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A dream come true

A dream come true

For a month corresponded with a guy they met on the Internet. More and more I could not wait for our meeting. I found the advertisement in which the offer erotic fun in a physician, and above all the most interesting surveys I Proctologists. My best friend megye warned me that it can be dangerous. But when we wrote to each other more and more it seemed to me that I could trust him. I felt that this could be a great adventure.

To explain how it all started I have to go back in time about three years. At age 16, the first time I was a gynecologist. Of course, I was still a virgin, so I could not have a normal test. The doctor decided, however, that in spite of all check if I'm healthy by examining carefully through the anus. Initially a little ashamed and afraid during the study appeared, however, other feelings which I could not control himself. I was so excited that only a miracle, I started to scream. I was lying on the chair and the doctor stood between my legs. One held his hand on my bosom, and one or two fingers of other hand slipped into my ass. When he thought that move them wash away. His finger in my ass touched a magical place, to the womb pressing on my clitoris attracted almost as much as I did it to herself masturbating. Clenched muscles in defense against the impending orgasm. When I was a tight belly, however, could not examine me, several times asked me to be relaxed. But always insisted he is once again a pleasure to come back and napinałam muscles. He took his fingers from my ass and let me get some rest. I lay a deep breath as I commanded. A little relaxed. Once again, however, slipped his fingers into my ass excitement immediately returned. I felt like carefully, but firmly pushes her fingers stretching my ass and how to move them inside. So I was piqued that when I tried to re-examine the stomach I could not relax even for a moment. Zorietowal But probably what's going on. Because once again took out his fingers. Once breathed first began to explore my belly. This time I was relaxed. He decided to slightly change the test. Firmly pressed his hand and so my belly hold of. And then put his fingers into my ass. I closed my eyes and breathe deeply. He moved his fingers firmly on all sides of my ass. I felt as if my touch najczulszego place and fondled him intensely. I held my breath trying to endure to the end.

Finally, stop pressing on my belly and took out his fingers from my ass. I lay with eyes closed deep breath. When I opened my eyes said it all over and let me dress.

I left the office on trembling legs. I was so excited that as soon as I returned home masturbowałam several times.

Soon after I met her first boyfriend with whom I began to love. After a year I went back to study. Then, the Cabinet was no longer there. I went to another doctor. But this time I could no longer be tested normally. And this was completely different. I did not feel excited, and even a little hurt when I received a smear. I came back a little bit disappointed.

I often thought about that study. I began to make love with my boyfriend Anal. I liked this sex. But he was not thinking about something more. Sometimes I imagined that it tickles me that as a doctor, but he's not very fond of me there touch. Soon he found himself a different girl. I was alone. Without regular sex, my thoughts became more and more obsessive. We wanted to feel what during that test.

Confided to megye. She said her gynecologist always exploring her Anal although it is no longer a virgin. I thought that I must try. Enrolled for a visit.

It was an older woman. From the beginning, I felt at her differently. First, carry out regular test. Which was accurate, but not very pleasant. At the end asked me to slide a little lower in his chair. My bum has become more accessible, then slipped it proctoscope. When the rigid tube was in my ass I felt the excitement. She moved her from side to side watching my insides, I felt hot. I remembered other thing the study. However, lack of touch. It ended quickly.

- Today I will not bother you too much, you can dress up baby - when she said the care voice drew proctoscope.

Reminded me of my mother. The excitement, of course, immediately passed. Dressed and went out. The house has analyzed this visit. It was nice but too short, and the visit was quite expensive. In addition, I would prefer if it were a man.

Shortly thereafter, I found a notice which we have already talked. I sent the email. I asked whether it is still valid and what it offers. He replied that of course is the current that can carry various types of tests or treatments, and anything else will determine what you previously. He asked me to describe his experience and wrote something about yourself.

I wrote back that I am 19 years old and I want to be examined proktologicznie. I do not have a big experience, only two times I had such an examination during a visit to the gynecologist. However, such a study made me very excited. I asked if I could also experience an orgasm during this study.

We were both interested in, more and more korespondowaliśmy. I described various details of which previously I had no idea. I really enjoyed that he wants to take care of me and carefully explained everything to me. I felt that I be safe with him. More and more I also seized the vision of an orgasm during the test. I know that in a normal doctor is not dared to. He however assured me that the climax of the analysis of the make, that they achieve orgasm. We wanted to feel it. Contrary przestrogom megye arranged to the study.

