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Boring Football Player / Diapers Story

Boring Football Player / Diapers Story

it’s the quiet ones

Important safety tips about other jocks

I just mostly figured out I was gay. That’s a big deal. From what I get in the news, being gay in high school is like nothing these days. Anyhow, I was in the training room a lot on account of my shoulder and other stuff. Jim was on the football team, very built, and very nice. It’s funny how we always seemed to be around each other. He’d walk in, in his street clothes and strip naked and put on his jock and practice shorts. My mouth was watering so bad I had to spit.

I got up the nerve to ask him for help in linear algebra, and aww, man, nice guy, he said sure, if you help me with my Chemistry. I said, plan to stay over at my house tonight, because God knows, linear algebra and I do not get along. So he shows up about 5:00 with a couple heavy equipment bags, and we just stowed them in my bedroom. I forget what we ate for dinner, but Mom said they were going out and wouldn’t be back till late.

Got rid of them, and said, “Hey, Jim, let’s go for a swim before we start this crap.” “Works for me! In fact, I don’t care if we study at all tonight.” We both stripped and got some swimsuits on. He went in first, and screamed. “My GOD this water is freezing!” “Yeah you big macho football player pussy, get over it.” I went in, and we wrestled in the water for a while, then got out and dripped dry. I tossed him a towel and we went back to my room.

“I kinda want to take a nap for a little while, if that’s okay? My bed is huge so, cripes there is room.” And Jim said, “Well, that works, except I gotta tell you, sometimes I wet the bed.” (Uhhh) “well, um..” “OH, don’t worry, I brought stuff for it. I’ll get my swim trunks off, and then maybe you can help me with the rest. My brother usually helps me.”

Took care of my buddy; 3 thick layers of special cloth, pinned on tight, and nice strong plastic pants. Jim asked me, “Hey, you want to try this?” “YEAH!” We just fell asleep snuggled together. The bed did not get wet.

Next morning, wow, Jim had the whole thing going, stuffed our diapers into a resealable bag, and then we got our showers. We made it back to my bedroom before Mom said, “How are my boys doing? Time for breakfast!” I thought, “Well, I’d like to fuck my buddy’s brains out..” and Jim gave me this look of regret.

Ate breakfast, and prepared Mom for me staying a couple days over at Jim’s place, explaining he had more older brothers than God. “Well, then that’s okay then.”

I grabbed my kit bag and we waited about 2 minutes till Jim’s bro showed up and we hopped in the car. Bart said, “Do you know what you’re getting into?” Jim said, “OH, I think he is raring to go!” I said, “Hell yeah!” Their house wasn’t far from ours, so we got all the stuff out and brought it onto the porch. I walked in the front door and Jim and his brothers ruthlessly stripped and diapered me. I liked it. Jim said, “Hey you’re supposed to struggle and object and stuff!” “Hell, why? Firstly you and your bro’s are way hot, and nice, too, and secondly, I bet you’re next.”

I was right, of course. Then me and Jim took care of any remaining undiapered brothers, who shared the same opinion I did, which is to say, they wanted it. They were kind enough to supply apparently endless cases of beer, and snackies. It was a little busy between me and Jim and the other brothers, checking and changing each other. But overall, I think everybody was having a great time.

I made sure we all had fresh, dry diapers before we went to bed. The Brothers got a hold of a huge wrestling mat and had that on the floor, and we basically had tons of pillows and blankets; I grabbed Jim, we snuggled together, and we were out like lights. His diapered butt was against my diapered crotch, and it felt real nice.

This family is slightly off kilter, and I say this with love. I never had any brothers, let alone crazy ones. Maybe Jim can lease them out. For one thing, when you are officially home from work, or school, or football practice, you have about 10 minutes to get diapered up before your brothers descend on you like locusts. (Heck, I wouldn’t mind that, saves trouble.)

Another thing is, once you’ve pretty much wet your diapers, your buddies will stop at nothing to make sure that you cum in them. At least once. Finally, Jim and I went up to his bedroom and flopped on his bed. “Do you want to do any sexy and perverted stuff tonight?” “Naah, how about you?” “Fuck no, just hold me in your arms and make me feel safe, buddy.”


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