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A Missunderstanding

A Missunderstanding

By Will_b_fun and Amy_S.

Editors note: This story was taken directly from a Role Play on YIM. The only editing I have done is to add the first paragraph setting the scene, and the very last line, remove the names from the beginning of lines, change the punctuation from RP convention to standard, and correct any spelling mistakes. Amy_S.

The scene: An exclusive Girls 'Finishing School' (for young ladies aged 18 and upwards), set in rolling hills in the heart of the English countryside. The headmaster's office: A plush oak-panelled, blue-carpeted room. The headmaster is sitting at his desk, addressing 19 year old Amy Steele, who has been summoned to his office before morning lessons...

"...You have been given a unique chance to attend an all girls school where we have accomodated your individual needs...

"BUT it seems you have abused your privileges Miss Steele."

"Ummm... individual needs, Sir? Privileges?"

"Yes Miss Steele, you are the first pupil to be accepted in a 'chair'!"


"You have become a little disruptive, lets say. I don't know if it's a rebellious side coming out BUT we have ways of keeping our girls in line!"

"Sir? Keeping in line?"

"YES Miss Steele. We DO NOT tolerate disruptive behaviour! It has been reported that 'strange noises' have been coming from your room at night. Also that a couple other girls have been seen leaving your room well after lights out! Have you anything to say?"

"Ummmm.... No Sir."

"Well, I authorised a search of your room Miss Steele!

"... 'We' found some interesting 'stuff'. Stuff that I don't know how got into the school!"

"A...a...a S...s....search?

"S...s...stuff S..sir? W...w...w.what stuff?"

Walks round from my desk behind you to my office door - locks it - "CLICK"

Amy shivers as she hears the door being locked.

Walks back round to my desk, pulling out a small box from under it.

"Yes Miss Steele, this 'stuff'" tipping it out onto my desk.

"I would ask you what they all are, but Miss Steele, I know. I have worked her long enough around young 'Ladies' to know what they get up to, but some of THIS" points to my desk "is new to me!"

"Sir?" Wrinkling her brow at the sight of the things on the desk.

On the desk lays an array of 'toys' Plugs, beads, vibrators, bulbs, suppositories.....

"I..I...d..don't understand S..sir?"


"T..these are f..f..from m...m...my r...room?" bursts into tears as you shout.

"YES MISS STEELE, your room! Are you saying they are NOT yours?.... "

"N...n..noooo! I...I...I...mean y..y...ess"

"Oh Miss Steele, you are trying my patience!"

"This has to be stopped and NOW. Do you know what I mean Miss Steele?"

Slowly walks to a tall double cupboard on the wall by the sofa.

sob "N..n..no S..s..sir" sniff.

"Come over here...."

"I..I d..don't u...u..und..d..der..s..stand... " ..sob.

Opens the double doors.

Wheels slowly towards you with her head bowed, looking at the floor in front of her.

Next to the cupboard is a sofa, more like a lounger. One end has an arm rest with a full back which tapers down to nothing at the other end. The other end of the lounger has no arm and is open.

"Sit down on the sofa Miss Steele.... NOW!"

"Y..y..yes S..s..sir!" Transfers from wheelchair to sofa, wide eyed, still sniffling.

"Now Miss Steele, I WILL NOT tolerate this sort of behaviour! I want you to tell me who the other girls are. If not I will have to talk other actions!" Taking out a thin cane from inside the cupboard and tapping my hand.

"O...o..other g..girls Sir? I d...d..don't kn...ow w..what y..you" sniff "m...m..mean?"

"Don't lie to me Miss Steele! Girls have been seen leaving your room after lights out. I have been well informed!

"Do not cover for them, or you will only make it worse!"


"RIGHT!... Lie down on your front Miss Steele!"

"S..s..sir?" looking from your face to the cane which you are tapping against your hand.

Pulls a smooth wooden paddle from the cupboard. Slapping my hand - slap slap.

"LIE DOWN! Don't answer me..."

Lies down, and turns over on her front, eyes widening in fear.

Steps up next to the sofa, slap slap slap on my hand!

Cringing at the sound of the paddle against your hand, imagining the feeling of it striking my bottom.

