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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH04 PT2

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH04 PT2: Tammy in Chains”

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“Controlled Experiment CH04 PT2: Tammy in Chains”

* * *

Tammy did not understand the full impact of her decision until the following Saturday night, which was to be her first D/s session with her new Master, Craig.

During the week, she had met twice with Craig after work. Once for a short dinner, the second time for coffee and cake. Tammy had called him to say that she was scared by the idea of becoming a submissive. Craig had reassured her that she was just getting a case of cold feet, and that once they did their first scene, she would feel differently.

That Saturday, Tammy had to go into work during the morning to finish off a special project for a client that was already late. It took far longer than it should have, because all that Tammy could really think of was what awaited her that night.

Two years earlier, some of her friends had asked her if she wanted to join them skydiving. They would go as a group to a skydiving school, get trained, jump out of a plane and have the entire experience recorded for posterity.

Tammy had declined the invitation, and her friends had a fun time. They held a party, and showed the DVD of their jump continuously. Meanwhile, Tammy had sulked in the background, ashamed of herself for being such a wet blanket.

Afterwards, to make up for her lack of courage, she had decided to become a seductress. She would take to bed any man that she had the opportunity to, for a sexual thrill. But the only problem was that she was jealous of her friend Charlotte, and she felt that she had to try and imitate whatever she did.

Which was why Tammy had to get a Chastity Belt, which had awakened strange desires in her that she could not explain.

Desires that had led her here, into a relationship with a Male Dominant.

Saturday night, Craig had picked up Tammy at her apartment, and he had cooked a simple dinner for the two of them. Tammy was surprised to discover that he was good cook, and had made a quiche that he had served with a salad, and French white wine and crusty French bread.

“Do you always try to seduce a girl with food?” asked Tammy.

“Works for me,” grinned Craig.

“What else do you cook?”

“Let’s see: I can make a rib roast, bake a chicken or turkey, quiche, whatever looks good in a cookbook I might give a try,” he answered.

“You’re more adventurous than me,” admitted Tammy, “I make nothing with more than five ingredients.”

“You certainly were adventurous in your bedroom last Saturday sleeping with a man you didn’t know,” Craig pointed out.

“But you were recommended by Nurse Alexandra, that made you all right,” said Tammy, “I have a confession to make.”

“Go ahead.”

“Two years ago, some friends of mine wanted to go skydiving and the experience recorded on DVD. I chickened out, and I’ve felt ashamed of myself ever since for being a coward.”

“There’s nothing wrong in not wanting to jump out of a plane. I was scared to ride a horse,” Craig admitted.

“But you eventually did so, didn’t you?”

“Yes, because I was with my friends at a dude ranch.”

“Well, I chickened out, and became a slut afterwards. Then I had to imitate my friend Charlotte and get a Chastity Belt because she did.”

“And now you’re scared because it’s led you here?” asked Craig.

“Yes,” she admitted.

“Then this time, let yourself go. You can’t go back in time and change your decision about going skydiving, but you can now look forward and try submission. If you don’t like it, you can leave. There will be nothing holding you here. But if you do find happiness wearing my collar, then it will be a new experience for you, just like wearing the Chastity Belt has been.”

“Even if I wasn’t chaste?” said Tammy.

“It did lead you to me,” replied Craig, “so give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results. Sometimes, when I perform an experiment I get slightly different result. The reason is that I set up the parameters wrong, with often hilarious results. But mistakes can set us on the path to the correct answer, which is the goal.”

“All right then, take me downstairs to your playroom,” said Tammy, “you know the one thing that women complain the most about men is that they talk too much. A lot more men would get laid if they just threw a pass and shut up, instead of trying to make small talk.”

“As you wish, but first I want to clean up and do the dishes. Neatness counts!” said Craig.

* * *

When Tammy entered Craig’s playroom, it took her breath away.

In a locked room in the basement, he had constructed a bondage playroom similar to what she had seen online.

“You can go in and look,” said Craig, “and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.”

Craig closed the door behind them, and sat down on a leather covered bench as Tammy proceeded to examine his playroom.

Tammy saw a jail cell, complete with cot and mirror. She cataloged the rooms contents: ceiling chains; a wall rack with punishment devices; a metal cage; a wooden horse and a large wooden “X” cross that she knew was to secure a woman like her. There was also a single high backed wooden chair that Tammy guessed was for Craig to sit on as she would kneel naked in front of him.

Tammy walked from one device to another, handling them, and wondering just how they were to be used on her! She inhaled the rich scents of leather and rubber, and they sexually aroused her.

Craig gave her as much time as she wanted, and calmly watched as she examined everything.

