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Alexandra Discovers Disclipline

Chapter 6

They travelled for a around an hour into the countryside. Alex knew where he was taking her. It was a small gastro pub on a canal in a small village set in a large sprawling forest. The place was somewhat exclusive with bookings needing to be made in advance. Alex had been here before, several times in fact. It was where he had taken her when they had been dating several years ago and she always enjoyed coming here. The atmosphere and the food were amazing; this was truly one of the county’s best-kept secrets.

Arriving in good time for their booking, Jonathan walked Alex in, holding her hand tightly as they walked across the gravel car park and into the small medieval doorway. Despite external appearances, the inside was warm and welcoming with modern lighting and furniture creating an intimate atmosphere

They were seated in a discrete booth in the corner. Alex felt the nappy, still damp from the earlier love making session press into her underneath her dress. For a moment she thought she could here the crinkle of the nappy against the tights she was wearing and looked around, relieved to find no one was sat next to them. “Have you wet your nappy yet Alexandra?” Jonathan asked.

“No, not yet” Alex said, her face flushing red. At that moment the waiter returned, offering them a menu and introducing the specials. Alex hated it when he did this to her, no matter how many times he made her wear nappies in public, she thought she would never get used to it.

With drinks ordered, Jonathan gazed into her eyes; “You have one more punishment to come. Expect it soon but I’m not going to tell you when” Jonathan spoke. Alex felt the hairs on her skin stand on end, the fear coming back to her. She was not quite sure what she had done but wondered if he even needed a reason to punish her if he wanted to. Reflecting on the past week, she considered how much their relationship had changed and yet despite this, their love for each other remained. The whole week had been like a detox for their love. “I’m going to be working from home a lot of next week. I’ve decided that you’re going to wear nappies all of that time. I’ll put you in nappies for work and you’ll have to deal with it. When you’re at home, you will be wearing nappies or perhaps two nappies at all times and you’ll not be wearing clothes either when we’re at home”.

“You like doing this to me don’t you?” Alex asked.

“Well yes, I do. I hate to see you mess up and need to be properly punished but I must admit this whole process has been most enjoyable” Jonathan replied smirking slight. “It goes without saying that you have at least one more punishment to come and that throughout the week you’ll not be using the toilet or changing your own nappies”.

Jonathan’s rules were interrupted by the arrival of the waiter arriving to take their orders. They ordered nothing too fancy, both were creatures of habit and stuck to what they liked with Jonathan selecting a piece of filet steak, medium rare with a side of home made onion rings. Alex selected a grilled salmon steak with large side salad and seafood dressing. The waiter dismissed himself from the table and Alex felt his intense eyes on her again. It never ceased to amaze her how he could switch his personality from a polite, loved-up guy taking his partner out on a date with the waiter to a stern, dominating father-like figure when talking to Alex.

Shifting uncomfortably in her seat, Alex replayed the day’s events in her mind. His eyes now were the same as he had been looking at her hours ago as she sat bound the dining room chair, struggling to fill her nappy and the same as when he demanded her over his knee for a spanking that she could feel even now on the plush bench-like seat with her nappy padding her bottom. He was not saying much, just savouring the moment of Alex wiggling around, clearly in deep thought, trying to avoid his gaze.

“You know” Jonathan began “If you’re in nappies all the time, that means I will want you to mess in them too. If you don’t, you’ve already found out I have means of making it happen anyway that are for more embarrassing for you” The subject of messing her nappy was not pleasant one for Alex who felt nothing but revulsion by the act. She cringed at the thought of him masturbating her in her dirty nappies a few days ago. “Basically, I expect you to be in a poopy nappy when I change you either in the morning or in the evening once per day. If not, you get changed with some encouragement given and then not changed again for a long time” Jonathan added, staring at Alex like he was expecting some kind of agreement on the matter. Alex nodded her head slowly but he looked at her sternly; “well?” he asked seemingly ignoring her nod.

“I understand” Alex said.

“Well I’m not sure you have, explain to me what you have understood” he asked.

“You are going to put, well I mean I am going to be wearing nappies all next week. You will be changing them and I am not allowed to. I am not allowed to use the toilet and and and you want me to poop my nappies by myself every day or I’ll get in trouble” Alex summarised.

