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Abby's Role Reversal

Abby's Role Reversal

Everything is made up in this story.

Abby was your average run of the mill teenager in suburban America, not too beautiful but certainly far from ugly. Glowing blonde hair and a solid and somewhat graceful form constituted her body. Amazingly light blue eyes hid behind small eyebrows which framed a thin face with a hint of freckling. Like all teenagers, she had her interests such as going to the mall and "hanging" out with friends. In order to continue with these ventures, she needed a new job, as her parents had suggested.

So she went door to door, advertising herself in the only capacity she knew how and that other people would accept, she offer to babysit people's kids for however long they needed, even overnight, as now was summer and she still lived in the neighborhood if something went drastically wrong. Little did Abby know that this sort of protection would be vastly insufficient and the only protection she would need in a few days in one made consisting of a plastic disposable diapers.

She went to every single house on the block. Many people were receptive to her advertisements and she left her number with all of them. She waited about a day before the first request came through. It would be a rather large commitment as well, babysitting two young teenagers for an entire weekend. The request was made by the Thayers, a family consisting of a, two year old girl, a young five year old girl, a twelve year, and fourteen year old boys. The parents were taking their five year old daughter to an audition for a piano competition and would be gone all weekend. So it was left for Abby to mainly care for the two year old, as the competition would be no place for a toddler. The parents also instructed that she should keep a close eye on the other two boys, Chuck and Fred. She would be responsible for cooking their meals and making sure they didn't get into any sort of trouble over the weekend.

So the time came, early on Friday morning with the father and mother still packing up the car and the household with a certain energy about it that was normally lacking. Abby was given a tour of the house, where specifically everything was that she would need in order to take care of Susan, the toddler, and emergency contact numbers.

And so within the hour at nine o'clock sharp, the parents departed to the city and to the piano competition. Immediately there was trouble. Chuck and Fred immediately began to fight, horsing around with each other in the den. They were rolling around on the floor. Before Abby could properly react, they had rolled into a table and had knocked over a vase. This loud noise made Susan cry as the two boys blamed each other for the fallen vase began to fight even more. Abby didn't know what to do.

She threw herself in between the two fighting boys. Unfortunately, discipline and courtesy were things not taught to these two boys and in the fray a fist landed squarely on Abby's cheek. Instead of acquiescing, the fighting only got worse. They began to fight with one another over who had punched Abby. For her, it was too much, she turned around and slapped the first boy she got to, it was Chuck the older of the two.

He stood there stunned over what had just happened. Discipline was something new to him and he didn’t know exactly how to react. She ordered both of the boys to their rooms and to add insult to injury she said they were acting like babies, just like Susan and if things didn’t change, she would start treating them like Susan.

Abby began to clean face and address the bruise that was developing on her cheek, too bad for her this wouldn’t be the only bruise on her cheeks, just not on her face. She started to calm down and eventually started to watch cartoons with Susan. Susan took kindly to these cartoons and within half a show, she was asleep in Abby’s lap. Abby picked up the sleeping girl and took her to her room where she laid her in her crib.

The cartoons had also made Abby quite tired. They’re not exactly the most interesting thing for a seventeen year old teenager to be watching. Additionally, Abby was emotionally spent from the morning’s events and lunch was a good three hours away and she hadn’t heard from Chuck or Fred since she sent them to their rooms so she decided to take a nap. What a huge mistake in hindsight, letting her guard down.

Back in their shared room, Fred and Chuck were sulking and complaining over the morning’s events. No one tells us what to do. Who does that bitch think she is? We need to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget. Not exactly sure of what they wanted to do to Abby, she snuck out of their room in search of trouble.

So they snuck out of their room and saw Abby dozing on the couch in the living room. What an opportunity they said to one another. Have you ever heard of the hand in the warm water prank? I know that it works because we pranked Kenny last month at a sleepover. So they filled a glass of warm water and gently placed Abby’s hand in it. they watched nervously and expectantly, and within five minutes there was a noticeable dark mark in the crotch of Abby’s jeans. Fred and Chuck were beside themselves with excitement. Now to REALLY punish her they thought. So they snapped a few pictures, first on an old poloraid camera for immediate torture, than with a digital camera, for lasting torture.

Abby awoke quite drowsy and relaxed from her nap, but she could immediately gather that something was wrong, she felt a cold wet spot on her jeans and noticed a fallen glass on the carpet. She began to panic, as she had little idea what was going on and how she had peed herself. She was a young woman! Before she even got the chance to start cleaning herself, Chuck and Fred stormed into the room, gloating with a sort of sadistic smile about what they were going to put her through.

Haha! Who’s the baby now? Who needs to be treated like our little sister? Look at you, you can’t even take a nap without pissing yourself! They yelled at her. Abby began to cry softly, but still had some fight left in her. You did this to me you little idiots! Once your parents find out, you’re in so much trouble!