Tammy had worn her usual outfit of a blouse, leather skirt, hold-up stockings, and a pair of high heels. Before they had descended to the playroom, Craig had told her to bring her purse. She did not understand why.

Craig had dressed all in black, composed of a shirt, jeans and boots.

She clicked her heels over to Craig, and stood in front of him silently, not saying a word.

“What do you think?” asked Craig, wondering what her decision would be.

“Did you build all of this?” she asked.

“Yes, I’ve always been handy around the house. I can take down the jail cell, it’s just held together with nuts and bolts. I hung a motor from the ceiling, built the “X” cross, and the horse. I got the metal cage at a garage sale, unused from a dog owner.”

“Wow, this is all very impressive,” said Tammy, “all meant for use on naked girls.”

“Yes,” Craig replied proudly, “and I can disassemble all of it, and nobody would ever suspect what was down here.”

“You’re very handy to have around the house. Nobody in my house can manage anything more than a screwdriver,” Tammy admitted.

“My dad was a union carpenter,” said Craig, “I’ve had sawdust in my hair since childhood.”

There was suddenly an awkward silence, Tammy looked over the many items in the playroom. She summoned up all her courage, and turned to Craig, and cast her eyes down, then knelt before him.

“I think I would like to jump out of that airplane, Master,” replied Tammy, “please teach me submission?” she asked.

“Very good, Tammy. Let’s walk over to the jail cell, because that is where we are going to begin.”

“Yes, sir,” Tammy answered.

“When we are in the playroom, or anywhere else alone, you are to address me as Master, or Sir. When we are public, you can call me Craig.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, you are to show me the utmost respect and deference at all times, and failure will be punishable.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I will keep you in restraints, and disciplined as I see fit. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” said Tammy.

“Excellent,” replied Craig, as they both stood in front of the jail cell, which previously Tammy noticed was open! “I want you to rise and walk inside the cell, and close the door behind you,” he ordered.

“Yes, sir!”

Tammy walked inside the cell as she had been instructed, and watched as Craig produced a key, and locked the cell door behind her!

“On the cot, you’ll find a collar, and bracelets for your ankles and wrists, which I expect you to lock on tightly by yourself. After you’ve removed all your clothes, of course. For now, and in the foreseeable future, whenever we are down here, you will be naked,” lectured Craig.

“What about my Chastity Belt, sir?” asked Tammy.

“That’s why I asked you to bring your purse, Tammy. You’re going to open and remove your belt, and hand it to so I can put it in sight and out of reach, while you’re locked up. I’ll put your purse and belt together. You can remove your clothes,” he ordered, as he sat down in the wooden chair, facing Tammy in the cell.

Tammy walked over to the cot, and saw the items that had been carefully selected for her. She then sat down, and placed her purse next to her. She removed her heels, and began the process of removing her clothes. She unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt, folding both carefully on the cot. Tammy then removed her hold-up stockings, and opened her bra; those went onto the cot as well.

She sat down, looked over the bracelets, and imitating what she had seen online, placed a cuff on her right, then left wrist. She locked both tightly, but not enough to interfere with her circulation. Next she did the same with her ankles, before placing her feet back into her high heels. Lastly, she locked the collar around her neck, tugging to make sure that it was truly locked and secure.

They were made of a combination of leather and steel, with outward facing “D” rings which would be no doubt used to secure her for whatever purposes Craig wanted.

Lastly, Tammy opened her purse and removed her key ring. Seated, she inserted the long thin key into her belt, and opened it! She got to her feet, removed the belt, careful not to be clumsy and drop the locking plates, then put the belt back together again, and her key ring back in her purse.

She then took all of her clothing, her belt, and her purse and walked to cell door.

“I’ve done as you instructed, sir, please take my clothes?” asked Tammy, naked.

“Very good, Tammy,” said Craig as he unlocked the cell door, and took all of her things.

“Thank you, sir.”

“How many keys do you have for your belt?” Craig asked.

“Just two, sir,” Tammy answered.

“Next time you visit SRI I want you to get another set, and give me one of the keys, because as your Master, I must have the ability to control your sex,” instructed Craig.

“Yes, sir.”

“Remain standing,” he ordered, as he locked the cell door.

Craig placed all of her clothes and belt on a nearby shelf that was far out of Tammy’s reach. He then walked over to the wall rack and removed two chains of different lengths, and four small keyed locks. Craig then walked back to the cell, and handed them to Tammy.

“I want you lock the larger chain to your ankles, and the smaller one to your hands. It will be that start of your getting used to being confined,” said Craig.

“Yes, sir,” Tammy replied.

