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A Diapered Massage Gone Wrong

Part 1

As a lifelong diaper lover, who wears diapers for bedwetting, occasional incontinence and just pure fun, and as a guy who also loves massages to help me relax, I have combined the two on many occasions, which makes for an amazing experience! The first full-body massage I had, was at a super nice day spa, I decided to wear a Dry 24/7, which happen to be a very thick disposable diaper with a very crinkly plastic outer cover.

I was scared to death and had no idea what to expect, I half expected the masseuse to run out of the room screaming when she discovered my diaper. I was too embarrassed to mention anything to her about it ahead of time. But, when she reached my diaper area, aside from a couple little pauses while I think she was trying to figure out how to tuck the sheet into waistband of the diaper, never a word was said. The massage was spectacular and being diapered just enhanced the experience.

Since then, I have had dozens of massages, mostly with different masseuses, and all while diapered. I did, however, in retrospect realize that it was a bit messed up that first time to not at least mention my diaper beforehand. Each time thereafter I have given the masseuse the courtesy of letting them know I'm wearing a diaper.

So far I have only had one reaction to the news...the masseuse asked if I had any concerns and I mentioned that I had a weak bladder, so I was wearing a diaper just in case. She laughed a little and said "Well that's always good..." Then she asked if I had to leave it on for the massage. I told her I would prefer to, it would help me relax. She giggled and shook her head a little and said "Diapers!" After that all was fine, it was a great massage and we chatted about world events and even politics, with no more mention of my diaper.

I must say, the relaxing qualities of the massage combined with thick padding is a heavenly experience. I usually wear a Dry 24/7 disposables and even occasionally thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. I figure if something is worth doing, do it right!

One time I got a young Asian girl, probably about 23 years old, who took quite an interest in my plastic pants. When she first saw me in them she looked a bit confused and said "What are these?" I told her they were plastic pants and she said "ooh I like them, like babies!" as she touched them and kind of examined them. Throughout the massage she touched, felt and patted my plastic pants quite a bit, not in a sexual way, just as part of the massage and genuinely seemed quite fascinated by them. I remember she even climbed on top of me and sat on my thighs to massage my back, something I have never had a professional massage masseuse do before or since. It was a really enjoyable experience.

I have regular cute little masseuse named Lauren that had worked on me a few times before and knows about my diapered state, and she seems totally cool with it. She has no problem working around the areas my diaper touches and will often fold the diapers waistband down to get my lower back.

One part of the massage I was missing by being in a diaper was my glutes, so I decided to try something new. I asked her if I could start face down on the table (normally they start me face up). She said "of course" and was curious why, so I explained what I would like to do, which she agreed made sense to her.

What I did was this: So my diaper doesn't get in the way of the lower back & glutes massage, I laid it down flat, with the tapes facing forward toward the head of the table, and received the first 30 minutes of my massage face down with the diaper unfolded underneath me. I even wet a little like that, it was no problem since it was in a Dry 24/7.

Then when it was time to roll over onto my back, my masseuse asked if I would like her to leave the room for a minute so I could get "situated," but she quickly added that she didn't mind (if I didn't mind) her just holding up the sheet while I did so. I said I didn't mind, so she just held up the sheet and I rolled onto my back and fastened my diaper on in the normal fashion, then she went on with the session. This method worked out great for me, and there were no problems.

Another time with Lauren, I was in cloth diapers and plastic pants and had just I rolled onto my back and was fastening the pins while on the table. She had remained in the room, and was holding up a sheet, so my body was blocked from her view. The pin on the left side wouldn't fasten correctly, and I was about to ask her to leave for a moment so I could get pinned properly and then put on plastic pants.

All of the sudden, she reached over, pinned on the diapers tightly and put the plastic pants over my feet and gently pulled them up over my diapers. I lifted my butt as she maneuvered them over the diapers and made sure that no cloth was showing around my legs and gave me a final pat on my plastic pants. I was red-faced, but grateful that I could get on with the massage and just laid there with my eyes closed savoring the moment and feeling wonderful.

