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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH01

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH01: Introduction to Chastity”

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“Controlled Experiment CH01: Introduction to Chastity”

* * *

Charlotte Hall sat in her chair facing Dr. Simon Allen, head of the Sexual Research Institute (SRI) in his office. She had answered an advertisement in a medical journal looking for volunteers to participate in a study involving reactions to sexual stimuli.

It was Friday morning, and she had taken a personal day to get some errands done, and after dropping off her dry cleaning this was the first major project of the day.

She had completed a questionnaire that had been quite exacting about her sex life. Now she was being questioned by the head of the Institute to see if she was a suitable subject for the study.

Charlotte was 26 years old, 5’ 5”; 120 pounds; an attractive Blonde with Blue Eyes, and a great figure. Which for her, was the problem. She was simply too beautiful; and worse, smart as well. Men were simply afraid to ask her out, believing that she would be too expensive for them. She was dressed in a white linen top, with a leather skirt, bra, panties, hold-up stockings, and three inch high heels. Charlotte always dressed well, no matter what day of the week it was.

Dr. Allen looked over the pages in front of him, and finally began to question his subject.

“What brings you to us, Miss Hall?” asked Dr. Allen, who was 45 years old, 5’ 7”, with black hair and piercing black eyes. Dr. Allen was dressed in a conservative blue suit, with a white shirt, blue tie, over which her wore a lab coat.

“I read your advertisement in the Medical Journal, and I’d like to volunteer for your study,” she answered.

“Do you have any idea what it’s about?” he questioned.

“No sir,” she answered.

“On a daily basis we are being constantly assaulted by a barrage of sexual signals, which have, I believe fogged our minds. To that end, I have devised a system by which a female subject, will be prevented from obtaining sexual release. What I seek to do will be to monitor her physiological reactions throughout the day; which will then be downloaded into her phone and then transmitted to us for analysis,” he described.

“That sounds interesting,” Charlotte replied, “how do you propose to deny a woman sexual release?”

“By having her wear a Chastity Belt for most, if not all of the day,” he answered.

“A Chastity Belt?” Charlotte questioned, “surely you’re joking.”

“A Chastity Belt will serve to focus the female subject on what she cannot do: have an orgasm; until such time as her sex is freed to allow it. I want to monitor how her body reacts to being denied sexual release.”

“But surely that was answered by the invention of the electric vibrator. I have yet to meet a woman that does not have one in her nightstand drawer,” Charlotte pointed out.

“True,” Dr. Allen answered, “but wearing a Chastity Belt will increase her physiological reactions to being denied an orgasm, what was once called hysteria. Being belted will add to her sexual frustration. That is what I seek to measure.”

“How do you intend to do that?” Charlotte questioned.

“The Chastity Belt will have a monitoring device, which I have already said will be able to transmit data back to us. All the female subject will have to do will be to keep it charged from her phone every couple of days.”

“If I am to wear a Chastity Belt, will I be allowed to keep the key?” Charlotte asked, “how will I be able to keep myself clean?”

“I see that you are very intelligent, Miss Hall. Yes, you will be allowed to keep the key. Contrary to what popular culture believes, women did not wear Chastity Belts in the Middle Ages. That, Like the idea that the Earth was flat was a myth also. They knew that the earth was round, only they didn’t know the planet’s true size, and that America would be in the way.”

“Thank you, Dr. Allen, I do manage a Medical Office; Hartwell Associates. So I have certainly picked up some medical knowledge and procedures working there over the years.”

“Very good, because that brings us to the crux of the problem: why do you want to wear a Chastity Belt?”

“Because I have a lousy sex life and can’t meet men,” Charlotte admitted, her voice cracking under the strain of admitting the truth to a complete stranger.

Charlotte began to cry, and Dr. Allen had a tissue box ready for her to use, and there was a convenient wastebasket on the floor in front of her.

“It’s all right, Charlotte,” reassured Dr. Allen.

“If I can’t have a man, then I don’t want men to have me,” sobbed Charlotte, “that’s why I want to wear a belt and join your study.”

“I understand and thank you for your honesty. Do you think that you could wear a Chastity Belt for most of the day?”

“Yes,” Charlotte answered.

“Since you work in the Medical field that already gives you a tremendous advantage. You might even be able to wear your belt all day at work, with your employer’s permission. Have you ever seen a Chastity Belt in real life?” asked Dr. Allen.

