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A Diapered Massage Gone Wrong

Part 4

Lauren walked out the front door towards the three of us, "Hi, Beverly, is the baby girl all set to go, and who is this beauty” as she looked over at Cathy.

Oh, I’m sorry. This is Cathy our little sissy baby’s ex-girlfriend, she thought she would join in on the fun today."

Lauren said, “I am sure it will be fun and welcome to my salon.”

"Here take her with you, and I'll bring the rest in". Lauren grabbed my strap and tugged me towards her, "Come on baby, Nanny Lauren has a special treat for her big sissy baby". Inside the rather large modern salon, Lauren turned to me and said, "You know Suzy our receptionist don’t you?” I hung my head and nodded as Suzy said “what a pretty dress” as she came out from behind the counter only to lift my dress and pat my diapers and telling me, “you be a good little girl for Nanny Lauren today.”

Well come with me upstairs, and walk up in front of me, I want to see your big diaper." I did as I was told, I could feel Lauren's hand on my rear end as I climbed the stairs.

I was not expecting what I saw next, I walked into a massage room I had not been before, to find a large bed covered in pink sheets with all kinds of straps and apparatus attached to it.

"I didn't realize you were this kinky Lauren!" I was surprised, she'd never acted like this before. "Yeah, well you never know, you might like it!" replied Lauren.

As she undressed me down to just my diapers and plastic pants. Cathy and Beverly both giggled at the sight before them and Lauren said, "There - hop in!" "I'm not so sure..." "Oh don't be such a big baby!"

I looked at the strap and cuffs on the bed. Both ends of the bed had chains and straps with leather cuffs attached to them made of thick leather, the cuffs lay ominously open on the bed like a trap, waiting for prey. Lauren had obviously played with these toys before. "So... are you up for some fun, tough guy?" smiled Lauren. I unknowingly smiled back. "What the hell how bad could it be?”

She gave me a sharp smack on my diapered bottom as I hopped onto the bed and lay on my back. Lauren wasted no time and soon had me stretched out on the bed, my ankles and wrists tightly buckled into the leather cuffs. She climbed on top of me, put her face right up to mine and slowly bought a large gag with a black ball and a leather strap into view. "Lauren! You're not sticking that on me!" "You're not in a position to resist and we already have tons of pictures of you in your pretty dress and diapers." I watched as she held the gag in front of me and buckled it loosely a few holes from the end.

"Lauren, I'm not sure I like this!" I said, as Lauren put her arm behind my head and lifted it a little. She passed the gag down over my head until the ball was resting on my lips. I closed my lips tightly to show her I was having none of it.

Reaching behind my neck, Lauren started to pull the strap tighter through the buckle, causing the ball to press harder and harder into my lips. It started to hurt and I moved my lips around a little but this just made the ball sink onto my teeth. Fearing they would break I tried to tell Lauren that enough was enough. But it came out as "Chriaanmmmmmmmph!" as the ball finally sunk all the way into my mouth and Lauren buckled the strap tightly behind my neck. She pulled on my lips so they surrounded the gag.

"There, did you like that?" I shook my head. "Well you might prefer this then" she replied, and lifted up a large, wide, black leather collar. "This is a posture collar baby, let's get it on you." I was unable to stop Lauren from buckling the four leather straps which closed the collar, and in just a minute I was looking straight up at the ceiling, my neck held rigidly by the tight collar forcing my chin up and preventing almost all movement of my head to the side.

Then she left the room for a few moments. Returning, she climbed onto my legs and sat on my shins facing my feet. I craned my head as much as the thick heavy collar would allow but was rewarded with a view of her back. I wondered what the hell she was up to until I felt her pressing something in between my toes. Right along both feet, one by one, Lauren splayed my toes and pushed in the foam toe separators, then picked up the nail varnish, as I now guessed it was, and gave it a shake. "Mmppph!" I moaned into my gag and tried to wiggle my toes but Lauren grabbed them with one hand and worked with the other. In a few moments she was done and climbed off me, leaving the separators between my toes. "It dries in sixty seconds so won't take long. Now your fingernails."

