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Alexandra Discovers Disclipline

Chapter 7

Sighing Alex waddled along, her nappy squelching along underneath her. Neither was saying anything as the howl of the wind and the tide hitting on the cliff face bellow underscored the mood between them. Jonathan was clearly enjoying his new found power over Alex as he strutted along confidently in his McMurdo Parka and wind stop trousers. Alex on the other hand was still trying her hardest not to waddle like a child. Jonathan constantly had to encourage her to walk at a slightly faster pace than she would otherwise be comfortable with by keeping his gloved hand gripped tightly around hers and powering on. Alex felt the state of her nappy constantly. She could not tune out the situation and despite their outdoor setting Alex could smell herself every now and then. Perversely, she felt glad of the extra layer of lotions and powder that Jonathan had applied.

Around halfway through the journey they stopped at an old bench set just off the costal path near to the cliff edge. Jonathan sat himself down and sat Alex on his legs so she was facing him. Widening his legs slightly he reached round and groped her dirty nappies underneath her tracksuit bottoms. He looked at Alex in the eye and said “I don’t know what to do with you sometimes. It’s like you deliberately don’t listen to what I say. Do you like being punished in this way Alex?”

“I don’t think so,” Alex replied a little to unconvincingly.

“I see” Jonathan muttered.

Alex wondered where this was going as she peed a little more into her saturated nappy. She wondered if he was somehow expecting her to willingly participate in this cruel tearing away of her dignity, perhaps he even wanted her to crave it.

Jonathan on the other hand was feeling bad for Alex. He almost regretted treating her the way he had when he had read her essay that he had forced her to write. He wondered if there were a way he could learn to forgive more easily, perhaps hearing her say ‘sorry’ would be enough to prevent him from implementing his darkest of his mind’s punishments on her. He mused a little longer before deciding ‘no, she deserves this and I like it’ grabbing her nappy clad bottom hard. He contemplated pulling her tracksuit bottoms off there and then and throwing them into the ocean but only did not do so due to the bitter temperature. Instead he pushed Alex off of his lap and sat her on the bench next to him.

“Alex, I honestly never thought it would get to this point. I took a gamble and honestly thought you’d walk out of the door when you got the chance. I am going to treat you like this on occasion if you stay with me. You will have to learn to accept it” Jonathan said out of the blue.

“I, I don’t know why I didn’t leave when I had the chance” Alex said “I could have ran off, reported you to the police, left you for good”

“I know”

“But part of me thought I, I dunno, that I deserved some of this. I kind of have to admit, some of it was, well interesting” Alex said blushing slightly.

“What do you mean?” Jonathan asked, squeezing her butt.

“Well, I don’t think I like wearing nappies or being spanked but something about you taking all control away from me, well that was different” was all she could manage.

“Then it’s settled. I want you to live your life to it’s fullest. I want you to be successful, to strive for success but I want you to do it right. Failure caused by you will result in punishment at my discretion” he continued “So we’re going to go home now and put this behind us. You will changed and then you will be spanked to wipe the slate clean. We can move on positively from here. I simply do no want to hear any complaints or you’ll be wearing these nappies until this time tomorrow. Do I make myself clear?”

Alex just nodded her head. She just wanted to hug him despite the spanking he had promised her. She had no desire to argue with him and knew she was totally in his power. Standing up, Jonathan began to walk back towards the car park in the distant car park. Rather than forcibly holding her hand like before, Jonathan and Alex walked back in a casual arm embrace. After a further 20 minutes of walking, they got back to the car. Both of their faces were red from the cold and feet ached with the feeling fatigue setting in. Despite her condition, Alex was glad to jump into the bolstered seats of Jonathan’s car and felt every muscle in her body relax including her bladder as she did so. Alex had forgotten herself for a moment as the pee felt warm around her.

Jonathan jumped into the car, starting the engine that soon sent heat through the vents into the compartment warming both Alex and Jonathan and bringing out goose pimples as the cold was offset. Alex was desperately aware of the smell about herself but Jonathan simply did not seem to mind. As they passed out of the car park along a bumpy track, Alex felt the nappy against her. Without recognising what she was doing, she stretched her back upwards causing her bum to pull tight against the nappy. It was only another minute that Alex began to find herself rocking her hips into the diaper trying to get some kind of friction going.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea on my seats young lady” Jonathan said, cutting the silence suddenly. Alex blushed and realised what she was doing must have been obvious. “If you have urges, were can take car of those later” was all he said. The rest of the car journey was silent with Alex left blushing red at having been caught. She could not help herself, despite her condition she was turned on at the absolute power he exerted over her. The car pulled into the driveway and Jonathan stopped the engine before jumping out of the car. Alex undid her seatbelt and pulled herself out of the car and began to head inside. Jonathan had walked ahead of her and was already unlocking the house door. Before Alex got to the door, Jonathan reappeared with a blue spray bottle of Fabreeze deodorising spray and handed it to Alex. “You’d best go and see to the seat you were sat in. I don’t want it to smell. Whilst you’re at it, you can have a tidy of my car and yours. Get rid of those Coke cans in the back of yours”.

