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A couples trouble

A couples trouble

Part 1

Jeff and Amanda had been dating for about 6 months. They were a good looking couple, who were in there early 20's and met with the intention of just having a good time only, but their relationship had blossomed into a little more then that. They had alway practiced safe sex, but to Jeff's shaggrin he always had to wear a condom. One night, after several cocktails, the two were fooling around and Jeff got his wish and Amanda let him go in her with out wearing a rubber.

The next morning Amanda was upset with herself and Jeff reasoned that he had "pulled out" so everything was fine. Amanda still protesting "I'm not worried about getting Aid's from you or anything like that, It's just that we are too young to have any kids running around". Jeff agreed and suggested that Amanda simply go on the pill. "I have no doctor around here, and I haven't seen a 'lady doctor' since my mom made me see her's when I was 16, and I fuckn hated it, that old pervert" said Amanda. "let's just go to the family clinic downtown, I read the sign that said they except walk ins". "ok" agreed Amanda, "but lets go right now and get it over with". "alright" said Jeff, "but you better shower, because you know they are going to look you over... everywhere". "fuck you Jeff" Amanda said with an angry smirk, as she grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom.

They both ended up showering, and grabbing coffee on there 20 minute walk to the clinic. When they arrived they walked into a large waiting room with about 5 people sitting in it; 1 other couple, 2 girls, and a lone gentlemen. Jeff told Amanda to have a seat and he went up to get them signed in. He walked up to the receptionist and stated "my girlfriend and I are here so that she can get on the pill, neither of us have a doctor in town to go too, so we figured we'd come in here". "ok, we can help with that" said the receptionist "here are two sets of paper work to be filled out, one for you and one for her". "why would I need to fill out paper work" asked a startled Jeff. the nurse looked sternly at him and retorted "well you just said you don't have a doctor in town, so since your here we might as well get you signed up with one".

Jeff didn't say anything else he just grabbed the two clip boards and walked back to his seat next to Amanda. "look at this" he said, as he handed one of the clip board to Amanda, "they want me to sign up to see a doctor too". "well jeff" said Amanda "its not a bad idea, when was the last time you saw a doctor anyways". "I don't know, when I started college, so about 5 years ago" replied Jeff. "well then, don't you think, it wouldn't hurt to get a check up, while we're here?" Amanda continued "maybe they will let us go in together, it will be kinda fun". "Yeah, I bet it will be a real blast" said a sarcastic Jeff. The two of them continued to fill out their respective forms. When they both had finished, Amanda brought them up to the receptionist, handed them over and asked "is there anyway the two of us could see the doctor together, my boyfriend is nervous and I doubt he will be honest about his medical concerns unless I'm with him to explain to the doctor". The woman replied "Men... They are such babies when it comes to the doctor, I'll talk to the head nurse and see if we can get you guys a two for one, with one of our doctors". Amanda thanked her and went back to her seat.

Another 30 minutes or more went by and the two sat there, both thumbing through magazines, but neither able to read, both just staring at the pictures and wondering what fate had in store for them at this clinic.

"if I have to wait 5 more minutes I'm out of here" muttered jeff, when all of a sudden the door by the receptionist opened and a nurse poked half her body out and spoke "Jeff and Amanda". The two both put down their magazines and the nurse made eye contact and continued "right this way". They found themselves in a long, brightly lit hallway that was quite busy with activity (mostly other nurses talking on the phone, and/or filling out paperwork. Just a general busy doctors office). The nurse looked at them and the charts she was holding and said "So you too are the couple that want to see the same doctor", they both nodded in compliance "great" she continued "So Amanda, your here to get the pill, and jeff, looks like you have't had a good once over in a while, so your going to get a complete physical exam". Jeff looked annoyed, and Amanda giggled when she heard what the nurse said about Jeff. The nurse kept talking "Alright, lets get both your height's and wieght's. Shoes off, you first honey" she motioned to Amanda to get on the scale "good, 119 pounds, now turn around, and a healthy 5 feet 4 inches" "now your turn big guy" and jeff, just finishing untying his sneakers got on the scale " ok now... looks like 189 lbs, and 6 feet even". "right this way folks" the nurse said as she headed down the hallway and turned and entered a room with a sign on the large wooden door that read "exam room 8".