You never know. I just try to shrug things off when they happen. You have to be mindful, though. I'd had a massage and had gotten dressed into a fresh disposable diaper. When I walked out to the front desk, the same cute blonde masseuse Lauren that has seen my cloth diapers and plastic pants many of time, appeared and asked if I was comfortable. I said that I was.

But, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw she was holding my blue nursery print plastic pants that I had left behind on the table. She laughed and said to me “cute plastic pants for a baby” as she handed the plastic pants to me along with a business card for her new in home massage service. The receptionist at the front counter got quite a laugh out of it as well. Talk about being at a loss for words!

Whether they joke about it later to their coworkers is debatable, they're human. I bet it makes their day, and I always make sure to leave a great tip anyway, just in case, so I doubt they hate me too much.

A couple of weeks later, I decided to call Lauren and schedule a massage. After finding her business card, I gave her a quick call to schedule my appointment and we quickly agreed on Saturday at 12:00. She told me she would bring her massage table and I should be diapered and ready upon her arrival.

All morning Saturday I could not get the thought of the massage out of my mind. I had probably drank about a gallon of ice tea, trying to insure I would wet my diapers later. About 11:00 I took a long hot shower, applied a generous amount of baby lotion followed by a heavy dusting of baby powder. I then decided I would finally go all out and wear thick cloth diapers and my favorite snap on pink nursery print plastic pants.

I topped these off with a women’s short yellow fleece beach top that ended just above the waistband of my plastic pants. After looking in the mirror, I had second thoughts that I might be going too far just as the doorbell rang. I quickly threw some baby blue fleece short shorts on over my diaper, thinking there is no turning back now and went to answer the door.

When I opened the door my jaw about dropped, Lauren looked stunning dressed in black lycra short shorts, a very revealing black halter top and high heeled sandals. She just looked me up and down as a huge smile came across her face. She all the sudden broke my trance when she said, “you look more like a toddler ready to go out and play then a man ready for a massage.” I blushed, as she giggled and asked me “which was it.”

I laughed and told her I did not know what she was talking about. She said “a toddler or a man, from the look of those puffy sissy shorts I am guessing a toddler, why don’t you remove your shorts and we can find out?” I once again blushed, but started pulling my shorts down revealing a very thick diaper and pink nursery print plastic pants.

She started to laugh, and snapped a quick photo of me with her phone and said “a toddler it is and with those pink baby pants, I would even say girly or sissy baby at that.” Out of humiliation, I started to put my shorts back on when she stopped me and told me, ‘just leave them off for the massage, besides you look cute in your thick diapers, pink baby pants and babyish yellow top,” as she shot another photo. “Oh, and the photos, those are my little insurance policies.”

She took my hand and said “come along baby and show me where to setup.” I lead her to the spare bedroom as she patted me on my thickly diapered bottom and “told me she would be a few minutes and would call me when ready.” I quickly got out of there wondering what I had gotten myself into and why the different behavior in Lauren.

While I was waiting in the living room, I began to wonder if I had shut the closet door in the spare bedroom. This is where I store all my fetish and sissy gear, to include; diapers, baby pants, dresses, rompers and more. As I started to worry, Lauren came out of the room telling me she was all setup and ready. I followed her back into the bedroom, shockingly noticing the closet door wide open, with my pink baby dress and other sissy items on full display. I avoided looking at the closet or discussing it in hope that she had not noticed, but how could she not?

The massage table was all setup with clean white sheets as she told me to get up on the table and lay face down. I took the top off as I got up on the table, I then reached to unsnap my plastic pants and she quickly stopped me, telling me she would take care of that later. I wondered what was up, because she usually starts with my massage with me face down with the diaper unfolded underneath me so she can massage my glutes.

I put my face through the hole in the table noticing her stunning long tan shapely legs and high heels. She rubbed some oil on her hands as she started on my back and shoulders in long rhythmic motions and little harder and deeper massage than usual. As she continued with the massage, I could occasionally feel her brushing the top of my plastic pants.

