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A Doctors Birth Fantasy

A Doctors Birth Fantasy

Janie had taken the day off from work as instructed. Her Doctor wanted her to do something special for him this weekend. She opened the box that he sent her. Inside, as they discussed, was a very large inflatable style butt plug and a tube of lubricant. She laid it out and went to shower. As she showered she shaved her pussy for him and gave herself a small enema just to be prepared. They has discussed what he desired, but the details over all she was not allowed to know until she showed up. Her body drip dried as she packed her small overnight bag with her essentials and laid out her clothes. Janie then sat on the bed and looked at her two items. It was time to start. She laid her head back onto a pillow and slowly lubed up the butt plug. As she looked at her lubed plug and thought about all the things to come over the next couple of days she touched her clit and felt herself dampen. She was told not to orgasm, and like a good girl she held off. She fully inserted the plug into her pussy, pushing it as deep as she could get it inside even the base. As she held it deep she pumped it up just as instructed. Her body jerked, she almost orgasm just from the stretching inside, but it was not painful. She wiped off the excess lube and stood up. She was definitely uncomfortable, but she knew this would be worth it. She sort of waddled as is bulged inside her and the hose dangled between her legs. She pulled on her skirt and top and headed out the door.

Her mind raced as she drove the short drive to his home, she knew her Doctor would be so happy she did what he asked. She stood at the door, suit case in hand and knocked. The door was answered by an older gentlemen in a white lab coat, he smiled and invited her in. After a short embrace he asked if she had done her tasks and her smile for him said it all. He smiled again and turned on his Doctor personality. With that he took her suit case and handed her a hospital gown, he told her to leave it open in the front and showed her to the bathroom to change. As she changed he put her things in her hospital room for the next night and day. Janie came out of the bathroom, still waddling a bit, with her gown perfectly fitted and tied in front.

The Doctor escorted her to her room. When she walked inside her eyes widened. The bed was done in white sheets, there were stirrups on the end to cradle her knees in, along the wall were several tables full of equipment and the room had that bleached smell to it. As she stood taking the room in she also noticed the restraints on the bed, and giving her Doctor a worried look he told her that it might be more fun for some things if she couldn’t move and she just chuckled. He helped her slip into bed and told her to relax while he went to get a few things ready. She could not relax, her pussy was starting to ache from being stretched and she had no idea what he had in mind, he really had gone all out for this.

Soon her Doctor walked back in with a small tray. On the tray was several items but she could not really see what they were. He snapped on a pair of gloves and asked her to lay back and pull her knees up just a bit so he could check her dilation. With her knees back he pulled her gown open exposing her stuffed full pussy. He ran a finger around the edge of the seal, then pushed it in a bit deeper making her moan from discomfort and pleasure. Looks good he says with a smile. The Doctor tells her it is time to get her ready for her stay and that the delivery will most certainly happen tomorrow so she will need to stay over night to be monitored. Now Janie’s butterflies kick in because now she is completely in the dark as to what to expect. He just told her it would blow her mind. His instructions became less pleasant, just as she liked him to be, and he barked at her to roll onto her side and tuck her knees up so he could take her temperature. He laid a chart next to her head and she could see boxes for her temperature to be charted every hour or so, this made her pussy very wet because she loved this part. He lifted her top cheek with one hand and without hesitation he pushed his lubed middle finger from his other hand knuckle deep in her waiting asshole. She jumped a bit and moaned, just as quickly as he inserted it he removed it to replace it with a large glass thermometer. She laid there waiting as he held it in place, slowly moving it in and out of her as a tease. She moaned softly. After a few minutes he removed it, charted her temperature and asked her to lay back on her back. As she turned over she saw he was readying an IV bag and needle. She nearly came to tears and explained how she felt fine and really did not need an IV. Her Doctor ordered her to stop blubbering and that all hospital patients had to have one, period! She cried softly as he put the catheter into the back of her hand and taped it into place, then hanging the solution on the pole high above her head he told her it would drip very slow.

Without hesitation he informs her, because she will be getting constant fluids she will need a catheter for over night. Her eyes go wide. With an evil laugh he tells her not to worry he will remove it tomorrow before the delivery and that she needs to lift her knees again. Since she is so full he decides to use a couple of small sounds first to make sure the opening it open before inserting the catheter tube. Janie jumps as the cold sound touches her and it turns into moans and soft begs to please stop as he pushes it slowly deeper into her peehole. She moans again as he removes it. You can take just a bit more he says in a stern voice and pushes the next size deep. She hisses through her teeth at the burning sensation as he now pushes the catheter deep inside. She has never felt so full as when the balloon was inflated. The Doctor capped off the Cath, telling her he will drain it throughout the night for her so no bag is needed.