I tried to shake my head as Lauren unscrewed the lid from the bottle. I tried to resist by clenching my hands into a fist but Lauren lifted her knee onto my fist and started putting her weight on it as Cathy came over to help. In the end I had to relent with the pain, and she dug her knee hard into the back of my hand, forcing my fingers flat on the mattress. In a few more moments my fingernails were painted and Lauren kept her knee in place with Cathy’s help for a couple of minutes while they dried. After a similar feeble show of resistance on the other hand, my fingernails glistened with shocking pink nail varnish. She pulled out the toe separators and again left the room. I could just about see my bright pink toenails and could only guess what my hands looked like stretched out straight above my head. I started writhing around trying to find a way out but I was completely secure.

The door opened again. "Do you like your pretty nail varnish? Bright pink really suits little sissy girls." It wasn't Lauren. It was Beverly.

She walked over to me, climbed up and kneeled across my chest. I stared at her, wide-eyed, trying all at once to work out what was going on and how to explain myself. Lauren walked back in holding two small brown strips at arm’s length. "What's the matter, cat got your tongue?" said Beverly, gripping me hard around my collar with one hand and forcing my head down into the mattress. I continued to look up at the ceiling and saw Lauren appear. Handing a strip to Beverly, they pressed them down into my eyebrows and rubbed them firmly all over. "Hold his head Cathy." Lauren came to the side and pressed down on my neck with one hand and my forehead with the other. Beverly held my chin with one hand and quickly ripped off each strip in turn, shaping my eyebrows in an obvious feminine way. "Waxed eyebrows take two months to even begin to grow back, and sometimes don't grow back at all" she said, coldly. "Would you like some wine, girls?" asked Lauren. "Sure!" "Okay, see you in a while" said Lauren, tickling my painted feet as they left the room.

I lay there for a full hour, wriggling and writhing to the building pressure in my bladder and trying to get loose but the thick leather cuffs refused to release their grip. After an hour I released a torrent of urine into my thirsty diapers fully soaking them as the girls returned, laughing and slightly drunk. Each went to a top corner of the bed out of my sight.

"Well, how are you feeling?" asked Beverly. I shook my head a little, not really knowing how I felt. Beverly walked to the side of the bed and stared at me with her arms folded. She looked down at my diaper and said you better not have wet your diaper,” as she stuck her hand down the front of it only to pull it out quickly and exclaim, “you fucking sissy baby, you are soaking wet!” She then said, “Well since you like to wear diapers and wet them so much like a baby, we've decided you're going to give you the most humiliating baby treatment of your life today, as a nice sweet little baby girl." I started shaking my head, writhing in my restraints and moaning into my gag, looking at Beverly with pleading eyes. "Look at you, acting like a little baby girl even now, hoping I'll take pity on you. There's no point in struggling, you're not going anywhere."

Lauren had left the room and returned a few moments later carrying a bowl of water and some more strips, while Beverly and Cathy busied their selves removing my diapers and baby pants and then sliding several towels under me.

For the next hour I endured a painful waxing and shaving of every hair on my body. At one point Lauren undid one of the cuffs on the top chain to release the slack so they could turn me over. Once I was lying on my front she re-attached the cuffs and the girls went to work on the backs of my legs and arms and the rest of my body. When this was complete, the slack was once again released for a moment so they could turn me back onto my back. My final humiliation was having my scrotum shaved until there wasn't a single hair left.

"Let's get baby's hair done" said Beverly. "Little babies like you, don't have much hair so we're going to give you a pretty little hair style.” "Fetch me the pink bobbles and white hair ribbons please Lauren" asked Beverly. The girls twisted two tufts of hair and looped the elasticated bobbles over them again and again until they were tightly secured. Next they knotted the wide ribbons under the bobbles and tied them into big floppy bows, the ends cascading down the sides of my head. Lastly they emptied a squirt of superglue into each tuft, locking everything into place.