Tammy sat back on the cot, and quickly secured herself as Craig had ordered. When she again stood on her feet, she found that her hands had six inches of separation, and her stride was now twelve inches. She stood at the bars, her chained hands no match for the leather and steel that now confined them!

“Very good, Tammy. There’s nothing more poignant than a naked girl in chains. You have a water bottle, and a pail should you need to relieve yourself. I want you to learn to appreciate your restraint, and I’ll be watching. Have a nice time,” said Craig as he walked away.

“Craig?” said Tammy, “Craig?”

Tammy threw herself against the bars, and frantically tried to open the locked cell door. But steel was no match for naked flesh, and then she tried again, without success to pull her wrists apart, but the chain that she had just locked upon herself prevented that too!

“Craig?” she called, “Craig!”

Naked, bound, and alone, Tammy tried to escape her steel prison. She saw that her jail cell had been cleverly constructed with bolts in the floor that could be removed, so that the cell was not a permanent fixture. But it was permanent enough to keep her prisoner!

“Craig!” she screamed.

Tammy then looked up to the ceiling, and there she saw a camera, in fact, more than one. So she really wasn’t alone after all!

She paced around, clicking her heels on the stone floor just for the effect, and finally sat down on the cot. Tammy found a water bottle, took a drink, and settled down to wait.

There was a full length mirror in the cell, and Tammy used it to look at herself, naked and in chains.

Her first session as a submissive had begun!

* * *

Tammy had no idea how much time had elapsed before Craig had returned. She had long since stopped wearing a watch to depend on her phone for the time, and now she wished that she had one with her. But she was sure that Craig would have asked her to take it off, anyway.

Periodically, she would get to her feet and pace her cell; when that wasn’t enough she would fight against her chains, and the locked cell door. But nothing that she did had any more effect than when she was locked in the cell to begin with.

Tammy briefly considered placing her hand between her legs and stimulating herself to orgasm, now that she wasn’t locked into her Chastity Belt! But when she glanced upwards at the camera, Tammy realized that this was a test. Had she given herself an orgasm, she would most certainly have been punished for it!

After what had seemed like an eternity, the door opened, and Craig stepped back inside. He was dressed in black as before, and walked confidently to the cell door.

“Good evening, Tammy,” he said.

“Good evening, sir,” Tammy replied.

“Did you enjoy your sojourn inside cold steel?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Are you now ready for the next part of the evening?”

“Yes, sir,” Tammy answered.

“Good, when I unlock the door I want you to go over to the wall rack and select an instrument to discipline you with. I think that you will be able to find something suitable, and then you are to present it to me standing, but you must bow down. I can’t ask you to kneel with your legs chained so closely together,” he told her.

“Yes, sir,” she answered.

Craig unlocked the cell door, and Tammy rose to her feet slowly. She walked carefully because she did not want to trip and fall, as her freedom of movement was severely restricted by the short chain linking her ankles.

She looked over the rack, and saw that it contained riding crops, floggers, and whips. Tammy took each one in her chained hands, and tried to imagine what it would feel like on her naked skin.

Tammy finally settled on a long, thin riding crop, with a woven leather handle, which was a long thin bamboo shaft covered in black leather with a leather loop at the end. She knew that this would be the part Craig would use on her naked flesh!

She clicked her heels back to Craig who was facing her, and she bowed down and presented the crop to him on her outstretched hands.

“Please use this crop on me, sir?” Tammy asked.

“I’ll be happy to oblige, Tammy. Position yourself under the ceiling chain,” he ordered.

“Yes, sir.”

Tammy did as she was told, and Craig took the crop from her hands, and hung it from his belt. Then he unlocked the small chain from her wrists, and pulled her wrists upward to the ceiling chain, and locked both of them together. She now stood helpless, with her hands chained above her head.

Craig then walked over to the wall rack and retrieved a bar, which Tammy at first didn’t understand the need for, until he returned to her and knelt down on the floor. He opened the locks to her ankle chain, and then locked her bracelets to the separator bar that would hold her legs apart.

He then walked over to a control box on the wall, and ever so gradually raised Tammy so that her shoes were just touching the floor. Her nudity was stretched so that her breasts stuck out and were vulnerable and her sex was cruelly exposed.

“You look divine,” he told her.

“Thank you, sir,” was all Tammy could say, frightened by the possibilities of what could happen next.

“Kiss the crop,” he told her, offering her the handle.

Tammy kissed the handle, not once but three times, trying to stretch out the deadly interval before the crop would be used on her naked body.

“What is your safe-word?” he asked.

“Safe-word?” Tammy repeated.

