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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH06 PT1

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH06 PT1: Charlotte in Chains”

By sfmaster@att.net

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“Controlled Experiment CH06 PT1: Charlotte in Chains”

* * *

It was 6 PM Saturday evening, and Charlotte Hall waited for the car that would again take her to Mistress Jaclyn’s house. She had made certain during the week that everything had gotten done during the week so that there would be no reason to work a Saturday morning to catch up with the medical paperwork.

Her right hand traced the outline of her Chastity Belt, and in the mirror she saw the decorative collar that Mistress Jaclyn had given her to indicate that Charlotte was her submissive.

Charlotte could never have conceived of the numerous changes in her life in the last few weeks. It had all began with her decision to wear a Chastity Belt that would monitor and record her responses to sexual stimuli. Then she had become curious about Dominance and Submission, and she had been referred to a Dominatrix.

Now, after several weeks, she felt that she was truly owned and loved. Unlike her unsuccessful relationships with men, Charlotte was now a submissive to a wonderful Mistress who had discovered and nurtured her entry into the world of submission.

Charlotte was now able to absorb the most exquisite punishments that Mistress Jaclyn could inflict on her, and still want more. She loved being placed in bondage, because being made helpless removed any chance that she would avoid her punishment.

But that was only the entry point into her new world. She had grown used to being cropped, whipped, and flogged. Charlotte now lived for the discipline that Mistress Jaclyn had introduced into her life, and nothing had been the same since.

What was even more surprising was that she had found sexual happiness in the arms of another woman. Charlotte had never been attracted to women, even as she felt that men had ignored her. Then Mistress Jaclyn had invited her into bed, and had shown her the tenderness and affection that she had been missing her life. All it took was a whiff of the Opium perfume that Jaclyn wore, and Charlotte would now do anything to please her Mistress.

When the car showed up to transport her to Mistress Jaclyn’s house, her other submissive was waiting in the back as usual. She took Charlotte’s phone and removed the battery, and placed both in a sealed bag, before returning it to her. Then she gave Charlotte a pair of dark glasses to wear, that took away her vision.

Finally, her wrists were locked in a set of handcuffs before she was ordered to sit back straight in her car seat so that she could be belted in.

Charlotte was now a package waiting to be delivered to her Mistress, and she was eagerly anticipating whatever erotic torments awaited her.

* * *

“Good day, Charlotte,” greeted Mistress Jaclyn, she was seated in a living room chair, wearing a blue DNKY dress and matching high heels.

“Good evening, Mistress.” Charlotte stood before her Mistress, eyes downcast, with her hands cuffed behind her back.

“I trust that you had a good week, darling.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Did anything of consequence happen to you this week?”

“Yes, Mistress. I met a man I went to college with. Back in school he was still immature, so I didn’t want to date him. But now he told me he’s a successful patent attorney, and he asked me out for a date.”

“What was you response?”

“I turned him down, Mistress.”

“Good. There may come a time when I will order you to have sex with a man, for whatever reason. Will you obey?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“If my Mistress orders it, then I will do so, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Good. Have you faithfully worn your collar and Chastity Belt all week?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Have any of your female co-workers ever questioned you about your collar?”

“No, Mistress. All of them know that I have had trouble dating men, so they no longer ask if I’m seeing anyone. I doubt that any of them could believe that I am now in submission to a Mistress,” Charlotte replied.

“Good. I prefer my submissives to lead discreet lives, separate from their work. In the past, some of my girls have kept their submission secret from their family and friends. Even their husbands didn’t know!”

“Thank you, Mistress, for being so considerate,” answered Charlotte.

“It has occurred to me that in my rush to get you collared and under the lash, that I have never given you a simple spanking,” said Mistress Jaclyn, “today we shall remedy this omission, and we don’t even have to go down to my Dungeon to do it. Annette?” Jaclyn called.

“Yes, Mistress,” quickly replied Annette.

“Take Charlotte into the downstairs bedroom and remove all of her clothing and Chastity Belt, then return her to me, and you may bring the paddle.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

With her hands already cuffed behind her back, Charlotte did not offer any resistance when Annette gently pulled her by her forearm into the downstairs bedroom. Annette then unlocked Charlotte’s handcuffs, leaving her temporarily free.

“Strip,” ordered Annette, “and I’ll unlock your belt.”

“Yes, Annette.”

Charlotte had been through this routine before, so it was no great surprise for her that she should have to strip naked for Annette’s other submissive. She unbuttoned her blouse, followed by her skirt, folding both on the bed. Charlotte then stepped out of her high heels, and unhooked her bra. Next she removed her hold-up stockings, and Annette then handed her the key to her Chastity Belt. Which she unlocked, removed, and locked back together before handing it back to Annette. Charlotte then placed her feet back into her heels, and stood with her back to Annette, as she felt the stainless steel again being locked upon her wrists!

“Wait,” ordered Annette, as she walked the few steps to the dresser, and from the top drawer, casually removed a leather clad paddle!

Charlotte looked on in complete silence, knowing that the paddle was intended for her bottom!

“Ready?” asked Annette.


“Let’s go, then.”

In a few moments, Charlotte was again standing before Mistress Jaclyn, this time naked with her hands again cuffed behind her back. Annette handed her the paddle, which Jaclyn then placed next to her on the couch.

“Lovely, simply lovely! Turn around my dear,” ordered Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Slowly, Charlotte turned around, showing Mistress Jaclyn that her wrists were encased in gleaming stainless steel.

“Now lay on my lap for your spanking, because you’ve been such a bad girl,” instructed Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” answered Charlotte as she gently placed her naked cuffed body, on Jaclyn’s lap.

