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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH05 PT1

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH05 PT1: Veronica Receives Her Belt”

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“Controlled Experiment CH05 PT1: Veronica Receives Her Belt”

* * *

It was Saturday morning, and Veronica Blair had just finished her steaming hot shower. She toweled off her beautiful naked body, aware that for over five weeks now she had refrained from any sexual encounter. Still naked, she set about drying her long brown hair, and when that was completed, she walked into her bedroom.

Veronica had laid out all of her clothes on the bed, but her Chastity Belt came first. It was upside down on her dresser, with the crotch strap vertical to the surface.

She first checked that her pussy was indeed dry, toweling it a bit more than necessary to insure that her pubic hair was moisture free. She hoped that the mild stimulation of her sex would show up at SRI, perhaps leading them to think that she had some kind of early morning climax!

Veronica then took a bottle of FDS, and gave her pussy a good spray, enjoying the tingling feeling that it left behind.

Once that was done, she set about locking the plasteel belt on her waist. After four weeks, she was an expert at it, and there wasn’t a wasted movement as she girdled her sex. Veronica made certain that it was locked upon her, and removed the key.

She had recharged the belt with her phone while she was in the shower, and the green LED light was the only one lit.

Since it was the weekend she could wear a lacy bra, knee high stockings, a top, and a pair of blue jeans with taupe heels on her feet. Veronica dressed quickly, because today was her first check-in at SRI since she had received the plasteel belt that monitored her sexual responses.

She ate her breakfast quickly while watching the news on a small TV she had in her kitchen. When finished she tapped on the locking plate of the belt to make sure it was actually locked, Veronica left her apartment. Even though she knew it was locked, it had become a daily habit.

Veronica drove to SRI quickly, since there was little traffic to contend with. Beth was, as usual, seated at the receptionist’s desk.

“Good morning,” greeted Beth, a smile on her face, “here for your ten o’clock?”

“Yes,” replied Veronica, “it’s my first monthly report.”

“Still in your belt?” Beth asked.

“Yes,” Veronica answered, “how about you?”

“I just adore mine,” said Beth, “it gives me a feeling of security.”

“Me, too,” Veronica replied, touching her belt through her clothes.

“I’ll buzz Dr. Allen to let him know that you’re here.”

“Thank you,” said Veronica.

Veronica passed the time waiting playing the newest game on her phone. She knew that it was a complete waste of time, but it was addictive, and besides, everyone else seemed to be doing it as well.

“Veronica?, you can go in now,” directed Beth, breaking her reverie.

“Thank you,” said Veronica as she saved her game for later.

She walked to Dr. Allen’s office and knocked, then entered. Dr. Allen was seated behind his desk, and Veronica closed the door behind her.

“Good morning, please have a seat,” he greeted her.

“Thank you, doctor,” said Veronica as she took her place in front of him.

“This is your first monthly check-in since you received the plasteel belt. Does it still fit, any chafing or discomfort?” he asked.

“No, doctor, it fits fine,” Veronica replied.

“I see here from the readings that you are wearing the belt for about twenty-three hours a day. Is that correct?”

“Yes, doctor. The only time I remove it is for bathing and my toilette. I keep myself very clean,” she observed.

“As any woman should. Contrary to popular belief, women did not wear Chastity Belts in the Middle Ages. Hygiene alone would have made that impossible. Nor did people believe that the Earth was flat, rather they got the size of the Earth wrong. Columbus did not know that there was an unknown continent in his way to Asia,” said Dr. Allen.

“What about the belts in museums?” asked Veronica.

“Made years later to support the myth.”


“I can give you a book title to read on the subject. Meanwhile, anything sexual to report?”

“No, Doctor. I have truly been chaste since I’ve begun to wear the belt. No sexual relations of any kind,” Veronica answered truthfully.

“What happened with your sex addicted boyfriend that you had trouble with?” Dr. Allen asked.

“When he first saw that I was wearing the belt that Tammy had loaned me, it unnerved him. He ran out of my apartment, then returned hours later, with lipstick on his shirt and the scent of another woman’s perfume on his shirt,” said Veronica.

“Really, what happened next?”

“I told him he needed counseling, and we had a fight.”

“He didn’t hit you, did he?”