I started to feel the pressure in my bladder building to a point that I could not hold it anymore and soaked my diaper. She finished with my back and started on my legs working the inside of my thighs. I quickly began to get excited as she kept brushing by my plastic pants making them crinkle, I just hoped she would not notice my erection or the fact that I was soaked.

As the massage continued, she asked me “why are you dressed like a toddler today with such a thick diaper and pink nursery print plastic pants?” I told her that I was due to my incontinence. She laughed and said “I don’t know of any men that would wear such a babyish outfit like you had on, because they are incontinent!” I laid there trying to think of something to say when she smacked my diapered bottom hard a couple of times and said, “Is that also why you also have a closet full of adult size baby dresses, romper, sun suits, butt plugs, handcuffs and more?”

She stopped the massage and said “you better be coming up with a good reason why you have all of these sissy items and wear diapers soon.” She started to unsnap my plastic pants and then laid them down between my legs. Next she reached to remove my diaper, quickly discovering I was soaking wet and telling me “you are nothing but a big sissy baby are you?”

I started to get mad and told her “we are done with the massage, I will pay you and you can leave.” She laughed and said “you lied to me, do you really think you are in charge, you will take what you got coming and do as I say or I will post the pictures I have of you in your little pink diapers all over the internet and around town.”

Lauren was completely in character for this massage unlike any other time as she berated me for lying to her about my incontinence. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn she was genuinely upset. She then grabbed the diaper pin and started undoing them and pulling my wet diaper down. Next, she walked to the head of the table and looked under at my face and said “you might need this” as she stuck one of my pacifiers in my mouth.

Once satisfied that I was ready, she started to spank me with my own teddy bear shaped leather paddle she must have found in my closet. I had never been paddled this hard before and was unprepared for the sensation. After only a few swats, I was wiggling all over the table while sucking on my pacifier, at which point she told me that if couldn’t keep my butt steady she would need some help.

I felt her reach for something with her free hand and then felt something greasy against my asshole. I lay there for probably 5 minutes moaning to the feeling while she gradually got my ass relaxed enough to slip my butt plug in place to my horror and growing erection. Once she was happy with the placement, she told me that if I squirmed now, the paddle would hit the plug and that wouldn’t feel too good. She then proceeded with another 20 or so swats with the paddle as I started to cry into the pacifier.

After she was satisfied with my punishment and glowing red bottom, she told me to turn over. I slowly turned over grimacing to the searing pain from the paddling and the plug pushing further into my bottom while trying to conceal my erection with my already wet diaper and plastic pants. She would have none of it as she pulled my diapers down exposing my rock hard erection as she laughed and said “you call that little thing a cock, no wonder you wear baby diapers” while folding my diaper and plastic pants back over erection.

“Whack off!” she commanded, which I did, anxious to be rid of the fullness in my prick. Obviously, I was jerking off too slowly to appease her, however, because Lauren continually humiliatingly teased me for being such a tiny dick diapered sissy! Just before I was about to shoot off, she unfolded the diaper so that I could blow my wad into the air instead of losing my load inside the baby clothing!

Once I came, and my juice shot into the air, Lauren caught it in the palm of her hand, forcing her hand against my mouth, and making me lick off my own juice! Satisfied with the result and my utter humiliation, she looked at me and said, “I told you to come up with a good reason why you have all of these sissy items and wear diapers.” She reached to take the pacifier out of my mouth and said “I am all ears and don’t lie or the next spanking will be much worse.”

I wiped the tears in my eyes and told her that in fact “I am in fact bed wetter and incontinent at times and while do not have to wear such thick diapers during the daytime, I do so because I like to.” She smirked and said “keep going.”

I explained that “I am Diaper Lover (DL) that loves to wear diapers, plastic pants and various baby clothes. I was looking for friends and or dominants into forced diapering for discipline, punishment and humiliation. I love to be forced to wear barely covered or exposed diapers and plastic pants in places and circumstances that push me beyond my comfort factor.” I told her “After all, it’s all about the fear of discovery and sometimes like today, the resulting punishment and humiliation.”