“Should my use of you become too much, you must choose a word, and the punishment will stop. Surely you read that in the papers I gave you?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, I forgot,” said Tammy, “I choose compassion, sir.”

“Excellent,” he said, holding the crop in his hands, and drawing it back to strike, “prepare yourself!”


“Owwwwwww!” when the first stroke of the crop struck her naked bottom, Tammy let out an ear piercing scream, even though the blow had been mild and had only left a small red mark behind.

“Have you released all of your tension?” asked Craig.

“Yes, sir,” Tammy answered, “my reaction was totally unrelated to the actual force of the stroke of the crop.”

“Good, now we can proceed properly,” said Craig.

He then reached forward with his free hand and pinched her erect nipples, then downwards and stroked her belly, and finally stroked her opened thighs.

“Are you wet?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” she answered, “please use the crop on me?”

“Since this is your first time under that lash I want you to count out each stroke, which I shall gradually increase in force. What is your safe-word!” he demanded.

“Yes, sir, compassion!”

“Very good, Tammy.”

“One!” Tammy cried out when the crop again struck her vulnerable nudity.




“Five! Owwww!” Tammy screamed when the crop struck with deadly effect on her right breast!





“Ten! Owwww!” This time the crop had struck her bottom, and had left a long, red mark behind.





“Fifteen! Oooooooh!” Tammy cried out when the crop struck between her legs and had landed on her exposed pussy!





“Twenty!” Tammy screamed out the number, her entire world had now shrunk to the playroom, and all she could see was Craig circling around her, delivering one stroke after another with the crop.

She had never felt anything like this before, as her naked body was now on fire. Sweat poured down her armpits, and shone in the playroom lights. She twisted in her chains, trying without effect to avoid the next blow of the relentless riding crop that she herself had chosen.

Abruptly, her punishment had suddenly ceased.

“Are you all right?” Craig asked.

“Yes….I think so,” Tammy answered, haltingly, not believing that her agony had stopped.

“You’re doing just fine,” he told her, his right hand stroking her tortured breast tenderly.

Tammy felt as if she had stepped forward and had dived out of the airplane to go skydiving with her friends, instead of declining the invitation two years ago. Just as the Chastity Belt had given her strength, now her first session under the lash had done so as well.

“Do you want to continue?” asked Craig.

“Yes, please crop me again, sir?” Tammy asked.

Tammy hung from the ceiling, her feet barely touching the floor, her nude body stretched as never before. Before she had worn the Chastity Belt, Tammy would have certainly called her safe-word and stopped this use of her naked body.

But now, for some strange reason, her naked body did not want the discipline to stop, but instead continue. Tammy could not rationally explain what was happening to her.

“Kiss the crop again,” ordered Craig.

If before Tammy had kissed the hoping to delay her punishment, now she kissed it hoping that her cropping would continue.


“Twenty-one!” cried Tammy.




“Twenty-five! Harder, please!” begged Tammy.

“Did you say you wanted it harder?” asked Craig.

“Yes, Master!” begged Tammy.

“Owwwwww!” cried Tammy when the next stroke landed between her legs onto her exposed pussy, striking her sensitive girl flesh!





“Thirty!” Tammy screamed when Craig struck a particularly hard stoke to the sensitive flesh of Tammy’s right underarm, leaving an angry red mark behind.

“Don’t stop!” cried Tammy, “please!”

“Are you all right?” asked Craig.

“Fine, keep cropping me, Master!”





“Thirty-five!” screamed Tammy, just as an overpowering orgasm of both pleasure and pain surged through her entire body. She shook violently in her chains, and restrained as she was, she was unable to break free.

She moaned and moaned again, her naked body racked by one orgasm after another, never feeling anything like this before in her life. Once it had passed, she hung limply in her chains. Tears flowed down her cheeks, smeared her makeup. Naked girls simply weren’t punished with a riding crop in her experience.

Craig rushed to lower her to the floor, and quickly released her wrists from the ceiling chain. He picked her up, with her ankles still locked to the spreader bar, and carried her over to the leather bench outside the cell.

He held her in his arms, calming her.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“Fine,” answered Tammy, “just fine. I’ve never felt anything like that before,” she said between gasping breaths.

“Let me release your ankles and get you a drink, darling,” he said.

“Yes, sir, thank you, I can use one,” Tammy said, her chest heaving.

Craig got the water bottle from inside the cell, and seeing that she only drank half, handed it to Tammy, who opened it and took small sips between ragged breaths.

“Thank you, sir. What happened?” she asked.

“I never would have thought it possible,” he replied.

“What?” Tammy questioned.