Leaning forward I rub the wooden paddle over your backside, through your leggings.

Tensing at the unexpected sensation, waiting for the first blow.

I shift uncomfortably and fold my arms under my face.

In a gentler voice "Have you ever been 'punished' before Miss Steele?"

Rubbing over your back side.. putting more pressure as I rub.

"P..p...punished S..s..sir?

"N..n..nooo!" sniff.

The pressure releases as I raise the paddle...... (A gentle) Smack!

"Owww!" I am more startled than hurt.

"You have not been punished before then, well this will be an experience for you!!!"

"Y...y..yes Sir!"

(a little harder) smack smack!

"Oh! Ohhh!" sniff.

"So, are you ready to tell me who was with you?

"AND what you were doing?"


Suddenly SMACK.

"Owwww!" Thinks: that one really did sting.

"I WANT to know a name Miss Steele cause they will be getting the same treatment!"

"P...p..please Sir!" sniff.

"PLEASE? You want more?".... SMACK SMACK........SMACK!

"I d..d..d..don't know S.. Owwwwwww! Owww!! Bursts into floods of tears.

"OH!, this paddle isn't working..... " Drops it to the floor with a clatter.

"S..sir?" Wondering what is coming next.

Reaching down I force my thumbs into the waist band of your legging and in one movement I tug them down past your knees. You pert pink arse now showing....

"Noooo!" I reach round instinctively to try to pull my leggings back up to cover my bottom, sobbing wildly.

In the cupboard I pull out a brown leather riding crop. 1 inch square folded piece on one end and the other a rippled leather handle.


SMACK with the crop on your thigh, to make you let go.

Startled by the tone of your voice I respond automatically, moving my hands to clasp them behind my head.

I pull the legging back down, this time your ankles. The flat end of the crop tracing the inside of your leg, up the line of your shin, past your knee and up your inner thigh. Pausing to rest a moment on the crack of your arse. It clenches, then I slowly move on to rest on your butt cheek.

"No underwear Miss Steele?! That is VERY....... naughty of you!!"

Sob... "S..s..sir! ...sob.. Y..y..you d...d.don't..t u..u.. ..sob... und.d..d.. ..sob....er..s..s.stand" ...sob... ..T..t..they c..c..came t..t...t...to ...sob... m...m..my.."

"Yes YES? Came to your WHAT?.... "

"r...r..room, S..sir..." ...sob...

"Come on COME on, spit it out?"...... Smack!

"Owwww! S..s..sir! I..i'm t..t..trying to t..tell y..you"

"T..t..they...c..c...came.. and b..b..brought.... ...sob...

"T..t..they s...s..said if I s...s...said ...sob... a..a..anything..." voice trails off...


"S..s..sir? ...sob... I..i..if I t..tell a..a..anyone...."

Circling your butt cheek with the crop waiting.

"T..t..they h...have...b..b..been c...coming t...t..to... ...sob.. f...f..for...."

Starting to get impatient and forces the leather square end into your butt crack.

Squirming and sobbing "P..p..please S..s..sir...

Sob... "T...two t...t..terms S..sir... ...sob... aahh..ahhh...and i...i...if fuh fuh"

"I just need a name Miss Steele and I will stop!"

"I'm t..trying tuh tuh tuh t..t..tell y.you..."

Smack, smack....... SMACK!

"Nooo!" Sobbing wildly again and thrashing around.

"Tell me NOW!" lifts the crop above my head and pauses.......

"T..they w..will.. ..sob...

"D..d..don't m...m...make m..m..m..me tuh tuh tuh tell ...sob...



"What will they do that's worse than what I have here?" points to the cupboard.

"Th Th Th they suh suh suh.. ...sob..... said... ...sob... ...T..t..they w..w...w..would.. ..sob ..... m...muh muh make it m...m..much w..w...wor suh suh suh (breaks down uncontrollably)

"T...they buh buh buh brought ah ah ah all" ...sob...

lowers the crop in frustration "This is getting no where" (says quietly to my self)

"Are you a lesbian Miss Steele?...." Walking to my desk.

"N..n..no S..s..sir"

"Well I think you must be for all these 'lesbian' so called TOYS!"

