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A Diapered Massage Gone Wrong

Part 2

I started to feel worried and think what a stunning redhead girl like Beverly is going to think and say after she finds me in a pink frilly baby dress that is so short with my shamefully exposed thick diapers and nursery print plastic pants or the babyish shoe and socks on my feet. I hear her typical cowboy boots clicking on the floor and stop at the doorway of the bedroom. Next, I hear giggling as she said “well hello” and I turned to see a large smile grow across her face as she stood there looking stunning as always in her cute strappy flowing sundress and cowboy boots.

After taking a couple of photos herself, she took a double take, walked towards me, looked me over again and said "Dave is that really you?" I was devastated and caught in the act of being a sissy diaper boy. I had no choice now but to reply saying "Umm yea but please don't tell anyone please". She said "don't worry sweetie, I own you now and actually think it's cute and a little sexy in a weird way!"

She then added, “After Lauren left your house, she called me and told me “How you lied to her and deceived her into thinking you have a medical issue for diapers while getting massages. When in fact, you like to wear diapers and baby dresses for fun, exposure and humiliation, all of which I am going to help you with.” She then added, “Remember how we used to think of each other as brother and sister, I think for now on, I will be Aunty to you when you are dressed like such a pretty sissy in diapers?” Adding, “That is also how you will address me, do you understand?” I responded with a low, “Yes.” She quickly corrected me saying, “Yes what?” Realizing my error, I responded, “Yes Aunty!”

“Aunty, I like that, you may learn yet, but this is just the beginning we'll see how you respond a few days from now,” she responded. At that point I was confused and excited at the same time. The hottest girl I know from Grills, knew I was a diaper boy, and thought I was cute and it turned her on as well, but was going to expose and humiliate me.

Beverly continued with her curiosity and asked if I was really in a diaper as she lifted the hem of my dress, squeezed my thick diaper and patted my plastic pants, I replied, obviously I was and asked again if she wouldn't tell anyone. She told me “It will be our little secret for now, but only as long as you wear what I tell you to and do as I say. Do you understand?” And then adding, “I am going to let you lose now.” She started undoing the strap on my feet slowly letting them down as my diaper crinkled and then asked me where the key was for the handcuffs. I motioned toward the key, which she quickly recovered unlocking my handcuffs.

Next, she told me “Stand up, I have to see the pretty sissy baby in her dress and diapers” she immediately started taking more pictures of me, all while giggling and adding, “I thought you were a man and my big brother when in fact you look like a big baby girl.” She continued to ask "do you use your diapers for their intended purpose? Do you need to go right now? Do you need a change yet?

I was floored, a little embarrassed and nervous all at the same time. By the time she was done asking her questions I noticed all the tea had gone into effect on me and I had to pee adding to my already wet diaper. I couldn't lie to her now about using my diaper so I told her I did have to go and I do use them for what they are made for. I added, “in fact, I am already wet.” She giggled and got a huge smile on her face.

Without saying a word she came over to me, pulled my dress up and my plastic panties down and starting checking out my thick wet cloth diaper. She commented how adorable I was and how much I looked like a baby and kissed me then giggled and said how much fun it was going to be to have a big baby girl of her very own.

She looked in my closet and found my thick Dry 24/7 disposable diapers and some yellow nursery print plastic pants. I asked her “what are you doing?” She told me “it’s time to get the baby dressed to go to Grills.” I told her, “There is no way I am going to Grills dressed like a baby.” She laughed and said, “Suit yourself you can go in just diapers, baby pants and a T shirt, won’t that be cute?” She then added, “After all I got pictures of you in diapers and dresses that I am sure everybody at Grills would love to see.”

She told me to lay back down on the bed as she removed my lacey sock and saddle shoes, commenting, “I have never seen a man wearing sock and shoes like this, but then I have never seen a man in such cute diapers and a pink baby dress either.” She then sternly told me to lift my butt, and proceeded to pull my plastic pants down and then unpinned my wet diapers "My, you are wet aren't you?" She exclaimed as she pulled the diaper from under me.

My face turned a bright shade of red as she began to examine me all of the sudden noticing my butt plug. With a growing smile, she started to fuck me with it as I began to moan to the pleasurable feeling. She kept up the rhythm for quite a while saying “It sounds like someone really likes to be fucked like a sissy,” as she swiftly pulled it out to my scream. “We can’t have this in when baby has to poo poo his diapers later!” She said as I burst into tears with the embarrassment at the thought of actually pooping my diapers in front of her.

Noticing my pacifier on the table, "Lets pop this in, it'll help calm you down" She said. And before I knew it she'd popped the pacifier into my mouth. Almost without thinking I began to suck on it, the soft rubber nipple almost filling my mouth.