“You’re a true submissive, you just merged pleasure and pain together. That only happens to a few women, and I never would have thought it possible during your first session. You were truly made for the whip,” he said.

“I don’t understand,” said Tammy.

“You enjoy both pleasure and pain,” he said, “the next time, you’ll want even more.”

“I don’t believe that,” Tammy replied.

“If I place you back in suspension and give you a flogging, then it might happen again,” Craig told her.

“You mean I enjoy pain?” Tammy asked.


Tammy was too stunned for words, and instead sipped at her water bottle. She wished that she was back in her apartment, her Chastity Belt safely locked around her waist.

But she now had dived out of the plane, and she couldn’t go back. Now she had to open her parachute and land on the ground. The next question would be whether her landing would be hard or soft.

* * *

Tammy soon recovered and walked over to a full length mirror in her cell that allowed her to see the red marks on her formerly pristine naked body. She wondered which mark corresponded to what stroke that Master Craig had delivered to her naked body, and if she had screamed in pain or pleasure.

Strangely enough, she felt empowered by the ordeal that she had just undergone. For weeks she had worn her Chastity Belt, and had drawn strength from it.

How could she possibly have had an orgasm while being whipped? It didn’t make any sense at all.

“What are you thinking?” asked Craig.

“I don’t know who I am any more,” said Tammy.

“That’s all right, take as much time as you need,” said Craig, “I don’t have to place you under the lash again tonight.”

“I beg that my Master fuck me instead,” said Tammy, “and then I beg to be flogged tomorrow.”

“That’s fine,” agreed Craig.

* * *

After they had both cleaned up, Craig took a naked and collared Tammy into his bed. Tammy could still not believe how she felt, after her first session. Craig has massaged some salve into her skin to calm the sting of the riding crop, but Tammy wished that he hadn’t. She wanted to feel the effects of her first punishment. Tammy wondered how the whip would now feel against her naked skin; she wanted to experience what discipline meant. The very thought now made her wet with desire.

Craig lay naked on his bed and Tammy joined him, and she felt that wearing her collar and bracelets made her even more sexually excited. She glanced at the dresser mirror, and saw how she looked in her bracelets. With her skin marked by the crop, and decided that she had never felt more alive in her life.

“Please let me suck your cock, Master?” Tammy asked.

“Go ahead, Tammy.”

Tammy worked her way down to his crotch, and opened her mouth and guided his manhood inside her mouth with her right hand. He was already erect, and she inhaled the manly odor of his shaft in her nostrils.

She took him inside her mouth, and gently licked and sucked at his organ, not wanting to make him come too early. Even though she had never sucked a man’s penis before, she had read enough about it to know what to do. Plus what she had seen online had provided Tammy with most of what she needed to know about servicing a man’s cock inside her mouth. Trouble was, she had never had a man come inside her mouth, and she wondered just what that would feel like.

“Mmmmmmm,” Tammy moaned, as she licked and sucked at his cock, remembering how Craig had stimulated her beasts and pussy the week before when she had invited him to her apartment after dinner at the steak house.

Tammy nearly choked when she tried to take his full length into her mouth, his cock going deep into her throat. But she regained her composure, and pulled backwards without gagging, took a deep breath, and then took him in her mouth again. She used her tongue to stimulate the underside of his cock, feeling the glans of his penis.

Craig moaned with pleasure, and ran his right hand through her hair. He didn’t have to force her to suck on his cock, and he wasn’t sure if she had ever done this before. She had said nothing when he said that all of her orifices were his to use as his submissive.

He thought that Tammy was the novice that every Master dreams of meeting; a woman who was new to the scene, a little bit hesitant, intelligent, yet ultimately willing to be trained and owned in a proper relationship.

His cock gradually hardened, and Tammy sucked and slurped for greater effect. Finally, he could contain himself no more, and a hot jet of his come spurted into her mouth. Tammy was ready for it, and managed to swallow his seed as his climax pumped it into her throat.

She nearly gagged as his salty come flowed into her mouth, and down her throat, but she did not withdraw from his cock, nor did any of his sperm run down her chin. Tammy was not overwhelmed by her first blow-job; nor had she been panicked the week previous when Craig had taken her bottom hole.

Tammy withdrew from his cock when his climax had stopped, and she paused to take several deep breaths to regain her disposition.

“That was great,” said Craig.

“Thank you, Master,” Tammy replied.

“Have you ever sucked a man’s cock before?”

“No, sir,” Tammy answered, “I’ve only had vaginal and anal sex previously. You were my first blow-job.”

“You did very well,” he said, “lie down next to me.”

Tammy did as she was told, and he took her into his arms, and kissed her on the lips, no doubt tasting his own come in the process. She loved how his naked body felt against hers, even more when he tugged at her collar.