“Good, so you understand. And don’t’ forget you still owe me one punishment” He added. With that said, their food arrived and Alex realised this awkward moment of rules and talking had gone on some twenty minutes. He fate for the next week decided.

They ate their meals and continued to enjoy the evening. After her second glass of the vintage Merlot, she felt her bladder twinge. Without a thought, she parted her legs slightly letting her nappy flood. Despite her best intentions, the action caught Jonathan’s eye and he said, “Nice isn’t it? Not having to get up and go to the bathroom?”

“I guess; it feels so warm down there as well.” Alex said, the alcohol affecting her usual sensibilities.

“Well don’t enjoy it too much, if I catch you with your hands inside you nappies without permission, it’ll be a discussion between my belt and your backside whilst you closely inspect said nappy with your face” he warned. As he said this, the waiter appeared snapping Alex slightly out of the trance she had found herself in. She was sure he had heard this but like a true professional he said nothing but expertly cleared their plates away offering the desert menu to the couple. “I think she’s been a good girl and deserves something nice” Jonathan joked with the waiter. “Pick something honey”.

With desert ordered and Alex left feeling once again like a small child they sat enjoying the ambiance of the place. For a weekday night it was not particularly busy but not uncomfortably quiet with other couples, a few business suits and a family enjoying a meal. By now Alex’s nappy was quite wet and squished underneath her. She was sure it was not going to leak but worried about it leaking and her being forced to take it off in the car park like last time. Their deserts arrived and soon after eating them, they left having paid the bill and leaving a generous tip for the waiter.

The drive home took them through country lanes and Jonathan began to quiz Alex about her nappy “How wet is it?” he asked.

“Not to bad, it feels OK” Alex said.

“I see” Jonathan remarked pulling the car up into a small layby off of the road. “Let me see”. Alex had always enjoyed playing with Jonathan in his spacious car in dark corners off of the road. They had done it a lot before they moved in together and had even gotten caught by a surprised dog walker once before. Despite that, him asking to inspect her nappies did not seem quite the same as she undid her seatbelt and turned her body towards him, opening her legs. He pulled down her tights and reached in between her skirt. She could feel him roughly patting and padding her soaking crotch. To her surprise he then forced his finger in between the leg band and her crotch to inspect the nappy further. He left his finger there for a minute as it absorbed the heat from inside. Alex felt herself flush as his finger passed over her swollen lips. He removed his finger and held it up uncouthly remarking, “I see you’re wet, metaphorically and literally. Take your dress off”

Alex felt herself complying, the hum of the alcohol removing any inhibitions she had about undressing in the darkened cabin of the luxury German car. Left dressed only in her expensive bra, black tights and soaking nappy she leapt over the centre console and into the lap of Jonathan who pushed his chair back to give her room to manoeuvre. She kissed him, holding him tightly. She gasped as his large hand slid down the back of her nappy, caressing her bruised butt cheeks. His hand continued to slide further until he was able to reach between her legs with his slender fingers. “You definitely need a nappy change you naughty girl” was all Jonathan could say between their kissing. He removed his hand and took hold of Alex’s right hand, he guided the hand down the front of the nappy and instantly she began to play with herself as Jonathan pushed the wet nappy against her from the outside. Neither was concentrating and if anyone had come along they probably could have sat and watched the bizarre show without the pair even noticing.

Jonathan took hold the front of the nappy and pulled it tight upwards causing Alex to moan as the warm wadding pressed into her. He then ripped the nappy away from her with a sharp burst of force that snapped all four tapes and allowed the sodden nappy to drop from her. Exposing his erect member Alex mounted Jonathan and fucked him in a way she found far more satisfying than their original forays into the world of public sex.

