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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH05 PT2

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH05 PT2: Not A Hint of Scandal”

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“Controlled Experiment CH05 PT2: Not A Hint of Scandal”

* * *

Dr. Allen and Nurse Alexandra were having a meeting in his office.

“That idea never occurred to me,” said Dr. Allen, “that Victoria and Tammy would discuss her submission to Craig.”

“Men aren’t the only ones who discuss sex,” observed Nurse Alexandra, “get a group of women together with no men around and the talk will be very honest and straightforward, with none of the lies that men tell about their exploits.”

“You’re saying that women don’t lie about sex?” asked Dr. Allen.

“Not to the extent that men do,” observed Nurse Alexandra.

“So what do we do about Veronica?”

“She’s had her rest from any sexual activities. Victoria is a healthy beautiful woman with a normal sex drive, and she’s probably very curious about her friend Tammy; who is already in a submissive relationship with Master Craig. I say we take advantage of that fact and send Veronica the same impulses we sent to Tammy,” suggested Nurse Alexandra.

“Veronica will then want to experience pleasure and pain, same as Tammy.”

“Then she already has a contact with someone who can show her the way into submission,” said Nurse Alexandra.

“Go ahead, let’s see if a corporate executive can develop submissive tendencies,” said Dr. Allen.

“Consider it done,” replied Nurse Alexandra, “Veronica, who is used to giving orders is now going to discover just how pleasurable it will be to obey them.”

* * *

It had been two weeks since Veronica had called Tammy to apologize for her criticism of Tammy for her admission that she was now in service to a Dominant Master. They had agreed to meet for dinner at a local restaurant, and Veronica had chosen a private booth for the two of them.

They discussed work, the weather, the economy, before Veronica finally came around to the real reason for their meeting.

“Tammy, I have a very serious question to ask, a sexual one,” said Veronica.

“Since I was the one who introduced you to the Chastity Belt, ask away,” Tammy answered.

“Could you please ask Master Craig to introduce me to bondage and discipline?” asked Veronica.

“I thought you didn’t like that sort of thing,” Tammy answered, “what changed your mind?”

“You’re not going to believe this,” Veronica replied, “but I had a dream the same afternoon before I called you to apologize.”

“What happened in this dream?” Tammy asked.

“I was hanging naked in a mirrored room, with my wrists above my head and a bar separating my legs. There was a red ball-gag in my mouth, and I was wearing a collar as well. I hung there for a long time, and then two people entered, a masked Male Dominant and his Latex Maid.”

“That’s some dream,” commented Tammy, “have you been watching a lot of porn lately?”

“I only really started watching bondage porn after, not before the dream,” Veronica answered, “but let me continue?”


“The masked man called himself The Master, and he was really well built. He told me that I was now in The House of Punishment, and I was going to be whipped for all of my bad relationship choices,” Veronica explained.

“What happened next?” asked Tammy.

“He took a whip, made me kiss it, and began to use it on me!” exclaimed Veronica.

“How did it feel?”

“He faked me out at first. I thought his his first stroke was going to flay me alive, but instead it was just a light tap! I screamed myself silly! After that first stroke, he began to methodically whip me.”


“On my breasts, my thighs, my shoulder blades, and my bottom. He must have been a true Master, because all his strokes landed on their targets. Every now and then, a stroke would land on my pussy, and that would make me scream!”

“Wow, what happened next?”

“I screamed, I begged, I offered him money to stop, but he continued, each stroke slowly sexually arousing me. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, Tammy, I really didn’t! He told me that I was a rich, spoiled girl who needed to be whipped and taught submission.”

“How did it end?”

“He kept on saying that he didn’t have much time, and then I finally came! I had a series of orgasms unlike anything I’ve ever had before, they left me stunned and confused. Then a truck outside backfired, waking me up, and that was when I called you to apologize,” finished Veronica.

“That’s some dream,” observed Tammy, who took a sip of her now cold coffee.

“I’ve been all confused these last two weeks, Tammy! Normally, I’m the controlled female executive at work. But I’ve made mistakes, I look at bondage porn on my phone in my office, and I act like a ditsy female! This isn’t good, even if I do work at the family firm,” commented Veronica.

“You want me to ask Craig if he would place you in bondage?”

