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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH08

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment: CH08: The Contract”

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“Controlled Experiment CH08: The Contract”

* * *

On Thursday morning at 10 AM, Charlotte was pleasantly surprised when a florist delivered a bouquet of a dozen red roses. She signed for them, and placed the vase on her desk. She got some water, opened the little packet of nutrients into the vase, and poured in the water before replacing the roses.

Her co-workers were shocked, because she had never received anything like this at work before. For years they had talked behind her back about her lack of a social life. Now she had gotten a dozen roses, and she would be viewed differently from now on.

Charlotte opened the card, and read the message:

Dear Charlotte,

I’m sorry, please forgive me.


Within minutes of the delivery her cell phone rang, and it was Tyler.


“Yes, Tyler, I got your roses, thank you,” she replied.

“Good. Can we go out for lunch today, about an hour?” he asked.

“Yes, but I’ll have to ask Dr. Hartwell first. We’re a little short staffed today,” Charlotte answered.

“Just use my name and you won’t have any problem,” he told her, “I’ll pick you up at noon.”

“Bye,” she said into her phone.

Charlotte walked over to Dr. Hartwell’s office and knocked on the open door. He was going over some medical charts with one of the other physicians in the office.

“Doctor?” Charlotte asked.

“Good morning, Charlotte. What can I do for you?”

“I need an hour off for lunch today.”

“You know we’re short staffed today, with Marina out sick. Sorry, but not today,” he told her.

“My boyfriend, Tyler Mason, is picking me up at noon,” she said.

“Then it will be no problem, and have a nice time,” he told her.

It wasn’t until she got back to her desk that Charlotte realized what was going on. Tyler Mason had endowed a whole wing at a local hospital two years previously, and there was a photograph of Tyler Mason and Dr. Hartwell in his office.

When Tyler Mason arrived at noon, the entire office was surprised. Carla the receptionist had called Charlotte, and the word spread through the entire office very quickly.

Tyler was clearly coming from work, dressed in a blue Brooks Brothers suit, white shirt, blue tie, and black shoes. He looked every inch the successful businessman that he was. He was also very attractive and fit.

Charlotte logged off her computer and put her papers away, stood up from her desk and took her purse in her right hand. She had gone to the ladies room to check that her hair and make-up were in order, and had applied lipstick to make her look even more attractive.

She was dressed in usual attire; blouse and skirt, hold-up stockings and high heels. What her co-workers didn’t know was that underneath her skirt was her Chastity Belt.

They looked to be a power couple, and Charlotte knew that they would be the subject of gossip for months around the office.

“You look great,” said Tyler as she emerged from the back office.

“Thanks, you look pretty good yourself,” he replied as she kissed him on the cheek and they left for lunch.

They walked to his Mercedes, exchanging small talk.

“Did you have any problem getting an hour for lunch?” he asked.

“None, in fact after my initial request, Dr. Hartwell told me that if I needed additional time, it was okay,” Charlotte answered.

“That’s because money talks,” he told her.

“Where are we going for lunch?” Charlotte asked.

“My friend owns a pub nearby that makes a good hamburger, and we’ll have a private booth all to ourselves so we can talk. We have a lot to discuss,” he told her.

Charlotte didn’t say anything as they got into his car, and he drove silently. He didn’t even turn on the radio to listen to his usual classical music.

She had passed the pub many times, but had never gone it. It was spacious, and filled out a good lunchtime crowd, and he directed he towards the back, where a semi-private booth was reserved for them. A waitress quickly appeared, and he ordered for both of them.

They chatted about the weather, traffic, politics, everything except the real issue of why they were meeting until their food and drinks came. Tyler had ordered the same for both of them: a hamburger and fries, and a mug of beer.

“Thank you,” he told the waitress.

“If you need anything else,” she said, “you can now signal with the button on the wall. It’s the newest thing.”

She turned and left, leaving them alone. Tyler picked up his hamburger and they began to eat lunch together.

