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A Friend's Initiation to Enemas

A Friend's Initiation to Enemas

This is a true story that occurred several years ago. I hope you enjoy and can relate to it!

I had arrived home and was expecting my close friend Rebecca to show up in about 15 minutes, which didn't give me much time to collect the various enema gear I intended to use for her first time. When I was done she would no longer be an enema virgin and hopefully would want to experience enemas on a regular basis and learn how to give as well.

About the time I spread out a towel on the bed, I hear the doorbell ring and there she is.....

“Hi Rebecca, come on in - how was your day? Did you do anything exciting?” “I hope you’re ready for a fun evening! Let’s talk for a few minutes and catch up on what we’ve been doing lately.” We chatted for about 15 minutes about work and some mutual friends and once she seemed to be at ease it was time to get down to business.

“Why don’t we go upstairs and let me show you the toys.” She agreed so we headed upstairs to the bedroom and I showed her the equipment and let her take a closer look at the equipment - we even joked around a little about the size of one nozzle and how it would feel.

“You probably should go ahead and get comfortable while I go in the bathroom and prepare your first enema. Why don’t you take off your pants and panties, and also remove your bra and put on the t-shirt you brought with you. Then stretch out on the beach towel on the bed and make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back in just a few minutes.”

About 5 minutes go by while I run the water, prepare the enema and return to the bedroom. All the time she is laying on the bed, probably a little apprehensive about what was about to happen.

“Are you comfy? Good. Nervous? No need to be – I’ll take good care of you and at any time it feels uncomfortable, let me know.” “Now roll over on your tummy for me. I think you need a good massage first, so just relax and enjoy. “

At this point I massage her shoulders, back, butt and legs for about 10 minutes, really enjoying the view and getting aroused!

“How did that feel? Are you relaxed? I think you’re ready for your first enema. This one will be with a bulb syringe with warm soapy water. Spread your legs just a little so I can see the target! I’m going to massage a little lube around and in your butt hole to make it easier to insert the nozzle. Don’t tense up!”

At this point I wanted to do two things - one, find out if she was anally erotic, and two, make sure that she was very well lubed so there would be no problems inserting the nozzle on the bulb syringe. I took about 2-3 minutes massaging the lube in and around her butt hole. Several times she clinched her butt muscles around my finger as it slowly goes in and out, spreading the lube around the inside of her rectum.

“Okay, you’re nice and slippery back there! Remember, don’t tense up, just relax and enjoy.” (one of the things that always got me off was the sound of bubbling as the syringe is squeezed to fill it with water, and the light scent of Ivory soap in the air so I am wondering what she is thinking but don't yet ask). I very gently insert the tip and hold it there for a minute as she gets accustomed to the feel of it in her butt. Then I very slowly squeeze the bulb and the warm soapy water enters her colon. She lets out a little gasp as she feels the water. Once empty, I remove the bulb, and we hear the soft sucking sounds of air entering the bulb as I release my grip on it. I refill the bulb and insert it again – this goes on for several more fills.

“How are you feeling, a little full, like you need to go? That’s okay and normal. Just a few more bulbs full and we’ll be done with this enema. (I refill and inject several more bulbs of soapy water, for about a quart of water).

“I bet you’re really feeling full now, but it’s too soon to head to the commode. We need to give the enema a little time to loosen up everything in your lower colon. Why don’t you roll over on your back so I can massage your tummy. That will lessen any cramps and also move the water around in your colon so it will be more effective.” When she rolls over I get a better look at her shaved vagina and there is the hint of moisture there, not from the enema! I proceed to massage her tummy for about 5 minutes.

“That should be long enough. Jump up and go release the enema – it may take a few minutes for all the water to come out so take your time and don’t strain.” While you’re in there I’m going to prepare your next enema. This one will be with the enema bag and a barium enema nozzle to help you hold it in.

About 10 minutes passes as she drains the first enema and then comes back in the bedroom, looking a little flushed, no pun intended, but smiling.

“Still feeling okay? I bet a little lighter feeling now – I always do after the first enema. Why don’t you stretch out again on your tummy. We’ll start there and then you’ll roll onto your side and finally onto your back as the water flows into you. I may start and stop the flow to make sure you don’t have cramps and to make sure we get the most of the water in you. This one will be at least 2 quarts of plain tap water with no soap. There’s more in the bag, so depending on how well you take it we may keep going . Let me know if you start feeling a little uncomfortable and I’ll stop the flow for a few minutes.”

“I’m going to start by lubing you just like before so the nozzle will go in easy. This nozzle is larger, but it won’t hurt going in because your butt hole is already loosened up a little by the first enema and the lube.” I take a few minutes to lube her rectum, and again she clinches my finger, but this time as I move it in and out she rocks back on my finger as I move it. It has become obvious that she is anally erotic so I take a little more time fingering her butt before removing my finger.

“Okay, now relax while I insert the nozzle.” It slides in with little resistance and again I can tell the feel of the larger nozzle going in feels good to her.

“I’m going to release the clamp. Let me know how it feels” I partly open it so as to start the flow slowly, and gradually open it a little more, carefully watching her expression. I moderate the flow by pinching the hose, which makes it easier to take the water.

She immediately says she can feel the water flowing into her colon and says it feels good. About two minutes into the enema, she starts to moan slightly.

“Does it feel good?” She replies yes in a muffled voice. I start moving the nozzle in and out of her butt and she squirms and rocks with the movement. Now I know it’s time to increase the intensity of the enema, so I take a vibrator, turn it on and gently place it against her clit. The level of movement on the bed increases significantly. About a minute later she asks for the vibrator to be inserted into her vagina and I oblige. At this point she is getting close to an orgasm, but there is still more enema to go so I remove the vibrator and stop the flow of water.

"Roll over on your left side so the enema can do its job.” She does so and I wait until she is settled before I start the water again, this time with the flow a little faster. She asks for the vibrator again, so I play with her clit with it until it’s time for her to roll over onto her back.

“How are you feeling now?” I ask with a chuckle. She says “you can’t tell" and laughs back. By this time much of the water in the bag is in her and I can see a small bulge in her tummy. I start massaging her tummy with one hand, use the vibrator on her clit and in her vagina with the other, while she squeezes her nipples with her hands.

I’ve been watching the bag and its getting flat and she is getting close to an orgasm and moaning louder so I increase the flow again and hold the vibrator against her clit. The bag empties and within a minute or so she explodes with a convulsive orgasm. It takes a few minutes before she can get off the bed, and I help her to the toilet for what is a long release. When she comes back to the bedroom, she is still shaking a little from the intense orgasm.

“Wow, was that an intense orgasm or not?” I ask. Are you ready for the last enema? This one will be with the colon tube.” She says she doesn’t think she can handle anymore, so I agree and state that next time we can try that as I think she will enjoy the feel of the tube and the way the water feels when it enters her colon much higher up. She is excited about trying it, after experiencing the first two enemas, and we begin to make plans for the next encounter, where both of us will be giving and receiving.

And it just got more intense for both of us after this first experience. Another enema virgin converted!


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