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1st time in public - so exciting

1st time in public - so exciting

This is the story of my self.



I prepare my equipment and my dress code. I modify my skirt, add a small hole for my vibrator egg. I decided to go to the mall with my sister.


In the morning. I wear modified beige lace skirt and white tops. Wearing no bra and no panties. I look at the mirror, oh my goosh that's so cute. I input my 2 toys in the bag and connect it to the hole I made far enough to reach my clits and vagina. The green vibrator egg i put in my vagina deep enough. And the pink vibrator egg, I stick it to my clitoris using tape.


we arrive at mall... so many excitement...

i gonna turn on both my toys inside the pocket.

a bit crowded in mall, so i dont worry my vibrate toy's sound

slowly.. but sure.. I do not want to make my sister suspicious of what I do ,


i can feel them.. I can feel it vibrating in my body

i'm holding my sister hand.. and we walk.. but suddenly he pulled my hand and ran

she said, she want visit to coffee shop..

toys in me rubbing against the walls of the vagina as she pulled my hand and ran

my body could not accept the friction is so sudden, my hips shaking.

I could feel the warm liquid a little out of the vagina and flowing into my thigh.

I moan a little, I shut my mouth by hand so as not to be heard by people around.

a few seconds later we arrived at the coffee shop,

we begin to queue up in line, because it is quite crowded coffee shop

my little vaginal fluid dripping on the floor, I hope no one knows

while waiting in line at the line I raise my toys higher vibration settings

feels very good . . .

After we get a drink, we sat on a wooden chair, but I forgot that it was a wooden chair !! ( O _ O ) !

when I sat the wooden chair vibrator pressed hard to my clits and

my vibrator on my clits touch with wooden chairs, produce sound "BZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz" also . .

a few people pay attention to me, I shifted my hips so as not to sound again,

my sister asked what it was before, and I say that my handphone , maybe someone sent me message.

after 35 minutes we sat and talked

my body heats up, sweating, my breath started quickly.

I feel will soon reach orgasm

i hold my sister hands... and tell her

"I go to the toilet for a while . . you sit here quietly ok wait for me . ."

but she insist want to go to toilet too ! OMG i can't hold it any longer . . .

so I stood up and ran as fast as quickly to the toilet,

fortunately, toilet is very close to the coffee shop. only 10 meters..

when I ran, I could feel the fluid coming out of the vagina and started flowing, drip every step of my run

have to reach the toilet before it became public disgrace. . !

i enter the toilet . . lock my toilet door

I fell to the ground, reaching a maximum orgasm.

I lift my skirt. I input my two fingers into the vagina. move in and out quickly

my body for maximum orgasm convulsive seizures.

vibrator in my pussy pushed out by the vaginal wall.

my vagina hole vibrate violently.

open closed open closed, and a sound "CLAPP CLAPP CLAPPP CLAPPP ..".

I make every effort to close my mouth, so that my moan is not audible next to the toilet

I go back to the coffee shop and met my sister

he looks a little upset, because I leave suddenly.

but I promised her I would buy you eat today.

she was happy. now is the time to shop !!


I was relieved not to be discovered by people around

It brings on a new level of embarrassment and excitement

i think i should try this game again next time


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