“Yes,” Veronica answered, “so I can satisfy my own curiosity about whether I want to submit myself to a Master as you have. You’re the only one I can ask this of. I can’t call a dating service and ask if they have any Masters they can introduce me to,” Veronica answered.

“That’s really something, Veronica. It reminds me of an old TV show I used to watch years ago called ‘Change of Heart’; except that was about whether a woman would stay with her old boyfriend or change for a new one. Here you want to enter submission, something I’m new to myself,” said Tammy.

“You said you loved Master Craig,” replied Veronica.

“Yes, he’s the best,” said Tammy.

“Then I want him to introduce me to the whip and bondage, just like you. Then if I work out, maybe he knows another master who needs a submissive who he can set me up with,” suggested Veronica.

“I’ll suggest this to Master Craig, but I don’t know how he’ll react,” Tammy answered.

“Please you’ve just got to,” begged Veronica, “before I lose my mind. I’m just a mass of confused female hormones right now.”

“All right, I’ll see what I can do,” said Tammy, “but no promises.”

“No promises,” Veronica repeated, “thanks Tammy.”

“You’re welcome.”

* * *

Veronica sat at the dining room table in Master Craig’s house, across from Craig and Tammy. She was a nervous wreck, still not believing that she was here.

“Thank you for seeing me,” said Veronica.

“You’re welcome,” replied Master Craig, “Tammy has now been my submissive for several weeks, and has told me of your interest in submission. Do you really want to join your friend in bondage and under the lash?”



“I’ve had a series of bad relationships with men. Then I had a strange dream where I was bound and whipped by a Dominant Master, and I had a series of orgasms unlike anything I ever had before. So I’d like to try bondage and discipline,” admitted Veronica.

“That’s quite a story. Have you ever been interested in this before? Any sexual fetishes for leather or latex? Self-bondage?” he asked.

“No, none,” Veronica confessed.

“I’m reluctant to take you on as a submissive for two reasons: first off you have no experience in the scene at all. But since Tammy was in the same position, I’m partially willing to overlook that fact. But the second reason is more important: two’s company and three’s a crowd,” observed Master Craig.

“I don’t understand,” said Veronica.

“While pornography may be full of stories of dominants with a stable of submissive females in real life that is impracticable. I don’t want you to come between Tammy and myself, particularly when she is new to submission herself. For all of your friendship, sooner or later Tammy is going to wonder if we’re having sex behind her back. And keep in mind, sex is an important part of submission,” he described.

“How?” Veronica asked.

“Usually, after a scene, a master will use his submissive sexually to prove his domination over her. I doubt that Tammy will appreciate seeing me take you sexually after I give you a whipping. Isn’t that right, Tammy?” asked Craig.

“Yes, sir,” Tammy answered.

“Even if as a submissive you’re supposed to accept that I have the power to take other women during a scene,” explained Craig.

“Yes, Master.”

“So your desire leaves me in a serious quandary,” said Craig, “if I do take you on, can you understand that it will be only temporary, on the condition of the possibility by no means certain that I can find you a master in the future. And that after a scene, there will be no tender moments in bed.”

“Yes, Master,” Veronica answered.

“Also keep in mind that Tammy will be there as my latex maid. She will prepare you for my use, then rub salve on your tortured skin after a scene. The entire dynamics of your friendship will change. You may come to resent her because she is my submissive, a role that you would like to have. Also because she will have delivered you to me for discipline. I might even have her whip you. Would you resent that?” asked Craig.

“I don’t know, I never even considered that,” Veronica replied.

“Real life is more complicated than fiction. I will only serve as your temporary Master if Tammy agrees. Tammy, do you agree with the conditions I have set forth? That I serve as her temporary Master, and if Veronica works out, I find her a permanent one? That you will serve as my latex maid to assist me, and to see that Veronica and I don’t have sex?” questioned Master Craig.

Both Veronica and Master Craig looked directly at Tammy, who was speechless for a moment.

“Keep in mind this arrangement risks your friendship. I’ve seen this happen before, two women in competition for one man. It doesn’t matter that I’m a Master or not, women compete sexually with each other. I hate to put you on the spot, Tammy, but you have to decide now,” cautioned Craig.