“Charlotte, I have to apologize for my conduct last weekend. I was wrong, and I admit it,” he told her.

“You have nothing to apologize for, Sir,” she answered, “I’m your submissive. You can do whatever you want with me.”

“Did you have any problems at work on Monday?”

“I was a little sore, but there was no lasting damage. After months of the flogger and whip, I guess I can take the cane as well,” Charlotte replied, not believing that she was casually discussing her torments.

“What I did on Sunday was inexcusable. Nothing we do in private must affect your professional life. If you had taken a sick day, it would have been my fault for hurting you. I’ll never do that again,” he told her.

He removed an envelope from the inside pocket of his suit, and handed it to her. Charlotte wondered what he might be giving her. Money? Stock Certificates?

Charlotte was suddenly terrified. Was he breaking up with her?

“When we met for the first time, I told you that we would sign a contract that would establish guidelines for our relationship. I completely forgot about it, so I drew one up, which I’d like you review and sign,” he told her, “before we do a scene again on Saturday night.”

“We don’t need a contract, Sir. I’m sure that it will never happen again,” Charlotte answered.

“There are other questions that must be answered. If I take you to a scene party, will you consent to being naked and whipped in front of complete strangers?” he asked.

“Yes, if you desire it,” Charlotte replied.

“If I have you pierced for nipple rings and one in your labia to hang a token of my ownership of you, would you consent?”

“Yes,” Charlotte answered, happy that she had learned about all of this from Courtney last week, else she would have been shocked.

“You seem to know a lot more about submission than before, how?”

“I could lie to you and say that I learned all this on the internet, Sir. But I know that a submissive is not allowed to lie to her Master. Last week I was contacted by Courtney Essex, a former submissive of yours, who was concerned that I knew nobody else in the scene, and she volunteered her friendship,” Charlotte explained.

“It’s a good thing you told me the truth, Charlotte. I have you followed for your own personal safety, and if you had lied, it would have ended our relationship for good,” he told her.

“Do you forbid me to see her?” Charlotte asked.

“No, in fact I’m glad that you two have gotten together. You have entered a new world, and you need someone besides me to show you around.”

“Thank you.”

“Because I hurt you, is there anything that I can buy for you. A new car, clothes, jewelry?” he asked.

“I’m your submissive because I want to be, not because you can buy me things, Sir,” she answered.

“That’s what I like about you, Charlotte. You have an independent streak that few women have,” he told her.

“I have to be independent, Sir. Actually, there is one thing you can buy me, just one.”

“Name it and it’s yours,” he told her.

“I want to go back to school and get my MBA; which I couldn’t do after my parents died. I don’t want some fake diploma; I want to go school and earn it. I don’t want you buying off some university. Somehow I’ll manage working, going to school, and submission. If I can handle the whip I can handle economics as well, Sir,” she told him.

“You’re very determined about this, aren’t you?” he asked her.

“I’ve had so many disappointments in life, Sir. I really want that MBA.”

“When you read the contract you’ll discover that my job is to help you become the best woman you can be in life,” said Tyler.

“I’d like that very much, Sir,” she said, “thank you for a wonderful lunch but I have to get back to my desk. We’re short handed today and I have a mountain of work to do. I’ll review the contract tonight, and we’ll discuss it Saturday before you put me under the lash. Agreed?” Charlotte asked.

“Agreed,” he told her.

* * *

Back at her desk, Charlotte could not believe what she had just done. Her contract was in her purse, unopened because she had a pile of paperwork to complete. She had just negotiated with her owner, Tyler Mason!

Somehow everything that she had undergone in the last year had strengthened her, beginning with the Chastity Belt. The whip had given her both pleasure and pain, and now courage. Could she really consent to being whipped in front of a group of complete strangers? Or to be pierced to show her ownership to her Master?

Love is not a Game, she thought.

Her female coworkers were now in awe of her. Upon returning from lunch, one had even told her that if she bagged Tyler Mason she would “have it made.”

