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A fantas-tick hot day at Camp Tempashota

Part 1

The beauty of another sunrise over the lake reminded her again- just as it did every morning- just how fortunate and blessed she was. Steam rose up off the warm water. Before long it would be blazing hot but for now Dr. Susan Garrett (aka "Dr. Suzy") enjoyed the cool air and her warm coffee. She noticed her nipples poking through her thin nightgown and looked to her East at the camp. Already it was beginning to stir. She watched as the noisy camp truck in the distance drove down the dusty road toward the stables, and saw a couple of lines of children headed for the mess hall, led by their college student counselors. They might could see her on the deck if they looked up the hill, but weren't close enough for her to worry about her appearance. She could see them but couldn't hear them(well,except for the truck!) Just a quiet peaceful morning...

Clomp clomp clomp

She heard the sound of work boots approaching on the wooden planks. Suddenly strong arms wrapped around her.

"Honey you look - mmmhmm- and smell... amazing." His beard tickled her neck as he nuzzled up against her. "Last night was fun. How 'bout a morning encore?" He snuck a hand between the fold of her gown.

"Jim, Sweetie, it's awfully tempting but you're already dressed for the office!"

"Pshhaw yeah whatever. You know I'm only good for manual labor!"


Her husband had been a high powered litigator just a few years ago. He'd given up a suddenly struggling practice, and she'd given up the long hours of a job in the ER that had finally (mostly) paid off her student loans. They pooled everything they had and then some to fulfill her husband's dream. They'd bought a summer camp that had been struggling and was near Jim's boyhood home. It hadn't been easy and it had taken awhile to get the business side of things worked out. There had been times- been years- and tears- when Susan wondered what the Hell they'd done and if they'd thrown their life away. She worked at a clinic in the nearby small town one day a week during the summer and three days a week during the rest of the year, plus she was on call for a couple of nearby summer camps. That income had helped, and things were working out -they'd figured out some decent ways to use the facilities during the off season and were in the black (barely) despite a flood last year. Their crazy plan was finally coming together. And there were mornings like today. But she couldn't just stand there smelling the roses (and his scent) all day.

"Get out of here- you got work to do and I need to get dressed because I do too. I read the weather- it's supposed to be a scorcher so I'll be busy. Sigh. I'm sure Sarah will be here any minute."

"Oh yeah? Hmmm did I mention I think I pulled my groin the other day? I think maybe she needs practice examining it, don't you?" He said with a wink.

"Uugh you're awful. You wish!" With a peck on the lips she shoo-ed him out the door and gave him a smack on his wrangler-covered butt.

Susan got dressed in sensible shorts and a white polo and was about to walk out the door when she saw the aforementioned Sarah bounding up the steps.

"Hey Dr. Suzy! Think you'll need any help today?!"

Susan reminded herself that Sarah couldn't help it that she was so attractive, and that she really was a sweet girl. Reminded herself that a few years ago she herself had a figure almost that good and boobs that would bounce in spite of a sports bra if she ran up the stairs, and a perfect blonde ponytail that would swing like that... Sure she and Jim had joked about Sarah playfully, privately... And she wasn't really jealous. But Sarah's enthusiasm and energy could sometimes be a little much. She was pre-med and had approached Susan at the beginning of the summer about helping out with anything medical related, thinking she could spin it as something more on her resume than just a camp counselor.

"I imagine I will later but at the moment I was just going to check on a couple of things in the office. I'll probably head into town mid afternoon to get some supplies from the clinic if you want to join me."

"Sounds great! Can't wait!" She bounced away... Cute perkiness personified.

Susan never made it to town for the supplies from her clinic. Instead a steady stream of campers visited the makeshift clinic next to the camp's little office. There was a little boy who skinned his knee. A big boy who twisted his ankle. A middle school girl with cramps. She had just been offered some pain relievers when the cute spunky Sarah came trotting up the stairs wanting to help.

"Sorry Sarah not sure I'm going to make it into town today - but if you want to stick around, I'm sure we'll have some folks stopping by this afternoon, it's really hot out and I wouldn't be surprised if we have plenty of campers complaining of something and wanting to come in just to get in the AC and maybe lay down a bit. Here... It's a print out of signs if heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Familiarize yourself with it and you can help me interview folks as the come in."

And come in they did. The little clinic had two beds. It was a scorcher out there and one red-faced sweaty kid after another came in and got a wet towel, bottle of water, and a note to excuse them from outdoor activities. Sarah helped Dr. Garret, and they even pulled the office assistant of her mail sorting duties to assist as well. They tried their best to help the kids without taking up the beds for too long each.

In the midst of this, Dr. Garrett heard the camp truck pull up to their building. (The AC was long since gone she knew and the muffler too- you could hear it a ways away.) She glanced out her window and saw Jason, one I the counselors that worked at the horse stables, stumble out. Her first thought was that he'd fallen of his horse into the lake or something. He was soaking wet and clutching his side it looked like.