“What a wonderful bottom you have, Charlotte!” complimented Mistress Jaclyn, “perfect for punishment! Now I’m going to begin with my hand, and then we’ll progress onto the paddle.”

Thwack! Thwack!

Thwack! Thwack!

Thwack! Thwack!

“Owwwwww!” Charlotte cried out as Jaclyn’s hand left it’s imprint on her left buttock.

Thwack! Thwack!

Thwack! Thwack!

“Owwwwww!” Charlotte again cried out.

“Your bottom has turned a lovely shade of red, darling. But I can’t just use your bottom alone, for we have the entire night together. Kiss the paddle,” ordered Jaclyn after she picked it up with her left hand and offered it to Charlotte’s lips.

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte said as she kissed the paddle.

There was a glass of water on the living room table, and Mistress Jaclyn sprinkled a few drops onto Charlotte’s bottom. Charlotte did not understand why until the paddle was applied to her buttocks.


“Owwwwww!” cried Charlotte.

“The water increases the sting of the paddle,” calmly explained Mistress Jaclyn.







The leather clad paddle stung Charlotte’s bottom in a way that Jaclyn’s hands did not! It left an angry red imprint that would last for days, and every time that Charlotte sat down, she would be reminded of this punishment.







“Did I hurt you, darling?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“No, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“If I place my fingers in your pussy, will they be wet?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Charlotte then felt Jaclyn reach under her and between her legs, and her index and forefinger invaded her sex. Jaclyn explored the interior of Charlotte’s sex, then removed them to see if she was correct.

“Wet, just as I thought,” concluded Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Clean your secretions from my fingers, darling,” ordered Jaclyn, “but first, on your knees!”

Even with her hands cuffed behind her back, Charlotte managed to partially get to her feet, back up a few steps, and kneel before Mistress Jaclyn.

“Very good, Charlotte. I see that you have adapted to being placed in bondage,” Jaclyn complimented her bound captive.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Jaclyn then offered her hand to Charlotte who proceeded to clean her female secretions from her index and forefinger. Until she had sought out Mistress Jaclyn, Charlotte would have never thought to see how her sex tasted.

“Excellent, Charlotte,” said Jaclyn, “you have already learned a lot in your short time here,” once Charlotte had completed her allotted task.

“Thank you, Mistress,” replied the kneeling submissive.

“Annette, you may now take Charlotte downstairs to the Dungeon while I change into something more suitable. Once she’s inside the cell, you may change into your latex Maid’s uniform,” ordered Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” Annette answered.

“Charlotte is going to have an interesting evening,” observed Jaclyn, “and probably a painful one at that!”

* * *

Charlotte Hall sat alone in her jail cell while both Mistress Jaclyn and Annette were both getting ready for her session in the Dungeon that night. She was already inside her cell, wearing her usual collar and bondage bracelets, high heels, and nothing else.

Her hands had been locked together behind her back, with a snap link by Annette. This had the effect both making her totally helpless, and unable to have an orgasm by depriving Charlotte the use of her hands.

“There now,” said Annette, once Charlotte was back in bondage, “comfortable?”

“Yes, Annette,” Charlotte answered quickly.

Annette placed her fingers of her right hand under Charlotte’s chin, and looked her directly in the eyes.

“You’re quite something, aren’t you?” Annette demanded.

“I don’t understand,” Charlotte answered.

“I’ve been a submissive for a long time to a succession of Dominatrices, and I’ve never seen a new submissive react as you have. It takes a long time for a girl to accept pain.”

“Perhaps I’m just a natural masochist?” suggested Charlotte, “Maybe I was waiting my entire adult life to meet a Mistress who could unlock my sexuality?”

“Do you really enjoy pain?” demanded Annette, “or are you just faking it?”

“You can’t fake loving pain as you would do an orgasm, it simply isn’t possible,” Charlotte answered.

“No, you can’t,” agreed Annette, “I tried to bring my girlfriend Suzi into the scene, but she simply didn’t adjust. She wasn’t a masochist, she didn’t enjoy pain, and fetish gear didn’t excite her,” explained Annette as she released Charlotte’s chin.

“What happened to Suzi?”

“She’s married with two kids, and drives an SUV. And she’ll probably never talk to me again,” said Annette.

“I’m sorry, I know what it’s like to lose a friend.”

“This is the path that we have chosen,” stated Annette, “the only thing holding us here is our own desire.”

“Yes, I agree,” said Charlotte.

“And leather and steel,” Annette added.

“That too.”

* * *

“I want you to mount the horse like a bicycle,” ordered Mistress Jaclyn.

Mistress Jaclyn was wearing a black latex dress, gloves and stockings, with a matching pair of high heels on her feet. Annette was now dressed in her latex Maid’s uniform, so different than the beige dress and heels that she usually wore.

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Charlotte. She was naked as usual, wearing nothing but her collar and bracelets, and a pair of high heels. Before going down to the Dungeon, Charlotte had put on her familiar bondage collar, and matching wrist and ankle bracelets. Her bottom was red from the spanking and the paddle, and the night was just beginning!

Charlotte placed her right foot on a step, and threw her left leg over the horse. Both pieces of wood were joined together at an angle, and her sex would rest at their apex. Her entire weight would rest on her sex!

Mistress Jaclyn wasted no time in locking both of Charlotte’s ankle bracelets to the horse, so that she could not get free. Then she locked her hands together behind her back, and to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Charlotte was again a helpless prisoner!

“There now, Charlotte, you look simply lovely. How do you feel?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Fine, Mistress,” Charlotte answered meekly.

“I guess I’m going to have to amuse myself with Annette here, since you’re occupied,” observed Mistress Jaclyn.

