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Alexandra Discovers Disclipline

Chapter 5

Time passed slowly for Alex; her bottom still stung and the smell of her own waste hung about her like a badge of shame. Jonathan periodically came and found her, ordering her into the most degrading of positions just to push on her compressed dirty nappy a little more. The plug inside her was uncomfortable and she clearly still had some of the liquid glycerine acting on her bowels as she felt the need to push the large invader from her behind. Despite what she tried to do to occupy the time or the constant repositioning of her body, she was unable to tune out what was happening to her. This was not like before where despite everything, Jonathan had been able to show her the pleasure of nappies, this was pure punishment and Alex despaired.

“I want an essay,” Jonathan announced walking into the dining room where Alex had just finished re-arranging all of the furniture and tidying away the bonds he had so cruelly used on her only hours ago. Alex looked on, still not able to say anything because of the gag in her mouth. Jonathan removed the gag and Alex was able to open and close her jaw, feeling it ache slightly as the movement returned.

“I want an essay on why you should not lie to me and why you deserve to wear nappies” Jonathan continued. Alex just stared in disbelief, she had not written an essay since her university days. She was not even sure she knew how to any more.

“You will handwrite it at this table. I want four pages before I’ll consider letting you up” Jonathan said handing Alex a ball-point pen and a pad of lined paper.

Alex sat down on one of the hard chairs, her nappy as ever feeling foul against her and the plug reminding her ever of it’s presence in her bruised behind. She picked up the pen, gripping it slightly as if reminding herself how to hold a pen. She typed everything these days; even her shopping list was on a cloud-synced note on her iPhone. The thought of writing four pages before she was even allowed to get up worried Alex. She knew Jonathan was a meticulous grammar-Nazi and wondered what the penalty for spelling something wrong would be. Still, she picked up the pen and like a child in high school, wrote the date in the corner of the page. She then thought she should think of a title.

‘Why I Fucked Up’ was the first title that came to Alex’s mind but she decided against it, sure Jonathan would not approve of the language. She thought about the question in detail, breaking it down in to points to prove. He wanted to know what she should not lie to him and why she deserved to be in her current predicament; sat in the dinning room, on a hard chair with a butt plug up her bum, in messy nappies, messy nappies strapped against her, in locking panties with a bruised red bum to be precise. Brain storming in her mind, Alex began to think of other possible areas to be covered in her essay including an truthful account of what had happened and why, a demonstration of her understanding of what it is she had done wrong and proof that she would do better.

‘How I Got Here’ was the title Alex decided on. She began writing the opening paragraph. She introduced the reader to herself and her relationship with Jonathan, honestly explaining her original desires to control and dominate the relationship. She went on to explain how much she loved Jonathan, describing intimately everything from his sharp humour to his toned physique to his loving and caring nature that she love about him. She wrote about how she had never met a man who could, despite the way she was, be so supportive, so caring, so willing to forgive as Jonathan giving an anecdotal example of a previous boyfriend who had thrown her out on Christmas Eve because he had found another girl. Alex felt herself become upset as she wrote, despite the situation she found herself in, she was pouring her heart and soul into this essay and had already written two pages. Her hand complained as her muscles worked in unfamiliar ways to write quickly but also accurately and neatly. Resigning herself to writing more, Alex wondered if the four pages Jonathan had stipulated were a target or a maximum.

The essay continued and Jonathan worked in the kitchen, just doing some light chores but casually checking up on Alex every now and then. He was surprised to see her take to the writing, she was embracing the task clearly and barely noticed his presence. He concluded she had probably managed to tune some of her situation out and get on with what he had asked her to do. He had to admit that she was smart, probably smarter than him when it came to academia, recollecting his own time at university spent drinking and being a general hooligan and compared that with Alex’s experience of spending hours in the library researching topics and going to lectures. Jonathan sometimes wished Alex would be more ambitious; she was by far the most qualified person in her office and he wondered why she stuck with the company with the boss barely capable of functioning in a modern society.

Two hours approached as Alex continued to work hard at writing her essay. The light was drawing in and Jonathan walked into the dining room, turning the light on to allow Alex to work as it got darker. He put a large glass of water down in front of her and leant over her shoulder, giving her a kiss on the cheek before removing himself from the room. Despite the obvious smell of her dirty nappies, Jonathan did not mind; he was just happy to see Alex getting on with the task at hand.

Alex sat at the table, shifting slightly to try to find a more comfortable position. She was not longer actively thinking about it but doing it subconsciously. She welcomed Jonathan’s interruption and felt comforted when he leant in and kissed her. Despite what he was doing to her, she felt safe when he was around, at least safe from what the rest of the world might do to her.

Reading over the six pages she had written, she felt almost proud of what she had achieved. She had drawn some strong conclusions from the questions Jonathan had posed and had done a lot of soul-searching in coming to those conclusions. “I think I’ve finished Jonathan” Alex called out quietly. Moments later Jonathan walked into the room and looked at her.