“Does wearing a collar make you happy?” he asked.

“Yes, very much,” Tammy answered, truthfully.

“I want to get cleaned up, and then I want to fuck your pussy,” he said.

“Yes, sir!” Tammy answered.

* * *

A half-hour later, they were both up on the bed, Tammy again on all fours, Craig behind her on his knees. She felt him knead her breasts, and pinch her erect nipples. Tammy could feel his erect cock brush against the inside of her thighs, and knew that he would again soon be inside her.

It didn’t matter to Tammy that Craig did not want to do the usual missionary position. He was her Master, and could use her in any position that he desired. Besides, she liked this position anyway.

She then saw him reach for a condom on his night-table, heard him open the foil packet, and unroll it onto his cock. Then he plunged into her already wet channel, his hands on her hips. Tammy opened her legs to accommodate him, and moaned as his buried itself up it’s hilt inside her.

“Oooooooh!” uttered Tammy as his cock penetrated her.

“Next time, I’ll fuck you with a gag in your mouth,” he said, “which will increase your sexual pleasure.”

“Yes, Master,” moaned Tammy, in response.

Tammy had never felt more alive than at this moment. She would have done anything to please this man. This was a relationship unlike any that she had experienced before.

“Fuck me!” Tammy cried out when his shaft impaled her from behind.

Sweat droplets came from her armpits, and ran down her arms, onto the bed. Her whole consciousness was now concentrated on the fucking that she was receiving from behind. She could not believe the intensity of it all!

Craig had the ability to remain hard for a remarkable period of time, which meant that Tammy could become fully aroused by his entry from behind her. He used his cock like a piston, withdrawing and entering into her again and again.

Already having come once before, his erection would not be as lengthy as the first. Eventually, she could feel him stiffening inside her, his breathing no longer controlled but becoming ragged. She knew that his climax would come soon; and she would come as well.

“Aaaaaaah!” Craig moaned as he came, and Tammy could feel his hot come inside the condom that was inside her pussy.

Tammy moaned in unison, for her climax had come as well! She groaned and bucked as Craig held onto her hips, his erect shaft still inside her, containing his come.

“Aaaaaaah!” Craig groaned as he had one final orgasm, filling the condom with more come, before his cock lost it’s erection. He pulled out of her, and taking a tissue from the box on his night-table, managed not to lose any from the condom.

Tammy collapsed on the bed, exhausted from her ordeal. She was all sweaty and tired, the night’s activities having tired her out.

“You were wonderful,” complimented Craig.

“Thank you, Master,” Tammy replied.

“Why don’t you go and get cleaned up first,” he said.

“No, sir. You go first, besides, you have to dispose of that condom, before you make a mess. I just want to rest and remember this moment forever, sir,” she said in response.

“Thank you,” he told her.

Later, when they had both cleaned up and were under the covers properly, Tammy had a question.

“Will you be using my bottom hole tonight?”

“No, not today,” Craig answered, “I’m very tired. Before I picked you up I was grading papers Saturday morning. The work of a teacher is never done.”

“Oh,” Tammy answered.

“Actually, having constant anal sex is not a good idea.”

“Why?” Tammy questioned.

“Because the anus is not made for sex, unlike your pussy there is no lubrication, the skin can tear, and disease can be transmitted between both partners. But the main reason is that if you stretch, and the anal sphincter cannot close, then you’ll need a diaper. And I’m not into infantalism,” he said.

“What’s infantalism?” Tammy asked.

“Adults get dressed up and be treated like babies,” he replied, “not my kink.”

“Are you sure you teach physics and not sex education?” questioned Tammy.

“A Master has to know about everything,” he said, “Now let’s get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow. Usually I don’t do any scenes on Sunday, but since you’re so eager for another I won’t disappoint you.”

“Thank you, Master,” said Tammy, “good night.”

Later that night, Tammy awakened to hear Craig softly snoring, exhausted from Saturday. Tammy fingered her collar, wondering how it would now affect her life. Her fingers felt the leather, the cold stainless steel of the “D” rings used to secure her, and the lock that held it closed. She shuddered with both fear and anticipation for what Sunday would bring, aware that she had asked for this.

Her nipples hardened and she knew that her sex was again wet. Craig had thoughtfully brought all of clothes, purse, and the Chastity Belt up into his bedroom. Tammy quietly got out of bed, went into the bathroom and again locked the Chastity Belt around her waist. Then she rejoined Craig, who was still asleep. She felt comforted when it was locked back on, and she fell into a deep sleep.