Things were happening fast now, the pacifier had subdued me into submission, and Beverly was in full control, she slipped her fingers between my knees and gently forced my legs apart. I continued sucking on my pacifier as she unfolded the diaper and placed it on the bed between my legs.

"Just lift your bottom up for me baby." She said softly. And with the pacifier firmly in my mouth, and tears still running in trickles down my cheeks, I did as I was told. She then slipped the diaper under my raised bottom.

"There we go," She cooed softly. 'Now let's make sure you’re nice and powdered shall we?" Beverly seemed to be in her element, she was smiling down at me as she twisted open the top of the powder bottle. I turned my head to one side and sucked hard on my pacifier as she began to sprinkle liberal amounts of powder over me.

I laid right back and looked up at the ceiling, tears streaming down my cheeks, I shut my eyes tightly with embarrassment as she carefully rubbed some powder around my penis, lifting it gently with her fingers. Then she began to sprinkle fine layers of it all around my bottom, which fell like fine snow and filled the air with a sweet perfume.

"There we are," she said as she placed the powder bottle back on the table.

"Baby's all ready." And so the moment had arrived, the moment I had been dreading with ever increasing frustration and shame. Here I was, a grown man, naked, lying on top of the bed with a pacifier in my mouth, about to be dressed in a diaper. I looked up, Beverly was smiling down at me, and behind that smile was a look of satisfaction and joy, like she was enjoying and reveling in my shame and embarrassment. She was in total control and I was utterly powerless to stop her.

To her I was a doll to be dressed and toyed with, someone she could control and dominate, and the more I protested, the more I pleaded with her, the more she enjoyed it. And with this realization, my sense of frustration and utter helplessness exploded through me like a volcano. The moment was here, I was now ready, and as she prepared to put the diaper on me that huge wave of shame and frustration spilled out of me.

Beverly's smile widened as she moved forward and gently took hold of my feet, pushing them towards me, bringing my knees up close to my face. Then she parted my legs as wide as they would go, exposing me to her utterly. I laid back resting my head on the bed and stared at the ceiling, unable to look as my most private parts were opened wide and exposed in total and utter submission.

I closed my eyes tight shut and sucked hard on my pacifier as she gently pulled the diaper up and over my crotch. Then she reached across and removed the little tab from one of the side tapes. I felt the diaper tighten on one side as she stuck the tapes together. The plastic of the diaper rustled and crinkled as she pulled the other tapes across, pulling the diaper tightly around me.

I remained in my exposed position as she then began to fiddle and adjust my diaper. She slipped her fingers under each side of the leg elastic and ran them all the way round, making sure that the elastic was not tucked in or twisted. I remember her 'pinging' the elastic against me, in a sort of mocking salute to a job well done, a pleasing smile on her face.

The diaper rustled loudly as it was pulled about and adjusted, I could feel the bulkiness of it immediately, the thick mass of soft plastic diaper pushed against the insides of my legs, enveloping me, making it impossible to close my legs to any degree. The thin plastic edge at the top of the diaper came up quite high, almost to my belly button, she ran her fingers around the top, and giving my diaper a little tug to make sure it was fitted correctly.

She lifted my legs once more as she picked up the yellow nursery print plastic pants. Then she gave them a shake and proceeded to place them over my feet. The plastic was soft yet rustled loudly as my feet were guided through the leg holes. I felt the elastic gradually tighten around my legs as they were pulled up to my thighs before being stretched and pulled up over my thick diaper.

She then brought my legs down and proceeded to adjust them, she pulled the plastic pants up as high as she could, and tucked the diaper under them wherever it poked out. Then she once again spread my legs wide and closely examined the leg holes, paying particular attention in making sure the diaper was securely under the plastic pants, and each time she tucked the diaper in she would release the elastic with a snap.

"There we go," She said proudly. Babies all done." And with that she leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead before taking my hands and pulling me up into a sitting position. Then she swung my legs back round so I was sitting on the edge with my feet dangling over the side. I looked down at my diaper, hardly believing what I was seeing. It was so large and obtrusive. The plastic pants were stretched smooth over the diaper, and was shiny enough to reflect the lights in the ceiling. The diaper was so thick between my legs that it reached down almost half way to my knees. I opened my legs and caught a glimpse of the elastic around the leg holes where the plastic was bunched up and wrinkled. It felt so babyish, the thickness of the diaper continued right round to the back under my bottom.

Beverly went over to my open closet looking through all my baby clothes and said, “I think this cute blue sailor dress will be best for a visit to Grills on the water. Your cute little diapers will be on full display to everyone.” I firmly told her, “I am not wearing a dress out.” She laughed and responded “You will wear what I tell you, but don’t worry baby I am going to let you wear a shirt and shorts.”