Shaking she lowers her legs and pulls her gown back over her. The Doctor laughs and tells her one more thing, a simple suppository to help her relax. Janie gives him a funny look but rolls to her side in an obedient manner. Her asshole burns a bit as he pushes it deep inside her. She turns back to her back and he covers her up with the sheet, as he kisses her forehead she feels her eyes close and she can not stop them. Unaware of what she has taken Janie is now asleep from a very mild sedative. She has no idea but her Doctor has more in mind than she could have ever dreamed. While she sleeps the Doctor preps the room for the over night stage of his birthing fantasy. Pulling out his enema equipment he hangs a large bag from her IV pole and attaches the tubing to a double balloon nozzle. Rolling her gently onto her side and tucking her up he inserts the nozzle in her ass and inflates it, she moans so loudly and backs her ass up into his hands. He grins, she is such a whore about these things. As he completely inflates it he rolls her back to her back. Now he secures her arms and legs in the hospital restraints tightly, she is all his now. The sedative only lasts about 3 or 4 hours so he lets her sleep the rest of it off in peace. As she starts to come to she feels groggy and has a hard time getting things into focus. He kisses her and says good morning.

Suddenly her eyes open wide as she discovers she is tied down and she starts to complain about the discomfort in her bottom. The Doctor laughs and slowly explains what is going to happen. He tells her that part of birth is contractions, so the best way to get those is through an enema so he plugged her up with a nozzle and had slipped an absorbent pad under her butt. Inside she becomes all a flutter, but she knows he wants her to resist. She makes tears come to her eyes and begs the Doctor not to give her any enemas. With a deep laugh he tells her she will be getting several enemas over night so she should get prepared for it. With that he leaves the room and she can hear the sounds of water running. She wishes she could reach her pussy, it aches and so does her asshole but she desperately wants to get off.

As her mind races he walks back in. This one, he tells her, will just be a lot of real warm water. Just to flush things out a bit. As he fills the bag and she hears the clamp snap her situation hits her. She is stuffed full and now having her stomach filled up and she can not get away. With her tension the cramps start in small waves and she moans. The flow is very slow, he wants her to cramp and wants it to last. If he went to fast he would have to stop the flow so that he didn’t hurt her, he would never want that. While the water flows he opens her gown in the front and gently pinches her nipples. Giving her a nice breast exam and feeling her rock hard nipples he knows just how turned on she is. As the bag nears the end she is whining and complaining of the cramps. The Doctor tells her she is pregnant, so she needs to breath like she is pregnant. She gives it a try and to her surprise it works and the cramps ease. So she just has to keep it up. With the bag empty he closes the clamp and sets his timer for 20 minutes. Janie dies in agony as she lays helpless watching the timer tick. She just wants it to hurry up already!

As it nears the final minutes the Doctor unties her restraints and tells her she has to slide her IV pole and walk to the bathroom. With her belly so distended from water and her pussy on fire she truly feels like she is pregnant and suddenly the fantasy hits her and she could never be more happy with what he is doing to her body. She stops in front of a wall mirror and looks at her belly. The Doctor smiles, he knows she gets it now and that is great. Then the cramps hit and she finishes her shuffle to the bathroom. As she sits he deflates the balloon inside her and the rush begins. He takes away the nozzle and leaves her for a few moments of alone time, but he reminds her not to push or strain or she might lose her “baby”.

When she is done and cleaned up he comes in and drains her catheter for her and helps her up. She shuffles back to bed, looking at the clock on the way by, still so much time to go before tomorrow! Back in the room she notices a new box on the tables. She knows what this is, it is a vacuum pump. As she lays down the Doctor tells her it is time to test her milk production. He tightens straps around her chest and puts cups over her breasts. Then he attaches the hoses to them. The Doctor explains to Janie that this will suck for a few seconds and let go, then repeat it. It simulates how a baby would nurse. Excited to feel it Janie nods in understanding. As the suction begins she moans from the discomfort and she feels her body get to the verge or orgasm when the suction stops.

She had no idea this would be a tease as well. Now her body felt as though it would explode! While the suction took its toll on her body the Doctor repeated her rectal temperature and the combination of the two had her begging for release. The Doctor reminded her that there would be no early delivery so she would have to wait. This made her sob and beg for it. To which she got a nasty look. The Doctor told her to lay back onto her back and bring her knees up so he could check her dilation again. He snaps on gloves and lubes his fingers, as she pulls back he grins yet again at the stretched and stuffed pussy of hers. This time he pushes his finger into the edge and start to move it in a circle around the “baby”. She moans and tries to pull away, it hurts and feels so good and with the suction of her breasts she starts feeling it in the pit of her stomach. Pushing the plug in deeper he generously lubes her pussy to keep it from getting to dry. Not like he had to worry with as wet as she has been.


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