“You have certainly laid out all of the issues, Master. Ideas that I never even thought of. I agree with all of your conditions for bringing Veronica into our relationship on a temporary basis,” Tammy agreed, “because we’ve been such good friends for a long time.”

“I hope that you understand this may mean the end of your friendship. That you may resent Veronica, become jealous of her. And Veronica.”

“Yes, sir.”

“How would you feel if I ordered Tammy to take the crop and use you harshly, and leave you covered in marks because you didn’t obey one of my commands?”

“I don’t know,” truthfully answered Veronica.

“I hope that the two of you fully understand what you both are getting into. The dynamics of female relationships are already complicated, introducing submission will only make them more so. I want to hear from both of you that you understand the gravity of your decision,” Craig carefully stated.

Tammy and Veronica looked at one another. Could their friendship survive submission?

“I agree,” said Tammy.

“I agree also,” followed Veronica.

“I can make up a contract for our arrangement, just like I’m making one up for the one between Tammy and myself, which will spell out the conditions. I hope that your friendship will survive this relationship,” said Craig.

“Yes, Master,” Tammy answered.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica again replied, a little shaken by her decision.

* * *

It was the first Friday after their three way meeting to discuss Veronica’s entry into a D/s relationship with Master Craig. It wasn’t until after she had returned home that Veronica had fully grasped all of the issues that he had brought up. Sex had never been so complicated, Veronica thought to herself.

Tammy had driven to Veronica’s apartment, and had picked her up. They made little small talk on the way to Craig’s house, each woman preferring to keep to her own thoughts.

“Tammy, I don’t want this to come between us,” said Veronica, “you saved me by introducing me to the Chastity Belt when I was having problems with Henry. I’ll always be in your debt for that. I just hope that Craig can find me a master quickly.”

“I only want us both to be happy,” Tammy answered, “Master Craig instructed me how I’m supposed to conduct myself towards you in the playroom. It isn’t very nice. I’ve got to be cold, aloof, place you in bondage, and do nothing if you’re screaming in pain. Even take the whip to you if he orders it.”

“I understand and take full responsibility for my decision,” said Veronica, “I just hope that I can be as strong as you are under the lash.”

“Me too,” answered Tammy.

* * *

Upon entering Craig’s house Tammy had taken Veronica to her bedroom. Tammy had locked Veronica’s hands behind her back with a pair of handcuffs while she had changed into her uniform.

Veronica watched in silence as Tammy stripped off her clothes until she was naked. Then she put on a latex bra and panty set. They were followed by a pair of latex stockings, and then Tammy had managed to get into her uniform and zip it up by herself. Then she locked a leather collar around her neck. Latex shoulder length gloves came next, followed by a white headpiece and apron, and lastly she locked a pair of four inch heels on her feet.

Then she had conducted Veronica down to the playroom where her handcuffs were removed. On the cot were a collar and bracelet set for her wrists and ankles, along with a riding crop. Tammy had ordered that Veronica bring her purse with her.

“Strip,” ordered Tammy.

Veronica removed her blouse, followed by her skirt and heels. She then removed her bra, high heels and stockings. That only left her Chastity Belt!

“The belt also,” ordered Tammy.

Veronica removed the key from her purse. She inserted it into the side of the belt, and the front locking plate came free, followed by the front and waist straps.

“Lock it back up and give it to me.”

Veronica did so without any comment, finally noticing that on the cot was a long thin riding crop!

“Now sit down while I collar you.”

Veronica sat down on the cot, and in quick succession her throat, wrists and ankles were all locked into steel and leather.

“Put these on your feet, and then your heels back on.”

Tammy handed her two of the sheer, disposable little stockings available in shoe stores for women that would barely cover her feet. Veronica quickly complied, and soon she was naked, collared, wearing nothing but her high heels.

“Hands behind your back.”

Veronica did as she was ordered, and Tammy locked her hands behind her back with a snap link. There was no way that she would ever get free.

She was shocked when Tammy then reached forward, and began to fondle her naked breasts, and pinched her already erect nipples. Veronica opened her mouth to protest, but said nothing.

“Stand up and bend over,” ordered Tammy.

Veronica did as she was instructed, and Tammy then picked up the riding crop and delivered several stinging strokes to her bottom.

