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A Diapered Massage Gone Wrong

Part 3

As Beverly sat waiting on her new friend to arrive, she transferred and organized the picture she had taken earlier into a new baby album on her iPad. All of the sudden she heard a knock on the door "Please come in," Beverly said, keeping her voice very low, "The big baby's taking his nap now, so he has no idea you're here."

Cathy, a tall and fit, brunette, and very pretty, stepped through the front door, being careful not to let her high heels click too loudly on the hard wood floor. Her short flowing skirt looked sexy, yet business like, and her fitted top revealed that she was a woman that men looked twice, and then three times at.

"Tell me again, is he really wearing diapers?" she asked suspiciously, still not quite prepared to believe what Beverly had told her on the phone.

Beverly smiled, "You'll see soon enough...come down the hallway, but don't let him hear you--I want him to be completely surprised when he sees his ex-girlfriend in the flesh."

The red haired woman stopped at a door and slowly, carefully and quietly pushed it open, her smile increasing as she observed me sleeping across the room. Standing aside, she smiled at Cathy and allowed her to take in the unique sight before her.

It was on the bed, that Cathy's surprised face beheld me, her former boyfriend. Hardly able to believe her eyes, she quietly and cautiously stepped into the room, the subtle but distinct smell of stale pee making her cute nose crinkle objectionably.

The two of them moved over to the edge of the bed and looked down at me, I was oblivious to the audience I now had standing above me. Sometime during my nap, I had pushed the blankets aside, and lay there now, peacefully sucking my pacifier.

Cathy stifled a giggle as she looked down at me, her former boyfriend. I was wearing a fuzzy white and pink, short-sleeved, fleece top that came down just past my belly button, but what really grabbed her attention were the bulging fat cloth diapers and blue nursery print plastic panties now completely exposed around my hips. I must have looked every part the innocent baby toddler, soundly asleep with my pretty plastic pants humiliatingly revealed.

Giggling to herself, Cathy quickly dug in her purse and eagerly took out her cell phone. With a few keystrokes, she brought up the camera function and immediately began snapping pictures of the big sissy sleeping blissfully beneath her, making sure she got my face in the shots.

Beverly reached down and carefully slid a finger inside the leg holes of my plastic panties. Quickly withdrawing her finger, she rubbed them together, indicating the wetness she'd discovered. "Soaking wet," she whispered, with a smile on her beautiful face.

Cathy shook her head in disbelief, taking two more pictures to satisfy herself. Then Beverly silently motioned them out, closing the door quietly behind her. "We'll talk in the dining room," she told her new friend quietly.

The two of them tip-toed down the hall and into the dining room, which was some distance from the bedroom.

"I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes," Cathy remarked with astonishment as she scrolled through the pictures on her phone she'd just taken.

"Okay--you've have tell me how this whole thing started. I mean--I thought he was a perv and all, but I never figured he was some sort of big baby," Cathy explained in a rush.

"Well anyway...he has always been just a friend to me or even a big brother until earlier today, when I called his house only to have another women answer named Lauren who was his masseuse from the Sports Club, and they had just finished a massage session.” Lauren told me, “He was all wet and sweaty and had to get changed.” I told her to tell him I was coming over in 30 minutes so we could ride together to Grills.

On my way to his house, Lauren called me and told me the whole story “How he had been getting massage from her for quite a while and how he had lied to her and deceived her into thinking he had a medical issue and needed to wear diapers while getting massages. When in fact, he likes to wear diapers and baby dresses for fun, exposure and humiliation, all of which I plan to give him.”

She then added “When I get to his house, I find him tied up on the bed in a pink frilly baby dress that is so short with shamefully exposed thick diapers, nursery print plastic pants and babyish shoe and socks on his feet.”

She continued, “After taking a couple of photos myself, I walked towards him, asking if he was really in a diaper as I lifted the hem of his dress and then patted his thick diaper and baby pants, quickly discovering he actually used his diapers and was wet. He begged and begged me not to tell anyone and to untie him. Which I did after a few more photos”

Beverly added “I then told him, how disappointed I was in him for lying to his masseuse, and if he wanted to dress and act like a baby I was going to make his dream come true as his new Aunty.” Cathy nodded her head in agreement with Beverly's methods.