Charlotte would have loved to have told her that it was really the other way round. That Tyler was her Master; that she wore his collar, and would bear his whip. She would wait until after dinner that evening before she would look at her contract. Charlotte already knew that she was wet with excitement.

* * *

Charlotte sat with Tyler Mason at his dining table. It was Saturday night, and he had cooked dinner for the two of them instead of going out together after he had picked her up at her apartment.

The dinner dishes had all been cleared away, and now they sat together, copies of the contract before them. Tyler would read each clause, and Charlotte would agree to it.

She couldn’t believe that she was actually going to sign a contract that she was owned and that would spell out the limits of her personal life. He pledged to keep her safe, wouldn’t do anything that might result in harm. Tyler could take her to play parties, whip her in public and make sure that no other Dominant would discipline or take her sexually without his permission. She wouldn’t be pierced without her permission. Seeing her submission in black and white somehow made it more meaningful.

Charlotte signed the contract of her own free will, excited that it defined their relationship to each other.

“How do you feel?” Tyler questioned her.

“Great, Sir.”

“I’m going to have an elevator installed in the house to make it easier than using the stairs to get to the basement,” he told her.

“Will that cost a lot of money?” Charlotte asked.

“I think that I can afford it, Charlotte,” Tyler replied.

“That sounds nice,” said Charlotte, “Sir!”

“Let’s go downstairs to the playroom, and you can call me Master,” he told her.

“I’d love to, Sir.”

* * *


Charlotte was once again totally helpless, and loving every minute of it. Once in the playroom, she had been ordered to remove every piece of clothing, including her Chastity Belt. Then she had locked on her collar and bondage bracelets. Tyler had given her a short chain for her ankles, hobbling her movements. He next locked her wrists behind her back, and a strap above her elbows pulled her arms backward and her chest forward. He placed clamps on her nipples, which were hard with arousal. Finally, he had buckled a ball-gag in her mouth, silencing her. Closing the cell door, she was his prisoner once more!

“Don’t go anywhere, sweet Charlotte, for when I return, you shall feel my whip,” he told her.


Tyler walked to the back room to dress for the evening, and for a short while at least, she would be alone. Charlotte walked to the mirror, and studied her reflection. The marks from the cane had faded, along with the others. Her naked skin was once again a canvas for her Master to use as he saw fit.

Charlotte next turned her attention to the wall rack, with the selection of instruments of torment. She couldn’t help but notice that the dreaded cane was nowhere to be seen. Their relationship had been redefined, and she eagerly looked forward to new and exciting times with her Master!

“Lost in thought?” asked Tyler.


Charlotte had not heard him approach her cell. Tyler was now dressed in a white shirt, breeches (which showed off his cock) and soft boots. A belt around his waist held keys, and he would hang the whip from it during their session.

She would have complimented him on the magnificent way he looked, but with the red rubber ball in her mouth, that was impossible.

“You look divine,” he told her.

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that Charlotte could utter in response.

Charlotte would have laughed had she not been gagged. She remembered the comment that one of her female co-workers had told her about “bagging” Tyler Mason. In reality, Charlotte was the one who was “bagged”; and of her own choice!

Tyler unlocked the cell, and he motioned for her to leave her steel prison. He walked to the rack, and she followed, her ankle chain and the click of her heels revealing her movements.

She stood slightly behind him, and he turned around. His right hand reached out to her right breast and began to fondle it, weighing in his hand and pulling that the nipple clamp. Charlotte was inflamed with desire, her whole being cried out with need. She wanted to be whipped, and soon!

“Turn around,” Tyler ordered.

Her scene was about to begin! She turned around as he commanded, and felt him release the strap confining her elbows, and then her wrists were unlocked.

“You may unbuckle your ball-gag, but leave it around your throat,” Tyler ordered.

“Thank you, Master,” said Charlotte, once her mouth was free of the rubber ball.

“You may release your ankles, the chain used to confine them has a snap link at either end.”