“No, only in photographs. You ad didn’t specify the use of a Chastity Belt,” said Charlotte.

“Quite true, that was to prevent ridicule,” said Dr. Allen.

“Sensible,” Charlotte agreed.

“Would you like to see one?” asked Dr. Allen.

“Yes, very much,” Charlotte replied.

“Beth, could you come in here for a few minutes?” said Dr. Allen after he picked up the phone, “have Amy mind the front desk for a while,” he then replaced the receiver back in it’s proper place.

“My receptionist will be along shortly,” said Dr. Allen to Charlotte, “and you’ll see a woman in a Chastity Belt.”

There was a knock on the door, and Beth, the receptionist that Charlotte had met when she had entered the SRI, entered.

“You wanted to see me, Doctor?” asked Beth, closing the door behind her.

Beth was 22, 5’ 4” weighing 120 pounds, a Brunette with Black Eyes, and a great figure. Charlotte had noticed her when she came in, and she was an attractive young women indeed. She was wearing a blue dress, complimented with a pair of matching high heels.

“Charlotte would like to join our study, and she would like to see a woman in a Chastity Belt. Do you mind showing her what yours looks like?” asked Dr. Allen.

“No, sir, I’ll be glad to,” Beth answered.

Beth stood in front of Dr. Allen’s desk, as she reached behind her back and unzipped her blue dress. After opening the zipper all the way, she let it fall off her body, coming to rest on the carpeted floor.

Charlotte had to repress a gasp when she saw what was locked around Beth’s waist – a metal and rubber Chastity Belt that restricted access to her sex!

Beth was dressed in a black lacy bra, the Chastity Belt, matching black hold-up stockings, and blue high heels.

“How do you feel wearing a Chastity Belt?” Charlotte asked.

“Beautiful,” Beth answered, “I’d feel naked without it.”

“How long did it take you to get used to the belt?”

“Just about a day, Dr. Allen gave it to me on a Friday, and I wore it all weekend. By Monday I was ready to wear it to work.” Beth answered.

“May I touch it?” Charlotte asked.

“Yes,” Beth replied, “but you obviously won’t have access to my pussy,” she laughed, “that’s out of bounds.”

Charlotte rose from her chair, and circled around the half-dressed Beth, who stood silently as she was inspected by her fellow female. With her left hand, Charlotte reached out and felt the metal lock in front that kept the entire Belt locked around Beth’s waist. The Belt’s metal was sheathed in black rubber, obviously to prevent chafing.

While there was a hole at the back of the Belt, Dr. Allen had said that Charlotte would have the key to remove the Belt when performing her toilette.

On the right side of the belt was small protrusion, smoothed to prevent any damage to clothing.

“That’s the monitor I was telling you about,” described Dr. Allen.

Charlotte saw the green LED light that indicated that the belt was active. Could she really wear such a thing monitoring her body all the time?

“I have to plug the Belt into my phone whenever the red LED comes on. It just takes a few minutes to charge every two days,” said Beth.

“How difficult is it to get into the Belt?” Charlotte asked.

“It was hard at first, but after I while I got very good at it. Now I can put it on very easily, and like I said before, I feel naked without it.”

“Does that answer all your questions?” asked Dr. Allen.

“Yes,” Charlotte replied.

“Beth, you can get dressed again. Take your dress into my bathroom, while I talk to Charlotte.”

“Yes, doctor,” said Beth as she picked up her dress from the carpeted floor and ducked into a door in his office.

“Do you still want to wear a Chastity Belt for the study?” asked Dr. Allen.

“Yes, very much,” Charlotte answered, still standing after her examination of Beth’s Chastity Belt.

“Generally, because of the nature of the study, we give a new subject a regular belt made of aluminum without the monitoring device. Many women get cold feet after they’ve worn a belt for a couple of days. But now I’ll send you along to my nurse, who’ll measure you and let you wear a training belt for a while in the office; and then I’ll send you home with the real belt, made of expandable plasteel, and with the monitor.”

“Thank you, Dr. Allen,” said Charlotte.

“Your eagerness is very encouraging.”

“Thank you, Dr. Allen.”

“You’re welcome.”

* * *

Charlotte next stood in the examination room, attended by Nurse Alexandra. Charlotte guessed that Alexandra was somewhere in her thirties, with Black hair and eyes, and was very attractive under her white uniform.