“Well I see you’ve taken the task quite seriously” he said in a way that made Alex feel so very little, like her father was congratulating her doing something for the first time. “Let’s go to the bathroom, I’m not going to change you just yet, I want to read what you’ve written first but I’ll make it a little more comfortable for you”

Jonathan walked up to the bathroom with Alex following the best she could. She needed to stretch badly from being sat down for so long but the tight strapping around her crotch made this uncomfortable. Jonathan pulled on a pair of blue nitrile gloves and motioned Alex to stand in front of the sink. He began to run the hot water tap, letting it heat up. He then undid the plastic panties and removed them from Alex. He carefully inspected around her nappy and was pleased to find that it had not leaked despite her clearly having wet a few times. Much to Alex’s relief, he undid the belt from between her legs and Alex felt sheer relief as her nappy loosened around her. With the belts completely removed, Jonathan pulled back the top of her nappy. Alex was expecting a comment to degrade the messy position she found herself in but instead Jonathan said nothing for a moment.

“I want you to push your plug out slowly.” Jonathan said, pulling the back of her nappy away from her to allow this to happen. Alex bore down and after a moment felt the plug moved. To her surprise, Jonathan reached in with his gloved hand and helped her tug the plug out. He removed it from her nappy, careful not to get anything on her lower back. He dumped the plug straight into the steaming hot water that worked to dissolve and clear the mess from the plug almost instantly. Finally Jonathan pulled his dirty glove from his hand and deposited it in the bathroom bin. With the plug cleaned and sat on the windowsill, Jonathan looked at Alex; “does that feel better?” he asked.

“Yeah it does” Alex replied, feeling very relaxed now without the invader threatening to push further into her.

“Good, I hope this essay is good or it’s going back in”

They went down stairs and Jonathan sat on the plus sofa. He motioned for Alex to sit next to him. For a moment Alex was apprehensive, she certainly did not want to get anything on the sofa but seeing his open embrace, she joined him. She sat down with her slender legs draped across his legs and felt his strong arm come around her. She felt apprehensive about him cuddling her like this; ‘I must smell so bad’ is all Alex could think of. As if to make things worse, Alex could feel the urge to mess herself further as the last of the suppositories worked on her bowels. Unaware of her predicament, Jonathan started to slowly read the essay. He was not the quickest of readers and wanted to take his time in deciding if Alex had answered the question truthfully and correctly.

After he had gotten through the first page, Alex could feel the urge to go coming on strongly. “Jonathan, I kind of need to go to the toilet some more” was all she could manage.

“I see, you can go on the floor.” Jonathan said, releasing his embrace around her shoulders. Alex climbed down from the sofa and knelt on the floor looking at Jonathan who appeared to continue to read her essay. This was uncomfortable for Alex. She needed to go but had some control left and unlike the previous times she was not tied up or out in a public place, just knelt on the floor in front of her partner. Blushing she pushed and released into her used nappy. Unhappily for her, her release was quite audible as an amount of gas escaped from her. Jonathan had clearly heard and had stopped reading, looking up momentarily at her. Alex just wanted the Earth to swallow her up. Despite their long time in a relationship together, both had always been quite private about using the bathroom and this was very intimate, even for them. Mercifully, Jonathan did not say anything but offered his arms open for Alex to return to where she previously sitting.

Still blushing she stood up and repositioned herself gingerly, aware of the increased bulk in her nappy. Jonathan continued to read the essay, idly letting his hands wonder down to her nappy, giving it a gentle massage causing Alex to hug him tighter.

After what seemed like an age, Jonathan put the last page of her essay down and looked at her in the eyes. “Good” was all he could manage before reaching in to kiss Alex. They embraced in a passionate session of kissing and cuddling for a few minutes before Jonathan stood up and led Alex to the bedroom. He laid her down and set about carefully changing her soiled nappy. Much like before, he took his time to carefully clean her sensitive areas with Pampers wet wipes. He then picked her up and put her on the edge of the bed, positioning a clean nappy underneath her.

The clean plastic felt almost good to Alex who was relieved not to be sat in her mess any more. She was grateful to Jonathan for having cleaned her up despite the fact that he had put her in this situation in the first place. With her new nappy under her, Jonathan began to carefully apply lotion to her. She groaned in primal pleasure as he dripped the cold lotion between her lips from several inches about her. She felt her hips rise to meet his incoming hands, waiting for the lotion to be rubbed in. With her legs parting she allowed him access to her parts. Jonathan was also enjoying this; he was taking his time, struggling to concentrate on the task at hand as the sexual overtones began to drown out the fact he was changing a naughty little girl’s bottom.

“Just fuck me!” Alex gasped as Jonathan’s lubricated finger went to massage in the lotion on her back passage. Jonathan certainly did not need to be told twice, undoing his trousers with one hand and exposing his erect penis. “You’ll regret using that language… Later… Probably” Jonathan said, it not even being a real threat at this point.

They engaged in passionate sex with Alex gripping both sides of the bed as Jonathan pulled her legs back to get better access. This did not continue for too long as both came quickly and hard, Alex screaming loudly for a number of minutes. Almost immediately after withdrawing from her, Jonathan pulled the nappy that had been underneath Alex’s bum the whole time up around her and taped it on. Alex squirmed, feeling the mixture of their hot sex in her nappy pull up around her.

“Get dressed. Put something nice on. I think I’ll use the reservations I had after all.” Jonathan said.