“Yes, Master,” said Charlotte as she freed her ankles and replaced the chain where it belonged.

“I need two spreader bars and four locks to confine you spreadeagled, and meet me by the ceiling chain. You’re going to be whipped tonight,” he casually told her, as he walked to the chain.

“Yes, Master,” she answered him.

Charlotte’s heart began to beat furiously. This was what she wanted, the discipline of her Master and his whip. She retrieved the items that he wanted, and clicked her heels over to the ceiling chain. Charlotte bowed, and presented him with the items that he had requested.

“Thank you, darling,” he said as he took them in his hands.

He first locked her wrists to one spreader bar, and lifted it up above her head to lock it onto the ceiling chain. Then he bent down, and locked the other bar onto her ankles, opening her legs for the whip. Tyler then walked casually over the wall, and activating the motor, and gradually raised her until her heels were just touching the floor.

Charlotte was again a captive awaiting her punishment, her naked body held in the shape of an “X”; leaving her totally exposed to whatever punishments Tyler desired.

Tyler walked back to her, and using the fingertips of his left hand, explored her taut, naked helpless figure. She shuddered in response at his gentle touch onto her breasts, underarms, thighs, sex, and bottom! He then pulled at the chain that linked her nipple clamps together, drawing them outwards, making her moan in response.

“I love you,” he told her.

“I love you too, Master,” Charlotte answered.

At that moment Tyler removed the nipple clamps, first from her right breast, then from her left. Charlotte squealed in pain, and twisted in her chains.

“That was just a taste of things to come,” he told her, “pleasure and pain awaits!”

Tyler then walked to the wall rack and hung the nipple clamps in their usual place; he was a man of order. Then he removed the coiled black leather whip, and walked back to Charlotte. He then held the handle up to her lips, and she kissed it eagerly, the rich scent of the oil leather filling her nostrils.

“What is your safe-word?” he asked once again as he stepped back.

“Chastity, Master.”

“Prepare yourself.”

Charlotte thought that the first stroke that Tyler would deliver would make her scream. Instead it was nothing more than a light tap on her thigh, one that didn’t even leave a mark behind.

“Did you enjoy your first stroke?” Tyler asked with a mischievous grin on his face.

“Yes, Master, very much,” Charlotte answered.

It was as if a cloud had lifted between them. The previous week Tyler had been aloof and cold; almost ignoring her. Tonight he was a different person!

Thwack! The next stroke of the whip was very different indeed. It sliced across her belly, making her moan in pain.

“Better?” he asked.

“Yes, Master.”






If Tyler had been a little slow in getting started, that was not true now! As before, he circled around Charlotte’s helpless and exposed naked body; delivering one stroke after another of the whip. Some were harsh, some were less so. But all found their way onto her female form, marking her once again as his submissive.






Somehow Tyler had been able to make the whip go between her buttocks from behind and reach her sex from underneath!






Held in the shape of an “X” all that Charlotte could do was to try and twist her body in a vain attempt to avoid the whip. All that succeeded in doing was to increase her arousal.






Tyler expertly struck with the whip at her breasts, landing one stroke after another onto the very symbols of her femininity. Charlotte moaned in pain from the assault.






“What is your safe-word?” questioned Tyler, in an attempt to confuse her.







Tyler kept up a regular rhythm with the whip, and that had the effect of warming Charlotte’s aroused female flesh. With her heart pounding in her chest, she began to sweat. The droplets gleamed in the playroom lights as they developed on Charlotte’s naked body.

“Owwwww!” Charlotte gave out an ear piercing scream when the whip landed between her legs onto her sex!





What was painful before now became pleasure as the orgasm overtook her, making her quiver in her chains. Charlotte dug her nails into the palm of her hands, her body now in the throes of one orgasm after another.

“Ooooooooh!” Charlotte moaned in her chains, oblivious to her surroundings.