“No, nothing of the kind,” Veronica answered, “when he saw that I was going to continue wearing the belt and denying him sexual relations with me, he grew increasingly erratic. The Thursday night before I was to receive my second belt I returned home from work to find he had packed all of his things, and was leaving.”

“How did you feel?” asked Dr. Allen.

“Sad, we had been together for two years. But something changed, he wanted sex constantly. He would want a quickie before going to work, based on what the market had done in the Far East and Europe during the night. When I was washing dishes in the sink he’d sneak up behind me and pull my panties down, and want to do me from behind. I was exhausted from all that sex!” Veronica explained.

“Did he leave?”

“Yes, and I haven’t heard from him since. I’ve changed my apartment keys, and every password I have. But he was never violent, or wanted my money in any way. He made enough on Wall Street,” said Veronica.

“But as you observed, people change,” said Dr. Allen.


“Have you had enough rest in the last month? Any sexual opportunities on the horizon?,” he asked, with a smile on his face.

“I haven’t met anyone, if that’s what you mean. It’s nice to be able to sleep through the night for a change without demands for sex,” Veronica answered.

“Then I would say that the belt is working out for you,” observed Dr. Allen.


“Do you have any thoughts of leaving the study behind since your boyfriend had left, which was your main reason for wanting a Chastity Belt?”

“No, doctor. I agreed to participate in the study in exchange for the belt, and it would be morally wrong of me to quit just because my boyfriend has left me,” stated Veronica.

“That’s quite an ethical argument,” said Dr. Allen.

“I’m vice-president of my family’s company. You should see how companies make agreements, then break them casually, and we have to take them into court. So I’m quite comfortable wearing my belt.”

“If only all people were so honorable,” observed Dr. Allen, “Do you have any problems in wearing a belt around the office?”

“I have my own private bathroom, so nobody else in the company knows I’m wearing a belt. Besides, a few months ago one of our female staff was the object of gossip when she wore latex underwear to work. We let the incident pass without comment.”

“Is she still with your company?”

“Yes, and I even got her a promotion. Her latex fetish did not in any way interfere with her work. I only wish that our male staff members would concentrate on their work instead of watching porn on their phones during business hours,” commented Veronica.

“Technology is a double edged sword,” said Dr. Allen, “you seem to have everything under control, so I suppose I’ll see you next month.”

“Thank you, doctor,” replied Veronica as she rose from her chair and shook his hand, then walked out of his office and closed the door behind her.

There was a knock on the other door to his office that led to the internal corridor.

“Come,” said Dr. Allen.

Nurse Alexandra entered his office and sat in the chair formerly occupied by Veronica. She had been listening to the entire conversation.

“What do you think?” asked Dr. Allen.

“She’s coming along nicely. I think that even if we weren’t sending impulses from the belt, she’d wear it anyway.”

“We have to give Veronica a rest, sexually.”

“I agree, and I think we should just let nature take it’s course. She’s a very attractive, desirable woman. Let’s see how long before she catches some man’s eye,” said Alexandra.

“And when he discovers she’s wearing a Chastity Belt, one that she won’t be separated from, that will be a very interesting relationship,” observed Dr. Allen.

* * *

Tammy and Veronica had not seen each other since they had both gone together to the SRI offices to get Veronica entered into the study; and into her training Chastity Belt.

Veronica drove to Tammy’s apartment, and afterwards they would go out for lunch together. She rang Tammy’s bell, and was happy when the door opened and she saw her friend standing waiting for her.

“Tammy,” said Veronica, “great to see you again.”

“You too,” replied Tammy as they kissed.

“Come on in, there’s lots to tell,” said Tammy as Veronica entered her apartment and Tammy closed the door behind her.

They both sat on the couch together, and looked at each other.

“Since when did you start wearing a leather collar?” asked Veronica.

“That’s my big news,” Tammy answered, “I just started a new relationship. I’m in training as a female submissive to a Dominant Master I was introduced to,” Tammy answered.

“Wow, now that’s really deep,” said Veronica, “just what do you do together?”

“Do you have an open mind?” asked Tammy.


“In his playroom, I wear a nothing but a collar, wrist and ankle bracelets. I’ve been spanked, suspended the ceiling and whipped, cropped and flogged. He’s taught me things about myself that I never could have conceived before.”