Chuck and Fred only laughed when they heard these empty threats. They presented Abby with the evidence of her accident. They showed her the poloraid photo of her wet crotch and showed her the digital copy. They told her that they email it to everyone in the neighborhood if she didn’t do exactly as they told her to.

Poor Abby was trapped. She couldn’t imagine the entire

neighborhood, especially the other teenagers seeing this picture of her. Abby had no choice but to submit herself to their will. Ok, I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll let you stay up all night or eat ice cream for dinner. Again Chuck and Fred only sadistically smiled at her small offer. They had a rather beautiful teenage girl totally within their power and as they were on the cusp of puberty as well, they had other plans in store for Abby.

I have an idea. Said Chuck, the older and more sexually mature of the two. You threatened us that you would have to treat us Susan, well I think it’s only fair if we get to treat you like Susan! Abby couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Her body went cold and she began to sweat out of the sheer shock of it. Please I was just kidding, I wouldn’t have actually treated you like a baby Abby pleaded with her new masters. I think the baby needs some more persuasion, Chuck said to Fred. Fred took out his cell phone and showed the picture of her wet crotch to Abby. He then sent it to some random number on his contact list. Next time it won’t be random, I will make sure that it is someone you know.

Does this mean everything? Diapers and all? Abby submitted. They didn’t even answer this obvious question, but merely sprang into action. Abby was starting to cry as she realized what was going to happen to her, she was going to have to go back into diapers!

Chuck quickly whipped out some stretching elastic tape and bound Abby’s wrists in front of her. With her arms immobilized, they led the weeping young girl to the nursery and laid her on the floor. Remember our threat? If you fight with us we will text someone.

Fred tore off Abby’s jeans while Chuck started cutting off her shirt with some scissors. The scissors scared Abby because she thought that she would be stabbed. After her out garments were removed, her undergarments went off in a similar manner. Fred took off her soaking wet panties and Chuck cut off her bra. Abby was now completely naked and tied up laying on the floor.

The two boys paused looking over their new possession. A young beautiful girl who was just on the cusp of reaching her full womanly beauty. They gazed at her supple breasts, her almost golden blonde hair, her clear blue eyes, and her seemly legs. They also noticed a substantial amount of pubic hair which mimicked her blonde hair.

Spread you legs and lift your butt. Abby silently did as she was told. Fred held her bonded wrists above her head as Chuck went to work on her crotch. He slid a large disposable diaper underneath her silky smooth bottom. Abby shrieked as the foreign material touched and clasped onto her skin. Chuck then sprinkled on a copious amount of baby powder and want afraid to rub it all over Abby’s nether regions. Then he taped up the diaper and patted her on the crotch

I don’t think that will be enough to hold what she is about to put in there interrupted Fred. Chuck laughed and said how many? Four said Fred. And without a second thought for how this might feel for Abby, Chuck preceded to put three more diapers on her. The material quickly became tight and restricting to her crotch and she began to sweat in her diapered regions.

Abby was given a moment to take this all in. just an hour ago she had been the one threatening them with this kind of treatment, now she was the recipient of it! She tried to move her legs together so she wasn’t in such a humiliated stretched out position. No good. The thick bulk between her legs, which was the size of a pillow prevented her from fully closing her legs. She sat up. Immediately there was a loud crinkling noise that the diapers made rubbing up against her and each other.

Did we tell you that you could sit up! Fred screamed at her and simultaneously knocked her back down on her back. This violence and force really shocked Abby. They had her in a diaper, what more did they want with her? While she was crying, Chuck took more pictures of her diapered body on his cell phone. For insurance, she assured her. But Fred wasn’t done with her. As a young twelve year old just beginning to explore his sexual desires, he wanted seize on this opportunity. Here was a girl roughly his own age totally with in his power to do whatever he wanted to her.

Fred mimicked Chuck patting Abby on her diapered crotch. Slowly patting her. Letting each swipe of her most private part of her body be violated by his hand. But then gradually, he began moving his hand back and forth along her diaper. He began stroking, back and forth. He looked down at her. She was closing her eyes, trying to find some sort of comfort. Fed smiled and quietly told her to open her eyes. Abby, fully aware of what Fred had done earlier, opened her eyes and began to recognize what he was doing to her.

The stroking gradually become more fervent, more rubbing. Harder and harder, more and more. Her hips began to meet his hand, began to buck against his hand. She began to breathe harder. She began to pant. No she whispered. Please not!

Please what baby Abby? Fred said. Please don’t make me cum in my diapers! Abby said admitting the power that Fred now possessed over her. Unfortunately for poor Abby, Fred didn’t relent and within moments, Abby was experiencing a powerful orgasm. She began to moan and groan as the waves of pleasure began circling through her body originating from her diapered crotch. She was breathing heavily, just letting the pleasure wave off and waiting for the shame and humiliation to come.


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