Tyler coiled the whip and placed it on his belt so that it would not interfere with what he wanted to next. Charlotte had been so aroused he did not bother to place his fingers into her pussy because he knew that she had already been warmed up by the whip.

Once her orgasms had passed, Tyler lowered the ceiling chain. He then unlocked the spreader bar, and held her in his arms to support her weight. Tyler then carried her into the next room and placed her on the bed. Key in hand he released her wrists and ankles from the spreader bars, freeing her. He held her passionately in his arms, kissing her whipped body.


“Hush,” he told her.

He pulled his breeches down to reveal his massive erect male organ, the bulbous head purple with blood. From the nearby table he grabbed a condom packet in his hands, opened it, and unrolled it onto his shaft. Charlotte’s eyes were wide with anticipation at the pleasures she would soon experience from her Master!

Tyler threw his leg over her, and plunged his erect organ into her to the hilt. His balls slapped against her wet sex, and she moaned with pleasure. Sweating profusely, she was aroused as never before as the combination of the whip and his cock had driven her to orgasms once more.

Charlotte enclosed his torso with her hands, digging her nails into his back to spur him on. Then did the same thing with her legs, in order to drive him deeper into her, if that was possible.

“Oooooooh!” Charlotte moaned in ecstasy as he took her violently.

Tyler withdrew, then plunged into her again, making Charlotte moan and buck against the bed. He moaned as well, their sweat mingling together, which made the bed smell of sex and their passion.

He then began to pump his cock in and out of her, starting a regular rhythm that made Charlotte moan with delight. His shaft drove into her, arousing her to new heights of passion. Charlotte was already aroused, her naked body hot from the whipping that she had just received. Tyler was hot as well, from his energetic use of the whip.

This was what Charlotte wanted and desired, what she had come to need after she had been collared. In the mirror, Charlotte had watched herself being whipped. She saw her naked body covered in stripes, recalling her screams as the price of placing them there. A price that she was willing to pay.

Charlotte could never have imagined that she would ever have a sex life like she had now. That a Chastity Belt, of all things, would lead her to a Dominatrix, and then a Master. Her life had gone from dull to exciting, and she welcomed her new situation.

He groaned when he climaxed into the condom, the hot jets of come spurted into the latex. This made Charlotte orgasm once again, and she screamed with pleasure. Her naked, sweaty body was now drained of energy. Tyler lay on top her her, and withdrew his cock from her sex. His body was heaving from the exertions that he had just finished.

Tyler then sat up on his knees, and took a paper tissue from the box on the table. He carefully removed the condom from his flaccid organ, and disposed of it in a nearby wastebasket.

“You were wonderful,” complimented Tyler.

“Thank you Master,” replied Charlotte, “I never knew that sex could be so good.”

Her right hand found the coiled whip hanging from Tyler’s belt, and stroked it’s many strands.

“I think that you should be whipped on a regular basis, Charlotte.”

“Only if it was done by you, Master,” Charlotte replied, “let me clean your cock, please?”

“As you wish,” he told her.

Tyler lay on his back on the bed, still clothed as before. Charlotte got between his legs, and took his manhood into her mouth. She tasted his salty come, and a hint of latex. With her tongue she cleaned his shaft thoroughly, and sucked on his shaft.

“Don’t get me hard,” he instructed her, “I want to use you later.”

“Mmmmmmph,” was all that Charlotte could manage, her mouth filled with his cock.

Charlotte wished that this moment could last forever. She had never been so happy or fulfilled. While she had enjoyed being with Mistress Jaclyn, she had never really been attracted to women. Now she was with a man, who she loved. Charlotte had finally found happiness while being locked in a collar.

* * *

Later that night, after they had cleaned up, rested, and had something to eat; their sexual activities would continue.

Tyler and Charlotte were now in his bedroom together. There was an open bottle of wine in an ice bucket and two glasses on his dresser. They had both had a couple of drinks, and were ready to proceed once more.