After they were done, Alex made her way back to her seat in the most dignified way she could but her upturned naked backside proved to be too much of a invitation for Jonathan he spanked it firmly causing Alex to squeal. Jonathan looked down at himself, regretting the decision to wear lightly coloured trousers, he looked like he had wet himself from Alex being on top of him. He then reached across and took Alex’s dress and threw it onto the backseat before passing Alex her wet nappy. “Here, sit on this, I don’t want to have to scrub love juices out of the company car again”. She put the nappy on the seat and sat down into it grimacing slightly as the once warm padding was not quite cold and smelt strongly of her urine. She was glad when Jonathan started the car engine, the air condition warm but clean removing the mist from the windows. She realised she was practically naked and put her arms across herself in an attempt to cover herself. With Jonathan remind her to put her seatbelt on in case they had an accident, they set off back home. Jonathan stuck to the country lanes most of the way but every time they passed a car slowly to allow for the narrow roads, Alex felt herself sinking further into the seat and her wet nappy.

When they neared home, Jonathan stopped the car and jumped out. He went to the boot and returned with a long hi-viz coat he kept in the boot in case he was expected to visit a corporate building site and handed it to Alex. “Put that on, I don’t want to embarrass you in front of the neighbours” he joked. Alex said nothing but slid the heavy jacket on over her, glad of the privacy and warmth it provided. When they got home, Alex jumped out of the car and wondered up towards the house leaving Jonathan to dispose of her used nappy in the nearby wheelie bin. She walked carefully up the path, the tops of her legs clearly showing her naked state underneath the coat.

When they got inside, they engaged in further lovemaking only brought to conclusion when Jonathan put her in a nappy and told her it was bedtime. It was late and Alex was able to get straight off to sleep with Jonathan enjoying the feel of her nappied bottom against his crotch for the rest of the night. They both woke late the next day and Alex was glad of not having to go to work. She sat up, feeling her nappy become saturated with her morning pee. As they morning went by Alex wondered around the house with nothing on but her nappy. By mid day she was ready to be changed but it was not until around one o’clock when Jonathan obliged her need, noting she had only wet the nappy. What followed was a really uneventful day with them sat snuggling and watching DVDs and ordering Chinese food in. By eight o’clock Alex’s nappy was once again full and she approached Jonathan in the kitchen and said, “I might need changing, I think I’m going to leak”. Quickly inspecting the nappy Jonathan agreed asking her “You think you’re ready for a change”.

“Yes I’m done with this one” Alex said.

“Fine” he said, leading her to the bedroom to change her wet nappy.

He was not able to help himself when changing her; he ended up liberally applying the rash cream to her, rubbing it in thoroughly. Alex responded by moaning sensually and raising her hips to meet his fingers. Jonathan decided he liked this game and after a few minutes withdrew contact completely and pulled the nappy up around her leaving Alex unable to release. “Owww” she cried, “I need to come”.

“Naughty girl” was all he said, slapping her hands away from the outside of her nappy. He walked out of the bedroom and resumed his position on the sofa downstairs. Alex sulked walking downstairs to do all she could to persuade him to help her with her situation. Mercifully after much pouting and persuasion, he presented her with her Hitachi vibrator and Rabbit toy and told her to “knock herself out” on the living room floor whilst he sat on the sofa watching her intently.

With Alex exhausted they headed to bed. “I was thinking we’ll go for a nice early walk down the coast tomorrow” Jonathan said.

“Sounds good” Alex muttered before dropping off to sleep.

Jonathan awoke early the next morning and spent the time catching up with a few out of country business contacts on Skype and preparing a memo to the company director regarding a forthcoming trip to South Africa. Alex woke around nine o’clock, she had woken up a few times in the night to pee some more into her nappy and she peed it until it neared capacity. She went to find Jonathan, walking into the office almost directly into the view of his webcam before she clocked on and backed away, heart racing at the thought of exposing her nappied condition to some of Jonathan’s clients.

Jonathan brought the conversation to a conclusion and looked over at Alex. “Good morning little one” he said. Alex responded by stretching and rubbing her eyes in a tired way. She walked over to Jonathan, he nappy crinkling loudly as it sagged beneath her crotch. He patted the back of the nappy making it rustle loudly.

“I thinks I need a change” Alex said, deliberately adding the plural.

“I think so but are you sure?” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah, I don’t think it will take any more”

“Well if you’re sure you don’t want to use it any more” Jonathan trailed off.

“No, I’m done” Alex said.

“OK then, change it is” Jonathan said.

