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Age Play Academy

Age Play Academy

“Baby girl, Daddy has a friend who runs a very special school about 100 miles west of us. The school is for people who are Daddies and Littles. It is called the Age Play Academy. It is a week-long program that will deepen our commitment and prepare us for a 24/7/365 age play lifestyle. You would go through their regression program and I would go to daily seminars covering different BDSM lifestyle topics. At the end of the day, we would to back to our assigned cabin and ‘practice’ what we learned.” Daddy handed me a brochure to read:

Age Play Academy Schedule – Daddies and Littles

Pre-Academy Consultation – The admissions staff will come to your home to review your application and interview both of you prior to admittance to the Academy. Little’s limits will be reviewed and discussed at length. Daddy will develop a Post-Academy Plan and review with admissions staff.

If accepted, you will be sent a packet to prepare for your week-long program. A car will arrive at your home promptly at 9am on the first day to drive you to the Academy. You will be brought to the Administration office, where you will be greeted by Academy professionals and taken to the Medical Wing. The little will undergo a complete physical examination in the presence of her Daddy. Your specific program, based on your identified interests and preferences will be reviewed with you and then you will be brought to your cabin to rest and get settled. A general outline of courses are as follows:

Day 2

Little will undergo regression to Teenager.

Lessons will include: Surrender and Submission, Following Rules and Rituals, Communication with Journaling,

Daddy will attend the following seminars: Regression Head Space, Bondage Basics, Discipline for Bratty Behavior,

Day 3

Little will undergo regression to Kindergartener.

Lessons will include: Potty Training, Writing Assignments for Naughty Girls, Channeling your Inner Child

Daddy will attend the following seminars: Clamps, Collars, & Cuffs, Toys for Pleasure and Pain, Spanking Tools and Techniques

Day 4

Little will undergo regression to Toddler.

Lessons will include: Diaper Training, Toddler Play Time, Learning to Crawl

Daddy will attend the following seminars: Ages and Stages, Punishment for Little Ones

Day 5

Little will undergo regression to Infant.

Lessons will include: Sucking Skills, Advanced Bondage Experience, Baby Talk & Play

Daddy will attend the following seminars: Medical Care & Procedures, Nurturing Your Little, Re-Parenting

Day 6: Re-Birth Day

Little will undergo the process for re-birth. Daddy will be present throughout the preparation process leading up to the re-birth of his little. You will both spend overnight in a room in the Newborn Nursery Section of the Medical Wing. Daddy and their baby will be attended to by an assigned nurse who will assist with the bonding process, feeding, bathing, and changing procedures, and monitor the well-being of both Daddy and baby.

Day 7

Baby will undergo a complete examination by her Pediatrician and be cleared for discharge.

Daddy will be given Baby’s re-birth certificate and a family photo will be taken. A car will take Daddy and his Baby home from the Academy.

I look at Daddy, smile and say, "Sign us up!" Daddy and I complete the application for admittance into the Age Play Academy.

Part 2

I sat on the couch feeling nervous butterflies in my tummy. Daddy just finished giving me a bath, then dressing me. I am wearing a pretty purple jumper over a white blouse with little ruffled sleeves, white lacy ankle socks and my mary jane shoes. It is what is under my jumper that I am thinking about most – I am wearing thick double diapers with a pair of ruffled plastic panties over them. I’m very nervous about wearing diapers in front of the admission staff. I told Daddy I was a big girl and could wear big girl panties, but he told me sternly that I am just a little girl and little girls need to wear their diapers. Daddy also told me he expects me to be a very good girl during our meeting with the admissions staff and, if I am naughty, he will punish me. So here I wait.

After a few minutes, there is a knock on the door. Daddy walks to the front door and opens it. In walks two very stern and official looking people – a man and a woman. Both introduce themselves to Daddy. Daddy introduces me.

“This is Maggie, my baby girl,” he says.