“Beth has told me that Dr. Allen wants you measured for a Chastity Belt. Is that correct?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“She has also said that you were to be allowed to wear a regular belt for a while, to see if you can be sent home with the plasteel belt.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Charlotte answered.

“Good, remove your outer clothes. I have to measure you properly so you’ll be comfortable in your belt.”

Charlotte unzipped her skirt, stepping out of her skirt and then folding it before placing it on a nearby chair. Then she unbuttoned her blouse, and placed that on the chair as well. She then stood in front of Nurse Alexandra.

“Stand still!” Nurse Alexandra ordered.

With a tape measure, the Nurse took the measurements of her bust, waist, and hips, noting them down on a clipboard that was placed on a nearly desk. Then she wrapped a belt around her waist, pulling it taut before buckling it closed. She attached one end to the belt, and allowed it to drop to the floor. Alexandra walked around to Charlotte’s back, bent down and retrieved the hanging tape. She pulled it up between Charlotte’s legs, to the belt around her waist, then took down the length.

“Wait here,” said Alexandra.

Charlotte stood still as Alexandra went to a closet and removed a Chastity Belt, which she unlocked with a key still in the locking plate.

“Do you know how to put this on?” Alexandra asked.

“No, ma’am.”

“There’s a first time for everything, so I’ll help you.”

“Thank you,” said Charlotte.

“I’m glad you’re wearing hold-up stockings and not a garter belt. It makes things so much easier.”

“Thank you.”

Alexandra gave Charlotte the back locking plate and showed her where she was supposed to hold it. Then she stood behind her, and closed the belt around her waist. Charlotte fitted the belt through the prongs in the back plate.”

“Now open your legs a bit,” instructed Alexandra, “and draw the strap up with the others.”

Charlotte did so, and fitted the crotch strap with the waist straps, and Alexandra handed her the front locking plate.

“Snap it into place, and then turn the key, and then you’ll be locked in!” said Alexandra.

Charlotte did so, and when she tried to remove the front plate, it was locked firm!

“Wow!” said Charlotte.

“Walk around,” said Alexandra.

Charlotte took a few halting steps, and found that she could walk around easily with the Chastity Belt and her three inch high heels. In fact, it made her feel rather sexy.

“May I have the key?” asked Alexandra.

Charlotte handed it over to Alexandra.

“What if I have to go to the bathroom?” Charlotte asked.

“The whole object of this little test is to see if you can be belted for a while. So that’s why you’re locked in with me holding the key. If you should have to go, just go outside, find Beth, and I’ll unlock you.”


“We have a small employee lounge where you can stay for a couple of hours. You can entertain yourself with your phone, we have cable TV, and even a few books; not medical ones.”

“Thank you,” replied Charlotte, “but why didn’t you ask me to remove my panties?”

“Because then for hygienic reasons I’d have to give you this belt as well.”

“Oh,” Charlotte replied.

“You’d better get dressed, lest anyone seeing you might think we’re shooting an adult film here,” said Alexandra.

“Good idea.”

Charlotte dressed, getting back into her blouse and skirt. She had decided to dress well, because she had wanted to make a good impression. It had been a great idea to wear hold-up elastic stockings rather than a garter belt or pantyhose. Plus the fact she liked dressing up and looking feminine and attractive.

Alexandra walked her to the lounge, and showed her the couch, refrigerator, vending machine, and TV set, along with a small bookcase.

“There are no medical books here, just some novels to read.”

“Thank you again. Do all your subjects get this treatment?”

“No, you’re a special case. Most just get sent home with that belt for a week. If you work out, you’ll be leaving with the monitoring belt. So I hope you have a good two hours!” said Alexandra.

“So do I,” Charlotte answered.

* * *

From the desk in his office, Dr. Allen had watched on his computer screen, as Alexandra had brought Charlotte into the lounge. There was a small video camera there that would allow him to observe how Charlotte took to the test Chastity Belt.

There was a knock on the door, and Dr. Allen knew that it was Alexandra.


Alexandra entered, and closed the door behind her. She stood in front of Dr. Allen who remained seated at his desk.

“How was her first belting?” Dr. Allen asked.

“Very well, she seemed to like it.”

“Good. I’ll let her stay belted for a little over an hour, then you can remove her test belt, and see if she really wants to proceed to the next step. If she agrees, then we can send her on her way with the real belt.”

“Do you think that she’ll work out?” Alexandra asked.

“Certainly, she wants to belong to something new and different. The minute she gets home with the belt, she’ll put it on. She’ll wear it all weekend, and then never want to remove it. And then we’ll own her, just like all the others.”