* * *

“Before we begin, Tammy, I have something for you,” said Craig.

“What is it, sir?” she asked.

“A small, decorative leather collar that you can wear or remove any time that you want. It will serve to remind you that I am your owner. To the outside world, it will just be a nice accessory to your wardrobe. But you will know what it really means. I want you to have it so that you will always be reminded of me,” said Craig.

Tammy broke all the rules of behavior, and threw her arms around Craig and kissed him several times.

“I’d be honored, Master,” Tammy cried.

Tammy then put the collar in her purse after carefully examining it, and calmed herself down in preparation for her next ordeal.

“Have you ever been gagged before?” Craig asked.

“No, sir,” Tammy replied.

“I once knew a woman who was not in the scene but had a small collection of sex toys. She had both a ball and a penis gag, and would use them when she masturbated.”

“What else did she have?” asked Tammy.

“A vibrator, dildo, and nipple clamps, which she used to entertain herself.”

“Did she ever seek a Master or Mistress?”

“No, she preferred to use them on herself. She never progressed onto self-bondage, and hid her sex toys away when she got married. I never knew what happened to her afterwards.”

“Oh,” said Tammy.

“Being gagged removes the ability to protest, so that you will have no alternative whatever I want to do with you,” said Craig.

“But that contradicts what you said about using a safe-word,” said Tammy.

“Good observation. If I were to flog you gagged, I would give you a few coins to hold in your hand, and in place of a safe-word when you released the coins, the scene would stop,” Craig replied.

“Aha,” said Tammy.

“Let’s get on with your education, shall we?” he asked.

“Yes, Master!”

They were both down in the playroom, and Craig was dressed in his black outfit from the previous night. Tammy was naked again, except for her high heels, and her collar and bracelets.

“Come here,” he told her, and he walked to the wall rack.

“Yes, sir.”

Tammy obediently followed him, and he removed a snap lock from the rack.

“Hands behind your back,” he ordered.

“Yes, sir.”

Tammy felt his fingers draw her wrists together, and next she heard a click as the “D” rings were joined. His hands fell away, and Tammy tried to pull hers apart without success. She was a prisoner!

“There now,” he said, “I’ve got your hands.”

“Yes, Master.”

Then he removed a red rubber ball-gag from the rack, and with a nearby water bottle, rinsed it off over a cloth.

“Open wide,” he ordered.

Tammy opened her mouth as wide as she could, and she was rewarded when Craig (who was standing behind her) inserted the rubber ball into her mouth, and then buckled it closed at the nape of her neck.

“Mmmmmmmph!” Tammy grunted, the ball having taken away her power of speech.

“Curiosity killed the cat, darling, now into your cell to contemplate what being bound and helpless really means,” said Craig.


Craig walked Tammy back to the cell, and opened and closed the door behind her. He closed the door with a resounding clang when she was inside.

Tammy whirled around to look at him, her mouth silenced by the gag, and her wrists bound behind her back. All that she could do was to look at him hopelessly.

“There’s nothing more touching than a girl in your situation. Naked, bound, and helpless in her cell, awaiting whatever fate her Master has in store for her,” summed up Craig, “but you already know your destiny, Tammy. When I release you, you’ll be flogged. I’m going to leave you alone for a few minutes, I want to get my laptop and get some work done while I watch you in the cell. Only an irresponsible Master would leave a submissive alone, gagged in cell.”


“Be right back, darling. Don’t go anywhere,” he said as he walked out of the playroom.


Tammy had never felt so alone or helpless in her entire life for the few minutes that he was gone. She tried to pull her wrists apart without effect, and gag had made her speechless. She was naked and vulnerable, and this frightened her.

“Mmmmmmph!” she groaned into her gag, just to hear something in the playroom.

Tammy was relieved when Craig returned carrying his briefcase, and a water bottle, and sat down on the bench and started working.

* * *

When Craig closed his laptop and stopped working, Tammy took immediate notice. He stowed his papers back into his briefcase, and then put both away on a shelf for safekeeping.

Craig retrieved the water bottle, and walked to her cell.

“Ready, darling?” he asked, “stand up with your back to the bars.”

Tammy did as ordered, and she felt relieved when her gag was loosened, but then Craig again buckled it loosely around her neck.

“Thank you, Master,” Tammy said as she took several deep breaths, her chest rising and falling now that her mouth was free of the ball-gag.

“You’re welcome, darling.”

Then she heard a distinct click as the snap ring was removed from the “D” rings on her wrist bracelets, and her arms were once again released.

“You may turn around, Tammy,” said Craig.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Did you enjoy your little bondage session?”

“Yes, sir. I was totally helpless, sir,” she answered.