When I came to his house I felt a bit nervous. But he was very sympathetic. He was a warm day, so we sat on the balcony and drank the wine talking for the first time without a PC. He had clearly over forty but still look attractive. The difference in age has shown that when it felt like a girl, but it does not bother me. Reminded me that the test and made the excitement I felt. I asked what he thinks about it. He said it was good. Do not even bother him that I had no experience and will have to teach me everything.

He took me to his office. I was surprised with was very professional. He said he has long been collecting equipment. Sometimes, a woman invites a special examination, she likes to do it. I smiled at him. He presented me his plan for today's meeting.

'First, do your enema. Then he let break your ass and I will examine you and gynecological check your breasts. Then I will only have your bum. Measure your temperature inside proctoscope watch and of course carry out a thorough examination manual. I think that for the first time is enough. When we meet next time we will be able to determine what was most pleasant and specifically address what you like. What do you think? "

I agreed. I thought it would be slightly different test than had so far but I will try. I've never had a custom made enema so it will be a big change already.

He asked me to be undressed. Sam took off his jacket and started a white apron. He watched me take off like underwear, looked very professional in a white coat. When I finished he asked me to lay down on the couch. I climbed on the bed covered with a white sheet and lay on his back. He took the cabinet rubber pear and a glass bowl. He filled a bowl with warm water and put on the table next to the couch. I watched as the drum is filled with water. Once everything was ready, he asked me if I turned sideways. Now for the first time he could look at my ass. He opened my buttocks and watched the hole. I felt like rubbing vaseline on it, and after a while a strange feeling when the thin tip of pears slipped inside. Only after a while I realized that pushes me water from the pears. Pleasant warmth filled my bottom. He took the drum and then filled it with water. This time, I began to feel stronger and stronger and the need for complete bowel movement. However, twice filled the drum. When he finished, I felt filled up. I was afraid that just can not stand. He asked me to lay on his back. I wanted to go but reassured me and urged me to have strong moments. Gently massaged my belly. Voltage slightly decreased. Durable so far as I ordered. Then he helped me get up and escorted to the bathroom. When I sat on the toilet and the water flowed muscles relaxed under high pressure, while flushing out all the dirt that I had in myself. For a moment I sat still waiting for all the water flow. Then he carefully wiped and returned to the cabinet.

He waited for me. Prepared by gynecology chair and asked me to sit on it. Took place and resist easy. His warm hands began to touch my breasts. Massaged them in a very delightful way. I felt a growing excitement. One after the other hand studied my breasts, while the other touched my womb, and clitoris. Now I felt already strong pleasure. Stimulated at the same time my two important erogenous zones. When he finished I felt already that I'm very moist. Helped me to put your feet on the supports, while he sat on a small stool between them. He had a deep insight into my genitals and I was sure that he could see how much I'm wet. He founded the gloves and began to touch me. Rozchylał my lips with his fingers, massaged them and tickling. I felt already very aroused.

From the table took speculum. Warmed it in his hands. With one hand rozchylał my lips, and this time slowly slipped speculum. He did it so gently that I felt almost nothing. Neither did the doctor yet so gentle. I felt a growing slowly filling the speculum rozchylał. Nothing, however, do not hurt me. He looked me up inside, put on something to measure. When he was slowly pushed speculum. It was most enjoyable gynecological examination we have ever had. But now it's time for my bottom.

He asked me to slide a little. Prop regulated so that the legs were higher. Now the bottom has been more readily available, naturally parted the buttocks and was able to watch my second hole. Petroleum jelly smeared her and slipped the thermometer. Thin and cool end of the thermometer was in my ass. Clutching it so as not pushed, and the other hand massaged my clitoris. After a while I was already very aroused particular, that the thermometer began to move sideways. His end is warmed from the heat of my body and caused more pleasant feelings. But the real pleasure I felt it was only when he took the thermometer and replaced it with his finger. Slid and pushed him gently caressing the anus. The finger was circulating in my heart all a delightful place to anger. Slowly I started to approach orgasm. However, interrupted study.

- I need you now see in the middle - he said - he wants you to be moved to the berth.