* * *

Charlotte returned home after her Friday morning errands. For a day off, this one had been truly different, with her visit to SRI and joining the study and wearing and receiving a monitoring Chastity Belt.

After about an hour and a half had elapsed, Alexandra had looked in on Charlotte, who was engrossed in a sex novel that she had found in the bookcase. While she usually never read pornography, once she had started reading, she couldn’t stop. The Chastity Belt meat that she couldn’t touch herself to relieve sexual tension, so she had reached into her blouse to caress her breasts. Charlotte had become aroused, and her nipples were hard, and she guessed that her sex was wet.

But with the Chastity Belt, she had no way of checking that.

Nurse Alexandra had told her she could keep the book, and then asked her back to the examination room. There was a box on the exam table.

“Let’s remove the belt you have on, before I show you the one you’ll be wearing for the study.”

Charlotte dutifully stripped once again, and the belt was removed from her waist. She exhaled when it was unlocked.

“That feels better!” said Charlotte.

“The plasteel belt will expand and contract and be much more comfortable. So how did it feel being in a Chastity Belt?”

“Interesting,” Charlotte answered.

“Are you ready for the real belt?”

“Yes,” Charlotte replied.

“Besides the belt, we have included a couple of extras to confine you even more,” said Alexandra.

“Let’s see,” said Charlotte after she had gotten dressed again.

Alexandra opened the box, and laid out the contents.

“Here’s a manual, a DVD, the belt, which you can see is wrapped in plastic, a metal bra, and thigh bands to complete the outfit. Want to see what it looks like when woman is wearing it?”

“Sure,” Charlotte answered.

Alexandra removed a phone from a drawer, and started a video, and passed it to Charlotte, who gasped when she saw a woman wearing the entire metal outfit.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Charlotte.

“And that’s what you’re going to be wearing as part of the study. We also want you to keep a small journal documenting your sexual feelings from now on.”

“Do I have to wear the whole thing?” Charlotte asked.

“No, just the belt will do. The metal bra and thigh bands are extras. We have an emergency number you can get in touch with us at any time. Other than that, you’ll be required to come in once a month and answer questions about being belted.”

“Could I ask a favor?’

“Go ahead.”

“Could I get a second set of keys? I’d hate to go to a locksmith to have him get me out should I lose both,” said Charlotte.

“Sure,” said Alexandra, “but I guarantee, once you’ve worn the belt, you won’t want to take it off.”


“Just give yourself time in the belt, and you’ll see what I mean,” said Alexandra.

* * *

Charlotte retrieved the box from her car trunk, and went inside her apartment, closing the door behind her. She had eaten a late lunch out, and if she didn’t want to drive again, there was always the Chinese Take-out on her corner.

She hung her light jacket in the hall closet, walked to the kitchen where she drew a glass of water, and decided that an afternoon nap was in order.

But first, she wanted to put on the Chastity Belt.

Charlotte took the box into her bedroom, stripped naked, turned on the TV, and removed the belt, manual and DVD. She popped the DVD into the player while she removed the plastic from her belt (was it really hers to keep?); and before locking herself into it, she performed her toilette.

She used toilet paper to clean her pussy, and then a dab of Vaseline to clean her bottom. She wouldn’t be wearing panties under her belt.

Watching the video she was able to lock the belt onto herself without too much difficultly. She had lost her grip on the whole thing a couple of times, but had finally managed to lock herself into the belt. She felt a real sense of accomplishment when she turned the key, and removed it from the lock.

Charlotte pulled at the front plate, then reinserted the key and locked and unlocked the belt a few times, then tried all of the keys, just to make sure that they all worked.

She placed the box with the metal bra and thigh bands on a nearby chair, and placed the manual and DVD inside.

Then she hooked up the belt to her cell phone, watched it charge, and when the red light went out, she was finished.

Charlotte didn’t bother putting on her night shirt, but instead decided to sleep only wearing her new Chastity Belt.

Tired from her day of errands, she quickly fell asleep with the belt girdling her loins.

* * *

Charlotte was literally awakened by a bang. A truck outside her apartment had backfired, and the sound had jarred her awake.

She was surprised to discover that it was already past 5 PM; she had fallen asleep just around 1 PM. So she had slept the afternoon away!