"That's it, baby's hair is all done" laughed Lauren looking up and down at me completely shaven, while Cathy and Beverly removed the towels and water. The girls disappeared for some more wine, as Lauren looked at me and said, “You better not wet the bed.” I heard them laughing downstairs as I writhed and pulled at my restraints. He could feel the cool air on my body and the tightness on my hair ribbons.

The girls returned half an hour later. Without saying a word Beverly climbed onto the bed, stood over me and lifted my back up off the mattress. I felt Lauren slide something under me. When Beverly released her grip I landed on it and realized it was a very thick cloth diaper. The girls smirked as I felt one of them push several items up my ass, as Beverly said, “that should guarantee dirty diapers for our baby.” Wide eyed I moaned into my gag and tried to shake my head, humiliated at the idea of messing my diaper again. The girls got busy and in a few moments had the thick cloth diaper pinned up firmly around my bottom and stomach.

"Let's get your pretty pink plastic pants on now, we don't want any leaks" said Lauren, walking to the end of the bed. She unclipped one of the chains from each end of the cuffs and passed them down through the leg holes in the plastic pants. She then clipped the chains back to the cuffs, and pulled the pants up my legs and pulled the thick, crinkly plastic pants right up my legs and tightly over my diaper. I could feel the elasticated leg holes and waistband biting into my skin as she tucked the waistband over the top of my diaper.

Now Beverly took over and produced a pair of ankle socks with layers of lace around the tops. Onto my feet they went, the lace sticking out all around my ankles beneath the leather cuffs. Next I felt shoes being wedged onto my feet, with some force since they felt a little too small. Once they were on I felt them tighten as a strap was tightly buckled on each one. "We promise we won't tell anyone you like to paint your toenails under your pretty baby socks," giggled Lauren as Beverly used plastic cable-ties to lock the buckles in place and then sealed them with superglue. "Baby won't be getting his Mary Jane shoes off in a hurry" she added.

"Let's put baby into his petticoat" said Beverly, unclipping a chain from each side of the upper cuffs. Lauren retrieved it in from the other room. It looked like a vest with a mass of material and lace sewn around the bottom. While I renewed my pointless struggling, Beverly passed the two chains through the bottom of the petticoat and one each out of the arm holes, clipping them back to the cuffs. She was able to pull the garment down over my body, my hands passing through the arm holes and my immobilized head out of the top. She clipped the chains back to the cuffs and adjusted the petticoat.

"He looks like a ballerina" laughed Lauren and Cathy, "I think I'll take some photographs to show the girls at Grills!" I screamed and protested loudly into my gag but could do nothing as Lauren, followed by Beverly and Cathy, got their digital cameras and took dozens of photographs of me as a ridiculous looking sissy. "Is our ballerina ready for his baby dress?" I shook my head as much as the rigid posture collar would allow. "But, it's a nice frilly pink baby dress with a lovely babyish high waist, lots of pretty lace and frills and little puffy sleeves. And it's nice and short so we can keep an eye on your diaper."

"I think baby's upset because he doesn't feel pretty enough for his baby dress yet" laughed Lauren. "Let's do his makeup, he'll feel extra pretty after that. I'll hold baby's head while you get the makeup bag from the other room" she said to Beverly. Beverly returned a moment later while Lauren hopped onto the bed and knelt across my shoulders, trapping my head between her knees and pressing my forehead into the mattress with the palms of her hands. I couldn't move my head an inch.

"Let's start with baby's eyes" said Beverly, leaning into my face with a waterproof eyeliner pencil. A minute later I had thick black rims all the way round his eyes. "Now we'll make your eyelashes nice and pretty." I could only lie there motionless while my upper and lower eyelashes were coated with five coats, one after the other, of jet black waterproof mascara. "There!" exclaimed Beverly, "Very nice." She looked down at me, as I stared back through my heavily rimmed black eyes.