Without a further word, Jonathan handed Alex the two sets of car keys and closed the door, turning the lock inside and locking her out. “Just knock when you’re done” he called through the UPVC windows and turned to walk into the house. Alex sighed, walking out to the cars. She was glad it was not summer or he would probably have her jet wash them as well. She opened her car and set to work removing the items of rubbish se had picked up including a few empty drinks bottles, a coffee cup and a few fliers that had been left on her car previously. She brushed the seats down and reached down into the foot wells to make sure nothing was left. As she did so, she felt her underwear tighten up against her. It was an inescapable feeling on pleasure. He had done this to her and it was this that got her off, the thought that she was being punished by his hand. Gasping slightly, Alex slowly reached back and felt her nappied behind for the first time. She slowly and gingerly pushed against the crotch of the nappy before increasing the pressure gradually. She was in the doorway of the car and was certain that she could not be seen.

Alex jumped into the back seat of the car, feeling herself lowering her body weight down. The thought she was going to be spanked later seemed to excite her and she began to work the nappy against her, rubbing the double layer of padding against her desperately trying to gain some traction. Alex paused for a moment to feel herself urinate into her nappy and with that began to frantically rub and the front. Despite herself, she tried to force her hand between the locking waistbands of the plastic panties. It was locked to tight and Alex moaned in frustration instead grinding herself onto the chair. With the required amount of friction building, Alex could think of nothing else but Jonathan bending her over his knee and showing her who was in charge. She knew it would hurt, she knew it would be humiliating but despite this she wanted it. The rustling of the plastic panties was offset against the short gasps for breath that Alex made as she achieved orgasm. Squealing whilst at the same time trying to keep quiet turned her cries into more of an angry growl of satisfaction. Alex sighed, sitting still for a moment, the smell about her making her blush all over again. Suddenly she felt overcome with guilt. What if Jonathan had seen her, would he know when he saw her, what might he do if he found out?

Unbeknown to Alex, Jonathan had been stood in the upstairs bedroom window looking out at her.

Alex finished cleaning the cars, applying a liberate coating of Fabreeze to both cars’ interiors to mask the smell she had made in them. Satisfied with herself, she deposited the rubbish in the outdoor bin and approached the back door. She tried the handle and found it locked. She did not have the key on her and knocked. After standing there for two minutes there was no answer at the door. Alex knocked again; louder this time expecting Jonathan to answer the door. She became aware of her situation more than she had been. She was stood dressed only in tracksuit bottoms and a coat wearing thick nappies filled with her own waste. The nappies were locked onto her and she had no phone or money with her. She could get in her car and drive off but where would she go? Starting to cry softly, Alex knocked on the door again. “Please Jonathan, let me in, it’s cold out here” she said into the door not so loud that the neighbours might hear and get the wrong idea. Inside Jonathan remained in the bedroom, discretely looking out of the window he could see Alex looking around in a panic, even stamping her foot out of frustration on one occasion.

After 15 agonising minutes had passed, Alex gave up and just stood against the door with her arms crossed crying softly to herself. She desperately wanted to be let in, to be changed and even to be spanked. Anything was better than standing outside in the cold being ignored. To door suddenly opened and Alex was barely able to turn herself around quick enough to prevent herself from falling inside. Recovering her stature, she saw Jonathan standing there.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, I was on the phone” he said, gesturing for her to come inside.

“It’s OK” Alex lied, the tears still rolling down her defined cheekbones.

“Let’s get you upstairs, you have a meeting with daddy’s knee”

Gulping, Alex followed Jonathan up the stairs. She noticed a disposable changing pad was unfolded on the bed. Jonathan sat himself on the dress chair and looked at Alex. “You may remove your clothing,” he told her. Shivering, she slowly undressed leaving herself naked about from the thick nappies that covered her. Jonathan sat and looked at Alex, his arms opened slowly. He was gesturing her across his knee.

Alex looked at Jonathan. She was expecting to be grabbed and thrown across his knee like before. Instead he seemed to be waiting for her. Gingerly, she went down onto her knees before him and pushed her body over his knees. Getting herself comfortable, she waited for him to begin. Jonathan took the key to the lock from his pocket and unlocked the padlock on her pants and pulled them down to her knees. He was pleased to find the nappies saturated but not leaking. Without warning Jonathan began to spank Alex’s thighs with his hands. Her legs flew up; she had not expected to be spanked this way. Tightening his grip, Jonathan continued the onslaught of spanks onto her bottom. He was only using his hands but the pain was unrelenting. He was hitting hard and with pace but also randomly, choosing to focus on one side for a lingering period of time, letting the area heat up unbearably before switching to the other side. Alex was already crying when he stopped. Her thighs were bright red when he began to spank her double nappies. He hit as hard as he could. Despite the padding, Alex could feel hits and felt humiliated as the contents spread further up the front of her nappy. Seemingly unsatisfied, Jonathan pulled Alex to her feet.