Pulling aside the covers, she looked at the Chastity Belt that she had locked on herself after returning home. It was still there, and the entire morning at SRI had not been a dream. Charlotte saw that the green LED light was still burning, and she knew that the belt itself had notified SRI that it was locked on her body. There were, of course, none of the readings yet that Dr. Allen had told her about for the belt to report.

But now that she was wearing it, that would change.

Charlotte got out of bed and walked over to her bathroom, where she ran some warm water to wash her face with. Then she toweled herself off, and contemplated her next move.

Rather than go to the supermarket and then have to cook dinner, she got dressed and walked to the Chinese Take-out, and got her favorite dinner.

She put on a bra, top, and was pleasantly surprised that she would wear a pair of jeans over the belt. Charlotte completed her outfit with a pair of knee high stockings and a pair of taupe heels.

Charlotte walked home, enjoying the sensation of the Chastity Belt enclosing her sex. She reflected on what Beth had told just this morning at SRI: that she would quickly get used to being belted, and she would enjoy how it felt!

She ate dinner in her kitchen and watched the news on a small TV on the counter-top. While she could have done so with her phone, she preferred a TV in the formal sense.

Once the dishes were washed and cleared away, Charlotte faced the problem of what to do next. It was still early, and while she could either read (and finish the erotic novel that Alexandra had given her at SRI) or watch TV; she preferred instead to go out for a while.

Charlotte walked back to her bedroom and retrieved the keys to her belt. She removed one of the four (Alexandra had fulfilled her request and given her an extra set) and placed it onto her key ring with her house and car keys. The other three went into the top drawer of her dresser.

She drove over to the shopping mall, not really intending to do any serious shopping, but just to look around. Charlotte strolled though the mall, feeling very sexy indeed, with the belt enclosing her sex.

It was so strange. She had wanted to be belted to deny sex, but the belt was instead having the opposite effect. And she hadn’t worn it yet for more than six hours.

Charlotte wondered if by Monday morning she could bear not wearing it to work. Since she worked at a medical practice, perhaps she could tell one of the doctors about it. If it didn’t interfere with her work, then there would be no reason why she couldn’t wear it all the time.

Which would, of course, be better for the study.

Charlotte sat down in the Food Court, and set up her journal in the phone. She typed in her feelings about the belt, and she felt somehow different than other women who were unbelted.

Afterwards, she walked into Victoria’s Secret, and resisted the temptation to buy anything. She already had enough lingerie and shoes, and she was tempted to buy more. Now that she was belted, however, panties were no longer necessary.

Charlotte suddenly remembered that she had not yet tried on all of her outfit. She walked out of the mall and drove home, perhaps a little too quickly. Charlotte burned with curiosity about the rest that came with the belt.

Back home and in her bedroom, Charlotte removed the metal bra and thigh bands. She unwrapped them from the plastic, examined them carefully, and read the manual before attempting to put them on.

She placed her head though the chains for the bra, and seeing that the rest of the bra was the correct length for her breasts, closed it around her back, and locked it at the front with a small keyed lock.

Charlotte admired herself in the mirror for a moment, then easily fit her legs into the thigh bands, which she attached by chains to the belt on either side of her waist. She fitted her feet back into the taupe heels that she had worn earlier.

She could not believe what she looked like in the bedroom mirror. The Chastity Belt, metal bra, and thigh bands had transformed her into some sort of futuristic woman. Charlotte touched the metal bra, knowing that it denied access to her breasts. She touched the belt’s crotch, knowing that her pussy was now enclosed by metal and rubber.

Finally she felt the Thigh Bands and chains that held them onto her belt. Charlotte had forgotten about the lock to link her bands together, and after retrieving it from the box, she felt a great sense of achievement how that she was wearing the whole outfit.

Her reverie was broken when her phone rang, and she answered the call.

“Hello?” Charlotte greeted the caller.

“Charlotte, this is Beth at SRI. I always call our new clients to make sure they’re happy with their belts now that they’ve joined the study. How are you doing?”

“Just fine. I put the belt on after I returned home this afternoon, then fell asleep. I just returned home from window shopping at the mall because I wanted to try on the bra and thigh bands.”

“How do you like it?” Beth asked.

“You were right, I simply just adore my belt. It makes me feel special, different from other women,” Charlotte answered.

“See, I told you! That’s why I wear my belt all the time. So just write a journal for Dr. Allen, and you’ll come in once an month for an interview.”

“Are you planning to have encounter groups? I’ve just love to meet with and discuss with other women the experience of wearing a belt.”