The nurse shut the door to Exam room 8, and all the hustle and bustle of the hallway disappeared. The room was a small room with a counter top with a sink in it, and cabinets below and above it. There was a lone plastic chair on the wall opposite the counter, and in the back corner was an angled exam table, with a light next to it, and a tray filled with instruments on the other side of it. As Amanda and Jeff both entered the room, carrying their shoes (from the previous ordeal in the hallway), the nurse announced "ok, whose gonna go first?". Seeing that Jeff had already taken a seat on the plastic chair, Amanda volunteered "I guess I am" giving Jeff a dirty look. The nurse then patted the paper topped exam table, and Amanda put down here shoes and climbed up. The nurse then went thru the routine of asking the redundant questions about her medical history, while Amanda thought, she could get all this info from my paper work. "so you need to get birth control?" the nurse asked "yeah" said Amanda "I'm just looking for the pill, I was own it a few years ago and just never re upped my prescription, I'm not interested in any of that other stuff, like the shot, or that IUD thing", "ok hun" said the nurse, approaching her with a thermometer. "Put this under your tongue" said the nurse as she unwrapped the blood pressure cuff and put it around Amanda's petit little arm. "ok, temp is normal" she mentioned as pulling out the thermometer from her mouth "and blood pressure is 120 over 75, which is pretty good". "Ok Amanda, looks like you guys are going to be seeing Doctor Fisher, she is great, she's been here for about 2 years, and most of her patients love her". Jeff listening almost un control ably spoke "she?", "yes" replied the nurse "don't tell me your scared of doctors and girls". Amanda giggled at the nurses comments and Jeff just blushed. "ok, honey, like I was saying, Dr. Fisher will be in in a few minutes" while speaking she was fiddling in the cabinets below the sink, and pulled out what looked like a big stack of paper "in the mean time, she is going to want to do a quick check up and a pelvic exam, since its been so long, so strip completely and this paper gown goes on open in the front, and you can lay this sheet across your lap". With that she headed out the door and with almost violent authority slammed the curtain that hung right inside the door shut to hide the door.

After the nurse was gone Amanda slowly got off the table, and while looking right at Jeff, pulled her hooded sweatshirt over her head, and with the same motion removed her tank top that she had on underneath. She was now in nothing but a pair of tight skinny jeans and a blue lace bra. She looked sad like she was embarrassed even though Jeff had seen her in various states of undress over the past 6 months. She had a nice tan that she had gotten from the tanning salon next to her apartment. She began to slowly unbutton her jeans and shimmy her sexy thighs out of them. When they were all the way off, she stood in the middle of the exam room with nothing but a black thong and blue bra on. Jeff, was now sporting a serious hard on, and the thought of a doctor touching his girlfriend's smoking hot body began to turn him on even more. Amanda turned away from him and unhooked her bra, letting it fall into her hands and then put on the paper vest/gown, and finally before returning to the table slid down her thong, so that she was now completely naked. Jeff noticed that the paper gown was far too short and that the lower half of her bottom was exposed as she climbed back on the table and used the other sheet as the nurse had instructed to cover her thighs.

Amanda sat in silence on the table for really no more then 30 seconds when a knock came on the door and in walked a tall, brown haired woman, of no more then 35 years of Age. "Hi, I'm doctor Fisher" she said extending her hand to Amanda, who shook it gingerly. "I'm Amanda" the near nude girl replied, "and this must be Jeff" said the doctor. Jeff just nodded, noticing that this was not at all a bad looking woman. She was slightly tall, maybe 5'10, and did not have what he would consider ample breasts, but had a pretty face, and a nice looking figure, from what he could tell in her long doctors coat. "well guys" started Dr Fisher "I understand you both are in need of a new doctor in town, and I'll be glad to see you as patients." She then continued "It works out perfect that you are both here today, as my schedule this afternoon is light so I can spend some time with you, and as it is the clinics policy that all our new patients get full physicals, this works out perfect"

Part 2

With that Dr. Fisher grabbed a light from her lab coat "look straight a head Amanda", and she shined the light in her young patients eyes. "ok Good, now" she said as she pulled a long wooden stick from a container on the counter "stick out your tongue and say ahh". "aaaahhhhhh" managed Amanda, and the doctor pushed the stick far down her throat, causing her to gag a little. Then with out speaking, dr fisher removed the instrument to look into ones ears, from its place on the wall, and with her index finger tilted Amanda's head, first to the right so that she could look in her left ear and then repeated the procedure on the other side. Once again Amanda winced in pain, and once again Jeff, seated almost directly behind the doctor noticed that his girlfriend was not enjoying this at all.

