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A candy cane for Mrs. Claus

A candy cane for Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Clause was all alone at the North Pole. Santa was still out delivering gifts and the elves had caught the last flight out to Hawaii for a month long vacation. She heard a noise in the Reindeer barn, could it Be Santa back from delivering toys? She ventured out, but the barn was dark and empty except for one unusual item. A candy cane laying up under a table. She bent over to get it but could not reach it, so she got down on her hands and knees. Just as she picked it up she heard "Ah Ha now I have you!" She looked over her shoulder to see that naughty boy Tom.

He was always coming around asking Santa to give him the list of naughty girls, or peeking in the windows and trying to get a glimpse of Mrs. Clause getting out of the shower. He was definitely on the naughty list! She suddenly remembered that she was not wearing any panties under her skirt. In this position her skirt barely covered the crack of her ass. Tom noticed too! He swiftly flipped her skirt up over her back totally exposing her bare bottom. He gasped as it was more beautiful than he imagined. She started to say: "now stop that"! But she was interrupted as Tom suddenly plunged a large candy cane deep into her Mrs. Santa hole! Not just a normal candy cane, this one was about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and a foot long! It stretched her and was shoved all the way up against her cervix. She shuddered as Tom stroked it deeply in and out. She began to say: "Don't, don't stop! It quickly became: Don't stop...Don't stop!"

She could feel the the cool sensation of peppermint in her Mrs. Santa hole and on her swollen lips. Suddenly Tom pulled the candy cane out of her, leaving her with an empty aching feeling, the peppermint still cool on her swollen lips. What is he doing? She thought. Suddenly he replaced the missing candy cane with one even bigger, stretching her to her limit. This was much bigger than any dick she had ever felt! She struggled to accommodate it. Suddenly she feels something cold on her puckered anus. Could it be KY jelly? Her thoughts are interrupted by the insertion of the first candy cane deep into her rectum. The first cane, worn down from being rubbed deep inside Mrs. Santa was tapered slightly on the end making it easy to insert into her tight brown hole.

She did not like being taken advantage of, but she enjoyed the feeling of the double penetration. She had often fantasized of this, but never with two candy canes! As naughty Tom stroked them in and out she could feel then separated only by a thin membrane. Deep inside her, she could feel it building, that swelling of emotion, that feeling of orgasm that was soon to come. She was light headed, the barn was beginning to spin and suddenly Tom pulled the candy cane out of her Mrs. Santa hole! NO NO! she thought, just as it was getting really good he is going to tease me...or stop altogether?!

Before she could gather herself to speak he replaced the candy cane with his hot swollen dick. OMG it felt as big or bigger than the candy cane!! He pushed it deep inside her in rhythm of the candy cane buried deep in her rectum. The sensation inside of her builds quicker now, wave after wave breaking over her to where she has no control, she wants it to go on forever! Tom feels her building orgasm as her Mrs. Santa hole starts to contract, trying to push him out. He grabs her hips as tight as he can, pushing in with all of his might. The candy cane is also being pushed in by his belly with every thrust. He can feel it working back and forth inside the thin wall, rubbing his dick from the inside...it feel incredible! She is cumming now, contracting with a might that he has never felt before. She is delirious now, almost passing out from the intensity of the orgasm. She has never cum that hard before and she is not a young woman.

Tom feels his balls tighten, and suddenly hot jets of cum are surging through his dick and deep inside her. She is the sexiest woman he has ever had! Toms head is spinning to as he steadies himself, sliding his wilting dick from it's warm slippery hole. Mrs. Santa feels suddenly empty as Tom's dick pulls out, accented by the coolness of the peppermint on her swollen lips. She is slowly coming back to earth as she admonishes Tom: "The sugar in that peppermint will give me a yeast infection you fool!" He says: "Not to worry, I have that covered!"

She looks over her shoulder to see him hanging up a huge douche bag from a nail in the barn. It is no ordinary douche bag, besides being huge, and filled to capacity, it too is candy cane striped. The bag, hose and even to long douche nozzle! He slips the nozzle deep into her Mrs. Santa hole a snaps open the clamp. The warm water floods her insides. Washing away the peppermint and running down her thighs. She is now reminded of her rectum full with the second candy cane and the mild burning of the peppermint on her delicate tissues. Tom slips the candy cane out of her rectum and replaces it with the long douche nozzle. "You see this will also work as an enema to wash you out!". He snaps open the clamp as the warm water begins to fill her belly from the bottom up. Mrs. Santa had over indulged in Christmas cookies and candy while Santa was gone so she had a slight tummy ache. She knew the enema would cure the tummy ache. The warm enema filling her belly felt good as she held her position, the fingers from one hand still circling her swollen clit. She cried out to Tom to stop the enema as she was full. He did not answer.

She looks back and he is gone, but to her relief she sees that the enema bag is empty. He has taken all of the candy canes too! Through the open barn door she sees a golden streak across the night sky indicating that Santa is returning from his around the world flight. GREAT! She thinks, How am I going to explain this. On my hands and knees, skirt up over my back, in a puddle of water, the barn reeks of peppermint, both my holes reek of peppermint, water is running down my thighs and here I am still in position with an enema bag still plugged into my ass AND I am filled with about 3 quarts of enema!! What a mess! But a smile crosses her face as she feels more sexually fulfilled than at any time in her life! She strokes her clit harder and faster.....


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