I told him it was time to get dressed as we were taking the baby out to Grills. I dressed him in a thick disposable diaper and some yellow nursery print plastic pants barely covered by shorts and a T shirt.

She then said, “And get this, on the way to Grill he wet his diaper and then actually pooped them like a baby while eating dinner. Once we were out of Grills, I pulled his shorts off and made him ride home in just diapers and a T shirt. When we got home I started to change him and that is when you called.”

Cathy said "Serves the big sissy right, it is exactly what he deserves."

"I thought you'd approve," Beverly replied, "Of course...I don't know what your relationship was like with him...he described you as a total stuck-up bitch to me...but I'd bet you have some injustices of your own to settle with him."

Cathy's pretty features darkened as she imagined her pathetic former boyfriend making up all manner of stories to justify how their relationship had ended. For Cathy, his ridiculous attempts to try and fulfill his manly duties in bed had been quite enough. With her looks and body, she had no difficulty whatsoever trying to attract men and she was far too young to let her life be wasted by a sissy like him.

"Anyway, thanks for coming over to babysit him for me. I haven't seen my boyfriend for a week now and I can't wait get to his place, if you know what I mean," she said with a mischievous wink, "I may not be home tonight."

"No worries," Cathy said, smiling pleasantly again, "I have an old score to settle with him and I brought my stuff for an overnight just in case."

"Great--I'll let you know later on tonight what we plan to do," Beverly told her, "And now...should we wake up our little bed wetter?"

An evil smirk crossed Cathy's face. "Oh yes."

Walking back down the hallway, the two of them entered the bedroom. With a sharp slap on my thickly diapered bottom, Beverly woke me out of my dreams. "Time to wake up, sissy baby," she announced.

I slowly focused on the beauty of Beverly, only to see her step aside and reveal the tall, pretty brunette standing behind her. My mouth dropped open in shock and recognition as I gasped with both fear and horror.

"Wha-what are y-you doing here?" I stuttered in a panic. Cathy stood over me, her hands on her curvy hips, and a look of smug superiority on her face. "Well hello baby," she sneered.

My face flushed beet red as my eyes darted from Cathy to Beverly, and then back to Cathy again. I tried to grab the blankets in a futile attempt to hide myself but Beverly wasn't having it. With a firm grip, she hauled me out of the bed and stood me before my tall, stunning ex-girlfriend. With her free hand, she smacked my thickly diapered bottom which landed a dull thud.

Cathy suppressed a giggle. Beverly looked just like an angry auntie chastising an errant child.

"Is there something you want to tell Aunty?" she asked. My cheeks blazed with humiliation as I stared down at the floor, unable to look my pretty ex-girlfriend in the eye. "Come on baby--what do you say," Beverly prodded me.

I let out a nervous breath, my shame overwhelming me. "I-I can't," I whined. "Say it. Or you'll say it over my lap," Beverly warned me, her voice taking on a harsh edge.

I shuffled my feet, the blushing making my ears and chest red. "I...I wet my d-diapers," I stuttered under my breath.

"Speak up, sissy," Beverly said as she reached over to pick up a fierce looking wooden paddle hanging from a peg on the wall.

"I-wet-my-diapers and baby pants," I blurted out, the humiliation practically crushing me.

Cathy shook her head, both amazed and disgusted at my display of self-degradation.

Setting down the paddle, Beverly pushed me down onto the massage table, a large, vinyl covered surface somewhat resembling a changing table. "I'm going out on a date tonight, so Cathy here has graciously agreed to babysit you," she said as she began peeling my wet, clinging plastic panties off my sopping wet diaper.

"B-babysit??" I stuttered nervously.

"That's right, sissy boy," Cathy interjected, "You see--just like me, your friend here isn't satisfied with a bedwetting pansy like you--she needs a man tonight."

Pulling my damp plastic panties off my feet, Beverly tossed them into the nearby diaper pail. "So this evening, while I'm in bed with my boyfriend, you'll be taken care of by Cathy...if I were you, I wouldn't do anything to piss her off."

I started to shake as I bit my lip so hard I almost drew blood.

Meanwhile, Beverly removed my pee-soaked diapers and deposited them in my diaper pail as well, cleaning me up with some baby wipes.

"Just look at you--your friend is about to go out on a date with a real man and here you are, with your little shrimp dick getting your wet diapers and baby panties changed like a baby. Could you be any more pathetic??"