“Owwwwww!” Veronica cried.

“What Craig will do to you will hurt a lot worse,” confided Tammy, “this isn’t a lady’s tea party.”

“Thank you,” stuttered Veronica.

“You can sit down,” ordered Tammy, as she gathered Veronica’s clothes, purse, and Chastity Belt, along with the riding crop before exiting the cell and locking the door behind her.

Veronica’s things were all locked away out of sight in a cabinet, and the riding crop joined the other instruments of discipline on the wall rack.

Tammy then walked to the door, and bade goodbye to Veronica, saying that she would return shortly with Craig.

Then her real test would begin.

* * *

With her hands locked behind her back, there was little that Veronica could do. She could stay seated on the cot and survey the contents of the playroom, and wonder how many females he had entertained with his collection of bondage devices. Or she could stand up naked, wearing nothing but her high heels and walk around a few steps in her cell. Either way, there was little that a naked, chained girl could do while locked in a cell with her hands locked behind her back. Which, thought Veronica, was probably the whole idea, so that she couldn’t push her fingers into her sex and bring herself to an orgasm.

When the playroom door next opened, the image of Master Craig and her friend Tammy dazed Veronica. Master Craig was now dressed completely in black leather, beginning with a face mask that concealed his identity. He also wore a black vest, black trousers, and matching soft boots.

Tammy was still dressed in Black Latex Maid’s uniform that she had watched her don earlier upstairs in the bedroom.

Master Craig walked to Veronica’s cell, followed behind by Tammy, who had closed the playroom door behind her.

“Good evening, Veronica.”

“Good evening, Master,” Veronica answered quickly, as she got to her feet. Her bottom still stung from Tammy striking her several times with the riding crop, which had been her first physical chastisement.

“Are you satisfied with the arrangements that we agreed on?” Master Craig asked.

“Yes, Master.”

“You can still back out and nothing more will be said,” stated Master Craig.

“I am where I want to be,” said Veronica, “please train me under the lash, Master?”

“As you wish. There is now no going back. Tammy, you may restrain Veronica. Hang her from the ceiling, arms and legs apart, with her heels just touching the floor. But first I want her to walk to the wall rack and select the instrument of her discipline, and present it to me,” ordered Craig, who then walked to the high wooden chair and sat down, Master of his domain.

“Yes, sir,” Tammy answered, “come!”

Tammy unlocked the cell door and Veronica walked out, then turned around to allow Tammy to unlock her wrist cuffs. When they were free, she walked to the wall rack and surveyed it’s deadly contents. Veronica removed and handled the riding crop that Tammy had just used on her bottom. Then she examined the flogger, and felt the hardened knots at the end of each strand that she knew had been soaked in water. Lastly, she picked out the whip that The Master had used on her naked flesh when she dreamed of The House of Punishment.

Veronica then walked deliberately to Master Craig who was seated on his throne, and knelt before him.

“This humble submissive begs to be whipped, Master?” implored Veronica.

“The whip is a fearsome weapon, Veronica. Are you really certain that is what you want for your first session?” Craig questioned.

“Yes, Master,” replied Veronica as she presented him with the whip.

“I might hurt you with it.”

“I place my trust in you.”

“Very well then,” said Craig as he took the coiled whip from Veronica’s outstretched hands, “Tammy, you know what to do.”

“Yes, Master.”

Tammy then escorted Veronica over to the ceiling chain, which had already been lowered previously. She gathered two spreader bars from the wall rack, in addition to four small keyed padlocks. Tammy then locked one spreader bar to Veronica’s wrists, and the bar (which had an eye hook in it’s center) to the ceiling chain, raising her hands above her head. Next, Veronica’s ankles were locked to the second spreader bar.

The final stage in her confinement occurred when Tammy walked to the controller on the wall, and slowly raised Veronica off the floor until her heels just touched the floor. Veronica was now naked and totally helpless!

“Thank you, Tammy,” said Master Craig as he rose from his throne, and stood directly in front of the bound and vulnerable Veronica.

“Kiss the whip,” he ordered, offering her the handle of woven leather.

“Yes, Master,” said Veronica as she warily complied.

“Prepare yourself!”

