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A Lesson In Diaper Punishment

A Lesson In Diaper Punishment

I am Reposting this because I noticed a few errors that I wanted to fix. I also wanted to change the name.I've been wanting to write a story for awhile now. Just Let me know what you think of it.Thanks for reading.

Patrick was 23 years old, about 5'10" and 140 pounds with a slender build. Patrick was on his way to meet his mommy/dommy Shay, who he had been talking with online.She decided it was finally time to meet in person, as she didn't live but a few miles away. Patrick pulled up in her driveway. Shay lived in a big house. She had inherited it and a lot of money when her grandmother died. She was already standing at the door waiting for him."You're late," she said."I'm sorry. Traffic was heavy."

"Come along now. There are no excuses for being late."I followed her inside the well-kept house. We went down the hall past the kitchen and I saw a large highchair. She saw me looking at it. "You will be locked in that soon enough." I felt a chill go down my spine from the tone of her voice.

I followed her into a room that was a fully furnished nursery. The crib had a locking top. I didn't even see everything before she said, "Strip!" I slowly started to take off my clothing.I stood there naked in front of her. I tried to hide my boy parts, but she slapped my hands, "You are not allowed to touch yourself. If I catch you touching yourself again, you'll regret it.

You are already in trouble for being late."She took me by the hand and took me to the changing table. She picked me up and placed me on the table. Then she took my hands and restrained them by my side. She raised my legs and restrained them. I asked why. Shay said, "You don't speak unless I speak to you."

I wasn't able to see what she was doing, but I could hear her opening some cabinets. She came back to me with some supplies. Se put on some gloves and lubed my butt and gave me a laxative, then she slid a diaper under me and taped it up and put on a pair of locking plastic pants. Then she undid my restraints and lifted me up and set me back down and gave me a shirt, but it didn't cover my diaper at all."It's time to eat."

I started to to walk, but she said, "Babies don't walk. They crawl." I crawled to the kitchen, and she lifted me up into the highchair and restrained my hands.I said, "I can feed myself.""What did I tell you if you were to speak without being spoken to?"

"That I would regret it."By the time I'm done with you, you will be a well-behaved diaper boy.She opened a can of baby food and spoon-fed me. Then she cleaned up my face and took me out of the highchair.

"It's time to go out to the store. Let's get some pants on you."By this time my tummy was rumbling. She just smiled as she pulled my pants up and put on my shoes. "You may walk while we are in public."By the time we got to store, my tummy was really rumbling. I tugged on her arm. She knew what I wanted and just said, "You can just go, Sweetie." I lost the fight. She saw the expression on my face and knew what happened.

"I didn't bring the keys. You will just have to wait until we get home. And if you don't behave, you will be in that diaper until the morning."As we continued to shop we got more diapers and wipes

"you wont be getting out of diapers for awhile." I got more and more uncomfortable and wanted to leave. Luckily we where almost done or I thought weWhere. As we where checking out, the cashier picked up the diapers and asked "who are these for?" Then she saw my diaper bulge. "There for him his a bad little diaper boy" as

Shay said this she lightly slapped my bum spreading my mess around.The cashier blushed when she did this but not nearly as much as me.Shay paid for the our things as we where walking to the car we loadedup the car and then she strapped me in the car,

"let's get us somefood." I started to pout I really wanted to go home. "I want to go home and get changed."Shay just looked at me and said "just you wait until we get home!"

I knew I was trouble.Shay decided to go to Cookout for food. By this time I had also wet, we got cheese burgers and she also got me a milk shake.I saw Shay mix in laxatives "that's right baby boy your going to make full use of that diaper."

"well let's get you it's almost bed time" we didn't Even back to the house before I messed again and I was really starting to Smell. We pulled in the driveway and shay unstrapped me and picked me up and carried ,me inside then she set down.

Then she told me to go to the nursery wait for her there.I crawled to the nursery and sat on the floor. I could fell that I had a bad rash.and I had to stay in this diaper all night. Shay came in a few minutes later.

"let's Get you ready for bed" Shay undressed me and all I was wearing was my.plastic pants and my wet and messy diapers. "since you forgot how to behave hopefully that rash will remind you how. Shay then picked me up and carried meto the crib and sete.down."lay down baby and get you strapped in." Shay locked my hands into mittens and to the sides of the crib first then my feet.Then she walked over to one of the cabinetsand brought over a locking the pacifier. " this should keep you quiet tonight your

mommy needs her rest and do you its going to be a long day tomorrow." it didn't take long for me to fall asleep even in if I was in a messy diaper I was really tired"Time to wake up baby" as my mommyUnrestrained me from from the crib. And helped me down. "oh my you shure are messy but I think you can Stay in it until after breakfast.unless you miss behave it will be this afternoon before I let you out. "

I crawled in to the kitchen with shay close behind me. "okay lets get you strapped in" shay helped me up in to the high chair. "thank you mommy" as the mess spread all over my already coved diapers. Shay then restrained my hands and feet.

" what would you like to eat? How about some yummy carrots? "that sounds good mommy." As much as I wanted to fuss I really wanted to get clean. Breakfast went with out any mishaps. "okay messy baby since you where able to behave, you have earned a change. "thank you mommy its been really ichy" "Good maybe next time you will think twice about talking back to me."

I just nodded.Shay took me in the bathroom and helped me into the tub. Age then hand cuffed me to one of the rails. Shay then took all the diapers off " you shure are a dirty baby."Shay said As she was spaying me down. "okay baby all clean lets get you a fresh diaper on.""yes mommy" we went back into the nursery and I hopped up on the changing table. Shay started to restrain me. "

"mommies I don't need to be restrained."(In the littlest voice I could muster) "now baby boy there for your safety. We don't want you falling off or trying to touch your self now do we?" I just shook my head in agreement. Shay. Used a liberal about of rash creem. And baby powder, then put me in a fresh diaper. And locking plastic pants. "Time for a nap" shay un strapped me and helped me to the crib. I didn't even argue even though I wasn't tired "have a nice nap baby boy" as she locked the top to the crib.

More soon just let me know if you think I should continue this story. Sorry if there are mistakes. I am using my phone.


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