Mistress Jaclyn walked over to her wooden throne, and sat down and opened her legs. Charlotte observed that she wasn’t wearing any panties, latex or otherwise, on her sex.

“Service me,” Jaclyn ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Annette quickly replied.

Annette knelt between Jaclyn’s thighs, and her tongue began to lap at her sex. Jaclyn opened her legs to accommodate her, in order to facilitate her pleasure.

One of the benefits of being a Mistress was that she could have an orgasm any time that she wanted. All that she had to do was to issue a command, and it would be obeyed instantly. If it wasn’t then the subject would have to endure her discipline, which would make the orgasm that much sweeter.

“Oooooooooh!” a soft moan escaped Jaclyn’s lips.

Charlotte, in her perch on the horse, tried to move herself a few millimeters in order to lessen the increasing pain of her sex. With her ankles chained to the horse and her hands locked behind her back, there was little that she could do. It felt like her sex was a single point of agony, and the pain was spreading throughout her naked body.

She knew better than to make any noises of pain, because that might result in a few strokes of the riding crop or being gagged. So she stayed silent, tried to think of something else besides the horse, and watched as Annette performed oral sex on Jaclyn. Which was something that she longed to do. Anything was better than being slowly tormented on the horse.

“Ooooooooh!” another pleasurable moan escaped Jaclyn’s lips, something that Charlotte could not ignore, in contrast to her own painful position.

Charlotte felt as if she was slowly being cut in two by the horse. She had never experienced anything like this before. In the past few weeks, she had been tormented by many of the tools at Jaclyn’s disposal: the crop, the whip, and the flogger. Charlotte may have been a novice when she first sought out Mistress Jaclyn. Now she was an expert in the ways of the lash.

“Ooooooooh!” Jaclyn was close to coming, as Annette intensified her efforts to satisfy her Mistress. The penalty for not doing so would be harsh, so Annette shifted her efforts to stimulating Jaclyn’s erect clitoris.

“Ooooooooh!” Finally, Jaclyn surrendered to the inevitable, and her latex clad body shook as an orgasm tore through her. She gently pushed Annette’s head deeper into her sex, as if Annette could now somehow intensify her pleasure.

“Ooooooooh!” Jaclyn moaned again, releasing Annette, who still remained between her legs.

Jaclyn breathed heavily, still in the throes of the afterglow of her orgasm.

Charlotte, however, knew now that Annette had finished with Jaclyn, it would soon be her turn under the lash.

“Thank you, Annette, you may withdraw now,” ordered Mistress Jaclyn.

“Thank you, Mistress,” replied Annette.

“I want you to take a towelette and clean off my pussy and your mouth. The night is young and we have much to do.”

There was a package of moistened towelettes on the table next to Jaclyn’s throne, and Annette took two. One she opened and used to clean Jaclyn’s wet pussy, then second to clean her mouth of Jaclyn’s juices on her mouth and lips.

There was a wastebasket hidden under the table where Annette discreetly disposed of both towelettes before awaiting her next instructions.

“You may rise,” instructed Mistress Jaclyn.

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Annette.

Jaclyn closed her legs and got to her feet, and clicked her heels over to the horse, which still held it’s occupant in a painful embrace.

“How do you feel?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“I hurt, Mistress, a lot,” Charlotte answered.

“What would you do if I offered you another torment in exchange for sitting on the horse. Say the flogger. Would you take it? I promise to make you scream,” threatened Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte was now presented with a Hobson’s choice! Either she could continue to endure the slow agony of being cut in half on the horse, or the sharp agony of the flogger. She shuddered at the memory of how the moistened knots had stung her naked flesh and made her scream out in agony. But they also released strange impulses of both pain and pleasure in her at the same time.

“Mistress Jaclyn, I choose the flogger,” asked Charlotte, who could no longer sit on the horse.

“Good choice, Charlotte. Annette, you may release Charlotte from the horse, and let her rest in the cell for a short period before her next ordeal,” ordered Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte breathed an audible sign of relief when Annette released first her hands from behind her back, and then her ankles from the horse! Annette even helped her down, and supported her wobbly steps as Charlotte had trouble standing up after her trial by ordeal.

“Thank you,” said Charlotte as Annette helped her back to the cell, sat her down on the cot, and gave her a water bottle to drink.

“Not too fast,” cautioned Annette.

“Anything’s better than the horse,” Charlotte answered.

“You may come to regret that statement,” said Annette.

“I’m all right,” replied Charlotte, “just give me a little time, that’s all.”

* * *

After drinking some water and a little rest, Charlotte felt that she had recharged her body and was now ready for her flogging. She no longer had the feeling that she was split in two, the result of the time that she had spent on the horse.

“I’m ready, Mistress,” said Charlotte, rising to her feet from within the locked jail cell.

“Are you sure?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Annette, you may unlock the cell.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Annette replied as she clicked her heels over the cell door, and unlocked it as ordered.

“Thank you, Annette,” said Mistress Jacklyn.

“You’re welcome, Mistress.”

Now on her feet, Charlotte walked confidently over to the wall rack. Without hesitation, she selected the flogger, and walked back to Mistress Jaclyn, who had remained seated on her wooden throne.

“I humbly ask my Mistress to use this flogger on me,” requested Charlotte as she knelt naked before Mistress Jaclyn, holding it before her in her outstretched hands.

“Your request shall be granted,” Jaclyn replied, “Annette, you may suspend Charlotte from the ceiling in her usual position.”

