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A dream

A dream

A dream

Last year I spent a romantic weekend with my husband in the south of Styria. In the first night I had a very intense dream. The next morning I told my husband about it:

We are taking a stroll through the vineyards. It is a warm summer night and I am wearing a light, white summer dress with nothing beneath. I take your hand and start pulling you up the hill, running as fast as I can. Having reached the top we fall into the grass, panting. After a while we eventually start kissing.

You move on top of me, forcing me to part my legs so you can move your knees between them and expose my smooth and wet pussy to the warm breeze. This only makes me hotter and I can already feel a pounding in my clit. Your head moves down and disappears under my dress where you start caressing my thighs with your lips. But you cannot hold back long, the sweet scent of my pussy filling your nose, you move towards my triangle fast. Your tongue starts circling my swollen clit. While kissing my parted cherry lips, I can feel your index finger traveling down my slit, taking up my juices on the way. You are moving further down and as you push against my dark, sweet butthole a soft sigh escapes my mouth. You push your finger inside, making my juices flow freely, mixing with your saliva as you continue licking my pussy like there‘s no tomorrow. This makes it quite easy for you to let more and more fingers slide into my asshole and before I know it you are fisting my backdoor while at the same time your tongue still tickles my parted flesh, making me cry out in pleasure.You can feel my clit pulsating against your tongue and my sphincter starts gripping and pushing against your hand. I know you have only one goal and won‘t stop before you have achieved it. So I obey and let go. A raging orgasm washes over me. I scream your name into the night, not caring if it can be heard in the next village. Eventually the contractions of my orgasm subside, was it seconds or minutes? It seemed like an eternity to me.

You very slowly and carefully remove your hand from my butthole and drop into the grass beside me, your mouth grinning and still glistening from my juices, beaming after victory.

I smile back satisfied – and now it is my turn to take care of the hard-on that I can see pushing against the fabric of your pants. I want to show you just how much lust and love you have given to me.I get up, turn around and move into a sixty-nine position over you, with my still swollen pussy directly over your face. I still feel a bit dizzy, but that won‘t stop me now. I quickly unzip your pants, pull them off your legs and move further down in order to pull back your knees and spread your legs. Now you have a clear view of my sweet butt that just took in your hand so well. My delicate rosebud looks so innocent but inviting that you cannot hold back the urge… – but I already saw this coming and lock your hands under my legs. I want you to let go and enjoy the view of my ass spread directly before your face.First gently, then more and more determined I start playing with your shaft. I add my warm cherry mouth and start sucking, licking and biting, just as you want it.Suddenly I stop. I move my hands under your butt, spread your cheeks and move my head further down. My tongue starts circling your rosebud, spreading wetness over it. Starting in bigger circles I move more and more towards the middle until my tongue finds the entrance. Lovingly I start fucking your asshole with the tip of my tongue. I let go of your butt and take a short break, having you wonder what comes next. As you realize that I‘m teasing you, you quickly move your hand out from under my legs and give me a hard slap on my right cheek to get me continue what I was doing. You enjoy seeing my butthole twitching when you slap me and the red markings of your hand on my cheek as they slowly fade away. But I don‘t take orders. Instead of continuing to rim your ass, I take my index finger into my mouth and spread saliva all over it. Then I slowly move it to your asshole, seeing it twitch of excitement under my touch. As you can‘t see what I am doing it takes you a while to realize that it is not my tongue that is caressing your butthole and now you free your other hand and give me a flat handed slap on my left cheek. You want me to continue licking. At last, I give into your wish. I start moving my tongue towards your rosebud, slowly and brushing my tongue over it ever so slightly. I can feel you twitching every time my tongue touches you. After a while I dive in. I lick the spot I know to be most sensitive, right where the skin beneath your balls becomes your butthole. I kiss, suck and lick your sweet hole, only with one goal and I won‘t stop before I have achieved it. You feel my lust, know how much I love to lick your ass. A pressure builds up between your tights, an energy that needs to be unloaded. Your dick is positioned directly between my breasts and as I am bent over you it is pushed against my dress and chest. I can hear your breath becoming faster – for a second I let go and then dive back between your buttcheeks and give everything I have. My soft tongue flicks against your butthole and you relieve yourself in a gigantic firework.

I continue until you stop your spasm and winding beneath me and start becoming ticklish.

I drop into the grass beside you, beaming after victory just like you did. My white dress is wet from your sperm and you can clearly see my nipples pushing against the fabric. We just lay there and look at the stars. A comet is passing by. We snuggle and are just happy to have each other.


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