Both people smile at me. “Well hello there little one. My name is Mr. Charles and this is Miss Fiona,” he motions toward the pretty lady.

“Hi there sweetie,” Miss Fiona says.

“Hi,” I say shyly. I am acutely aware of the way I am dressed and the thick feeling between my legs. Daddy motions them to sit, then sits beside me, taking my hand in his.

“Let me begin by saying that we are very pleased that you are both interested in attending the Age Play Academy. Our week-long program is a structured one that provides a daily schedule of trainings and seminars for each of you. At the end of the day, you gather back to your assigned cabin and complete your homework assignments, based on the lessons you receive during the day. The ultimate goal of our program is to prepare both of you for a 24/7/365 age play lifestyle. Maggie, you will be systematically regressed each day to be younger and younger until you are essentially ‘reborn’ to your Daddy. This process is similar to a collaring ceremony in the BDSM world. For our particular lifestyle, the regression process is a means to commit to complete and total submission to your Daddy. Does this make sense to you?” Charles finishes.

“We both understand the program and process. My baby girl and I have spoken about it at length and this is something we both want. Isn’t that right, Maggie?” Daddy asks.

“Yes Daddy,” I answer.

“Well then, let’s proceed with our admission interview,” Mr. Charles says.

A few days later, a packet arrives from the Age Play Academy. The package contains a letter congratulating Daddy and I on our acceptance into the program. The letter also states that a vehicle will arrive for us promptly at 9am on Sunday. There was also a set of instructions to prepare for our trip and a consent form that both Daddy and I needed to sign.


On the evening prior to departure, your little should receive a fleet enema, which should be held for at least five minutes. Once complete, little should be given a bath, thoroughly shaved bare douched.

Little should be ‘edged’ then powdered and oiled before being sealed in a diaper and plastic panties. From this point forward, the potty is off limits. Little should be given an early bedtime.

On the day of departure, the little should be diapered and dressed in her uniform: plaid skirt, white button down blouse, white knee hi socks, and mary jane shoes.

A limo arrives at 9am. A very tall man in a chauffer uniform greets us. We are instructed to enter the limo. The man tells Daddy to make sure I am secured. When I get in the limo, I see an adult sized car seat. Daddy tells me to sit in it and proceeds to secure me into it, fastening the chest harness. It is up so high, my feet dangle. Daddy sits down and buckles his seatbelt. The driver tells us to help ourselves to the snacks provided and enjoy the ride. He also said it will take about two hours to arrive at the Age Play Academy.

After a little while, Daddy gives me a sippy cup of juice to drink and a container of dry cheerios to snack on. After awhile, I become aware of the need to go potty. I start to squirm in my seat.

“Baby girl, do you have to go pee pee?” Daddy asks. My faces flushes knowing the driver heard him. “Its okay,” he continues, “you just use your diaper like a good girl.”

“Sir, there are plenty of supplies back there to change your little one. Feel free to use what you need to take care of her. Just let me know so I can pull over before you take her out of her car seat,” the driver responds as he continues to drive us to our destination.

“Excellent, okay baby girl, you just let Daddy know when you need to be changed. I will take care of you when you wet your diaper,” Daddy says.

I squirm some more, desperate to hold it. I cannot image the humiliation of Daddy changing my diaper with the driver able to hear everything. I try to think about anything but my aching bladder and how badly I need to pee pee. Unfortunately, my bladder cannot take anymore. I feel the warm steady stream fill my diaper up. Daddy looks over at me and smiles. He knows that I have done it from the look of humiliation and embarrassment on my face I am sure.

“Good girl,” he says. “Daddy will change you just as soon as the car stops.” I take a deep breath and remind myself that I wanted this experience with Daddy, that I have to learn how to be a full time baby girl. The car stops. Daddy unbuckles my chest harness and takes me out of the car seat. He lays me out on the seat and changes my diaper. Our adventure begins and we have not even gotten to the Age Play Academy yet.


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