Do not quite know why but I wanted to got out of his chair. He explained to me that he wants me on the couch she knelt down firmly thrusting bottom. In this way I will be able to examine proctoscope. Earlier, a doctor examined me on the chair but you can see he wanted to make it differently. But nothing I said I accepted a position just asked me that. I felt that my bum is very exposed. A bit of me zawstydzało. But I knew that I must be in a position so he could examine me, the thought excited me and made one forget the shame. After a while, everything was ready. I felt the rigid tube to push my ass. He put proctoscope and looked at my insides. Just like with my doctor felt the pleasure, but something was missing. The situation changed only when the tube is put through a medical spatula and began to touch her inner walls of my rectum. The vast delight filled my belly. Stirred with a spatula to various parties making me lots of pleasure, delight in some moments, however, was unique. I breathed deeply mastering the increasing excitement. Every time you touch these mysterious points restrained breath focusing on experiencing wonderful feelings. I felt that orgasm is near. If only for a moment I was so absorbed wave odpłynęłabym fondled orgasm but did not. He pulled out a spatula and put forward proctoscope.

I thought that was the end. I was excited, but disappointed that it does not peaked. He helped me get up, was nice. But I felt disappointed and somewhat annoyed. But that's not the end. He took me back to the gynecological chair.

- Still I consider you the finger - said changing gloves.

I stayed with widely parted legs. He stood between them and rubbed the gel on the entire genitals. Caress me tight. Quickly forgot about the excitement and irritation. Gave up his pieszczotom. Massaged my pussy hard. Breathe faster and faster, I knew that this time to be on an orgasm. The other hand began to penetrate my anus. First, caressed him with one finger. Sphincter stretched and smeared it with gel. He thrust his finger very deeply. My delight began to grow rapidly. I've been getting closer.

Then it started. For one finger quickly added another. My anus was already very stretched and wetted so easily fit two or three fingers. He, however, is not enough. He put four and deeply massaged my rectum. In that it stretched me so much and caressed me with four fingers could insert very deep. He now had access to all of my internal sensing points. His affection was so intense that at first I could not master their emotions. Inspire me, as always, that I wanted. His well-trained hands dopasowywały to my needs. His movements were firm and strong but also soft and delicate. Had a little harder pressed or stretched me then for sure I would feel pain. But he knew exactly the border. Caressed me as much as was possible without doing harm to me.

I already knew that it would lead me to ecstasy. I felt safe. I closed my eyes and let yourself be carried away a vast wave of pleasure filling my body.

He began moving his fingers hard in my ass. I felt that pushing for some sensitive place. That was what I remembered from my first test, only a hundred times stronger. I started to scream. More intensely with the other hand massaged my bosom, and the thumb pressed with all his strength on my clitoris. And that's a great feeling coming from inside my rectum. Aaaaaaaaa ..... I screamed as loud as I could. Orgasm filled me. Instinctively I wanted to tighten the legs. Yet between them stood blocking my attempts. Did not stop caressing extending my delight. I clenched my teeth abruptly turning his head from side to side and moaned. The whole world has ceased to exist for me. I felt only pleasure. I've never had such a strong orgasm ...

Excitement trend is decreasing slowly. I lay there breathing heavily. Gently rubbed my genitals with a moisturizing gel. He took off my feet with the stands and helped me get up. I was spinning in my head. He saw that I was not able to go, took me in his arms and carried her to bed. He covered me and asked me to take some rest. Sam returned to the office clean.

Rested a few hours perpetuating itself in my mind what I experienced recently. I felt bliss and contentment.

When I came to ask if everything is fine now had time to recover and I was full of energy. I said yes. I wanted to give something back to him for the pleasure. I asked him to went. I sat on the bed, unbuttoned his coat. He stood quietly when he took off his pants. Slowly slide pants and freed the penis. I watched him curious. This is amazing - I thought - he had already looked at me carefully, including all the inside of my rectum, and I only now for the first time I saw his penis. I kissed him. Slightly move. Embraced his lips and gently licked language. Initially, only brushed him, but after a while my caresses became more intense. Slowly he began to react, to become ever thicker and stiffer. She moved briefly to see come out of my mouth. He was stiff and seemed to be very exciting.