Picking up a plug and bulb.

"T...they ah..ah..ah..aren't...." ..sob...

"No?.... So you like to have things in your arse Miss Steele?"

"Noooo!" ...sob...

"Th th th they puh puh puh put t...t..them..."

"So you are telling me these girls came to your room and 'raped' you with these?"

Sobs... "Y...y...yes Suh suh sir...t..t..they puh puh..."

Sobs, turns her head away from you and buries her face in her arms.

"Well then, more reason to tell me!"

"B..b...but i..i..if I duh duh duh doooo (sobbing)

"Sir? thuh thuh they r...r...really huh huh huuurt muh muh meee!"

"THAT is my issue.... Give me a name now...... please Miss Steele!"

"I will deal with this!"

"An an an thuh thuh they suh suh said i..i..it wuh wuh wuh would be muh muh muh much wuh wuh worse....

"....P..p..please Sir!"

"A NAME I will not keep doing this! NOW...." slams the crop hard on the sofa just inches from your arse.

"I..i..it wuh wuh was E..e..e..eliz z zabeth .. ah ah ah and K...k..kate....

"P..p..please duh duh duh don't l..l..let thuh thuh them knowwwww..."

"Elizabeth Cole and Cathrine Taylor?...."

"N...n...no Sir.... Elizab buh beth Huh huh Harris ah ah and K..k..kate Ruh Richar duh duh son...

"Thuh thuh they huh have b..b..been bu..bu..bullying me s..s..s.s.since I c..c..came here...."

Walks to my Desk. Picks up the phone "Mrs Walker, I want Elizabeth Harris and Katharine Richardson to my office NO...... no, in an hour!"

Turning to look at you on the sofa.

"...ah ah and l..l..l.last tuh tuh tuh term they suh suh started tuh tuh to B..b..bring t.that.." points to the items on your desk "s..s..stuff...." (sobbing)

Hangs up and walks back to the sofa.

Sits next to you on the sofa. "Now Miss Steele, what are we going to do with you?" Rubs your red raw arse.

Flinching as you touch my bottom. "...Duh duh do Sir?" Sniffling.

Pulls out some baby oil from the a draw in the cupboard. Rubs some in my hand and starts to rub your cheeks.

"Now tell me more about what these girls have been doing to you?"

Quivering at your touch. "Wh wh when it s.s.started it w.w.was j..just n..name c..calling and p..pulling mm..m..my hair....

....and s..stopping me g...getting to the phone to phone h..h..home and not l...letting me take p..p..part in m..midnight feasts..."

Applies more oils and continues to rub it in, noticing that some is running down your crack, I stop it with my finger that also slips down into it.

Tensing as I feel your touch. "...B..b..but then l..l..last term they started c..coming to m..my room at night and they brought all that stuff and..."

Listening (a little too) intently as I rub.

"...they u..u..used it on m...me Sir!"

"They held me down and p..p..put thuh thuh those things up m..m..my buh buh buh bottommm!"

"Well," holding up the plug. "This looks interesting?!!!!" A wry smile on my face.

"And this?... " holding the bulb.

"F..f..for g..g..giving e...e...enemas S..s..sir - they have been g..giving me one a w...week, but they said if I t..told....

"thuh thuh they would duh duh do it every nuh nuh nuh night" (Sobbing again)

(laughs) "... Miss Steele, that would take forever to fill you up! No No No, THIS is what you need!" Pulls out an enema kit and hangs the back on a hook on the back of the cupboard door!

"Now I think you 'deserve' a proper enema, don't you?"

Eyes widen at the sight if the huge enema bag and my heart thumps in my chest as it slowly sinks in that you are about to give me a far bigger enema than Kate or Elizabeth ever did.

"Noooooo!" I start to get up, eyes staring wildly...

Without waiting for a response, with one hand I pull your cheeks apart and the other I start to ease the long rubber tube into your wet baby oiled arse! My left forearm pushing you back down onto the sofa!

... then I feel your touch and the tube entering me. My breathing is rapid and shallow.

"P...pp..please Sir! I duh duh duh don't u..under..s.s..stand?"