On the night table next to his bed there was a short riding crop and Charlotte’s ball-gag; with a linked set of nipple clamps. Additionally there was an open box of latex condoms. There was also a bottle of extra lubricant, and a pair of rubber gloves. Charlotte wondered if this meant that this was the day he would use her bottom hole! Tyler was an exacting businessman who left nothing to chance. He was a Male Dominant in the same way.

Tyler wore a white robe and nothing else. The robe was tied with a matching belt, so it hugged his fit figure. The outlines of his cock could be seen underneath.

Charlotte was naked, except for her collar and bracelets. She had cleaned out her pussy because she knew that Tyler would probably be using it again. As a submissive, Tyler had the use of all of her bodily orifices.

“Are you ready, darling?” Tyler asked her.

“Yes, Master,” eagerly answered Charlotte.

“Good. I want you to buckle the ball-gag in your mouth,” he ordered her.

“Yes, Master,” said Charlotte.

She took the gag from the night-table, and sitting up on her knees, opened her mouth and placed the rubber ball into her mouth. Charlotte made sure that the chin strap was in place; and then buckled the gag firmly in place. She looked at herself in the bedroom mirror, and was proud of her reflected image.

“Place the nipple clamps on yourself.”

Charlotte picked up the set of nipple clamps from the night-table and position one over her right nipple, which was already erect. She placed her nipple between the two plastic pads, and gradually closed it by use of the metal slide. It compressed her right nipple, and she repeated the task with her left one as well. Charlotte grunted when her task was complete.

“Good job, Charlotte. Now I want you on your hands and knees in the center of my bed, and whatever you do, you are not allowed to move. Do you understand?”

Charlotte nodded her head, and then assumed the position that Tyler had asked for. Her bottom was now easily available for whatever her Master wanted. He could either use her exposed pussy, or plunge into her bottom hole, which he had never used before.

Her breasts hung downwards, and the chain attached to the nipple clamps made tormenting her easier, because all that Tyler had to do was gently tug the chain to send her into agony!

Charlotte watched as he picked up the riding crop, and displayed it for her to see. This one had a leather square at the end, obviously perfect to use on her exposed bottom.

Tyler positioned himself behind her, and without warning, she felt a mild tap as the leather pad first struck her bottom. That was followed by a harder stroke that made her moan into her gag.


“Being gagged while punished is going to add to your experience, Charlotte. Since you can’t protest, all you can is to endure your torment.”






“Mmmmmmmph!” Charlotte attempted to protest, but the silence imposed by the ball was total. She wanted to tell Tyler to stop, else she would be unable to sit for work!






“Mmmmmmmph!” Charlotte protested by moving her head from side to side, and that got Tyler’s attention.

“Are you in distress, Charlotte?” he asked, rubbing his hand on her already reddened and warmed bottom.


“I’d say that this side is about done, don’t you?”

“Mmmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned when she felt his hand slip into her wet pussy. She had been aroused by the use of the crop on her bottom, and now her body needed more.

“Do you want me to use your bottom hole, Charlotte? Now would be the perfect time, don’t you agree?”

Charlotte remained silent. Tyler was obviously toying with her, and there was nothing that she could say or do would alter her situation.

She stayed in her position, and watched as Tyler placed one of the rubber gloves on his left hand. He took the bottle of lubricant into his left and opened it, and then disappeared behind her! She jerked when she felt droplets of lubricant sprinkled on her bottom hole, and then two fingers of his left hand entered her anal ring!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned at the invasion of her virgin bottom hole.

“Stay still, Charlotte. What you do now determines which orifice I will use next. If you manage to stay still, I will use your wet sex. But if you move, I’ll use your virgin bottom hole instead.”

Charlotte froze into position, she was terrified of the idea that he would invade her anus with his massive tool. His latex clad fingers, coated in lubricant had penetrated her bottom hole.

“Relax, Charotte, relax, don’t resist! If you resists, you’ll be forced to move and your body will betray you,” Tyler cautioned her.