“Like what?” Veronica asked.

“That I enjoy being physically dominated and punished, I love being submissive in bed, and under the lash. Most of all, I love him very much. This is the first man I’ve ever said that about,” described Tammy.

Veronica exhaled in shock and surprise. After having not see her friend for weeks, this was a true bombshell.

“Do you really love this man?” asked Veronica.

“Yes, and when he places his collar on me, I just can’t wait until I get disciplined in some way.”

“Why?” questioned Veronica.

“This is going to sound really weird, and completely defies common sense. When I get punished, I get the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had,” Tammy answered.

Veronica slid back on the couch until she came in contact with the back, totally in shock over what Tammy had just told.

“Does he hurt you?”

“He leaves red marks on my naked body, makes me fight against my chains, makes me scream from both pain and pleasure, but no, there’s no real lasting damage. In fact, he even warned me that constant anal sex is a bad idea, since that could damage the sphincter muscle, leaving me incontinent. And he doesn’t want to see me in diapers, so that was the end of anal sex!”

“I’m shocked.”

“He’s handsome, well built, intelligent, kind, he’s organized, thoughtful, and he knows how to cook,” described Tammy.

“And he also enjoys placing naked women in bondage and punishing them,” said Veronica.

“Yes,” Tammy replied, “and I love him for it.”

“I don’t know else to say,” said Veronica.

“You could have said how happy you are that I’ve finally met someone who I can truly love, and who loves me in return,” commented Tammy.

“I’m sorry,” said Veronica, “it’s too much to take in! You’re the biggest free spirit that I know, and now you’re happy in chains and a collar!”

“After our lunch today, I’m going over to his house to spend the rest of the weekend with him,” Tammy answered.

“And he’s going to punish you.”

“Yes, and I’ll adore him when he does so,” Tammy answered.

* * *

When Veronica locked her apartment door behind her, she was glad that the first part of the day was over. Her visit to SRI had gone just fine, but seeing Tammy and learning that she was a submissive in D/s relationship was simply too much!

She placed her purse on the living room table, and sat on the couch, still in a daze. Their lunch at a local restaurant was one of the most awkward that she had ever eaten, and she couldn’t wait to make her departure and get home.

The thought of seeing her friend naked and in chains while under the lash horrified her. It was one thing to see porn actresses, or maybe other women who were involved in D/s relationships. But here was her friend telling her that she enjoyed this sort of thing.

Between the excitement of her visit to SRI and the shock at lunch learning that her friend Tammy was now a collared submissive to a Male Dominant had left Veronica exhausted. It was 1 PM, but for some reason, she was already a little sleepy.

Veronica decided that now was the perfect time for a nap. Work had been difficult all week. So she was still a bit tired and wanted a little afternoon rest, and then perhaps in the late afternoon, she might be ready for something else.

She drank a glass of water in the kitchen, and walked into the bedroom where she stripped off everything except for her Chastity Belt. Veronica admired herself in the mirror, feeling the band around her waist, reassuring herself that it was still firmly locked around her waist.

Veronica then got under the covers, and quickly fell asleep.

* * *

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that Veronica could manage through the ball-gag.

When she had awakened, she discovered that she was in bondage. Veronica was naked, her wrists and ankles were locked into bondage bracelets of the type she had seen before in visual pornography. In addition, her wrists and ankles were attached to spreader bars, making her vulnerable and exposed. On her feet were a pair of high heels, but she was suspended from the ceiling so that they barely touched the ground.

Lastly, there was a collar around her neck to complete her ensemble. Directly facing her, the wall was an entire mirror, so that she could see her confinement perfectly.

Veronica pulled without effect on the chains holding her prisoner, but without any effect. Hanging by her wrists placed a mild strain on her shoulders, and she tried without any success to somehow release herself.


The silence imposed on her by the red rubber ball in her mouth was almost total, the only sounds she was able to make were moans.

She looked at the mirror, and at her reflection, and saw what there was an entire room behind her. Her eyes widened when she saw a “X” cross; a horse; a small wooden cage (just about the right size for a naked girl); a pair of stocks; and a plainly displayed rack of whips and riding crops!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Veronica cried.

Veronica did not know who had taken her here, but the reason why was plain: she was going to disciplined!