As I laid on the table looking up at her, she reached over and gave me a kiss on the forehead and thanked me for be so honest, and said “I am still mad at you for lying to me when I thought the reason for diapers in the past was purely medical.”

She then went to the closet and took out a thick cloth diaper and some fresh pink plastic baby pants. When I asked her “what are you doing?” She told me “it’s time to get the baby dressed.” I pleaded and told her “I don’t want diapers now.” After all, I just had an orgasm while in diapers in front of this beauty and my desire to wear diapers was gone at this moment. She ignored me, as she gently reinserted the pacifier, telling me “this should quiet you down,” and then asking me to lift my butt, she then proceeded to pull my wet diapers and plastic pants from under me throwing them in my diaper pail.

She found my baby wipes and cleaned my up completely, followed by a generous amount of baby oil and a heavy dusting of baby powder. My pacifier wasn't calming me this time, I squirmed and kicked my legs in frustration as she took hold of my feet and gently pushed my legs back so my knees were close to my face before parting my legs wide and checking my butt plug in preparation for my diaper. I imagined the sight that befell her as she spread my legs even wider, exposing my most intimate parts to the world. I covered my eyes with my arm trying to block out the awful humiliation I was enduring.

I sucked hard on my pacifier as she pulled the diaper up and over my penis. I felt the softness of the toweling envelope and hug me as the diaper was pulled tightly around me and pinned into place. The diaper was huge, ten times bigger than my disposable ones. I opened my eyes and looked down and saw a huge mass of white soft fluffy diaper between my legs and around my waist. It was so thick that even though my legs were spread as far apart as they would go, the diaper was still pressing against my inner thighs.

She kept my legs in their exposed position as she picked up the plastic pants. Then she gave them a shake and proceeded to place them over my feet. The plastic was very soft and rustled gently as my feet were guided through the leg holes. I felt the elastic gradually tighten around my legs as they were pulled up to my thighs before being stretched and pulled up over my diaper.

She then brought my legs down and proceeded to adjust them, she pulled the plastic pants up as high as she could, and tucked the toweling diaper under them wherever it poked out. The pink diaper pin was still visible under the plastic pants. Then she once again spread my legs wide and closely examined the leg holes, paying particular attention in making sure the diaper was securely under the plastic pants, and each time she tucked the diaper in she would release the elastic with a snap.

Then, as if the degradation could get no worse, Lauren instructed me to roll over onto my tummy so she could examine the diaper around my bottom. It seemed there were no limits to the lengths that she would go to make me feel total and utter humiliation and shame. I continued to suck on my pacifier as I awkwardly rolled over onto my stomach, the plastic pants rustling softly as I did so.

The diaper between my legs was so thick that it was impossible to close them to any degree what- so - ever which made it easier for her to conduct her checks and adjustments because my legs were in a constant 'spread'. I lay there on the table with my diapered bottom sticking up in the air and buried my face in my arms she began to examine me. Her delicate fingers pulling and adjusting my plastic pants, all the while making soft 'Cooing' sounds.

She broke my trance by throwing my yellow baby top at me and telling me to meet her on the back patio. I asked her for my shorts as she laughed telling me “you won’t need those for a while.” Once I got out on the patio, I found her laying in one of my lounge chairs with her all her clothes off erotically pleasuring herself. I must say she looked absolutely stunning with a tan long legs, perfect breasts and body to die for.

Upon noticing me staring at her, she told me “even though you dress and look like a baby in your thick diapers and baby pants, you need to take care of me for once and try and act like the man you should be, make me cum baby boy!” I was more than willing as I went to town worshiping this lovely goddess with my mouth and hands starting at her breasts and slowly working my way down her tight stomach and vagina until she came a few times. Laying there fully spent and out of breath, she looked down at me and said “That was very good baby boy, you can relax for a few minutes and slowly nurse on my nipples like a good baby.”

I quickly nuzzled up on her gorgeous breast taking her nipple in my mouth and softly sucking away as she slowly moaned putting her hand around the back of my head and pulling me in close and stoking my hair. I felt pressure building in my bladder as we were both getting more and more into my nursing. All the sudden I let loose, once again wetting my diaper.