Tyler removed his fingers completely from her bottom hole, dribbled more lubricant onto them, and repeated the invasion!

“You’re too tight, Charlotte, you must relax! You have to learn to overcome your instincts if you want to be a true submissive, and that will include your bottom hole. Don’t fight me!”


Charlotte closed her eyes, humiliated at the penetration of her anus and her bondage. Then she remembered the good feelings of pleasure and pain that she had experienced just a short time before, and she somehow relaxed her sphincter muscles, allowing Tyler access to her bottom!

“Good, Charlotte, good!” Tyler encouraged her efforts.

He again removed his fingers, and after adding more lubricant, penetrated her again. Except that this time, it was much easier than before.

“There now, Charlotte,” Tyler began, “you did very good. You have learned to overcome your fear. I’m not going to use your bottom hole today because you obeyed my instructions.”

If Charlotte had not had the rubber ball in her mouth, she would have breathed a sigh of relief. That helped to relax her sphincter muscles even more, and Charlotte began to appreciate the feeling of having her bottom probed and invaded.

“Good girl!” Tyler complimented her when he withdrew his fingers from her bottom.

“Mmmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned into her gag.

Charlotte wondered just what her female co-workers would say about her now. She had been bound, whipped, and fucked. Next her bottom hole had been probed. Now her Master was going to use her in a far more pleasurable manner.

She turned her head to one side and watched as Tyler removed the rubber glove and toss it into the wastebasket. Then he took a condom packet, opened it, and unrolled it onto his rampant erection!

Tyler then positioned himself behind her, and Charlotte shifted her knees a bit to accommodate him as he probed her pussy from behind. She felt the head of his cock enter her gradually from behind, differently than the way he had taken her downstairs after her whipping.

He held onto her hips, and suddenly pushed inside her, making her moan with pleasure. The hurt from the riding crop and the probing of her anus was forgotten as he plunged inside her again and again.

“Mmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned with obvious pleasure.

Since Tyler had already climaxed earlier that evening, he was not able to resist the oncoming orgasm as much as before. Plunging his shaft into her again and again from behind, her moans stimulated him to finally climax.

Feeling his hot come inside of the condom once more provoked Charlotte to orgasm at the same time, as he did. Her moans of pleasure may have been muffled by the gag, but she still responded to his climax as before.

Charlotte could not decided if she liked the missionary or doggy style more. Since she had very little sexual experience prior to seeing Mistress Jaclyn, Charlotte had now entered a new world of sex that she could have only dreamed about before.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” Tyler moaned with pleasure from behind her, his hands still on her hips.

He withdrew from her, and she was satisfied and happy. This Saturday had erased the disappointment of the last one. Charlotte only wished that it could go on forever.

Tyler then ordered her to stand on her knees and remove her gag and nipple clamps as he went to the bathroom to clean up. Afterwards it was her turn.

Then Tyler turned out the lights, and they went to sleep together under the covers. Charlotte had finally found love in her life.

* * *

On Sunday morning, after they had both showered and dried themselves off, Charlotte donned her Chastity Belt and decorative collar and sat on the bed.

“Master, may I speak to you please?” Charlotte asked.

“Yes, darling, what can I do for you,” Tyler replied, sitting next to her, wearing just an undershirt and briefs.

“I have something very important to say about our relationship as your submissive.”

“Go on.”

“When you used the cane on me, you provoked a personal crisis. There was something different about the cane from the other instruments of discipline. I was in such mental and physical pain it freed my mind to examine the mess I’ve made of my personal life,” carefully explained Charlotte.

“Please continue.”

“I have come to realize that I drew all of the wrong conclusions from my personal life. Yes, it’s true that I experienced a lot of rejection. What I succeeded in doing was to erect a wall around myself. Instead of treating my beauty as an asset, I regarded it as a curse. If I didn’t have any friends, that was because I stopped looking.”

“Charlotte, this is quite an admission.”