Slowly easing the tube in further further... as you fight to push it out.

"Oh Miss Steele, I am washing away the 'filth' that these girls have done to you...."

I reach round and try to grasp the tube. "Noooo! I duh duh don't w..w.want it!"

My left arm holding you down and my right hand reaching up to turn on the flow.... The lighly coloured water flows down the clear tube, till it disappears into the rubber hose in your arse. A second later I see your body flinch as you feel the liquid touch your insides.

I quiver as I feel the water enter me, then suddenly my body is wracked by a series of heaving sobs.

"Relax Miss Steele... This one will be fun!"


I slowly increase the flow.

"Nooo!" I tense as I feel the water gushing into me. "Sir? Please no?

"I don't n...n..need an eh..eh..enema!"

"Well Miss Steele... I think you DO!..."

My body begins to shake with the effort of retaining the water.

The flow increases more!

I start to sob again. "B..b..but Sir!"

A few minutes have passed and you have taken almost the whole 2 ltrs.

"I thuh thuh thought you under s..s..stood?"

"Now MIss Steele, i am going to take this out," (tugging the tube gently) "you MUST hold it. Do you understand?"

"Y...y..yes Sir". ..Sniff...

I clench, trying to hold the enema.

"I am then going to plug you, with this." holding the butt plug in front of you.

"S..s..sir?" eyes wide open at the sight of the buttplug, not understanding why you are suddenly torturing me the same way the girls have been, unable to comprehend the sudden turn of events.

Very, very slowly, almost teasing I slide the tube out of your arse...

"P..please don't Sir! I duh duh don't l...l..like it..." (sobbing)

I can see your anus tighten, as the tube leaves your body. I spread your butt cheeks with the fingers of my left hand and then quickly , but rather roughly, push the plug all the way.


I try to clench against the buttplug, but you are too strong for me.

Turning your head to look at me in your pleading cry, you can see the obvious enjoyment I am getting out of this, as I lean over the sofa!

"Why Sir?"

"Why Miss Steele? Well I want you to do the same to those two girls that they have done to you and I want you to mean it! You will have this fresh in your mind then they get here! THAT IS WHY!

"Did these girls get 'pleasure' from watching you?...."

Slowly understanding dawns in my mind. "I...I... think they did Sir.."

"Did they pleasure themselves?"

"They w..w..would strip me naked, and then while they w..w..watched...

"They would...

"t..t..touch themselves Sir..."

Wide eyed I can't help playing with your plug as I listen.

"Sir?" Feeling you moving the buttpug inside me. "T..t..they did that too".

"Oh dear Miss Steele, what are 'we' going to do about that?"

"....and l...l...laughed at me when I b..b..begged them to stop..."

Reaching under the sofa, I pull out a bedpan. "Are you ready to release Miss Steele?"

Seeing the bedpan. "Y..yes Sir"

"You stopped squirming when I moved the plug Miss Steele, do you 'enjoy' that secretly?"

"S..sir? T..t..they have b..been doing it for two terms Sir...

"I guess I kinda got u...used to it?"


"Right, move the the end of the Sofa, laying on your front still hang your arse over the end and open your legs...

"Now, you hold that in while I remove the plug, you might want to hold on to the sides!!!"

Puzzled by your command, but by now too tired and bewildered to even think of disobeying I wriggle down the sofa and reach behind me to part my legs."

Deep breath.... your legs are open wide, your arse hanging off he end of the sofa and I;m holding the bed ban, below and behind you.

"Sir? I can't hold it much longer..."

My anus starts to spasm with the effort of holding back the enema.

You're totally humiliated and sobbing. I ease the plug out. Some liquid escapes down the sofa and onto the floor.

"Hold it!!" I smack your arse with my now latexed gloved hand knowing that you can't hold it in.

I blush as I feel the trickle run down my leg.

Just hoping and praying my ordeal will be over soon.

I ease my finger into your anus, you scream out and thats the last straw. Your scream releases the hold on your anus and the liquid released in a flood......

I scream as I feel the ultimate humiliation of being penetrated by your finger and forced to release in front of you in this most unnatural and exposed position.

I am utterly drained, in more ways than one.


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