“Owwwwwww!” Veronica howled when the first stroke of the whip landed on her exposed right thigh. Unlike in her dream, this was not a mild tap, but a truly stinging reminder that in Craig’s playroom, discipline was real.

“Does that satisfy your curiosity?” demanded Master Craig.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica tearfully answered.

“Since this will be your first time under the lash, I want you to count out each stroke, which I shall deliver in sets of five. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Master!”

“There is one more question to be asked: what is your safe-word? I’m sure that Tammy has already discussed this with you already,” asked Master Craig.

“My safe-word is dream, Master,” Veronica answered.

“Then remember it, and if you cannot take any more punishment, use it. Then the whip will stop.”

“I understand,” said Veronica.

“Good, prepare yourself!”

“One!” The first stroke of her discipline landed on the exposed sensitive flesh of her right underarm, which made her pull at her chains without effect.




“Five!” Veronica almost screamed when a stroke seared a line of pain across her bottom. Every time for days she would remember being whipped each time that she sat down.





“Ten!” Veronica soon discovered that Craig was quite skilled with the whip. Just like in her dream, he could vary the power of each stroke. Some strokes were little more than taps, others made her pull in her chains in a vain attempt to escape the whip.





“Fifteen!” Veronica shrieked when the whip landed on her right breast! Her very femininity was under assault by the whip!

“Sixteen! Owwwwww!” She screamed when the whip found it’s way between her thighs to strike her sex, which had previously been protected by the Chastity Belt.




“Twenty! Owwww!” Another stroke had landed on her sex, and Veronica screamed in pain.

“Are you all right?” asked Master Craig.

“Fine, sir. Please continue?” begged Veronica, as she began to feel the unmistakable signs of sexual arousal. She knew that her nipples were hard and that she was wet between her legs.

Veronica simply could not believe that she had gotten herself into this position, and that she was not begging for Craig to stop using the whip upon her!





“Twenty-five!” Tammy screamed again when the whip struck her naked body harshly. It didn’t matter where exactly it landed, because her body was a solid mass of pain. Veronica had led a pampered existence all of her life, and she could have never imagined that she would have voluntarily placed herself in the position of being naked, whipped, submissive!





“Thirty!” Tammy screamed with both pain and pleasure surging through her naked body, almost ready to use her safe-word when she felt Master Craig insert his index and forefinger into her wet sex, touch her engorged clitoris.

It was then that weeks of sexual denial from her wearing of the Chastity Belt, and the arousal caused by her whipping all combined to create an unstoppable tidal wave within her as one massive orgasm after another tore through her naked body. She pulled at her chains without effect, twisting from side to side in a useless effort to free herself.

Her naked body was covered in sweat and whip marks, and her hair was in disarray. But none of that mattered now, because Veronica had found what she had sought: Submission.

“Thank you, Master,” said Veronica, her breathing ragged from the orgasms that had left her stunned and exhausted.

“You’re welcome. Tammy, you may release Veronica, bathe her, soothe her wounds and take her to bed,” ordered Master Craig.

“Yes, sir,” said Tammy.

By design, they would not see each other until the next day.

* * *

Once Tammy had released Veronica and all the bondage gear had been replaced, she helped her upstairs to a lavish bedroom. She had removed her latex Maid’s uniform, and Veronica’s collar and bracelets. Then she rubbed salve into her wounds, and took a hot shower before drawing a hot bath for Veronica. Afterwards, she let her rest as Veronica soon fell asleep.

“Had a nice rest?” asked Tammy, naked, when Veronica awakened.

“Yes, thank you. Where are we?”

“In a bedroom together, where I’m supposed to take care of you.”


“If we were in a sex novel,” stated Tammy, “by now you would be between my thighs, and I would be teaching you how to become a lesbian, at the point of a riding crop.”

“How do you know about sex novels?” asked Veronica.

“I’ve read enough of them,” Tammy answered.

“Are we locked in?” asked Veronica.

“No, but if the door should be opened, Master Craig will know about it. We’re supposed to stay here until morning,” said Tammy.

“I understand,” Veronica replied.

“How do you feel?”

“A little sore, but all right. I’ll survive,” Veronica answered.

“Is this what you were expecting?” questioned Tammy.