“I told only some of this to Courtney, not the part about erecting a wall around myself,” said Charlotte. “I deliberately isolated myself, and convinced myself that no man wanted to date me. Again, maybe I was meeting the wrong men. That was why I let myself get seduced by Mistress Jaclyn. Lesbian sex was better than no sex at all,” admitted Charlotte.

“Continue,” said Tyler.

“I took to the Chastity Belt because it totally symbolized my alienation from sexuality, which was something that I never experienced properly in the first place!” cried Charlotte as she placed her head in her hands, sobbing.

“It’s all right,” said Tyler, as he held her in his arms again.

“When I got fired from that company by the bosses wife for being too beautiful, I should have found some company where I could have used my looks to get ahead. I should have used my body to my advantage,” said Charlotte.

“Do you want to end our relationship?” asked Tyler.

“No, never,” Charlotte answered, “I love you, your collar, your whip, and your prick. But now I’ve finally realized the damage I’ve done to myself,” Charlotte admitted.

“Then I want you to move in with me. I don’t just want you one day a week. I want you seven days a week. I want this contract to mean something,” Tyler answered, concern evident on his face.

“I want to remain independent,” Charlotte answered.

“Charlotte, what are you afraid of? Rejection, or that maybe you’ll fail as a submissive or as a woman. You’ve said that this is the first time you’re truly happy. Why can’t you take the final step?” Tyler asked.

“I’m scared of failure,” she answered.

“When you arrived at the County Museum in your little black dress, everyone looked at you, and nobody knew who you were. You were the most attractive woman at the opening. You’re not a failure,” said Tyler.

Charlotte stayed silent.

“It took real courage to seek out a Dominatrix first, and then a Master later. You’re the strongest woman that I ever met. Move in with me, Charlotte, please. Give yourself that chance at happiness,” said Tyler.

Charlotte placed her head in her hands, and sobbed. Tyler held her close, wiping her tears away with a tissue he’d taken from a box on the night-table.

“Yes,” tearfully replied Charlotte, “I’ll move in with you.”

“I love you, Charlotte,” said Tyler.

“I love you too,” Charlotte answered.

* * *

After they had dressed, Tyler took Charlotte out for breakfast. They ate at a local diner, and then he drove her to her apartment. Charlotte retrieved her mail from the box in the lobby, and then they walked to her apartment.

She put the mail on the kitchen table before brewing more coffee for the two of them. Once the machine was set up, Charlotte opened the mail. One piece of which was a large manila envelope. Charlotte slit opened the manila envelope, and read the contents, and gasped in surprise.

“Sir, please come look at this,” Charlotte called, as Tyler was inspecting her bookcase. Charlotte sat down the kitchen table and tried to calm herself.

“What is it?” he asked, as she passed him the papers, and he sat down beside her.

“I’m about to lose my apartment. The building is going to be converted to condominiums! I can’t afford to buy my apartment, much less the maintenance on top of it,” explained Charlotte.

“Then it’s a good thing that you’re going to move in with me,” said Tyler, “you’re going to start a new life.”

“Coffee’s ready.”

Charlotte got to her feet and poured two cups, and placed one in front of Tyler. She would wait until he drank first.

“How do you feel?” Tyler asked, “you were very upset before.”

“I feel relieved that I finally admitted some hard truths about myself, Sir.”

“If I were to tell you that I was invited to a Charity Gala, and that I wanted you as my escort, would you come with me?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” Charlotte answered.

“If I said that you had to go shopping for a new dress for the occasion, would you do it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’re beautiful, Charlotte. Not just naked under the lash, or wearing your Chastity Belt,” Tyler observed.

“Yes, Sir. It took the cane to make me understand that. Next time we go down in the playroom I want you to hang the cane in it’s proper place so I can see it,” said Charlotte.

“Agreed,” Tyler answered.

“I feel freer in my collar than I’ve ever felt before in my life, Sir. Thank you.”

“I want you to be happy, Charlotte. You deserve it.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH08: The Contract”