"Okay little buddy. Take this to your cabin-captain. And take it a little easy tomorrow at soccer. And drink lots more water!" She said, shooing him out of the exam room. She had a feeling they'd be needing it for Jason.

Just as she walked "little buddy" out Jason met her at the door. He looked awful: soaking wet, dirty, and he hadn't been clutching his side, but his hand, and it was bleeding.

"Doctor Suzy... I... whoo- I'm a little dizzy... I...well, it was Hank. I just..."

Susan ushered him into one of the rooms. He hadn't fallen into a lake alright, but he was drenched in sweat.

"We'll talk, but first thing's first- lets get that washed and get you cooled off. Take that hat off," she turned her head behind her and yelled' Sarah it's all you unless there's an emergency!"

Jason set his sweat-stained cowboy hat on the counter and it left his hair plastered to his head. Dr. Garret quickly began washing his injured hand in the sink. It didn't look quite so bad with most of the blood off but there were still cuts on two of his right fingers. Not deep enough for stitches and she had him move his fingers- no nerve or ligament damage as far as she could tell. She quickly began to bandage them.

"Alright start telling me what happened, and while you're at it I want you out of those clothes ASAP. I'm concerned that you're too hot." As he began to speak she reached for a thermometer.

"Well, the kids were done right before lunch but Big Jim came by and said he wanted a couple of us to stick around and clear some of the brush 'cause we're gonna start on building a little enclosure. It was hot but no biggie."

Dr. Garrett made a mental note to get onto her husband about that- should have waited until it was cooler- there was a reason the horseback riding was in the morning.

He continued, "I'm just kind of feeling tired and hot- I'm sorry ma'am. I took the truck and shoulda walked. Now we'll hafta take it back or all of them is gonna hafta walk back."

"Don't worry about that now, Jason. Sit up for me."

"78.2?! what the...?" thought Dr. Garrett as she wiped off the now soaking wet thermometer after running it over his forehead and side of his face and then setting it back on the counter.

It took some effort to get his boots off, and more to get his tight an wet bluejeans off as well. Fortunately, he was in full wannabe cowboy regalia and the snaps on his long-sleeved shirt made taking that off, well... a snap! (sorry!)

Susan couldn't help but appreciate his chiseled physique- admired it even- but she was in professional mode and noticed something else.

"You don't have a typical farmer's tan- what's you're normal schedule?"

"Oh. I uh, well makes sense I guess- horseback in the mornings and lifeguard in the afternoon when it's hot usually, but I made sure someone could cover today - don't worry"

Dr. Garrett had turned around and was getting something out of the cabinet. "Keep talking, I'm listening. How did you hurt your hand? Those don't look deep enough to be cuts, but worse than scratches."

"Oh well, you know the dog that lives around there- we call him Hank, cause the kids like those books about Hank the Cowdog, ya know"

At this point Jason saw that Doctor Suzy had an older looking thermometer and a jar of vaseline. Despite his accent, Jason was in fact plenty sharp. He knew exactly what was coming.

"Uh so yeah, I tried to give Hank a bite of my beef jerky I'd torn off and I guess he wanted it real bad, 'cause when he snapped at it he almost took a coupla' fingers with it too. Uh, I guess you want these off too, huh?" he said, indicating his tighty-whiteys.

"Yes, Jason, and don't worry, I've seen it all before. I'm just concerned about how hot you got and you'd said you were tired and dizzy. It won't be too bad, I promise. there. Now just lay down on your stomach for me."

She sat down beside him on the exam table and opened his but cheeks with one hand, depositing a dollop of vaseline that she had on one of her fingers directly on his anus, and he gasped slightly.

"Deep breath, then slowly exhale."

As he did so, she slowly inserted the thermometer into his bottom, and he made a little noise. She checked her watch.

"Okay so tell me more about Hank."

She proceeded to ask him leading questions, and his answers convinced her, fortunately, that Hank wasn't rabid. Still she was thinking of following up with her husband, Jim - just to make sure, when her cell phone rang. She left his side to answer it, and all Jason heard was one side of the conversation.

"Oh no. How Long? Please tell me he was wearing a helmet. Confused? How long? Just in case. I know. I'm on my way."

"Okay Jason, You're not going to like this but..." She opened the door and yelled again, "Sarah!! I need you in here! right away!"

"Okay Sarah- shut the door. I don't think Jason here is in immediate danger but I do still want that temp. reading and we have a probable concussion I have to go check on. In a couple of minutes check the thermometer- it's the only other one we had. Just hang tight and give him water and a cold towel. I'll be back shortly."

to be continued... (and I promise less set up and more action in the next few parts!)


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