Beverly then opened one of my drawers and produced a small baby blue t-shirt. "Here we go," She said as she placed it over my head. "Let's put this on, don't want you getting cold do we?" I slipped my arms through the sleeves and she pulled it down over my body. It came down covering about an inch of my diaper, leaving it in full view. Next she pulled out and held up a matching pair of terry cloth women’s short shorts, laughing and finally picked a pair of white nylon basketball shorts, as she said, “These should hide most of your diapers bulge and silence some of the rustling of you cute plastic baby pants.”

She knelt down and slid the shorts over my feet pulling them up as I stood. It was still quite obvious that I was wearing diapers if you knew what you were looking for. She gave me a couple firm pats on my diapered rear and told me to get some tennis shoes on and meet her in the kitchen.

Upon meeting her in the kitchen she took my hand a started walking toward the door. I told her, “I have to pee before we leave.” She laughed and said, “The only peeing you will be doing is in your diaper.” Once she knew I had to pee she giggled and said, “maybe instead of standing here, we can get going to Grills and you could pee your diaper on the way there.” I couldn't help but ask if she was serious? She said she was dead serious and responded; “do you need to poo poo too?” I told her not yet but eventually I would have to. She asked if I would go in my diaper or take it off but before I could reply she said; "I think you should go poo poo in your diaper for me". Shocked confused and turned on by both her expressions and comments, I stood silent then finally mustered the words…… "Ok I will for you".

She had me convinced at this point and took my hand leading to her car. Beverly commented again on the crinkle of my diaper and my cute baby butt as she called it. She commented how adorable I was and how much I looked like a big baby and kissed me then giggled and said how much fun it was going to be. I wasn't sure what she meant but went with the flow and drove with her to Grills for dinner and drinks.

Not even a block away from my house I started wetting my diaper and felt the pressure and the telltale signs that it wouldn't be long before I had to mess my diaper as well. When we got to the restaurant Beverly held my hand as we walked in and then whispered to me again asking me if I peed yet, I told her I did. Before I knew what was going on she was again checking my diaper and said out loud "young man did you pee pee your diaper?" Floored again she left me no choice but to respond with "Umm yes Aunty."

Some people, heard and saw what she was doing, but luckily no one I knew heard every word or saw her checking my diaper. She smiled at me as I stood there nearly in tears and said "it's alright sweetie I will change your pants after we have drink and eat and get back home so if you have to poopy you go right ahead and fill that cute little diaper right up for Aunty."

After Beverly's comment about me pooping my diaper I knew there was no getting out of this whole situation of being in diapers and with her not totally involving herself in it to. We stood out at the tiki bar saying hi to friends as she kept patting my diapered bottom and listening to it crinkle all the time smiling at me. She whispered in my ear, “You know your loving it, I can see your diaper starting to poke out in the front,” she was right, I was loving it!

She looked at me wickedly and said “maybe some of the other girls that we knew at the bar could babysit for you some day and help in changing you diapers, after all I saw Lindsey smiling and staring at your bottom.“ I hoped she was joking as she took my hand and led me over to the railing overlooking the water.

Once again, she pulled the back of my shorts out to perform a diaper check as I prayed no one was looking. As she was finishing, I felt someone smack my bottom. I turned around thinking it was Beverly to see Rachel the cute blonde bartenders staring at my crotch and holding a drink that I had forgot about. She smiled and said “here you go baby, you forgot this.” She snickered, patted my bottom again and said, “I think somebody has a very wet diaper and needs his little diaper changed,” as she walked away.

Beverly smiled and said “well look at that, somebody else likes big babies in diapers.” I turned to her and said, “how did she know I was wet and in diapers?” She snickered and said “It is probably your pretty yellow plastic panties that are sticking out the top of your shorts!” I gave her a dirty look and quickly reached to pull up my shorts more as she slapped my hand away telling me, “stop acting like a two year old or I will pull your shorts all the way down and spank you right here in front of everyone.”

We decided to grab a bite eat and found an outside table near the water that I hoped would prevent any further exposure. As we sat down and ordered our meal, she pulled my pink plastic bib out of her purse and sat it on the table. I begged her not to make me wear it in public, she just smiled and put it back in her purse as she said “Don’t be such a baby, I wouldn’t do that to you, yet!”

I managed to eat most of my dinner before the pressure got to be too much so I slid to the edge of my chair trying not to bring any more attention to myself and slowly filled the crotch of my diaper with hard poop. Beverly caught on to me before too long and smiled as she asked me if her baby boy was going potty in his diapers. I knew I had to respond saying "yes Aunty I am pooping my diaper." We finished our meals and paid then left the restaurant.

When we got to the car Beverly pulled down my shorts shamefully exposing my thick diapers and plastic pants while she checked the damage to my rear from pooping. She ewwed and awed at the load in my diapers saying she didn't think anyone could poop so much at once. I told her I was sorry but I was only doing what she told me to do. She reinforced my behavior by kissing my forehead and patting my butt, smearing the poop all over me and telling me I was a good baby for listening to Aunty.