Once Dr. Fisher was done looking in her ears, the good doctor instructed, "I'm just going to check your lymph nodes" to which Amanda nodded with approval. The doctors fingers rubbed the girls neck, squeezed the middle of her throat and then commanded "swallow for me please". She then, to Amanda's surprise stuck both hands into Amanda's arm pits and used the index and middle finger of both hands to rub the center of her tan, freshly shaved arm pits. "Now I'm going to check your reflexes" stated Dr. Fisher, and with that produced a small reflex hammer, "just let your legs dangle", and with that she lightly tapped the tan knee caps of Amanda, first on the right leg, and then on the left leg. Both times her legs popped up. The feeling that the reflex test gave her, was one that made her feel like she was not at all in control of the situation.

Dr. Fisher walked over to the cabinets and opened them, and retrieved a stethoscope and put it around her head and over her ears. Amanda fidgeted on the exam table, and the paper crinkled below her, as it was stuck to her bare bottom. "I want you to take some deep breathes for me" instructed the doctor as she reached behind the timid young girl and placed the cold sphere on her back, "again" she said moving it, "again, and again, and another" the doctor continued to move the disk around her patients back, each time Amanda obediently gave a long deep breath. The doctor finished with her back, and then to the shock of both Amanda and Jeff, slid her hand directly into the paper vest and again ordered "take a deep breath again for me... and one more". "Ok" continued doctor Fisher "now I want you to just breath normally", and with that the pretty doctor fisher ripped the center of the paper gown, exposing Amanda's chest to the cold exam room air. Jeff, was extremely turned on, as he admired his girlfriends beautiful tan breast, that were a full C cup, with small quarter sized pink areoles, and her quickly hardening nipples. He then noticed the fear that was on Amanda's face, and it turned him on even more. Her cheeks were now bright red with embarrassment. Meanwhile Dr. Fisher, having not noticed either her patients clear shame, or her soon to be patients, sexual joy, merely went on with the task at hand of checking Amanda's heart for normal rhythm.

When the Doctor finished she took the stethoscope from out of her ears and placed it around her neck. She then began "Amanda, do you do regular breast exams?" , Amanda replied "well, sometimes, um, no not really". "ok" said the doctor "well its very important to do a check of your breasts, at least once a month, and it is usually best to do it when you get out of the shower". "I'm going to do one now, to get a good baseline on you" she continued. With that Dr. Fisher put the seated, nearly naked, girl's right arm over her head, and began to feel all around her right breast, beginning near her arm pit and working in slow semi circles until she was on the cusp of her areoles. She then abruptly stopped and pinched Amanda's now fully erect nipple. "ow" said Amanda, with a winced look of pain on her face "Sorry" said Dr. Fisher "I have to check for any form of discharge, and I know that can be uncomfortable". The doctor then manually put her right arm down and manually raised her left arm to repeat the same exam procedure. With all this going on Jeff was no breathing heavy, and at the same time giving a pirate like smile at his extremely vulnerable girlfriend. Amanda noticed Jeff's glare and just tried to look ahead, as opposed to fueling his fire. The left breast exam ended the same as the right's had with a pinch of the poor girl's nipple.

The doctor then went to the end of the table, where Amanda's legs dangled, and pulled out the extension causing her legs (still covered with a paper drape) to go up into a extended sitting position. "Lie back now Amanda" instructed the doctor. Now the poor girl, was lying naked on exam table, with a piece of paper stuck to her bum, and a small drape covering her girlie parts. Dr. Fisher then, without asking raised Amanda's right arm and did a quick breast exam, minus the nipple pinching, on her right breast, and then put her arm down, and repeated the exam on the other side. "honey" the Doctor started "How is your diet", with that she began pressing deep into the girls tan, tight, belly. All while paying no attention to the jewel she had in her belly button. "fine, I guess" replied Amanda. "and do you have regular bowel movements?" the doctor asked. This made Jeff giggle to himself, as he knew that if his girlfriend took 2 shits a week, then that was a lot for her. The doctor then began pushing below her belly button ring, and lower and lower, then stated "Its a little hard down here, in your lower intestine, I know its embarrassing, Amanda, but I want you to be careful about becoming constipated". "ok" squeaked the mortified girl, laying on the exam table. The doctors hands, while still pushing, slid under the paper drape, exposing the top of the well groomed landing strip of pubic hair, that was intentionally left by her bikini waxer. Then as quickly as her belly exam had started, it was over, and Dr. Fisher then returned the piece of paper to above Amanda's pubic area. "You can sit up", and with that Dr. Fisher slid the extension back into the exam table.