“I’m still not sure,” Veronica replied, “do submissives get to wear clothes, or are we naked all the time?”

“Naked while doing scenes and afterwards,” Tammy answered, “so get used to being in your birthday suit.”

“I never thought I’d be naked in a bedroom with my best friend,” said Veronica.

“Neither did I!” chuckled Tammy.

“What about our Chastity Belts?” asked Veronica.

“Master Craig is a considerate owner. They are both in the cabinet, keys included, over there for us both to put back on. By the way, our belts use the same key, so that way Craig won’t have to ask you for one.”

“I can keep wearing my Belt?”

“We both can, now that we’re owned by Master Craig.”

“Tammy, I don’t want to come between you two. I hope that somehow Craig can find me a Master of my own,” said Veronica.

“Rather, the correct thing to say is that Craig has to find a Master to own you,” observed Tammy, “remember, we’re submissives, and Masters own us!”

“You’re right,” said Veronica.

“I hope that you don’t resent me for using the riding crop on your bottom,” said Tammy, “I was ordered to by Master Craig,”

“Well, I am here to learn submission, so I guess having my first stripes delivered by my best friend shouldn’t be a surprise.”

“Good, because now I have another surprise for you, also ordered by Master Craig.”

Tammy then walked naked to the dresser and opening the top drawer, removed some kind of leather harness with a male dildo protruding!

“What’s that?” asked Veronica.

Tammy displayed it for Veronica’s benefit, then proceeded to strap it on her naked body. She adjusted and tightened the straps until it was held in place tightly, with the phallus protruding out from her sex.

“It’s a dildo harness, used when a woman is fucking another woman. Master Craig has all different kinds of sex toys, including nipple clamps and ball-gags for us girls,” Tammy answered.

“Are you going to use that on me?” Veronica answered.

“Orders, now where are those condoms? Here, in the night-table!” exclaimed Tammy when she found what she was looking for.

Veronica watched in silence as her friend Tammy opened the foil packet and unrolled a condom onto the fully erect rubber simulation of a male shaft.

“I always wondered what it felt like to have one of these,” joked Tammy, “now because I’m a submissive, I’ve finally learned.”

“Do we have to do this?” asked Veronica, apprehensive at the idea of being fucked by her best friend.

“Yes, if we both want to remain submissives. At your family company you have to give orders that people don’t like, and by the same token, we’re now both submissives. The same way that I had to give you a few strokes with the crop earlier, I now have to fuck you. Since the agreement states that Craig can’t have sex with you, there is a line saying that you must have sex with whoever Craig designates. Tonight, that means me. Another day, that could mean a man or woman, a complete stranger,” explained Tammy.

“Wow,” said Veronica.

“You’re the VP, remember? Next time, read the contract before you sign it! Now, do you want to make love missionary position, or from behind?” casually asked Tammy.

“From behind, I’ve never done it that way before.”

“I have, but then I was the one getting fucked, not the one doing the fucking. In any event, up on all fours please, and if you’re not wet, I think there’s a bottle of lube here also,” said Tammy.

Veronica then got up onto the bed, and stood on all fours, doggy style. She watched in the bedroom mirror as Tammy approached her from behind, grabbed onto her hips, and she felt the tip of the rubber penis at the entrance to her sex!

“Open your legs and stay still!” ordered Tammy.

“Ooooooooh!” Veronica cried out in surprise when she felt the rubber coated shaft penetrate her from behind, and bury itself up to the hilt! She had never had sex from behind before!

“That’s good,” encouraged Tammy, “you’re doing fine!”

“Ooooooooh!” Veronica moaned when she felt Tammy withdraw, and then push the rubber shaft back inside her again, then she began a regular rhythm of penetration and withdrawal!

Veronica stole a glance at the bedroom mirror, not believing the image that she saw reflected back at her! Her naked body was covered in red whip marks, and there was Tammy, her best friend, now fucking her from behind with a large rubber male penis!

She had always prided herself on being the very image of the proper female executive, and earning her MBA was the happiest achievement in her life. But now, because of the unusual chain of circumstances, here she was, learning submission.

“Ooooooooh!” moaned Veronica, feeling herself becoming aroused by the piston like motions of the shaft inside her!