Beverly pulled my shorts off the rest of the way and made me sit in the back seat just in diapers and baby pants on the way back to my house, the entire ride was horrible for me since every bump and turn I felt the poop squish more and more across my butt and further into the front of the diaper.

Once we arrived back home, Beverly wasted no time to get me out of the car and lead me in just my diapers and T shirt up to my house. I wondered who else saw or knew about my baby side now. Beverly took me into the bedroom, started undressing me and then walked me over to the massage table. Once she had me up on the table she strapped me down leaving me helpless to get out of the restraints. She started to undo my diaper when the phone rang, I told her not to answer it but she couldn't resist. She answered telling the caller that I was tied up at the moment, and then asked who was calling, it was Cathy my former girlfriend! She started a conversation with her telling her that she couldn't wait to meet her. She asked Cathy if she could call her back and talk more after she changed my messy diaper and put me down for a nap. I could hear Cathy ask her again what she said, so Beverly replied "well I'm changing his poopy wet diapers and then putting him down for a nap." Of course this opened an entire new conversation and of course left me lying on the changing table in restraints with the front of my diaper wide open.

Just before Beverly hung up with Cathy, she said "see you soon." I looked at her and said "what are you doing to me? Did you just invite Cathy over here? I thought you were going to keep this a secret between us, not tell my friends or family." She looked me with a stern face and said "listen diaper boy or is it diaper girl, you don't talk to me like that understand? You will do what I say and will not back talk, in fact I think you need a good punishment for second guessing my decisions for you."

Beverly left the room and I struggled with my restraints hoping to get out and somehow kick her out of my apartment, but no luck. She came back in with a bar of soap, a belt, duct tape, and some rope. She walked over to me, ripped a piece of tape off the roll pushed the soap in my mouth and taped it shut.

She then took my restrained ankles and pulled them up toward my head while securing them to the massage table. Now imagine me strapped to a massage table gagged with a bar of soap, knees to my chest tied in place and laying in a dirty diaper. Beverly said "are you comfortable now sissy baby? You are about to regret talking mean to me!" She started taking my diaper off and wiping my poop covered butt clean. Once she had me cleaned up she took the thick leather belt and started beating my ass with it. I could do nothing but scream through the awful tasting soap while feeling the belt welt my ass over and over.

When Beverly was done making her point that she was the boss and in total control of me, she rubbed my ass down with lotion and released my legs only to put me in thick cloth diaper. She explained to me that she was keeping me as a baby girl from now on. Cathy was on her way over and Beverly said if I wasn't on my best behavior the spanking I just received would feel like sex compared to what would happen to me if I was bad. That was enough information for me to straighten my act up for sure. My ass was on fire as Beverly undid the rest of my restraints, pulled the tape and soap from my mouth.

I lay there with tears welling up in my eyes as she fiddled and adjusted my diaper. My body jerking as she pulled at it making sure that the pins were holding it together. The cotton toweling so thick and fluffy, so very different to a disposable diaper. Cloth diapers are so much bulkier, and quite heavy. It’s a complete intrusion, there's no way that you could possibly not know you're wearing one. With cloth diaper, the crotch is so wide that it pushes your legs apart, making it impossible to walk comfortably to any degree. It screams 'BABY' at you as you try and get around.

Then I heard the now familiar swishing and rustling of my plastic pants as Beverly opened them up and gave them a shake. I looked down and lifted my legs up, slipping my feet through the leg holes that she had stretched open with her delicate fingers. The elastic dragged against my skin as she pulled them up my legs. Then she stood me up and kneeling down in front of me proceeded to pull them up and over my diaper. I looked down at her pretty red hair as she began her adjustments... Pulling the elastic over my diaper, making sure that the toweling wasn't poking out from under the soft blue nursery print plastic pants.

After my torment was over, I was given a cheeky pat on my huge bottom and she went to the closet and told me she wanted me to look extra special for Cathy. She picked out a fuzzy white and pink, short-sleeved, fleece top that was so short my diaper would be fully exposed.

She took my T shirt off and while doing so ran her hand over my naked skin. She stood behind me with her hand holding my arms then worked her way into the top of my plastic pants and diaper while kissing my back and neck. She told me after Cathy left that she would finish her play time with me and maybe let me take a bath with her afterwards. I love the way she touched me but it didn't last long since she started dressing me shortly after.

Once dressed she looked me over and told me to lie down and take a nap as she softly slipped a pacifier in my mouth covering me with a blanket. I laid there thinking how humiliating it was going to be to meet Cathy for the first time as a sissy diaper boy. A short while later I was asleep.