“What an eager convert you are,” said Beth, “something’s in the works for that.”


“Sorry but I have to call other women tonight. You’re not the only woman who has discovered the joys of chastity.”

“Thanks Beth,” said Charlotte.

“Just don’t lose you keys,” cautioned Beth, “bye.”

Beth had cut the connection, and Charlotte was once again alone. Rather than get dressed, she got a robe from her closet, tied the belt around her waist, and resolved to wear her whole Chastity outfit for the rest of the night.

Charlotte wished that her female friend Tammy was home, and she wanted to invite her over and show her the outfit. However, Tammy was out of town for a week on business. Charlotte could just imagine Tammy on a business trip trying to pick men up at the hotel bar for a one night stand while she was away from home.

Charlotte retrieved the erotic novel she’d gotten at SRI, made herself a cup of tea, and settled into her easy chair to finish it off.

When it was time for bed she had first removed everything, then performed her toilette once more. She locked just the belt on again, then threw a nightshirt over her head, and got into bed. Charlotte yawned, stretched, then covered herself and fell into a deep sleep.

* * *

Charlotte had never needed an alarm clock to get her out of bed. Her body always awakened her to coming of a new day.

Saturday morning she awakened, unlocked the belt and jumped into a steaming hot shower. Once she had dried herself off, including her hair, she donned her robe and looked at the belt. She noticed that some of her female secretions were on the belt, so she carefully washed it off with warm soapy water under the sink, then dried it off.

She had dressed formally, as if she had been going to work when she visited SRI. Now that it was Saturday, she picked out a bra, top, blue jeans and her taupe heels once more.

Charlotte watched herself in the bedroom mirror as she again locked herself into the Chastity Belt. After yesterday’s fumbling first attempts, she was now an expert. Before she stowed the metal bra inside her dresser, she slightly lengthened the chain that would hold it up, making it more comfortable to wear.

She felt very naughty indeed about the whole thing.

One of her co-workers had told her that last year her husband had gotten her a latex bra and panty set, and that she had worn it to work a few times. However, the latex was thin and cheap, and she had broken it after a few wearings, and never bought another.

Charlotte reflected that there was no danger that she would break her Chastity Belt. The new plasteel metal had expanded and molded itself to her body juts as Dr. Allen had said it would, making it very comfortable to wear.

She reflected that in sex novels, the characters really didn’t have too much to do between sex scenes. But in real life, she had things to do, and the best part was that she could do them in her new belt. Feeling very decadent, she again decided to treat herself to a fast food breakfast.

There was just something quite salacious about eating out in a public place with a Chastity Belt enclosing her sex.

Charlotte just hoped she wouldn’t have to go though any metal detectors. Trying to explain a Chastity Belt to someone would be difficult indeed.

* * *

By the time Monday morning came, Charlotte was inseparable from her Chastity Belt. She had worn the belt all weekend, all while doing her normal weekend routine. Charlotte had even worn it Sunday afternoon when she had a flat tire and brought her car in to get it fixed.

On the sales floor, she had seen the new fresh tires for sale, and inhaled the heady smell of the new rubber. Once, her friend Tammy had dragged into going to an S&M shop, and she didn’t understand what the attraction was.

Now she knew, and rubber scent had made her sexually excited. She logged onto her journal, and record the experience.

Charlotte had never before been sexually excited by the smell of tires. Wearing the belt was having some strange effects on her life.

Throwing caution to the wind, she had decided to wear her belt to the office after all. In a busy medical practice, who would have time to notice if she was behaving differently or not?

In her building, there was a small bathroom that was for single person use only, used mainly by the maintenance staff. Rather than use the bathroom in the practice, she ducked out and used that one by herself.

Charlotte was pleased that she already had to recharge the belt once from her phone, knowing that her first set of readings had been sent to SRI. From now on she would always keep the belt fully charged, the green LED light her constant companion.

She managed to get though Monday without either anyone noticing that her behavior had changed, or her belt being discovered. So Charlotte resolved that she would always wear her belt, only removing it for bathing, toilette, or cleaning.

And at night she would place herself in the rest of the outfit, feeling very powerful when adorned with the rest of the metal now locked on her naked body.

* * *

When the phone rang Saturday morning, Charlotte knew that her friend Tammy had returned from her business trip. Tammy had sent her a text, and they would get together for lunch on Saturday. Charlotte had not mentioned either the study or the belt, and she knew that she was going to give her friend the shock of her life when she revealed that she was wearing a Chastity Belt!