He led Alex to the bedroom and put her on the bed and removed her sodden nappy. He set about cleaning her thoroughly with wet wipes before sending her to the bathroom to shower. When she returned, he had laid two nappies on the bed for her. Alex was not totally surprised at seeing the two nappies until she spotted the plastic pants as well. She wondered what was going on but put it down to Jonathan as ever mixing things up.

He laid her back onto the bed and began to apply a liberal amount of Vaseline to her sensitive lips and around her behind. He also used lots of powder along the front of her nappy area. Her mind burning, Alex asked “Why are you putting all of that on me?”

“Well I don’t want you to get a rash from being in dirty nappies all day” Jonathan remarked nonchalantly.

“Oh God” Alex thought to herself “I haven’t messed my nappies at all”. Thinking quickly she said, “I didn’t need to go”. This was not strictly true, her stomach had reminded her casually only that morning of its need to go but Alex had put it to the back of her mind, not making the connection between Jonathan’s rules and the questions he had asked her before changing her.

“Well, we’ll see about that. I know you’ve been eating healthily, lots of yummy fruits and vegetables to and I know you’ve not used the toilet for a few days”

Jonathan disappeared into the bathroom and returned with a glass object that Alex did not instantly recognise. “I got this the other day from Boots, apparently the most accurate way to check temperatures” Jonathan said. It was not until Jonathan began to apply a liberal coating of Vaseline to the thermometer that Alex realised where it was heading. He pulled her feet up unto the bed and parted her legs before folding her legs backwards. Alex felt totally exposed as he pushed the thermometer into her ass, feeling it pass in easily but coldly.

“Now if you don’t need to go, this will be nice and clean when it comes out won’t it?” Jonathan asked.

“I guess” was all she could say.

After a few minutes, he pulled the thermometer out and told Alex to sit up. “Tell me what temperature you are.” he said holding it up towards her.

“I can’t see it very well” Alex muttered, the dirty brown matter on the outside of the glass tube making it next to impossible to see the reading.

“So tell me again that you didn’t need to go”

Alex remained silent just waiting for him to pull the dirty thermometer away from her. He left returning a few minutes later with a small brown box marked “Pharmacy Direct” on the outside. “Look what I got you” Jonathan said, tearing the box open. He removing a green and white box from the packaging and studied the side of it. He then showed it to Alex who studied it carefully. It showed a cartoon diagram of a person on their side. “It’s called a Fleet Enema” Jonathan said, “The internet says they are quite effective.”

“Noooo, I don’t want that” Alex cried. She was in full-blown panic mode and began to have a tantrum shouting; “I just forgot, please don’t make it do it, it’s not fair. I’ll use my nappies. Please please please”.

“But you said you’d obey the rules. What did I tell you would happen if you didn’t messy your pampers every day?”

“That I get some encouragement and don’t get changed for a long time” she said sadly recounting what he had said to her at the restaurant.

“So that’s what’s going to happen. You are going to get some encouragement. It’s quite up to you when you mess your nappies but know this, you’re not getting a change until we’ve had our nice coastal walk”

“What if I go now, will you change me before we go?” Alex asked hoping for a plea bargain.

“No, that’s not possible, I think you’ll be all constipated by now, you know how you get if you don’t go regularly enough. Besides, I told you that you have another punishment coming”

“Can I not be punished later? I don’t want to go out all messy” Alex sulked.

“After all that work I’ve just put in to making sure you’re all nice and protected. I think not”

Her fate decided, Alex continued to sulk “This is not fair. I don’t want to be messy. I don’t want to wear nappies”

“Are you done.” was all he said, it not really being a question despite the phrasing.

Alex signed and laid back in a huff, crossing her arms over her chest in defiance. In a sudden movement of rage Jonathan leant over her, taking her arms and roughly forcing them down to her sides, leaving her breasts exposed. Coming right up to her face he said “do you want a spanking now or later young lady?” Knowing she was defeated, Alex just lay there was Jonathan carefully studied the leaflet of the disposable enema. He pulled the clear bottle from the box and removed the orange cap from the nozzle. “Bottoms up” he joked pulling her legs back once again to expose her private parts to him. He pushed the nozzle in and began to squeeze the plastic container. Alex felt the uncomfortable trickle of the liquid going into her bowels, it was cold and left Alex with a sense of doom. Removing the nozzle from her, he unscrewed the cap from the bottle allowing it to refill of air. He then put it back in her, getting the last of the liquid from the bottle into her before giving it a slight squeeze further, sending some of the air into her.