Jonathan throw Alex down headfirst onto the bed, her nappy landing squarely onto the middle of the disposable pad set up. With her still facing face down, Jonathan took a pair of scissors and cut down the sides of the nappies. He opened the back of the nappies slowly. Her mess was stuck all over her bottom and had covered every surface of the nappy. He opened the nappy full up and took a handful of wipes cleaning of her backside roughly. He did not clean her very well and left her lying facedown in her messy nappy. Jonathan picked up his newly acquired wooden paddle and touched it on her backside. “I figured it could get messy so thought I’d best protect the sheets” Jonathan said.

“Whaaa…” Alex began.

Without further warning Jonathan brought the paddle down hard onto her backside. “Owwww” she screamed as the pain registered across her backside. Without further discussion, Jonathan raised the paddle again and hit it down hard causing Alex to buck. She sobbed from the pain and the very pungent smell of her used underwear filling the room. He continued to beat her ass with the paddle. In reality the paddling only lasted a few minutes, perhaps 30 hits, but her bum was bright red. Jonathan lifting messy nappy back over her and pushed down on it causing it’s contents to once again mess Alex up. Jonathan was unable to reseal the nappies having cut the tapes. “This is my modified corner technique” he mused “I want you to stay here and don’t move a muscle for 10 minutes. I’m sure you’ll agree that you won’t want to massage your sore bum.”

Jonathan walked out of the room leaving Alex sobbing like a small child. She crossed her arms in front of her and rested her head on to them and continued to cry into them.

Once the 10 minutes had passed, Jonathan returned carrying a bin bag and fresh box of wipes. He slowly proceeded to change Alex from her messy prison. The copious amounts of Vaseline he had used earlier took a large amount of wipes before everything was lifted from her. He sent her to the shower and told her to use plenty of soap and water to get everything off. Alex was allowed to shower on her own and despite the pain in her bum found herself wanting to caress the skin between her legs for much longer than was required to clean it. Biting her tongue hard as she came, she knew she preferred the new Jonathan.

Jonathan waited impatiently outside the shower. She had been in there for 30 minutes when she emerged wrapped in a fluffy towel smelling heavily of the feminine bathroom products she used. He hugged her tightly and led her back to the bedroom for a nappy change.

They enjoyed the rest of their day together doing nothing but hugging and snuggling on the sofa as the afternoon turned into evening. Cooking a meal in nothing but her PJ top and nappy, Alex smiled to herself, glad that the slate was wiped clean and that all she had to do is live her life good. Their meal cooked, they enjoyed it together before settling down for an evening in front of the TV. After the long walk earlier that day, both were exhausted as they shared a bottle of red wine together. By midnight they were in bed.

The next day passed by with both pursuing their own interests, catching up with family and friends and generally living life as a couple. As they had gotten up from bed, Alex had even managed to use her nappy fully as he had wanted her to. Whilst not a lot, Alex had managed to squat herself down and use her nappy before he changed her straight away.

It got to evening with Jonathan spending time preparing for work the next day. He buffed his Italian leather shoes with bees wax foot polish and carefully ironed his shirts, organising which tie to wear an ensuring his wallet had a sufficient stock of his custom-printed business cards for the coming week. Alex spent most of the afternoon on her laptop, looking at websites and Facebook. She was addicted to Tumblr and found herself spending hour after hour looking through pictures of adorable captioned puppy pictures interspersed with short animated black and white loops of oral sex.

Finally around 10PM, Jonathan announced it was time for bed. He led Alex to the bed to change her. Her nappy was sodden and she was glad as the air hit her pubic area. To Alex’s surprise, Jonathan lifting her lefts above her. Without warning her pushed two suppositories up Alex’s behind and deftly proceeded to apply a nappy to her. “What was that for? I’ve not done anything wrong!” Alex whined.

“I think you have. All I will say is that I didn’t tell you that you were due a punishment as clearly you find the whole idea to exciting!” Jonathan said.

Alex blushed deeply knowing that she had been caught. To underscore the sentiment Jonathan continued “I saw you in the car the other day. And don’t think I don’t know what you get up to when you have your long showers”.

With nothing more to be said, Jonathan climbed into bed and pulled the covers across both of them. He took the position of the big spoon and whispered into Alex’s ear “Good night, sleep well” before reaching over and switching the light off and closing his eyes to go to sleep. Alex knew it would be a very long night indeed.

The End?