Doctor Fisher then began walking over to the counter and started talking "so, when was the last time you saw a gynocologist?" Amanda's imediate thought was to lie, and say she saw one a few months ago, as this may avoid what she was sure was upcoming, but then she remembered the paperwork she filled out in the waiting room, and instead of getting caught in a lie answered truthfully "its been since I was 16, so a little over six years now". "wow, thats not good sweetie" replied the doctor "well now that your a patient here, we are going to get you in for pelvic exams annually, so after today we will want to see you back here in no less then 365 day, understand". "yes, mam" replied the now very shy girl still sitting on the exam table completely topless except for a few shreds of a paper vest, that did little more then cover her shoulders at this point.

Dr. Fisher went over to the bottom of the exam table where the extension had gone, and proceeded to pull out two stirrups, and then looked at Amanda "I know its been a while, but I'm sure you remember how this goes, skoot down and put your feet in the stirrups". After saying that the doctor went about getting some things ready at the counter, and Jeff just stared as his gorgeous, helpless, scared, girlfriend assumed the extremely vulnerable position on the exam table. He began to subtly rub his raging hard on thru his jeans, and new there was definately a stain on his underwear from the pre cum this whole thing was causing. Never before since laying eyes on Amanda had he found her more attractive then she was in this vulnerable state, under the control of this sexy, older woman.

Dr. Fisher had pulled a rolling stool from behind the table, and put it in the center of Amanda's legs, and then wheeled a small table next to it and placed her self on the stool. She began to snap on bright blue latex gloves, and instructed "Ok hun, I want you to skoot all the way down until you feel my hand on your bottom" Amanda, slowly skooted, each time she moved crinkling the paper underneath her, until she felt the woman doctor's gloved hand come in contact, with her most intimate of areas. "Good" said the doctor "I'm just going to look now" she continued, as she shined the stationary light that was next the exam table on her girl parts. Amanda felt the heat from the light hit her down there, she looked over to her right and saw Jeff, jocking for position to view her vagina, and this made her feel even worse about the whole thing. Her thoughts were interrupted by Dr. Fisher's voice "You going to feel me touch you, first on your thigh, and now I'm just going to seperate you so I can have a look". With that Amanda could feel the doctors finger pull her lips aside, and feel around, she then felt the doctors two index fingers, lift and seperate her vagina, and expose her clit, and even briefly touch it, which made Amanda's whole body shutter.

"Ok, Amanda" said the doc "I'm going to insert a speculum now, If you bare down when you feel it start to go in, it will be much easier on you" Dr. Fisher then placed a plastic speculum against her already wet vagina and began to insert it "ow" moaned Amanda, while her face contorted because of the discomfort "I know hun" consoled dr Fisher "but your doing great". She then continued "I'm going to just take a quick swab" and as she said it, she placed a q tip like device inside the speculum, and again the feeling made Amanda's whole body shutter. "Ok, now one more swab, for STD's, I know you didn't ask, but while this is going on, I might as well", Amanda made no objections. "all done", said the doc, and she quickly loosened and removed the speculum.

"now I just have to do a few more things, and we will be all done sweetie" said the doctor. Amanda, thought to herself at this point what the hell else could this bitch do to her. 'go right ahead' Amanda thought to herself. "touching you again" started the doctor, and Amanda felt the doctor enter her vagina once more, this time with two finger, on her right had and she pushed in deep. Amanda then felt her the doctors left hand on her lower belly, and the question asked "any discomfort when I press on your ovaries" to which amanda wanted to reply 'fuck yeah', but a simple "no" was all she managed. Once again the doctor removed her fingers from the violated patient.

"last part and we are done Amanda" said doctor fisher, as she snapped off the gloves she was wearing and put on a fresh pair. "this may be uncomfortable but it will only take a second, I'm going to do a recto-vaginal exam, which means I'm going to feel your uterus from inside your vagina and your rectum at the same time". Amanda began to sweat, she had never had anything in her bum before. One time her boyfriend before Jeff had tried to stick his penis in there and she nearly climbed the wall to get away. "just relax" said the doc, and then Amanda felt the doctors index finger slip easily into her vagina, while her middle finger bore its way into her virgin asshole. "oowww, please stop, please, please" whined the girl "this hurts so bad, i feel like i'm gonna poop, please stop". By the time her pleads for mercy were over, the doctor had pulled out of her patient/victim.

"ok Amanda" said doctor Fisher "we are all done, I know this was not fun for you at all, but trust me as you get older, it gets easier. I'm going to get you a prescription for birth control, and like I said, I expect to see you in here once a year, you can get dressed". Amanda, now sat up in complete disarray and thanked doctor Fisher.

"Now young man" dr fisher said turning to face Jeff. "I'm going to send the nurse back in for your vitals and I will be back in a few minutes to give you your exam."


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