She looked upwards to her imprisoned wrists, and tried vainly to pull herself loose. But naked flesh was no match for the leather and steel holding her prisoner, and all she managed to do was twist a couple of inches sideways in her captivity.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” Veronica again moaned through her ball-gag.

Whoever was keeping her here was in no hurry to do whatever they wanted with her. All that she could do was to hang in chains, and look at herself, naked and suspended, in the mirror. It was the lack of dungeon gloom that made her confinement all that incongruous. The room was well lit, with no dark spaces. In the mirror, she could see everything in back of her. But the only thing in front of her was empty space, the mirror, and her chained naked body.

“Mmmmmmmph!” Veronica had often fantasized what it must like to be gagged. Now she knew the answer, the ball in her mouth having taken away her power of speech. She saw the strap extending on either side of her mouth, and a further chin strap below. There was no way that she was going to be able to dislodge it! She tried vainly with her tongue to push the ball from between her teeth, but it was buckled in too tightly!

With her naked body held in the shape of an “X” all that she could do was to look at herself in the mirror. She was a very attractive woman, with a good figure. Her breasts were just the right size, her waist narrow, her hips curvy, and she had a nice bottom.

So why couldn’t she find a decent man? Looking back, Henry the stockbroker was just the latest in a long line of failed relationships with narcissistic, egotistical men. There was Carl, who looked in the mirror more than she did, and probably spent more on clothes. Frank, who never stopped talking about his car. Robert, who would cheat on her with any other woman he could. Or maybe it was with her that he was cheating, telling the others that they were his true love.

“Mmmmmmmph!” Veronica moaned just to hear something besides the rustle of the chains holding her prisoner.

Hypersensitive to any sound, her attention was suddenly riveted when she heard a door open, and footsteps behind her! She felt a cold draft on her naked bottom, and realized that she was not alone!

“Mmmmmmmph!” Veronica tried to make any sound louder than a moan from behind her ball-gag, but it was useless.

All that she could do was to look straight forward in the mirror. The door that she had heard open must have been directly behind her. When she heard the door close, she heard footsteps behind her as well. Whoever was in the room with her was using her naked body to conceal their presence. Veronica realized that there must now be one or two people standing behind her, because she would catch a short glimpse in the mirror of them.


Veronica watched a bare hand emerge from behind her back, and began to fondle and knead her right breast, and began to pinch her already erect nipple!

“Mmmmmmph!” Veronica tried vainly to protest the anonymous violation of her naked body, but she was held fast by leather and steel.

Then another hand emerged on her left side, and began to fondle her left breast, and pinch that nipple as well! The faceless violation of her naked body continued, and she had no indication of who was doing it!

“Mmmmmmph!” Veronica moaned as both her breasts were fondled, and she moved as much as her chains would allow, which was only a couple of inches from side to side.

Just as quickly as it had begun, the two hands that she saw in the mirror abruptly withdrew. Veronica was frustrated, because she wanted to know the identity of her unknown assailant.

Then another mystery presented itself when a gloved hand emerged from behind her back, and started on her left breast, followed by the right. The previous set of hands had been bare, and larger, and Veronica guessed that they must have belonged to a man. In contrast, the second set was smaller and in a glove that covered the forearm, and must have belonged to a woman. Veronica also observed that the glove was made of gleaming, shining latex!

“Mmmmmmmph!” was all that Veronica could do to respond to the second unknown violation of her naked body. She watched in the mirror as the second set of gloved hands fondled her breasts, then pulled and pinched her erect nipples. She wondered if her exposed sex would be the next target of their lewd attentions!

Finally, the gloved hands withdrew from both sides of her chest, leaving Veronica to wonder what would happen next? Who held her prisoner and why were they sexually abusing her? Veronica then felt the latex gloved hands explore her back, and reach down to her bottom!

“Mmmmmph!” groaned Veronica when she next felt fingers at the nape of her neck open the leather straps that held the ball-gag in her mouth, opening the roller buckle that had held it closed. She further opened her mouth, and the ball-gag emerged from her mouth, freeing Veronica to take several deep breaths. Then she watched as the gag was again buckled in the back of her neck, leaving it still around her neck.