Mistress Jaclyn took the flogger from Charlotte’s hands as Annette helped her to her feet, and then walked her to the ceiling chain once more. Charlotte stood in complete silence as Annette retrieved the spreader bars and locks that would again confine her. In quick succession Annette locked Charlotte’s ankles to one bar, her wrists to another. Annette then locked the bar restraining her wrists to the ceiling chain.

Then she stepped back to the controller on the wall, and slowly raised Charlotte so that her naked figure was held taut, and her heels just barely touched the floor. Charlotte was now totally helpless once again!

“Very good, Annette,” complimented Mistress Jaclyn as she got to her feet and walked over to her naked and vulnerable submissive.

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Annette.

“Are you ready Charlotte?” questioned Mistress Jaclyn as she held the flogger in her two hands. Jaclyn held the handle of the deadly instrument in her left hand, and the leather strands in her right.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, what is your safe-word?”

“Chastity, Mistress.”

“Good. Kiss the handle, please.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

When Mistress Jaclyn offered the flogger’s handle to Charlotte, she did not hesitate to kiss it as if it were the lips of a lover. Ever since the first time that she come under the lash, Charlotte knew that while being flogged or whipped, she could experience sensations of both pain and pleasure. Which could only be unlocked when she was being disciplined by her Mistress.

At her job, her female co-workers called her “the ice queen” behind her back. Charlotte wondered what they would say if they knew she had a secret life that began with wearing a Chastity Belt and now propelled her into submission.

“Very good, darling. Prepare yourself.”

“Owwwwww!” Charlotte screamed when the flogger’s first target was her already sore bottom!





Having come under Jaclyn’s discipline many times now, Charlotte was by now used the five stroke series that her Mistress used on her naked body. Each time the flogger landed on her naked body, Charlotte twisted helplessly in her chains in a vain attempt to avoid the flogger.






It had been a week since Charlotte had last seen Mistress Jaclyn, and on her last visit she had been both cropped and whipped. This had given her skin time to heal, so that she would be ready for her next discipline session.






One weekend, she had been whipped with a ball-gag in her mouth, which muffled her screams. Mistress Jaclyn had given her a few quarters to hold in her left hand to substitute for a safe-word. Charlotte was very proud of herself that no matter how painful the stokes of the whip had been, she had not released them.






Charlotte felt the sting of the flogger attack her breasts, thighs, bottom, and sex! She screamed especially hard when the strands of the flogger reached between her legs to her pussy, making her wince in pain. As her naked body began to warm under the influence of the flogger, she knew that like a battery she was being charged.






Like most women, Charlotte had tried to find sexual fulfillment in the arms of a man. Instead, she had the most incredible bad luck, and donned a Chastity Belt; which had also led her here. Charlotte had finally found her sexual nirvana: through the lash.






Mistress Jaclyn did not have to pause and taunt Charlotte to ask if she was wet between her legs. She already knew that her captive was becoming aroused by the flogging, the harder the better. Jaclyn also knew that if she were to suggest that Charlotte not see her anymore, her submissive would break out in tears. It had taken Jacklyn just a few weeks to turn Charlotte from a sexual novice into a true submissive.






Charlotte screamed and screamed, and twisted in her chains, but would not utter her safe-word. She had truly come to love the lash, and all that came with it!

“Are you all right?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered, her breathing ragged from the punishment that she was continuing to receive. Sweat poured off her naked body, which had acquired a sheen under the Dungeon lights.






Charlotte lips gave out a piercing scream when a few of the flogger’s strands again landed on her sex, between her legs. Jacklyn was certain that her charge was now going to have an orgasm, but did not.

“Do you want me to stop?” demanded Mistress Jaclyn.

“No, Mistress, please! Harder and faster?” replied the helpless Charlotte.

“As you wish!”






Charlotte’s screams were now directly proportional to the intensity of the flogger’s strokes. Instinctively, her naked body tried to avoid the flogger, but at the same time, she relished the pain.






When the last two strokes of the flogger had reached between Charlotte’s legs and had entered her most female place, she had screamed most intensely. Her arousal under the lash had reached a fevered pitch, and now her naked body was wracked by a series of massive orgasms that combined both pain and pleasure.

Mistress Jaclyn stopped her flogging of Charlotte and stepped back as her submissive moaned and twisted in her chains, in the throes of one orgasm after another. She knew that Charlotte had entered the world of sub-space; where pain and pleasure had now become one.

Charlotte was a rare submissive, one that every dominant hopes to have in their lifetime. Jaclyn wondered just how long that she would have Charlotte in her care.


Charlotte’s screams of pain had now become moans of pleasure. It didn’t matter that she was hanging naked in a dungeon. In fact, that enhanced her pleasure. Previously, Charlotte could never have imagined herself in this position. Now she wondered why she didn’t seek it out earlier.

“Oooooooooh!” Charlotte moaned, as the last waves of pleasure coursed through her naked, chained, sweaty body.

“Are you all right?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress, thank you,” answered Charlotte, her breathing still heavy.


Charlotte pulled at her chains when Mistress Jaclyn’s latex gloved index and forefinger were suddenly pushed into her sex, and crudely manipulated her erect clitoris! They were then quickly withdrawn, and Jaclyn examined Charlotte’s female secretions on her gloved fingers.

“What a slut you are,” observed Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Clean my fingers,” ordered Jaclyn as she forced her fingers into Charlotte’s willing mouth, for she was by now used to the taste of her own sex.

“Mmmmmmmh!” moaned Charlotte as she completed the task that Jaclyn had given her.

“Perhaps an additional torment is called for before we go to my bedroom?” suggested Jaclyn, as she removed her fingers from Charlotte’s mouth.

“Whatever my Mistress desires,” answered the bound, exhausted Charlotte.