- You want me to come in your ass? - He asked.

I looked up. He was so calm. I felt that I will be respected regardless of my decision.

- Yes - quietly replied, smiling slightly.

He put me on the bed and knelt over me. I was lying on his back, bent down and started caressing my body. Strewed with kisses my belly, breasts. I was more ready. But I could not stop pet. He touched my feet, kissing them, they circled the mouth. Kissed her thigh higher and higher, then back down. Several times he came up to the clitoris, it musnął but only slightly and returned to his feet. I was very excited when I felt that much I can not then lifted my legs high into the mountains. I pulled them hard to stomach, so that my bum was well exposed. He looked at my face I felt that I lubricated with petroleum jelly, and then presses the penis. Closely watched or not gives me pain. I closed my eyes, he began to push. My bottom was still relaxed after the test so I slipped into it without any problem. Moving slowly. When I opened my eyes I saw that all the time staring at my face. He tried to read what I feel I knew that even a slight grimace on my face that can provide that will make me hurt, they immediately stop. Nothing, however, do not hurt me. My bum quickly got used to extend and every movement was increasingly Juch enjoyable. He noticed it and began to move more courageously.

After a while we loved the longer normal, but what I felt was unusual. I had many times anal relations, but this was exceptional. Does the fact that I was extremely relaxed, and perhaps this earlier petting, anyway his every move intensified my excitement. Quickly approached the limits of pleasure. But he's not planning to end so quickly. I clenched my teeth and breathed deeply trying to control the excitement, but it was very difficult when his penis pressed the most sensitive points in my rectum. Increasingly moved. Huge heat filled my belly I felt that no longer hold back.

- I can not stand - I whispered.

- Well-baby - answered - now!

Accelerated even more. Move as quickly as he could be pushing deep into my core. I could not be controlled, began to shout: 'Yes, harder, harder ....'. I felt his huge penis teasing my insides have never felt such a huge pleasure during sex. I grabbed for my hands, buttocks and parted them as hard as I could. Now he reached for his penis pushing even deeper in the most sensitive point exactly. Exploded. My whole body filled a huge heat wave of orgasm seized me. She groaned loudly. But he never ceased to move. The whole time hitting it so raw. Hammering nails into my buttocks trying rozchylić them even more. I did not feel pain but I could not extend them even more. But he was also getting closer. My strong orgasm made the inside of my rectum zaciskało rhythmically, very caressing the glans penis. It's sucking as he described it complied with its excitement. Reached orgasm. Drummed into me with all his strength, all the time, however, with great precision, pressing on my most sensitive point.

Szczytowaliśmy together. When you stop moving, I felt like his penis still is trying to push the remnants of sperm deep into my core. He lay down on me.

- It was great - he whispered in my ear.

I lay there soaking up what I experienced. Gently he kissed my neck and neck. Each such delicate kiss elicited thrill. His penis gradually decreased. It is no longer stretched happy with me but that is still in me. I wanted it so he was, but when the excitement subsided he pushed me. He was lying next to me, I laid a foot on his belly. I felt that my bum is still open, it was so unusual. He covered us with a blanket. Rested, hand stroked my head. I felt the heat of our bodies. I felt so good. I closed my eyes, quickly fell asleep.

In the night I awoke, I recalled that evening I had to go back. I looked at him as if he sleeps, he turned to the sleeping and took my hand. Oh well, I thought, I'm not going to walk in the middle of the night. Snuggled up to him how much I remembered today gave me pleasure. I fell asleep cuddled up to him and happy ...

I left after breakfast. It was a warm sunny morning. I turned on the phone, and you received the message nine missed calls. 'Well' I thought megye probably worried about me. I called to her.

- Where are you? How are you? - I immediately asked megye.

- Calm down - I answered - all in order. I'm going home.

- Were the night? - She asked. - Come to me tell me everything.

- Well, I for some 20 minutes.

Drank coffee, and I told her everything. She was impressed. Finally he confessed:

- You're right that I should consider but this time I am glad that you did not listen. Thanks, I managed to survive the most wonderful moments. I'm so happy that I decided.

Returning home thinking about what happened. I was walking calmly, and the sun warmed my face. It was all like a dream. I do not know yet whether I meet with him. It is very possible but for now I have enough to think and reminiscence.


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