“Who’s there?” demanded Veronica, now that she had regained the power of speech again.

From her left side, Veronica watched as two people, a man and a woman, emerged from her left side. First was a well built man wearing a hood, no shirt, tights, and a pair of light boots on his feet. He was followed by a pretty woman wearing a latex Maid’s uniform, complete with headpiece and shoulder length latex gloves and stockings, wearing a pair of high heels on her feet.

The two of them stood directly in front of Veronica, saying nothing.

“Who are you?” questioned Veronica, “why am I here?”

“You are to address me as Master, or Sir,” said the hooded man.

“Where am I…..Sir?” Veronica answered, remembering his order.

“You are where you always wanted to be,” he answered, “where your choices in life have inevitably led you.”

“Where is that?” Veronica answered, “stop talking in riddles!”

“You are in the House of Punishment,” he replied.

“The House of Punishment? What’s that?” Veronica demanded.

“The House of Punishment,” the hooded man began, “is where you will now be punished for the bad choices you have made with the opposite sex throughout your life.”

“Punished, how?”

“That should be obvious,” he answered, “just look around you.”

“I’ve never had any experience in Dominance or Submission,” replied Veronica, “I’ve never been bound or disciplined.”

“Then you have missed out on your true calling, Veronica. As a woman you should be educated in the ways of the lash,” he told her.

“You can’t be serious!”

“Think deeply, Veronica. Haven’t you always harbored a secret fascination with bondage? Even as you tried to deny it to yourself?”

“Never!” Veronica answered.

“There are no secrets here, Veronica. Admit the truth to yourself, and learn the naked truth about yourself, just as you are suspended naked in front of the mirror,” he stated.


“Are you scared of being hurt by the whip, or of the idea that you might actually enjoy it?” he questioned.

“I’ll never enjoy being whipped!” shouted Veronica.

“Women are all the same,” said the man, “take my submissive here, Audrey. She was just like you, daughter of a rich family, prep school, an ivy league diploma, and a powerful job. However, she felt that there was something missing in her life.”

“What was that…...Sir?” asked Veronica.

“Submission. Deep inside, she wanted a man to dominate her, first in bed, and then in a playroom like this. She finally admitted to herself her true nature, and so will you. Except that Audrey entered the scene, looked around, learned, and finally accepted submission. She had been my submissive for two years now. Isn’t that correct, Audrey?”

“Yes, Master,” Audrey answered.

“However, some women require a taste of the lash in order to discover their true nature. Spoiled rich women like you,” he said.

“No!” Veronica screamed.

“You’re in no position to protest,” he said.

“What’s your name?” demanded Veronica, “let me go and I won’t call the police, please!”

“My name is Master or Sir, I told you that already. And one place you will not be going is the police,” he answered coldly.

“Please release me, Sir.”

“Not until you have been whipped first!” he answered, “Audrey, get me the single tailed whip. We do not have much time to teach Veronica here that she is a submissive female,” he said.

“Yes, Master,” Audrey answered as she clicked her heels over to the rack, and removed the coiled whip, clicking her heels back to the Master, who she handed the whip to reverently.

“You’re not going to use that on me?” questioned Veronica.

“You should be honored, Veronica,” answered Audrey, “the Master is highly skilled in the use of the whip. Once you’ve been whipped, you’ll never be satisfied with just sex again.”

“No, never!” screamed Veronica.

“Save your screams for the whip, Veronica. I am now going to educate you in the ways of the lash. Audrey, give our new novitiate a drink of water. She no doubt has a dry throat after being gagged for so long, and I don’t want her to choke when she screams under the whip.”

“Yes, Master.”

As if in dream, Veronica watched as Audrey walked to a small cabinet and withdrew a water bottle. Here she was, about to be whipped, and she noticed the brand of bottled water! Audrey then walked back to Veronica, opened the bottle, and offered it to Veronica’s lips.

Parched, Veronica did not refuse the refreshment offered her. She took small and careful sips from the bottle, and did not take too much. When Audrey decided that Veronica had drank enough, she withdrew and capped the bottle.

“Thank you,” said Veronica, her naked chest rising and falling with each breath.

“You’re welcome,” said the Master, “now prepare yourself for the whip.”

“No, please! I’ll give you anything that you want. I have money, power, influence!” she pleaded, but to no effect.