* * *

“Mmmmmmmmph!” was all that Charlotte could manage, her mouth again filled by the red rubber ball-gag now buckled between her lips.

After her session in the Dungeon, Charlotte had thought that Jaclyn would now take her into her bedroom. Charlotte had looked forward to be able to satisfy her Mistress in bed, after the multiple orgasms that she had just experienced herself.

Instead, Annette had cleaned her off in the bathroom with a wash cloth in the sink and salved the weals on her naked skin. Then, she had made to douche herself over the toilet, to clean out her sex of her secretions. Her sex had been dried carefully, lest Charlotte become aroused again.

Then she had led Charlotte into the library, where a large leather footstool was waiting for her. Annette directed Charlotte to lay lengthwise on the large footstool, so that her arms and legs were perfectly matched to those of the footstool. Then Annette had roped her arms and legs to the footstool, cinching them so that Charlotte could never free herself. Finally, Annette had offered Charlotte a ball-gag; which she had obediently opened her mouth for and Annette had buckled at the back of her neck.

The leather footstool was covered in luxurious black oiled leather, and Charlotte inhaled the heady scent of the leather through her nostrils. Ever since she had entered the world of submission, Charlotte had been surrounded by leather and latex. The scent of the leather alone was enough to mildly arouse her, and being bound and gagged onto the footstool would only increase her arousal.

Charlotte rubbed her breasts against the soft black leather, which only helped to increase her already moderate arousal. It wouldn’t take long for her nipples to become erect, and that would increase her desire for another orgasm.

Her view was now limited to the wooden floor, and when she turned her head side to side, all she saw were bookcases. Charlotte idly wondered if they contained erotica.

“Be right back!” said Annette, but not before she had delivered a stinging blow to Charlotte’s already punished bottom.

“Mmmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned, wondering what further punishments now awaited her.

Bound to the footstool with her back to the door, Charlotte did not know when Mistress Jaclyn and Annette had entered the library until she felt a woman’s fingers squeezing her bottom!

“Very good, Annette. Charlotte’s totally helpless,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“The dildo, please?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Mmmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned in surprise when she felt a rubber object being pushed into her sex, without even any attempt at sexually stimulating her first!

“That’s good, darling,” said Mistress Jaclyn as she walked around to the front of the footstool where Charlotte could now see her, and she was holding a riding crop.

Mistress Jaclyn then placed the loop attached the handle of the riding crop around her wrist, and now with both hands free, began to fondle Charlotte’s breasts and pinch her nipples! Charlotte was again being driven into yet another erotic frenzy, and she didn’t even know the reason she had been bound to the footstool.

“Mmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned again, but the ball-gag defeated her power of speech.

“Now I don’t want you to expel your new little friend inside you too quickly, Charlotte. This is a test of your endurance. Every once in a while, the dildo inside you will start buzzing. At the same time, I’ll tap your bottom with the riding crop, sometimes gently, other times a bit harder. Your job is to keep the dildo inside you for as long as you can,” explained Mistress Jaclyn.


“Being gagged takes away any ability to protest your bondage, so this is one ordeal that you have to go through with,” said Mistress Jaclyn, “now the dildo is controlled by a computer chip, and it’s now set at random, so even I don’t know what interval it will go off at!”


Buzzzzz! Snick!


It had all happened so rapidly that Charlotte was almost unprepared for the first buzz of the electronic dildo inside her and the gentle stroke of the crop across her bottom that followed! Charlotte had just managed to clench her vaginal muscles to keep the dildo inside her when Jaclyn had struck her with the riding crop, making that task even more difficult!

“MmmmmmmpH!” Charlotte tried to shout her protest but the ball-gag defeated her.

Buzzzzz! Snick!

The second time was even harder than the first, and it took all Charlotte’s concentration to prevent the dildo from slipping out of her pussy!

Buzzzzz! Snick!

By the third time, Charlotte knew that her sex was becoming wet with arousal. The combination of the dildo inside her and the riding crop was irresistible! There was no way that she could stop herself from the inevitable orgasm that was sure to come. The weeks of being trained by Mistress Jaclyn had turned her into a craven sexual machine, filled with desire.

Buzzzzz! Snick!

It was only with the greatest of effort that she managed to keep her vaginal muscles tightly clenched onto the dildo! Charlotte could feel that her body was about to betray her, and there was nothing that she could do about it.

“Buzzzzz! Snick!


Charlotte moaned when she climaxed, and the dildo slid out of her moist passage onto the library floor and made a small sound when it struck the floor.

“Naughty girl!” said Mistress Jaclyn, just as the dildo again buzzed, except this time it was on the floor, and not in Charlotte’s sex. Jaclyn bent down and retrieved the dildo with her right hand, because in her left, she held the riding crop!

Jaclyn then displayed the dildo, covered in Charlotte’s female secretions, to Charlotte.

“You’re a very randy girl,” chastised Mistress Charlotte, “for that, you’re going to be punished. I’ll start here with a few strokes on your bottom with the crop, and we’ll continue in my bedroom. No need for a safe-word, darling, so you’ll remain gagged. I won’t be hitting you that hard. But it’s time that you learn how to be disciplined while gagged.”

“Mmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned in expectation of another round of punishment.

Mistress Jaclyn passed the dildo to Annette, which Charlotte noted was covered in a latex condom, which made cleanup easy. In her time as a submissive, Charlotte had learned all kinds of tips for sex toys.

“Prepare yourself.”

Snick! Snick! Snick!

The riding crop would land on her bottom, her shoulder blades, and the back of her thighs. In addition, Charlotte could feel as Mistress Jaclyn pushed the crop’s tip onto her sex from behind.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned as the crop again assaulted her femininity.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Since Charlotte had already climaxed, there was no question of her climaxing again under the crop. So she was free to let the crop sexually arouse and bring her to orgasm.


