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A former patient revisited

A former patient revisited

My wife and I were laughing the other day about our first meeting. She was starting in the nursing program and I was doing my rotations for my paramedic finals. She needed to have a complete exam and I was working my rotation with her family doctor. I usually took the history and vitals for the doctor and sometimes went in for the exams depending on what the patient wanted. Kim came in and was very nervous about the exam. She told me she knew there were injections involved and she was afraid she would pass out. I took her history and got her to relax and laughing especially when I explained to her that nursing involved needles. She told me she knew that but this was different. I was surprised when she asked if I was going to be in the room. I explained that only if she wanted me to. She told me she was going to ask the doctor for me to stay since I made her relax.

I should describe Kim, she was very petite about five foot, and about 98 lbs. She very small breasts and was so small she had real thin arms and a tiny waist.

She had short blond hair which I found out later was her natural color.

I soon escorted her to the exam room and she had already asked the doctor for me to stay and it was no problem. I gave her a gown to change in to and she asked what she should expect. I had read over her forms and told her that the doctor would do a breast exam, a gyn exam, a rectal exam and catch up her shots. She did not look happy especially about the shots in fact she asked if I would be the one doing them. I told her I could if she wanted. She also wanted to start on birth control injections so she told the doctor to add that to the list. I explained that this was one of the reasons for the gyn to make sure she was not pregnant.

The doctor and I returned after giving her time to change and after checking her chart the doctor started by doing the usual checking of nose, throat, lungs etc. She then had her lay down and told her she was going to do a breast exam. I watched as she moved the gown aside and I could see her breasts. They were very small probably an A cup with tiny hard nipples. The doctor checked both breasts and explained to her about self exams. She then told her to slide down and moved her feet in to the stirrups. I could see Kim getting nervous so I moved around to hold her hands for a little while then moved down to help the doctor. I seen then that she was indeed a true blond. I watched as the doctor inserted the smallest speculum we had and gently inserted and opened it. Kim sucked in her breath but told us it was not pain just pressure. She had told me she had only had sex once and did not enjoy it much. The doctor took the necessary samples and slipped the speculum out. She then moved to stand between her legs and slowly inserted two lubricated fingers inside her vagina. Kim sucked in another deep breath as the doctor pushed and moved her fingers around and finally withdrew them. She then told her to roll over on her hands and knees and I got a good view of her nice ass and she did. The doctor then slipped her lubricated finger in to her ass which caused Kim to groan this time. I could get a good view of her ass being penetrated and her tiny breasts barely moving as she went thru the exam.

Finally the doctor removed her fingers and gloves and had her sit on the table. She explained that everything looked fine and all that was left was to catch up her injections. She also told her I could do them if she wanted and she would also have to have a blood test which I could do. The next question was how many shots. The doctor explained that since she had not listed any childhood diseases she would have to be protected from the. She would need an MMR for measles and chicken pox. She would need a DPT for tetanus and whooping cough. She would need a flu shot and her birth control shot. She would then need to return in a few months for booster shots. The doctor also went on to explain to her that she suggested that she not get any shots in her arms since she did not have a lot of muscle there and it would hurt more and get sore. She suggested the we do one in each side of her butt and one in each thigh muscle. Kim nodded but did not say anything more. I went and collected the necessary items and explained to her that one of the problems with the MMR and DPT injections was that they were prefilled syringes with longer needles than what we wanted to use for her. I told her by not using her arms it would be better. I told her we would get the blood test out of the way first and soon had her arm prepped and a tourniquit applied and quickly using a small butterfly needle filled three tubes. She told me she was amazed that it did not hurt and especially that I used a butterfly needle not a blood collection tube. I told her we did children a lot and this worked better. I then told her that all that was left was the injections. She bit her lip and nodded and I patted her shoulder and told her to relax she would do fine. I told her we would do the ones in her thighs first and had her sit on the edge of the table and pull her gown up. She pulled up her gown more than I needed but I was not complaining because I got another look at her real blond hair. I wiped a spot on her left thigh and uncapped the needle and told her to put her arms around my neck and squeeze. I quickly inserted the needle and injected the solution. I felt her grip tighten for a short time but she relaxed and told me that it was not so bad. I then repeated the procedure and soon she was smiling and telling me I was really good. I told her I needed her to stand and lean over the table and pull her gown up and I would do the last two in her butt. She was soon bent over the table with the gown hiked up giving me a nice view of her ass and as I moved to pick up the syringes I could see that the gown and opened in the front and both tiny breasts were visable. I wiped a spot on her ass and quickly injected the first solution. This one was not bad but I had saved the worst for last and when I pushed the needle in the other side and pushed the solution she groaned loudly. I told her to take some deep breaths and finished as quickly as I could. She turned to me then and stepped in to my arms and asked me if I would rub it to make it stop hurting. I quickly complied and soon the pain was gone.

Kim finished nursing school and became and ER nurse and I completed paramedic training. She is still a tiny thing but now she is my wife so I get to rub her hurt away when ever she needs it.


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