Taking a firm grasp of my ankles, Beverly unceremoniously swung them up over his head and smeared baby lotion across my bottom, leaving a sticky layer across my cheeks. With her other hand, she positioned a fresh stack of fluffy white cotton diapers underneath my bottom.

"Here you are, Sissy Baby," she said mockingly as she powdered my front area and pulled the thick cloth up between my legs, "A fresh set of diapers for Auntie’s little bed wetter."

I felt crushed with shame, getting changed like a helpless infant before these two beautiful women. "Tell me, is being a big baby everything you thought it would be?" my ex-girlfriend asked scornfully.

I bowed my head, too mortified to be able to reply. I was certainly regretting earlier today when Beverly discovered my shameful secret of wearing diapers and stash of baby items.

Beverly shook out a pair of pink nursery print plastic panties and positioned them before my anklet covered feet. "Here you are baby--your favorite plastic panties--do you think Cathy will think they're cute?" I blushed a deeper shade of red but said nothing.

"What do you think," she asked Cathy as she snaked them up my skinny legs, "Do any of your new boyfriends wear pink plastic pants?" Cathy laughed contemptuously. "Not hardly."

"You see--Cathy only sleeps with real men--not big babies like you," she explained as she tugged the plastic panties up and over my fat, bulky diapers. Standing up, Beverly dusted her hands together. "Well--I think you can take over from here, I'm going to get going."

"Oh yes, I've got everything I need to handle this big sissy baby," Cathy said somewhat mysteriously.

Beverly took a tube of lipstick from her pocket and unrolled it, sliding it across her full, luscious lips as she checked herself in the mirror over my dresser.

"If you need anything, just give me a call," she said as she smacked her lips together. Turning to face me, she wagged her long nailed finger at me in warning. "And you better be on your best behavior, or your bottom will pay the price," she told me as she gathered her things and got ready to leave.

As if forgetting something Beverly said, “I almost forgot, he has a massage appointment at 10am in town tomorrow with Lauren. She wants him thickly diapered and in his prettiest dress. Could you make sure he is dressed and ready by 9am? I will be sure to be here by then to take him.”

I gulped with anxiety at the thought of going out in public in just a baby dress and diapers.

The two women exchanged hugs and hot passionate kiss then Beverly left, leaving just Cathy and me alone in my bedroom. As soon as I heard the front door close, Cathy stepped over to the wall where the paddle was hanging from the peg. Picking it up, she smacked it hard against the palm of her hand. Looking at me, her diapered ex-boyfriend squarely in the eye, she stood up straight and proud, her legs slightly apart in a commanding stance.

"I think you and I have a little unfinished business to settle."

As she said this, out of fear, I felt a wet mass growing between my legs. I stuck my hand on the diaper and new what had happened I had wet my diaper once again. I realized I wet so much it had leaked out into the plastic pants. For some weird reason, as I felt the front of my plastic pants again I was feeling very horny. "How is my cute little baby?" Cathy said. "It looks like the baby is wet already. Are you wet baby “she said. "We'll we will take care of that.

She pulled off my pink plastic panties as carefully as possible. She undid the diaper pins on the side lifted my legs and pulled the diaper out. She returned and dried me off and sprinkled some powder on me and softly rubbed it in. She told me to stand as put my hands behind my back so I couldn't run. I felt a pair of handcuffs attach my hands so I couldn't move at all.

She firmly pushed me over the massage table with my head down and my ass up in the air. I heard her fumbling around and then felt a sharp pain on my butt and back and heard a crack from my paddle.

I writhed and hollered out in pain as she stuck a pacifier in my mouth and tied it tight behind my head. About 30 more cracks and I felt like my ass was on fire. I was crying hard and had peed all over the floor. "See you really are just a big baby. I think you need me to prove it to you more. I tried to yell or say something but couldn't with the pacifier in my mouth. I heard some more rustling in the back ground and then Cathy came in front of me. She had something in her hand and she slipped her legs into it and she strapped it in the back. It was a strap on, she produced some lubricant and put it all over it and then went behind me. "I'm going to fuck you like a little bitch" Cathy yelled. I tried to squirm or move something to get away but I quickly felt two hands on my ass and an immense pain as the dildo went up me. I started crying again, as Cathy literally began to fuck me, eventually, the pain turned to pleasure as I softly moaned into my pacifier and bucked my hips.