The Master stepped back and cracked the whip just to display his power over her. Veronica’s eyes filled with naked terror at the prospect that she was about to be whipped!


“I’m not interested in your money, just your submission. Prepare yourself!” he ordered.

“No!” screamed Veronica.

When the first stroke was delivered, it landed on her naked, exposed thigh. Veronica screamed, only to realize that she only had received a mild tap. She had felt worse when a thick rubber band had snapped, and struck her arm at work.

“There now,” said the Master, “do you feel better? Now that you have screamed and looked foolish?” he asked.

“Screaming in response to being whipped is a perfectly rational response,” Veronica replied.

“Owwwww!” Veronica suddenly screamed when the whip lashed out and struck her left breast, leaving an angry red mark behind.

“That was for not calling me Master or Sir,” cautioned the Master.

“I’m sorry, Master,” said Veronica.

“That’s better. Now that you have screamed, and had to again learn your place, we can begin. It will not be necessary for you to count out each stroke, your cries of pain will be sufficient.”

“What about a safe-word?” asked Veronica.

“There is no time for a safe-word,” said the Master, “you will know when you have fulfilled your destiny.”

“Owwwww!” Veronica screamed when the whip next struck her thigh once more.




“Owwwww!” Veronica could not believe that here she was, an Ivy League Graduate, being whipped like a slut in a porn film!

“Please, please!” begged Veronica, “stop whipping me!”

“I’ve barely laid a mark on you,” said the Master, “Audrey here routinely is covered in red stripes after a session. You will learn the same level of discipline.”

“NO!” screamed Veronica.

“Save your protests and your female tears, they have no currency here,” said the Master.





“Owwwww!” Veronica screamed every time that the whip struck her flesh, whether or not the stroke actually was painful or not. She twisted ineffectually in her bonds, her naked flesh no match for leather and steel.





“Owwwww!” Veronica watched as the Master circled around her imprisoned body like a shark sizing up it’s prey. But instead of teeth, she was being bitten by the whip!






“Please!” begged Veronica, “if it’s not money that you want, you can have my body instead! There are better things to do with naked girls besides whipping them!” she declared.

“I already have what I want,” he said coldly, “you.”






Veronica discovered that the Master was whipping her breasts; the outside and inside of her naked thighs; rarely between her legs; and her shoulder blades and bottom. She observed that he carefully did not strike the same place twice, instead choosing the target of his strokes with great judiciousness. Which was something that she did not expect!





“Owwwww!” The Master delivered his strokes in groups of five, pausing after each group, perhaps to decide where the whip would strike her naked body next.






“Please! There are better things to do with naked girls than to whip them!” Veronica cried.

“On the contrary,” the Master answered, then he continued his use of the whip.





“Owwwww!” Veronica had not counted the number of whip strokes that the Master had struck her naked flesh. But she knew that she was not seriously hurt! Only one stroke out of five was really painful, and she began to feel aroused, not in pain, from her whipping.

“Would you like to see what you look like?” asked The Master.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica answered.

He stepped aside, and Veronica discovered that her breasts and thighs were dotted with a series of red marks. Incredibly, she did not want him to stop, but to continue!

“Kiss the whip.” he ordered, presenting the handle to her lips.

Much to her surprise, Veronica eagerly complied.

“Please,” Veronica begged, “whip me!”

“As you wish,” replied the Master.





“Owwwwww! Harder, Master!” begged Veronica.

“What was that?” asked the Master.

“Harder, please, Master,” asked Veronica.

“I thought you didn’t want to be whipped?” questioned The Master.

“I do now, Master. Please continue?” Veronica begged.

“Your wish shall now be granted.”






Veronica would not have believed this possible, but she was becoming aroused by the whip. Her flesh was heating up, her breaths were short, and she knew that she was becoming wet between her legs!

“Audrey, I want you to see how our new pupil is coming along,” ordered the Master, as he halted the whip for a moment.

Veronica was startled when Audrey walked over to her and pushed her index and forefinger into her moist sex! She could not believe that another woman could so casually violate another in her most private place!

“Oooooooh!” moaned Veronica.

“She’s wet!” observed Audrey after she removed her fingers, which were covered in Veronica’s secretions. Audrey brought her fingers to her mouth, and tasted Veronica’s sex.