Her nappies were pulled up around her and secured with a generous amount of duct tape before the plastic panties were applied and the lock secured. Jonathan thankfully handed Alex a baggy-fit pair of jogging bottoms joking that if he ever had to do this again, she would find herself in her alternative gym gear; Alex cringing at the thought of going out in her nappies and yoga pants. She found herself waddling and wondered how she would able to walk with the bulk between her legs. The enema felt uncomfortable in her bowels and despite it being very small in volume, the powerful ingredients were playing havoc on her full bowels.

The car journey was uneventful with Alex sat clutching her stomach with he knees drawn up towards her stomach. She was full blown sulking as her stomach churned from the ingredients of the pharmaceutical product. “Cheer up love, next time I’ll put your remote control vibrator in your nappy” He said cheerfully. The thought of him controlling her vibrator in her messy nappies did nothing to consul Alex who felt tears dripping down her face. “Although it’s up to you when you mess your Pampers, if you do it sooner rather than later it will feel better” he continued.

Nothing more was said until they arrived at the remote coastal car park, Jonathan stepping out first and handing Alex her long coat and woolly hat from the boot as she got out. The motion of standing up almost caused Alex to loose it there and then as she forced ever muscle in her body to clamp down. They walked over to the sea wall, the tide was in and the winter waves lapped against the coastal defences bellow and the wind whilst not fierce blow audibly. Looking for a moment Jonathan took her hand and began to walk along at a steady pace. Alex felt herself waddling in an overly exaggerated way just to avoid the inevitable mess happening. “Let’s get a nice picture of you by the sea” Jonathan said, “I think it’d be a good Facebook profile picture”

Alex waddled over to a stone statue along the walk and looked over at Jonathan. Her hair was blowing but it seemed like quite a good picture opportunity. She smiled forcibly as her butt spasmed sending a blast of dirty liquid into her nappy. “Brilliant, just one more” Jonathan called out. Alex just stood there, her body letting out the contents of her bowels as he Jonathan took generic whimsical photos of her for her Facebook profile. Jonathan walked over and took her hand and began to walk again at a steady pace. Alex felt the need to stop and relieve herself fully but Jonathan was not giving her the change, dragging her along she messed he nappy gradually. Sensing her hand gripping hers tightly like a small child who wanted something Jonathan stopped and immediately Alex dropped to her knees in a squatting position. Jonathan was bemused and took a step back and got his phone out of his pocket, snapping a few photos “Very arty Alex, I’m sure you’re friends will enjoy that one”. Alex on the other hand could barely concentrate on what he was saying as she forced the last of the liquid mess out into her double nappies.

“Oh look, there’s a nice bench. Perhaps I can get a photo of you there looking all model-ly” He pulled her up as she was still struggling to finish messing her self and led her over to the bench. “Sit on the top bar” he suggested. Knowing she probably didn’t have much choice in the matter, she stood up onto the bench and gingerly lowered her bottom onto the small wooden bar across the back of the bench feeling the mess inside her nappy push against her. “Smile Alexandra” Jonathan was calling. She knew he was taking pictures of her and felt herself blush as she drew a fake smile across her lips. “Oh very pouty, like a real model” Jonathan joked.

He then walked over and sat on the bench and sat down, pulling Alex onto his knee he pulled her to turn the camera phone in his outstretched arm “For old times sake, a nice MySpace-style one” he remarked. He then stood himself up and announced “nappy check” before spinning Alex around and pulling the back of the nappy away from her back. “Oh dear, looks like you’ve not held out very long!” He then rubbed her bum through the dirty nappy, pushing his hands up between her legs. “I’ve not brought a spare nappy with me, so you’ll have to wait until we get home before I change you”. With that, he took Alex by the arm and began to walk; Alex knowing the route he liked to take was at least another two miles before they got back to the car.