It seemed like a lifetime only to stop much later as I heard the straps come undone. Then I felt her wrap them around my legs and fasten them under my belly. It was quickly obvious the strap on straps were reversible the dildo was going no were. "You seemed to like that so much I figured you could have it for the rest of the night since you are so horny that you moaned like a bitch when I was fucking you,” Cathy said.

I heard a buzzing noise and then felt the dildo vibrating in my ass. With my hands still cuffed behind my back she started to powder me. Then she slipped a thick disposable diaper on me followed by the ever humiliating plastic pants. She helped me stand up as she patted my ass and then walked me over to the bed softly laying me down. "I'll bet you will be a good baby from now on won't you." Cathy said.

I shook my head yes with tears still in my eyes as she tucked the covers in around me. Oh yea even though you have a dick in your ass and a baby diaper on it after good night’s sleep, there will be much more to follow to include your fun filled day out with Lauren tomorrow. Eventually, I cried myself to sleep with the constant reminder of the thick dildo in my ass and thinking about the trouble my fetish for diapers has gotten me into.

In the morning, I felt a sharp slap on my thickly diapered bottom as she said, "Wake up diaper boy, I'm not finished with you yet". An order like that meant only one thing... trouble! I dutifully obeyed, and woke with a startle as I turned to face my tormentor Cathy. The tall, slim woman pointed her finger at the ground, only feet away.

"Well, it seems like diaper boy wet his diaper while sleeping, but that is what I would expect from a sissy like you...Go upstairs and take your dildo our and a shower!" I didn't say anything to her, I just did as I was told, as I knew better than to argue a point, which was un-winnable for someone caught in the position I was with my ex-girlfriend.

She arrived in the bathroom, only seconds after I finished drying myself. She seemed a little calmer as she said "Come with me, I'm going to put the big baby back in diapers." As I followed her down the hallway, with a smirk on her face she told me of today’s activities. "When your dressed, Beverly should be home and then we are going to get your massage with Lauren, she has something for you, and I want to see you receive it nicely, with no fuss or tears."

"I've laid out your clothes baby, but I decided to follow Lauren's advice and triple the thickness of your diapers, she thinks you really should waddle like a real baby when you visit her." I was really loving the attention, after all this was like a fantasy to me, but I felt vulnerable to be taken out in diapers. The thought of today’s planned outing made me stiffen, and she was quick to notice.

"Don't think that will work with me, you belong to Lauren today."

I said, "What's she got planned then"? Cathy looked at me and smiled, "You'll see" she said. I knew it wouldn’t be good, and the agony of getting to her salon, and bearing the treatment at Lauren’s hands would be difficult to say the least.

I watched Cathy expertly fold and position my white cloth diapers on the massage table, she folded the third one as a long strip and placed it centrally on top of the others, she said, "Right now get up and I'll get the pins and plastic pants." I did as he was told, the diapers already felt thick, even before they were pinned on. I looked over at Cathy; "I would appreciate a bit more consideration when we go out, people will think I am sort of freak." Cathy walked back to me carrying a couple of diapers pins and at least four pairs of plastic pants, it looked like three pairs of transparent, and the others were pale pink with stitched ruffles across the back. Cathy replied "I don't care what you want, you'll do as I say when you're out with me or the other girls, and that includes stares from as many people as I see fit.”

Cathy pulled out a pacifier from her pocket, and offered it up to my mouth, presumably to stop me talking. She pulled the diapers up a positioned them between my legs. Cathy secured the pink diaper pins and tucked in around my legs. She said, "I'm going to put all these plastic pants on you as extra diapers deserve extra protection, don't you think so baby?" I nodded agreement, as she straightened out each pair of plastic knickers and put them over his ankles.

"Jump up" she said. I stood down from the table and for the first time caught a glimpse of myself in the tall mirror opposite. I watched in the mirror as she pulled up the plastic pants one pair at a time and straightened them about my waist and thighs. I told her, they were pinching at my thighs". Ignoring me, she retrieved my short white satin baby dress from the closet.

"Now over it goes," she said, as the cool material made contact with my skin. Frilly petticoats, and apron went on next followed by a bonnet and white knee socks with a pair of 4" high heel shoes, also in white.