"Close your eyes" commanded Beverly, "these pink and blue waterproof eyeshadows may sting a bit but we only want to use the best makeup for our special baby". I had no choice. She proceeded to color in my eyelids with the bright blue eyeshadow, then my upper eyelids with the bright pink eyeshadow.

She then put a pretty pink circle high up on each cheek. "Babies always have rosy cheeks, and you'll be no exception." I continued to struggle and moan into my gag. "Yes don't worry, we haven't forgotten your lipstick, I've got a nice 24 hour red lipstick here for that." She wiped the moisture from my lips with a cloth. Pulling on my lips bit by bit to expose all of them from around my gag, she painted them with the bright red lipstick. I grunted and winced as she worked but could do nothing as, bit by bit, my lips were turned bright red.

"There, now baby's makeup is all done!" laughed Lauren, letting go of my head and climbing off the bed. "And very pretty he looks too!" added Beverly. "Cathy, get the ear-piercing gun. Let's get some nice twinkling baby studs on him". I tried to struggle again, my hands moving around uselessly looking for a way out. Cathy returned with the piercing gun. Beverly lifted her knee and pressed it into the side of my cheek to force my head to turn a little. Cathy crouched down and grabbed my earlobe. I moaned into my gag while Lauren lined up the piercing gun. POP. They walked around to the other side of the bed and repeated the process. POP. I had no way to see them but could feel them in his ears. "Last time I saw baby studs like these was when my baby niece came to visit," laughed Lauren, putting superglue on the backs of my new earrings. "They really sparkle! Little girls love getting their ears pierced."

"Now, once again, are you ready for your little baby dress?" I lay motionless for a moment then started thrashing and straining against my bonds, but I was stretched so tightly that I just rocked gently in my restraints. The girls laughed at the pathetic display. "What a tantrum! I think we'll put you into your frilly pink dress whether you're ready or not." The girls moved to the top of the bed and unclipped one chain from each side of the cuffs. Gathering up the short dress and unzipping the back a little, they passed the chains up through the bottom of it and out of each of the sleeves, before clipping them back to the cuffs. "Ooops, looks like baby's got no choice now" laughed Lauren as the girls pulled the dress down the chains. Unable to resist at all, my hands popped out of the short, puffy sleeves, followed by my immobilized, ribbon-clad head through the lacy Peter Pan collar.

They pulled the baby dress all the way down as far as it would go, before applying a few drops of superglue to the zipper and zipping it back up at the neck. Lauren re-attached the cuffs. "Now our baby girl is all prettied up wearing his frilly little dress!" laughed Beverly. For the first time that night, I started to cry. It started as a sob but I was soon bawling away, the irony of my current babyfied state not lost on me. The girls laughed hysterically at the sight and went and got their cameras once again. As I lay there and cried they took dozens more photographs of me, once a womanizing and deceitful idiot, now shaven, made-up, pierced and dressed up as a baby girl ready to be humiliated against my will.

"Cry all you like, baby, your makeup's not going anywhere" laughed Beverly. "Get him turned over so we can buckle him into his baby reins." Lauren went to the top of the bed and removed the chain which held in the slack, allowing them room to rotate me once again onto my front. The chain was clipped back in place. I started to feel cramping in my bowels hoping it was not from what they had stuck in me earlier as she passed the chains through the straps of the white leather baby reins and clipped them back up, then unclipped the other two chains. "You're no man, you're a little baby. You certainly enjoy dressing and acting like one so you deserve to be dressed up like one now." She drew the reins down my arms and over my head, settling them under my waist just below my armpits. While Lauren clipped the chains back to the cuffs, Beverly buckled the leather reins tightly around my back and over my shoulders. She finished by supergluing some more cable-ties through the buckles to seal them all in place.

