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22 yr old girl gets mommy

22 yr old girl gets mommy

Cindy was a bright and good looking women 5'6" and 105 lbs. Cindy had alot going for her and moved to Florida from the Midwest when she 21 yrs old. She found her dream job as a paralegal working for a female lawyer, who was 33 yrs old 5'9" and very slender and very attractive.

Cindy dreamed of one day finding her soul mate and having someone in her life. But the one thing stopping this was Cindy has incontinence from an accident that happened when she was younger. Cindy has to wear diapers during the night, and wears pads during the daytime.

Miss. Anderson which is the lawyer has had her eye on Cindy from day one of when she started working for her. Miss. Anderson was very caring towards Cindy and her medical issues. She told Cindy if she needed anything to let her know and she would help her. Cindy was so glad that her boss was so caring, and offered helped if she needed it. They would have lunch together alot, and Miss. Anderson help Cindy get pads to help with her daytime issues.

After about 9 months or so they were out to lunch. Miss Anderson told Cindy that she was attracted to her, Cindy just looked at her with a blank look on her face and was lost for words. After a couple of min.or so Cindy responded and said I have always been attracted to you also. Cindy said to Miss. Anderson me having to wear diapers during the night will not bother you, not at all sweetie. Cindy told Miss. Anderson that my doctor said my problem will get worse before getting better. Cindy said I might have to end up in diapers 24/7 down the road. Miss. Anderson said Cindy do not worry about anything.

Miss. Anderson told Cindy that they have to keep this between themselves and no one at the firm needs to know about us. Miss. Anderson told Cindy you just have to give me 3 more months or so. Cindy said why, well I have been keeping this a secret. I'm going into practice for myself and our new office will be ready then. Just the 2 of us and no one else around. This way we can be together without anyone saying anything. Well we need to get back to work. Cindy said Miss. Anderson you have made my day.p

Well it was the end of the week, and Miss. Anderson called Cindy at home.

Hello answered Cindy!!!!!!!!

Hi Cindy, Becky Anderson here.

Hey there responded Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to see how things were going, and let you know I will be thinking of you and hope all goes well with your tests at the hospital on Monday.

Cindy replied well thanks Becky that means alot to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky replied your welcome sweetie, plus I want to see you so bad. Do you feel like coming over in the morning and spending the weekend together.

Cindy said I would love to.

Becky said pack a bag with extra cloths, diapers, and all your diapering supplies that you need.

Cindy replied OK I will, but Becky I just want you know that my pads are not working anymore, so I have been using the goodnite pull-ups during the daytime because I have had some wetting accidents also and they work pretty good.

Becky said I know you have been wearing the goodnight pull-ups during the day.

Cindy said OK Becky see you in the morning!!!!!!

Becky said around 9:00 am is fine!!!!!

Cindy replied OK, see you in the morning.

Becky said OK sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Cindy hung up she wondered how Becky new she was wearing goodnite pull-ups during the daytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning Cindy got up showered and put on a pull-up. She packed clothes, diapers, pull-ups, pampers wipes, and powder.

When Cindy arrived at Becky's house she was meet at the door. Becky said come on in Cindy.

Cindy said wow what a beautiful house!!!!

Becky replied thanks sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky said come on let's put your stuff in the bedroom.

Cindy graves her stuff and followed Becky. In the bedroom the 2 of them engaged in kissing, after that both said oh my god.

Cindy and Becky at the sometime said to each other I have been waiting for this for a long time......

Becky said to Cindy can we talk, yes replied Cindy. Before we talk Cindy said to Becky how did you know I have been wearing the goodnite pull-ups. Becky said that's what I want to talk to you about.

Becky said Cindy I have seen you in Wal-Mart a couple times and I have seen you buying them, along with baby bottles, and a pacifier.

Cindy replied I'm so embarrassed about this Becky!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky said Cindy you need to tell me everything, so we can move on with our relationship.

Cindy said OK Becky here is the truth. I have started having thoughts of being a baby again. I want to have a mommy and would like to try a babysitter. I just thought you would make a good mommy. Since I know down the road I will be in diapers 24/7 it is my way to cope with this. And Becky I'm so sorry that you found out.

Becky replied I'm not mad at you for this, and I'm glad you were honest with me.

3 months ago when you left work I went to your desk to get some papers. You left your iPad on and a site for adult babies was on there.

Cindy said oh my god, I hope no one else seen it, no sweetie I shut it off.

Now Cindy I have looked up the sites for adult babies and have decided to try this out. You will have to be patient with me, I'm new at this. Plus I want you to move In with me.

Cindy replied oh my gosh, are you serious.

Yes replied Becky!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky said come her my baby girl. As Cindy got up off the couch, so did Becky. Becky then took off Cindy shorts, and Cindy took off Becky shorts. Both are standing there with all there cloths off. Becky in just a thong, and Cindy in her pull-up. Becky felt of Cindy's pull-up and said your pretty wet, then she took off Cindy's pull-up and Cindy removed Becky's thong. Things moved into the bedroom, and some hot sex took place. After sex they took a shower, they both dried each other off. Becky put on her thong, and then Becky said to Cindy grab me a pull-up and I will put one on you. Becky put a pull-up on Cindy, and said no need to get dressed just go around in your pull-up.

Both sat on the couch and started talking. Becky said tonight if it's OK I want to go to dinner and have you meet my sister. She just had a baby 6 months ago.

Becky said I told her about you.....

Cindy said everything including me wearing diapers......

Yes replied Becky........ plus she knows about the babything, I spook to her about this and she said if it makes you both happy, then I'm happy for you both.

Cindy said wow this is embarrassing, but I will do anything to be with you Becky...........

We will be going to dinner around 5:00pm, and instead of a pull-up I will put you in a diaper for the night, this way I can start practicing diapering you.

OK mommy replied Cindy.

Another chapter coming.


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