"What a sight" Cathy said, "You're a big sissy baby and that's for sure, you had better be thinking of ways to please me, or there will be trouble". She was searching through various drawers when Beverly walked in and smiled as she said, “I see you found his pretty dress and look at those thick diapers and pretty baby pants hanging out below, it screams sissy baby.”

Beverly walked around me and said, "Lauren wants you totally restrained today,” as she opened the drawer under nightstand grabbing my leather reins. She slipped them over my shoulders and pulled them tight around my chest with the walking strap dangling around the back of my legs. Adding, I think I will leave the straps on and I want your wrists in these". Beverly held up two matching leather straps with carabineer style clips attached. She fitted them to my wrists and clipped them to the D-rings at the side of my reins. Beverly looked at Cathy and asked “are you coming with us today?” Cathy responded “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

I got to the front door, still sucking my pacifier and waddling from side to side as I walked. A sense of trepidation come over me as Beverly started to open the door. She turned to me and said, "If you don't get a move on, I'll make you crawl the rest of the way to the car, and your cute little neighbor Courtney next door will be able to see you.”

I thought, I had seen her when I was going to a massage in thick diapers one time, peeping out from her living room curtains, but she did not say anything when they spoke during the week. Cathy was behind me and gave me a hard smack on my diapered bottom sending me out the front door, as Beverly picked up my walking strap. The walk to the car seemed to take forever, I scanned the surrounding houses for signs of movement, only Courtney from next door showed any signs, and I knew she was watching me.

Beverly pulled back on my reins and stopped me in my tracks. Just then Courtney emerged from her front door and walked over to the car. Beverly turned and greeted her, saying "Oh, hi Joan, I'm glad I've seen you, the postman delivered a parcel for you the other day, just hold on to these while I run back and get it for you." Beverly handed the walking strap to Courtney and strode off back to the house. I turned to Joan, but before I could say anything at all she said, "Well, well, what a pretty little girl, have you been a good girl for Aunty today?" Cathy smiled at Courtney and said, Hi, I am his ex-girlfriend Cathy and unfortunately she has been very naught and had to be punished today, so as you can see it’s back in the thick diapers where she belongs.”

I just looked at her wondering what the hell was going on, she seemed to know everything, and was almost expecting them to come out of the house. Joan, a petite, well dressed and spoken woman, lived by herself and loved chatting with Beverly when she came by my house. They often spent time on shopping trips etc. Courtney was the next to speak, "I will be wanting to check you diapers, when you get back from your fun day with the girls", she leaned forward and put her hand up my dress, patted the front of my diapers.

"I've had a little girl of my own you know, and Beverly says she needs a babysitter for tomorrow". Beverly arrived back and handed Courtney a small padded envelope together with a pair of my plastic pants.

"You'll need these baby panties for tomorrow", she said, "I'll send her round about eleven o'clock if that's still OK with you"? Courtney replied, "Yes, of course, I'm looking forward to it. You know, she is a dream to handle". In the car, Beverly said, "Isn't it nice of Courtney to baby-sit for you tomorrow, Cathy, Lauren and I are going out to lunch, and we don't want to have to chase you around. I looked across the car and forced my dummy out of my mouth.

"Just who knows about me?" Beverly pulled the car over and said, "Listen here sissy boy, we all want what’s best for you but you need extra discipline, Courtney is very experienced in these matters as is Lauren, so we have all decided to take you in hand and treat you as our own".

"You will be looked after as a naughty sissy baby from now on, you will do whatever any of your aunties or mommies tell you or you will be punished, I think that's fair, don't you?" I sat in the seat with all sorts of scenarios and thoughts rushing through my mind. I just want to be a baby and have my diaper massage and play dress up from time to time, I'm not sure having so many aunties and mommies is the answer to that, I thought. Beverly popped the pacifier back in my mouth and started the car again.

The good thing about the drive to Laurens salon is it is only about 5 miles from my house through mostly residential and strip malls. As the car came to a halt outside Laurens spa, a man walking by the salon looked very strangely at my predicament and carried on up the street, chuckling to himself. Beverly opened the door for me, and ordered him out of the car. I slowly obeyed, after struggling with the shear bulk of my diaper.