While I lay face down on the bed, both girls came around to one side of the bed. To my surprise Lauren unbuckled my wrist from the cuff, but before I had any chance to move my arm around, both the girls had grabbed it and forced my wrist painfully to the side of my waist. While Beverly held it there, Lauren tightly buckled two small leather straps around it, followed by the usual superglue and cable-ties to lock them in place. They went around the other side of the bed and repeated the process, leaving me face down on the bed with my wrists buckled to the sides of my baby reins. I was now able to wriggle a little more but was still completely helpless. Beverly attached a leather leash to the back of my reins and coiled it a few times around her hand, stretching it tightly.

Lauren went to the end of the bed and clipped a foot of chain between the two ankle cuffs, before unclipping all the other chains. "Come on baby, get up" ordered Beverly, yanking on the leash. Restrained as I was, I was just able to roll onto my side and drop my feet over the side of the bed onto the floor. "Stand up, we haven't got all day". I stood up and shuffled around the bed until I was standing in front of the girls. The small bells on the front of my leather reins jingled as I walked. The girls looked at me, then at each other, then burst out laughing again. Cathy said, “I think baby needs some baby oil on her legs and arms to make her all shiny and smell pretty for her trip.” I started to think trip, what trip,” as Cathy applied a good coat of baby oil to my legs and arms. "Look at the babies pretty shocking pink fingernails, " mocked Lauren, "I nearly forgot the watch, so baby can tell what time it is!" laughed Lauren, picking up a plastic Barbie play watch and gluing the strap closed around my left wrist.

Beverly continued to hold me tightly in my reins. Lauren went to my front and buckled another leash to the front of my reins, then went behind me and unbuckled my thick posture collar, followed by my gag. For a few moments I just flexed my neck and mouth and said nothing. It wasn't long, before I started talking. "Please Beverly, Lauren, Cathy, I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt anyone, I just enjoyed the diapers. Please let me change back and I promise you'll never see me again." The girls roared with laughter, to my surprise. "You still don't get it do you, baby? This isn't about what's best for you, it's about payback for us. What are you going to change back into, you don't have any clothes." I realized she was correct.

Beverly handed the rear leash to Lauren and picked up the front one. "So come along baby" she ordered, and pulled on the leash, causing me to shuffle slowly forward. "You shouldn't walk so quickly" laughed Lauren, "it makes your little baby dress lift up so everyone can see you're wearing diapers.” Of course he's wearing diapers Lauren" replied Beverly, "all little baby girls wear diapers, don’t they Cathy." They reached the top of the stairs. "Down we go, nice and slowly. If baby has an accident and falls, he'll have to sit in hospital in his pretty clothes waiting for a nurse to make him better."

After a few minutes they reached the bottom of the stairs. I had assumed they were taking me into the kitchen to feed me baby food or something like that, but was horrified when the girls carried on pulling me along the hallway towards the front door. "Where... where are going?" I stammered. "Well, we're going out for a nice walk with our baby girl." I stopped walking and looked at them. "Come on baby, get moving" ordered Beverly, pulling the leash harder, causing me to take a series of quick steps to avoid falling over. Lauren stood right behind me, holding my rear leash, preventing me from going back.

Hobbled as I was, with my wrists strapped to my waist, I was helpless to put up any proper resistance.

As they neared the front door Lauren laughed. "Take a look at yourself in the mirror, baby." I stopped in my tracks and burst out crying. My hands looked ridiculous with their bright pink nails and Barbie watch. My little pink baby dress was short and high-waist and covered in lace and frills with a lacy white collar zipped up snugly around my neck. The bulge of my diapers was clearly visible under my pink baby pants below the petticoats and frilly short hem of the dress. My glossy black round-fronted Mary Janes were buckled tightly onto my feet, a mass of lace surrounding each ankle from my socks. But the thing which upset me the most was my head. My face looked ridiculous with lipstick and rosy pink cheeks, my black rimmed eyes peeping out from behind thick black lashes and blue and pink eyelids. My hair looked like a baby girl with two white ribbons tied tightly to the small tufts of hair. The ribbons fell down the sides of my head and stopped just above my ears where the pink baby studs in my earlobes twinkled in the light. My reins somehow made me look even more childish.

