ivory Soap over on the counter to make it milky, and screw the hose on, then get the air out of the hose and click the shutoff closed. Bring it into the bedroom. I will be there."

I nodded, and started to walk toward the bag on the hook and my pecker rose even more. It was impossible for Jack not to notice, but he said nothing, just walked out toward the bedroom.

Going over to the sink, I turned on the water taps, and made sure the water was warn, but not too hot, as I had been trained, and then went over to the enema bag and hose, taking them off their hook. "This is real rubber," I said to myself. It really was my aunt's bag, a thought that got me even more excited. I put the bag under the faucet and started to fill the bag nearly to the top. Then, taking the Ivory soap, i squeezed several splashes into the top of the bag. Screwing on the hose, I raised the bag, let out the air and closed the shutoff, then shook the bag a bit to get the soap mixed with the water.

Finishing up, I walked toward the bedroom where Jack waited, enema bag in hand, the hose draped over his arm also holding a small tube of lube jelly..

Jack looked up, saying, "That is really filled up Joe. I hope I can take it all."

"You will Jack," responded Joe, "That's what I'm here to do., clean you out good, and this enema is big enough and soapy enough to do it. You get a rinse afterwards to finish the job, so let's get ready. How do you want it?"

"If you don't mind Joe, on my back with my legs raised. it seems to do better that way."

"OK then, assume the position," came the response. Jack, who was sitting on the side of the bed, simply fell back a bit and raised his legs, grabbing them at the knees to pull them higher. "This OK with you?" she asked.

"OK with me," said Joe, walking toward Jack, and getting another flashback on how his own mother used to give him enemas in the same way. "Must have been a family practice," he said quietly to himself. Jack hung the enema bag on a nearly lamp and bought the hose over toward where Jack lay, holding his legs up.

"We'll be ready in just a minute," he said, taking the lube and squeezing some onto his fingers, then approaching where Jack lay waiting. Looking down, Jack's pucker was clearly reachable, and he also noticed that Jack was sporting his own boner. Extending his hand toward the pucker, Jack put jelly carefully around the hole, then inserted his index finger deeply into Jack's ass, moving it around slightly. As he did so, he could not help noticing Jack's boner getting harder and larger with every stroke of his finger.

Finally, pulling his finger out of Jack's ass, Joe grabbed for the enema hose.

"Here it comes Jack. Get ready for a big soapy enema." Just as he finished, Joe shoved the enema tube up Jack's ass, and quickly opened the flow. Jack quickly felt it, and started moving a bit on the bed, then grabbed his boner. Joe noticed immediately.

"I fell better holding it," said Jack, "Haven't you ever felt like you just had to do something?"

"Looks to me, you just enjoy enemas, Jack. is that so? I know your mom gave them to you often as a kid. I even got one from her once in a while., when my mother would send me over here. She was one hell of an enema giver. When she filled that bag we are using, you got the whole thing, and if you couldn't take it you got another one. She sure knew how to give enemas."

"She did Joe. You probably never knew, but one time I was in the house when she and Aunt Sue were in the bathroom, and Aunt Sue was getting an enema. I saw them through the keyhole, but my mom must have felt we there and opened the door. I just fell in. Got sent to my room, and got the biggest enema of my life that day--two bags of soapy water. Mom gave me one, and Aunt Sue gave me the other. Then they made me hold it for five minutes. it felt like a lifetime. I got a spanking afterwards and my butt hurt for a week."

"Wow, that must have hurt."

"Oh, she was nice to me after all that. Told me it was not right to be sneaking around, and later in the evening gave me another plain water enema to get rid of the soap. From then on, it seemed I got more enemas than I had before. Not sure why but gradually I looked forward to them, even coming up with a couple of excuses for having one. never got one again as a punishment though."

Joe looked over at the bag, and it was now mostly drained. "Just a couple of seconds now, Jack. It will be all in." Joe shook the hose a bit, and saw that there was no water left in the bag.

"Now you have to hold it for at least five minutes Jack so it can work."

"OK, if I can, but if I have to go get out of the way."

"Sure," said Joe laughing. "I'll be in the living room."


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