Charlotte continued moaning from the combined effects of the crop and dildo, and she found that she actually liked being gagged. It served to make her more helpless, and just increased the excitement of bondage and discipline.

When her orgasm was over, she lay motionless on the footstool as Mistress Jaclyn unbuckled her ball-gag, freeing her mouth one more.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Charlotte quickly said once the ball was removed from her mouth.

“You’re welcome, Charlotte. Did you like the footstool? Maybe I’ll sit in the chair, and I’ll use you as a footstool. Then I’ll invite Annette to do the same. That way, you can feel our high heels dig into your already punished flesh. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Good. Annette, please join me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Annette.

Mistress Jaclyn then pulled up one of the library chairs to the footstool, sat down, and placed her feet in high heels on Charlotte’s punished bottom!

Annette then pulled up a second chair, and placed her high heeled shoes onto Charlotte’s punished shoulder blades!

“Ooooooooh!” moaned Charlotte.

“Have you ever thought that you would be used as a footstool, Charlotte?” questioned Mistress Jaclyn.

“No, Mistress,” Charlotte replied.

“It all comes as part of being a submissive, Charlotte. Remember that while you are here, I have the right to use your body in any way that I see fit. Unless you call your safe-word, and I now want to hear you repeat it for me.”

“Chastity, Mistress.”

“Good. If I should ever use you too harshly beyond what you are comfortable with, you must call out your safe-word. You are not here to be injured. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Charlotte was then subjected to Mistress Jaclyn digging one of her heels into her naked and punished flesh. It was nothing compared to either the whip or the crop, but it pained her already abused female flesh. She wondered how she was going to be able to sit down at her desk at work this week.


Like all women, Charlotte had fantasized about wearing high heels and walking on a helpless man. She imagined that she held a naked man in her clutches, and would walk on his naked body with a pair of four inch high heels, the very symbol of femininity.

However, Charlotte had never imagined that it would be herself who would be now used as a footstool by a Dominatrix and one of her submissives; or that she would become a submissive herself!

“Annette, I think that we have proven our point to Charlotte long enough,” said Mistress Jaclyn as she removed her high heel clad shoes from Charlotte’s bottom, “I’d like her prepared and in my bedroom in less than an hour. You will have the rest of the night off.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” replied Annette.


“Yes, Mistress?” answered Charlotte, still tied to the footstool.

“Lest you think that I am neglecting Annette here, during the week she is subjected to the same discipline that you are. One day, you shall be the Latex Maid and assist me as I punish Annette,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Charlotte replied.

* * *

It seemed as if every time that Charlotte had submitted herself to Mistress Jaclyn, there had been something new in her repertoire of torments for her to endure. Charlotte had just been brought to orgasm, punished, and used as a human footstool by Jaclyn, and the evening wasn’t over yet.

Charlotte wondered how she was going to get any rest on Sunday, and how she would manage to compose herself for work on Monday. She knew that she would relive every punishment, every stroke of the flogger, every orgasm! Her hand would unconsciously seek out the locking plate of her Chastity Belt, as if to reassure Charlotte that it was still locked upon her waist.

If previous to submitting herself to Mistress Jaclyn Charlotte had suffered from a lack of sexual activity, now she had an excess instead! She longed to tell her friend Tammy about her new experiences, but Tammy seemed to be involved in her own submission.

Every weekend now brought her new experiences of both pain and pleasure, and Charlotte looked forward with trepidation and eagerness to further her sexual education.

After her brief session on the footstool, Annette had toweled the sweat from her naked body and cleaned her sex. Lastly, Annette had rouged her nipples and sprayed perfume between her thighs, to make her all that more alluring. Charlotte could never recall another time in her life when she had ever had this many orgasms in her life.

Annette had then locked her hands behind her back, and replaced the ball-gag in her mouth. Then she had conducted her to Mistress Jaclyn’s bedroom, and knocked on the door.

“Come,” ordered Jaclyn.

Annette opened the door, gently walked the naked, bound and gagged Charlotte inside, and closed the door behind her.

“Come inside, Charlotte, you are expected,” invited Mistress Jaclyn.

“Mmmmmmph” Charlotte moaned, the ball-gag preventing her speech.

Mistress Jaclyn was seated on the couch in her bedroom, wearing a white silk robe, white high heels, with a riding crop beside her. On a nearby table was an ice bucket with an unopened bottle inside, and two wine glasses. Charlotte could detect the scent of Opium in the air, and knew that she was now going to be expected to satisfy her Mistress sexually, between her legs.

“Sit down, Charlotte,” invited Mistress Jaclyn, “your presence is expected.”

Obediently, Charlotte did as she was told, and sat down next to Mistress Jaclyn on the couch, with the riding crop between them.

“Mmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned, knowing that she was totally under the power of her Mistress.

“Let us try something new,” suggested Mistress Jaclyn.

Jaclyn then opened her right hand in front of Charlotte, to reveal two stainless steel objects held together with a matching chain.

“Do you know what these are, Charlotte?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte shook her head from side to side.

“Nipple clamps, for those lovely breasts of yours. These are the simplest type, with a slide to hold them closed and rubber tips so that I don’t damage your nipples. Let’s give them a try, shall we?”

Charlotte sat still as Mistress Jaclyn placed a clamp onto her right nipple, then gently closed it with the slide. Her left nipple was then confined in the same way, and Mistress Jaclyn then gently pulled at the stainless steel chain that linked them together.

“Mmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned when her buds were pulled by the two clamps.

“There are clamps that are far more elaborate and complicated, and I could use clothes pins as well. All of them can do the job, which is to imprison and give your nipples a modest amount of pain,” casually explained Mistress Jaclyn to her bound captive.

Jaclyn then reached forward, and gave the chain another pull, not so gentle this time, and Charlotte had no option but to lean forward in response.


“Amazing how such a little thing can exert such control over a woman,” casually observed Mistress Jaclyn, as she continued to pull on the chain, which then pulled Charlotte’s erect and aroused nipples.

“There are other clamps that I can use on your sex, on your outer lips and clitoris, but those will be for another time,” said Mistress Jaclyn, “but the nipple clamps also have a secret for women like you who have never worn them.”

Charlotte sat at rapt attention as she listened to Mistress Jaclyn.

“The longer that they stay on, the more painful it will be when I finally remove them.”


Charlotte was rewarded for her last moan by Mistress Jaclyn again pulling at the chain linking her two nipples together. It seemed that just when she had gotten used to discipline, her Mistress had some new way to erotically torment her!

“I wanted to introduce you to the footstool; and nipple clamps this weekend. I trust that you were satisfied with the results,” nonchalantly observed Mistress Jaclyn.


“Since I applied the nipple clamps with a gag in your mouth, I’m going to remove them the same way. As I said before, it will serve to increase your pain and pleasure,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

When the first clamp was removed from her right nipple, Charlotte would certainly have screamed had she not been gagged! Her nipple had hurt when clamped, but when it was removed and the blood flow restored it felt like a million pins and needles all at once stabbing at her femininity!

Next came her left nipple, and again she felt like screaming. But the ball-gag prevented Charlotte from embarrassing herself in front of Mistress Jaclyn. She had borne this new form of torment stoically, because she had been gagged throughout.

“Now for your gag, darling,” said Mistress Jaclyn, as she moved to unbuckle the gag at the back of Charlotte’s neck.

“Thank you, Mistress!” cried Charlotte once the red rubber ball-gag had been removed from her mouth.

“You’re welcome, Charlotte. Did you like being gagged?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered, “it made my bondage more intense.”

“Good, and what about the nipple clamps?”

“They were very painful, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Then I shall remove the pain with some wine,” answered Mistress Jaclyn.

Jaclyn then turned to her right, removed the bottle from the ice bucket, and opened the bottle that had been waiting for her. She twisted off the cork, and poured two glasses before she replaced the bottle.

“I hope you like dry sherry from Spain, it’s always been a favorite of mine,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

“I do, Mistress,” answered Charlotte, “but how can I drink with my hands locked behind my back?”

“I’ll hold the glass for you, Charlotte,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

Mistress Jaclyn picked up a glass from the table and drank first. She replaced it back on the table and picked up the second, which she held to Charlotte’s waiting lips.

“Drink, darling, the night is still young!” exclaimed Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte was surprised that Jaclyn let her consume the entire glass of sherry. Then Jaclyn finished hers, and poured two more. Jaclyn finished half of her second glass, and then let Charlotte drink a second glass without interruption.

She was certain that Mistress Jaclyn was going to try some trick to make her spill her glass of sherry. But instead she held the wineglass steady, and allowed Charlotte to finish her drink, even if her hands were locked behind her back.

“Do you know what I expect you to do this evening?” asked Mistress Jaclyn, after they had drunk the entire bottle.

“You want me to make love to you, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“That’s correct, Charlotte. Except that tonight, you will do so with your hands locked behind your back. All you really need is your lips, tongue, and teeth. And I shall gladly move to accommodate your needs,” said Mistress Jaclyn, who leaned forward and kissed Charlotte firmly on the lips.

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Come then, darling.”

Mistress Jaclyn rose from the couch first, and took the riding crop in her left hand. Then she helped Charlotte to her feet, and led her by her collar to the waiting bed. Jaclyn then removed her silk robe, and lay back on the bed, still wearing her high heels. Charlotte then joined her, standing on her knees and gradually lowering herself next to Mistress Jaclyn.

“Good job, Charlotte,” complimented Mistress Jaclyn.

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Charlotte as she kissed Jaclyn on the lips.

Their lovemaking had begun! Charlotte began by kissing Jaclyn several times on her lips, before finally pushing her tongue into her mouth. Jaclyn reciprocated, their tongues touching and feeling each other, first in Jaclyn’s mouth, then in Charlotte’s.

Charlotte then withdrew from Jaclyn’s mouth, bent downwards, and began to kiss her passionately on her neck, slowly inching down the bed. She then drew level with Jaclyn’s chest, and began to lick, suck, and bite her erect nipples.

Jaclyn moaned in response to the attention that Charlotte was giving her breasts, holding them so that Charlotte could pay tribute to her femininity.

Moving further downwards on the bed, Charlotte planted a line of kisses on Jaclyn’s belly before reaching the apex of her thighs. Jaclyn accommodated her by laying flat on her back, and opening her legs completely so that Charlotte would have unimpeded access to her moist sex.

Charlotte then buried her face between Jaclyn’s legs, and began by first tonguing, then gently biting, Jaclyn’s outer lips. This aroused Jaclyn greatly, and she began to moan with pleasure in response. Charlotte did not immediately put her tongue deeper into Jaclyn’s pussy, but instead continued to issue love bites to her outer lips. This mixture of mild pleasure and pain served to excite Jaclyn even more, and her naked body grew hot with the stimulation that Charlotte continued to deliver.

Sensing that the time was right, Charlotte then plunged her tongue into Jaclyn’s sex. She pushed her tongue into Jaclyn’s moist and fragrant pussy, tasting her female secretions, which she had done many times before.