Veronica watched in fascination, spell bound at the sight.

“Good. Clean her fingers, Veronica,” the Master ordered.

Veronica opened her mouth, not to protest, but instead to comply as Audrey placed her two fingers inside her mouth, and tasted her secretions. She eagerly cleaned her fluids from Audrey’s fingers, the evidence of her submission.

“Mmmmmmm,” moaned Veronica.

“We must continue, Audrey,” said The Master, “we don’t have much time.”





“Owwwww!” screamed Veronica as the Master delivered harder strokes to her naked female flesh, even reaching up between her legs to her sex.

Far from behind in pain, Veronica found herself enjoying the dual sensations of both pain and pleasure at the same time. She moaned each time she was struck by the whip.






Veronica screamed each time that she was struck by the whip, even when her most private female places were being struck by the whip. If the Master had asked, she would have declined an offer to stop being whipped.

“Whip me, Master, please?” she plead.






The last series of strokes had as their target the inside of her thighs and her vulnerable pussy. Veronica had never before had her most intimate female parts of her body under the relentless assault of the whip.

Veronica issued a scream like no other when she felt the powerful orgasm rip through her naked chained body. The Master stopped his punishment of her, and both he and Audrey watched as Veronica shook her chains, as she experienced both pleasure and pain together. She had never felt anything like this before, and tears fell from her cheeks onto her breasts.

“Ooooooooh!” moaned Veronica.

“How do you feel?” asked The Master.

Veronica took a long time to respond as she collected her thoughts as the aftereffects of the orgasm slowly ebbed.

“I understand now, Master. Thank you for showing me my true nature. You were right. Spoiled girls like me deserve to be whipped,” Veronica could not believe herself as the words left her lips.

* * *

When the truck backfired outside her apartment window, Veronica awakened with a start. One moment, she was naked and suspended in The House of Punishment, enjoying the aftereffects of the most intense orgasm that she had ever experienced. The next, she was back in her bed, groggy and confused, wearing only her Chastity Belt.

Veronica struggled to put her consciousness back together, not sure if she was in the dream world of The House of Punishment, or her bedroom. Her right hand went to her sex, expecting to find it moist with her climax, only to find the plasteel barrier of her Belt.

“Where am I?” Veronica asked aloud.

She sat up in bed, and shakily got to her feet. Veronica then looked at herself, naked in the mirror. Her naked body was free of any whip marks! Then Veronica walked to her bathroom, and looked at herself in the full length mirror that was on the door’s inside. Her back and bottom were free of any whip marks, along with her breasts and thighs! Still recovering from her ordeal, she drew a glass of water from the sink, and drank it slowly.

“What the hell happened to me?” Veronica asked herself.

Veronica then walked back to her bed, and she glanced at her clock. It was now 3:30 PM, she had been asleep for about two and a half hours; and did not know how long she had been dreaming. Her naked body was covered in sweat, and she knew that she had to get out of her Belt and have a proper shower and clean herself off.

But there was one thing that she had to do first. Veronica got her phone out of her purse and called Tammy.

“Tammy?” asked Veronica.


“Are you with Craig yet?”

“Not yet, he had a car problem, he’s just finishing up in the shop before he comes to pick me up,” replied Tammy.

“Good. I’m just calling to apologize. It was wrong to me to criticize you when you told me that you were collared to a Master,” said Veronica.

“That’s all right,” Tammy answered, “I know that it must have come as a shock.”

“Shock wasn’t the word. Is he really a good guy as you said he was?” asked Veronica.

“The best, he put me in touch with my real self. I came alive under the lash,” replied Tammy.

“I understand.”

“But how?” questioned Tammy, “you’ve never been whipped before. Unless there’s something about you I don’t know.”

“I’ll explain later. Have a good time with Craig tonight, and I’ll speak to you again soon,” said Veronica, “bye!”


When Veronica opened her Chastity Belt, she discovered that she had to clean it first, because the inside was covered with her secretions. Her pussy had never been this wet before.

She spent a long time under the steaming water, still trying to collect her thoughts. Had she dreamt The House of Punishment, or had it really happened?

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH05 PT1: Veronica Receives Her Belt”