She stopped what she was doing and pushed me off of her onto the floor as she screamed, “What the hell did you just do, don’t tell me you wet your diapers again like a sissy diaper boy?” She looked down at me with my head hung down in shame and I admitted the awful truth to her. She stood up and got dressed and with her hands on her hips said, “You want to dress and act like a baby, that is what you will get. By the time I am done with you sissy diaper boy, you will wish you never wore diapers. Stand up and go to the room.” I quickly stood up as she smacked my wet diapered bottom hard and told me to get moving.

We got to the room and she went straight to my closet pulling out various items, all while smiling to herself. She said I could stay in my now wet diaper and baby pants and think about the trouble I am in. She reached to take my top off and then said, “Won’t you look cute in this little dress?” In her hands was my favorite short pink baby dress with a white lace apron and peter pan color.

She slid the dress over my head and then puffed up the short sleeves, while telling me to turn around. Next she zipped it up and tied my long sash into a big bow. Laughing, she then whispered in my ear, “The best part of this sissy baby dress is it does nothing to cover your big fat diapers and baby pants, everyone will know you are still in diapers.” She then smacked me hard on my diapered bottom and told me “Sit down.” I sat down as she picked up my black and white saddle shoes with pink lace ankle socks. “Won’t these look cute with your dress and diaper?” She knelt down and slid my socks on followed by my shoes and then told me to stand and show her what a cute and pretty baby I was. I stood up as she told me to turn around a couple of times.

She smiled and took some more photos and saying "You look just like a big sissy baby." I told her “I think we have gone far enough and you got your point across, I’m done.” “Sure no problem, I think the photos of you will look great on the internet. She said and then added, “Why don’t you stop your silliness and lay face down on the bed.”

Realizing I am screwed either I laid down as instructed. She fixed my hands behind my back with my own handcuffs laying the key on the night stand. She then took a strap and lashed my feet together and then attached the strap to the handcuffs, finally giving me a couple pats on my thickly diapered bottom and once again taking photos.

I realized, I must look ridiculous as a man tied up and dressed in a pink frilly baby dress that is so short it does not come close to covering my thick diapers and nursery print plastic baby pants or the babyish shoe and socks on my feet.

I was all the sudden startled when I heard my cellphone ring. Lauren walked over to pick the phone up as I begged her not to answer it. She looked at the screen and said “Beverly, wonder who she is?” Next, she pushed the talk button and said “Hello” It was at this point that I cursed myself, realizing I have nothing but my silly fetish to blame for getting me into this situation.

“Oh hi, I’m Lauren his masseuse from the Sports Club, we just finished a session.” She said and added, “He was all wet and sweaty and had to get changed.” Lauren smiled at me and said, “Ok, I will tell him you’re coming over in 30 minutes so you can ride together to Grills, I am sure he will be thrilled!” I pleaded with Lauren not to do this to me, but she just responded into the phone, “Nice talking to you too. If you ever want a great massage, come by the Sports Club. Bye.”

Lauren, then wrote something down on a piece of paper before turning to me and asking, “Who is Beverly and what is she to you?” I told her, “We are just good friends that have drinks together and she is like a little sister to me.” She responded, “Well won’t she be surprised to find out she actually has a baby sister still in diapers?” I said, “You can’t be serious, please let me go.”

"I think you need to stay like that for a while and think about how you've behaved, lying to and deceiving me" She said and, before walking away towards the front door added "If you're a good baby, maybe I'll rub you through your diaper and let you mess in it before we go out shopping tomorrow."

At that point, I heard Lauren’s heels click across the tile floor and the door open and shut, sealing my fate. I laid there once again thinking of the trouble my own desire for diapers had gotten me into. A little while later, I heard a faint knock on the door followed by its opening. I was hoping it was Lauren returning to let me out of this mess, just as I heard Beverly’s voice yell out “Hello.” I thought it was best to remain quiet and just hope she leaves as I wiggled around a little trying to get comfortable in my already wet diaper and crinkly plastic pants.


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