“Well, what have you been up to while I’ve been away?” asked Tammy, as they shared some tea together on Saturday morning.

“You’re not going to believe me,” said Charlotte.

“Did you have a one night stand? Bang two men at the same time? Or is your usual lack of success in the sex department still in effect?” questioned Tammy.

Tammy White was also 26, in fact they had shared a dorm room together in college. She was 5’ 5”, with Blonde hair and blue eyes, had a great figure, and had no trouble attracting men.

Which placed her as the polar opposite to her friend, Charlotte.

Tammy had once arranged a double date where she hoped that all four of them would end up in the same bed together for a wild night of sex, only to have Charlotte panic at the idea. If there had ever been something that would have broken up their long friendship that would have been it. But the guys she lined up understood that Charlotte was bashful, and the incident was quietly forgotten.

But Tammy was still jealous of her friend Charlotte, because she was truly beautiful and highly intelligent.

“I’m wearing a Chastity Belt,” Charlotte admitted.

“You’re joking,” said Tammy, disbelief clearly visible on her face.

“Come in the bedroom and see,” Charlotte challenged her friend, “truth or dare.”

“Dare,” replied Tammy, “I don’t believe you.”

“This will be one time when you’ve lost,” said Charlotte, confidence in her voice.

* * *

“I don’t believe it,” said Tammy, who was seated on Charlotte’s double bed, with her friend standing in front of her, wearing nothing but her Chastity Belt and heels.

“See, for a change you’ve lost. I’m actually wearing a Chastity Belt.”

“For how long?” asked Tammy.

“While you were away on your business trip I went down to SRI, showed my desire to enter the study. They made me wear a regular belt for a couple of hours, and then they gave me this one, which monitors my sexual reactions all day long,” Charlotte replied.

“I hope you have the key to this thing,” observed Tammy.

“Of course I do! They even gave me an extra set,” Charlotte answered.

“So that’s it? For engaging in a sex study you wear a Chastity Belt? Isn’t that uncomfortable?”

“Not at all,” Charlotte answered, “it’s made of that new material, plasteel. Actually, it’s quite comfortable. The only reason I ever take it off is to bathe or go to the bathroom.”

“Do you wear it to work?” Tammy asked.

“Sure, every day.”

“Do your employers know?” Tammy questioned.

“No, and they don’t have to. It doesn’t interfere with my work at all. The only thing I do different at work is use another bathroom intended for a single person. It’s usually used by just the maintenance staff, not anyone else.”

“You know, you’ve always been a good dresser, but I’ve never seen you so obsessed with a piece of clothing before,” said Tammy.

“Actually, there’s more,” Charlotte answered.



Tammy sat, silently as Charlotte first encased her breasts in shining stainless steel, locking the metal in front, as if it was any regular bra. Then Charlotte locked the thigh bands on her legs, chaining them to D rings on the belt on her hips. Lastly, she locked the thigh bands together between her legs.

Tammy whistled in astonishment, seeing how her friend had transformed herself.

“Why are you wearing a Chastity Belt?” asked Tammy, “it’s not as if you’re a slut.”

“I’m in a medical study at the Sexual Research Institute to determine the effects of wearing a Chastity Belt from all of the sexual stimulus we get all day. Truth of the matter, it gets me horny to wear this,” replied Charlotte.

“So take out your vibrator and relieve yourself,” suggested Tammy.

“That’s strange, I haven’t done so once,” Charlotte answered, “perhaps I’m denying myself relief because of the belt.”

“Who’s to know?”

“SRI will,” Charlotte answered.


Charlotte pointed out the bulge on the right side of the belt, and it’s green LED light.

“Every two days I have to recharge the belt by connecting it to my phone, and it sends my readings to SRI. So they’ll know if I’m no longer chaste.”

“But you’re still on the honor system, aren’t you? There’s nothing preventing you from going out and getting laid, is there?” Tammy pointed out.

“True,” said Charlotte.

“Good. Then I want you to give me their number, and I’ll go down and try to get into the study. I’ll tell them that I’m tired of being a slut, want to change, and get a belt for myself. They will never know that we’re friends, and we’ll see if wearing a Chastity Belt can ever change my sexual behavior.”

“All right,” Charlotte replied, “this should be interesting.”

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH01: Introduction to Chastity”

To Be Continued….