“That’s good!” breathed Tammy as she continued her motions inside Veronica.

All that Veronica felt now was the rubber shaft inside her, and her friend’s hands holding her hips. Veronica reflected that where Tammy’s hands were now, the waist straps of the Chastity Belt usually occupied that position.


“Are you coming?”

In spite of her resistance, Veronica soon found that she was not just becoming aroused, but that she was nearly ready to have an orgasm! She moaned and bucked, and soon was matching Tammy thrust for thrust, impaling herself on the shaft whenever it was pushed inside her!

“Ooooooooooh! I’m coming!” Veronica screamed, and then she exploded into her second orgasm of the night, her body again covered in sweat as she felt sensations unlike any other that she had ever experienced before!

Veronica was already tired from her whipping and her newfound combination of pain and pleasure. Her body was energized again as she experienced multiple orgasms once again, this time from the rubber shaft inside her!

All things pass, and so did the orgasms. Veronica lay on the bed-covers, sweating and panting from her pleasurable ordeal, with Tammy beside her, her right hand holding onto the shaft. The latex condom was covered with Veronica’s secretions, proof that she had come.

“How was it?” asked Tammy, the rubber shaft bobbing between her legs.

“Fine, I have to admit that I actually liked it,” said Veronica.


“I haven’t had sex for months, ever since you loaned me your first belt, remember? Now I’ve had two mind blowing sexual experiences, first down in the playroom, and the second one up here. I think that I could get used to submission. Tell me, what things has Craig used on you downstairs?”

“Pretty much everything so far. He placed me in the cage, my wrists and ankles chained. On the “X” cross also. But one thing I didn’t like was the horse,” complained Tammy.

“What is the horse?”

“Two pieces of wood joined together coming to a point, and when you sit on it, your entire weight is resting on your sex. I thought it was just agony!” observed Tammy.

“I’d like to experience it,” said Veronica, “in fact, I’d now like to experience everything.”

“I think that you’re becoming seduced by the whole idea of submission,” observed Tammy.

“You’re probably right,” said Veronica, immensely pleased with herself.

* * *

Veronica sat at her desk on Monday morning, the door closed. She had told her secretary that she was working on a project, and required a little privacy.

In reality, she wanted to relive everything that had happened to her on Friday night. All weekend long, she had admired herself in front of the mirror, looking at the red stripes on her naked body, trying to remember how she had screamed under the whip.

She remembered how, during her dream at The House of Punishment, she had protested to The Master that there were better things to do with naked girls than to whip them. In fact, she had said it twice. But now she realized that the whip could deliver both pleasure and pain, and she licked her lips in anticipation of future scenes with Master Craig.

Saturday they all had eaten breakfast together (Craig, it seemed was a great cook!); and Tammy had driven her home. But first they had swung by Tammy’s apartment, and she had loaned her friend a whole stack of novels about submission. That afternoon Veronica had opened the first one, and started reading to the exclusion of all else.

That night, whenever Veronica looked at the clock, she imagined that Tammy was doing her scene with Master Craig. But Veronica replayed her scene in her mind, and her nipples were hard and her heart raced with the memory.

Veronica desperately wanted to again feel the whip! Once the initial shock of being chained and disciplined had passed, when her naked body was covered in stripes and sweat, she had understood what she had seen in her dream was correct.

With the fingers of her right hand, she traced the outlines of the front locking plate of her Chastity Belt, and the band that encircled her waist beneath her skirt. Then she traced the main strap that went down between her legs, that enclosed her sex.

Now that she was in submission to Master Craig, he had asked her for the key to her belt, even though they had found that Tammy’s belt had the exact one. It was just a symbolic measure, but it meant that temporarily at least, Craig was now her owner.

Veronica could not believe the transformation that the weekend had wrought. Before, she had been a nervous wreck, her body crying out for relief. Now she was back to being calm and collected. Her first session under the whip had been both painful and wonderful, and later when Tammy had fucked her from behind with a dildo harness had only been icing on the cake! She wished that Craig had left Tammy with a crop so that she could put more stripes on her naked body.

She looked at her desk calendar, knowing full well that there were five days until next Friday. The tension was going to be unbearable by then.

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH05 PT2: Not a Hint of Scandal”