“That was the whole idea. I’ve left the ball-gag around your neck to remind you that it can be used again at any time,” said Craig, handing her the water bottle, he said, “take a drink.”

“Thank you, sir,” Tammy answered she drank some water, and returned the bottle.

“And now it’s time for your flogging. Do you still want to go through with it?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Very well, Tammy,” he said as he unlocked the cell door, “you know what to do!”

“Yes, sir.”

Tammy could not believe what she did next. She walked over to the wall rack and selected the flogger, and touched the moistened, hardened knots at the end of each strand. Then she found the spreader bar for her legs, and removed two small keyed locks that Craig would need to secure her opened and exposed legs.

Then she walked back to Master Craig and knelt in front of him, and presented them to him in her hands.

“I humbly ask that my Master give me a flogging,” said Tammy.

“Your request shall be granted. Join me at the ceiling chain,” ordered Craig,

Tammy did as she was ordered, and in a short time she was again hanging and chained in the same way she had been the previous night. Craig then presented her with the flogger’s handle, which she kissed.

Craig stood back, drew his arm back and struck!

“Owwwww!” Tammy cried.

While the crop had the leather loop at the and the straight rod that could strike her naked body, the flogger had numerous strands, each of which ended in a moistened hard knot that stung her naked flesh on impact.

“There will be no need to count each stroke, Tammy. Now that you have been disciplined once already, all I want to hear is your cries. What is your safe-word?”

“Compassion, sir,” she answered.

“Good, don’t you forget it.”






Craig would circle around her like a hungry shark, and deliver a stroke with the flogger, and then move again so that no two strokes landed in the same place on her body, one after another. Her breasts, thighs, bottom, and shoulder blades all received the deadly attention of the flogger. In addition, Craig would vary the force of the strokes, so that a strong stoke would be followed by a weaker one, leaving Tammy guessing how hard the next blow would be.




“Owwww!” Tammy screamed, but did not use her safe-word. Instead she had a strange thought: that nice girls don’t get flogged. Well, Tammy had always considered herself to be a nice girl, and here she was, being flogged at her own request.




“Do you want to continue?” asked Craig.

“Yes, Master,” Tammy answered.

“How do you feel?”


“As you wish,” he said.

“Owwww!” When Tammy screamed after the last stroke, after her skin had been warmed by the flogger she began to have the same sensations that she had the previous night!

“Ooooooooh!” Tammy moaned, not from the pain of the flogger, but with the delicious feeling of an oncoming orgasm that was about to flood through her chained, naked body.

“Owwwww!” Tammy screamed again when the flogger struck her thighs, and a strand found it’s way between her legs and struck her pussy, but that only served to increase her heightened awareness.

“Oooooooh!” Tammy screamed and shook in her chains when the orgasm cascaded through her. She did not know or care how many strokes she had taken with the flogger. All that now mattered were the intense sensations of pleasure and pain that now flowed through her.

Craig immediately stopped flogging her, knowing that it would be the last time that he would do so today. He stood and watched as Tammy changed pain into pleasure, as she cried out in ecstasy as one orgasm after another flowed through her body.

Beads of sweat flowed down her underarms, and tears fell from her cheeks. Tammy had achieved something that she did not understand or comprehend. Torment was not supposed to lead to happiness.

* * *

Normally, Tammy did not need her alarm clock to summon her to a new day. Her body would always awaken early.

She awoke, exhausted and struggled to get out of bed. Tammy showered, and was amazed to see the marks left by the crop and flogger. She briefly considered calling in sick and resting in bed all day. But there were a couple of projects that just had to be completed, and those required her to come into the office.

Somehow, Tammy managed to get dressed and go to work. She was subdued all day, kept to herself, and managed to finish off the outstanding projects which was why she couldn’t stay home.

During lunch she found the decorative leather collar that Craig had given her on Sunday morning, before she was locked in the jail cell again. She had placed it in her purse, and had completely forgotten that it was there.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror at work, she opened her blouse, and locked it around her neck. Tammy admired it, knowing that she had earned it with her screams.

Back at her desk, her right hand moved to her skirt, and she traced the outlines of her Chastity Belt. She could feel the belt around her waist, and the main strap the covered her sex, and the front locking plate. It was comforting to know she was again locked in her belt.

* * *

“Look at these readings,” said Nurse Alexandra, “if she isn’t a full submissive yet, she soon will be.”

“You were right,” replied Dr. Allen, “Tammy was unusually receptive to our efforts. Based on what I see here, she must be producing endorphins in response to being used by her Master, Craig.”

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH04 PT2: Tammy in Chains”