"Stop crying baby, you look lovely" laughed Lauren, giving me a shove towards the door. Beverly started pulling me again and opened the front door. "No, please! Please don't do this, please don't" I begged.

Beverly pulled hard on the leash, sending me stumbling out of the door and into the cool air. I turned around to see Lauren locking the front door of the salon. I felt sick at being outside dressed up like this as the girls continued to pull me out onto the sidewalk and towards what I knew as a small park in town.

As we got to the park, they unclipped the front and rear leashes from my reins and removed the chain from my ankle cuffs. I was now free apart from my ankle cuffs, and my hands still strapped tightly in the reins. "Come along little girl" said Beverly, I could see a few people in the park, each doing their own thing in the distance. Some were walking a dog, others were running. They were far away and no-one noticed me yet.

Beverly grabbed the front of my reins and pulled me away from the street while Lauren followed. I paused but only long enough for Lauren to give me a shove from behind. "Keep walking" she said. Suddenly Lauren grabbed the back of my dress and sprayed something down my neck. As I twisted and turned to avoid it she sprayed me all over. "Party Princess" she laughed, reading the name from the children's perfume bottle. "Made for little girls who haven't grown up. Like you." I was covered in the cheap, sweet smelling perfume. As I recovered, I realized that the girls were running back to the car with Cathy at the wheel. "No, please!" I begged, turning to run after them. I had no hope of keeping up. By the time I reached the car the girls were sitting inside with the doors locked. Beverly lowered the passenger window an inch. "Please Beverly, don't leave me here dressed like this, please let me go back, I'll never bother you again."

"You lied to all of us. You dressed and acted like a child so now you're dressed up like one. A nice sweet little baby girl all dressed up in her best frilly party frock for a picnic in the park. I'm not sure you'll be getting your picnic though."

Lauren leaned forward. "You'd think baby would be happy! We took you to a park so you can have a picnic in your pretty baby clothes!" She produced her camera and snapped several more photos before I turned away, humiliated. "I think we've got enough photos now" said Lauren. "I'm going to print them out and hand them out to your buddies at Grills tomorrow. Won't they be interested to see how their macho friend likes to dress up in secret?"

“This is a small park in the city center. There's nowhere to hide. One thing's for sure, it's a nice sunny day and everyone's going to see you in your little baby dress with your makeup, shiny oiled legs, earrings, pretty baby ribbons and big baby diapers. Beverly I think it is time to phone the police and report this pervert roaming the park in diapers. Baby I think you should start to run before the police get here to arrest you or the suppositories we placed in your ass earlier make you fill your diapers and spend the night in a cell. I wonder if they'll let you take your pretty reins off." Cathy started the car. "Don't talk to any strangers!" she shouted, driving off laughing.

I continued to cry long after the car had gone. I started walking along the sidewalk, in the distance a group of joggers came into view running towards me. Beverly was right, it was going to be a long walk.

I followed their advice and ran out from the park to where I had no idea. I was some blocks away and drawing a lot of attention, from the park, neighborhoods and store as I could hear sirens in the distance. I was lucky that it was late in the afternoon and made my getaway and the many miles to my home. Thank god I had a key hidden in my garden to get in to my house. I stepped through the door when the suppositories took control of my bowels and I messed my diapers like never before filling them to capacity.

Since that time I have not heard much from all of those now past friends except for Beverly but I have received many pictures of the whole humiliation I endured. I keep them in a special place in my album, they really turn me on. “Oh, Beverly still keeps me in diapers every time we go out, just to prove she is still the Aunty!”

The End