Prior to her seeking out Mistress Jaclyn, Charlotte would have never considered making love to another woman. Now, after several weeks, she was an accomplished expert in pleasing her Mistress.

Finally, her tongue probed the hood protecting Jaclyn’s clitoris, and delving even deeper, began to probe the clitoris itself!

Jaclyn thrashed about, and began to moan once more. Sweat ran down her breasts and armpits as her arousal continued to increase in proportion to Charlotte’s stimulation of her clitoris.

“Don’t stop!” ordered Jaclyn.

Charlotte would not have stopped by any means, because she knew that her efforts were now about to bear fruit. She continued tonguing Jaclyn’s clitoris, driving her Mistress to a frenzy of arousal. Jaclyn clenched her fingers so tightly that her nails dug into her palms, and her moans of pleasure continued.

Then Charlotte deliberately bit Jaclyn’s clitoris with her teeth, and the jolt of mild pain was enough to set her off as a series of orgasms tore through her naked body! For the first time, Jaclyn ejaculated onto Charlotte’s face! She bounced on the bed, moaning as orgasm after orgasm surged through her naked body.

“I’m coming,” Jaclyn shouted, as she lost all self-control.

Charlotte was pleased because she had learned her lessons well. Mistress Jaclyn did not have to resort to the riding crop, since Charlotte did not need it’s prodding in order to satisfy her.

Jaclyn lay panting on the bed, as Charlotte rose to her knees from her naked body.

“Did I please you, Mistress?”

“Yes, Charlotte, you did. Thank you very much, darling. You have learned your lessons well, both under the lash and in bed. Let me unlock your wrists so that you may clean yourself off in the bathroom, and then I shall attend to you in bed. You have certainly earned your reward tonight,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

“Thank you, Mistress,” answered Charlotte as her wrists were unlocked.

* * *

Charlotte lay back in Jaclyn’s bed, feeling truly wonderful. She had undergone not one but three torments this night, and had finally sexually satisfied her Mistress in bed. She had never experienced this level of pain and pleasure, and sexual satisfaction before. It had all seemed like a dream that she hoped would never end.

Mistress Jaclyn had begun by kissing Charlotte on her lips, progressing down onto her neck. Then her mouth found Charlotte’s breasts, and she kissed and playfully bit her already sensitive nipples!

“Do you like that?” questioned Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

Jaclyn then began to plant kisses on Charlotte’s belly, and finally reached her thighs. Charlotte did not understand why her Mistress had paused at the entrance to her sex.

“Don’t stop, Mistress, please,” Charlotte begged.

Mistress Jaclyn rose from the bed and removed a dildo harness from her night-table. She strapped the leather and steel harness around her waist and sex, and the rubber penis was molded to look like that of a man.

“Time for your reward, Charlotte,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

Jaclyn then removed a box of latex condoms from the drawer, which she next closed. She took one packet from the box, opened it, and unrolled it onto the latex shaft.

“Get on all fours, Charlotte. Doggy style, please?”

Charlotte quickly did as she was instructed. Not only was Jaclyn her Mistress, but there was the ever-present threat of the riding crop should she fail to obey her orders.

Jaclyn then placed her hands on Charlotte’s hips, and her submissive opened her legs, and Charlotte moaned when the rubber shaft was pushed into her sex to it’s hilt. She was glad that Jaclyn had chosen a lubricated condom, since after multiple orgasms that night, Charlotte was sure that she might not be able to provide enough of her own natural moisture.

Charlotte moaned with pleasure, content that she had pleased her Mistress that night.

* * *

For three weeks, Charlotte had waited for her weekly call to be summoned to again serve Mistress Jaclyn as her submissive. Charlotte tried without success to call Jaclyn, and all of her texts went unanswered. Over time, she had become frantic. Charlotte missed her weekly sessions under the lash, and in bed satisfying Jaclyn.

Finally her phone rang, and Charlotte ran into the stock room to get some privacy so that her co-workers would not listen in on her conversation.

“Jaclyn?” asked Charlotte, “is that really you? Where have you been?”

“Charlotte, I have something very important to tell you. I’ll probably never see you again,” Jaclyn answered.

“Why?” asked Charlotte.

“I’m about to be deported back to my native New Zealand. I overstayed my tourist visa for years in the United States, and I got caught with a fake driver’s license behind the wheel. I’m sorry.”

Charlotte began to sob into the phone.

“Annette’s gone as well, deported back to the Falkland Islands, she was here illegally as well,” said Jaclyn.

“Mistress, what am I supposed to do?” asked Charlotte.

“Charlotte, I don’t have much time. You’re free, you no longer belong to me, you can now find another Master or Mistress to own you. Or you can just have a normal life, with a husband and children,” explained Jaclyn.

Charlotte cried into the phone, for she had truly come to love Mistress Jaclyn and the lash.

“I’m having a lawyer friend of mine send you a package with your collar and bracelets; the ball-gag; nipple clamps; and a flogger with short strands that you can use on yourself. I’ll call from from home when things settle down and we can text each other. Charlotte, I just want to say that I love you,” concluded Jaclyn.

“I love you too, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Good bye,” said Jaclyn as she cut the connection.

“Bye, Mistress,” cried Charlotte.

That afternoon Charlotte left work early to return home and cry because she had lost her Mistress and was now sexually adrift. Her Chastity Belt now seemed to be the only sexual constant in her life.

Charlotte later read an article about a group of people deported to Australia and New Zealand, and she recognized Mistress Jaclyn in a photograph under another name. She would never hear from Jaclyn again.

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH06 PT1: Charlotte in Chains”