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A freshman's evening in the infirmiry

A freshman's evening in the infirmiry

I would love to have a thorough medical exam by someone with all the toys. If you would like to correspond and exchange stories back and forth or if you are in my area, let me know.

I remember being an 18-year-old freshman in college and having to go to the infirmary with stomach cramping. The visiting doctor that evening was older, about 50 or so, and had me go into the examining room and undress while he was still in the small windowless room with me. He didn't offer me a robe, but had me lie on my stomach on the examination table with a pillow under my hips, my legs spread and slightly on my knees. He spoke very low and gently as he explained that the dining hall food here at the school had been stopping up several students' colons that week, and I wasn't the first to suffer from this cramping.

He put on latex gloves and began to massage my rectum. I felt some warm lube being rubbed into the area and it felt so good. He asked if I was uncomfortable and I replied no, I was fine. He told me to relax because I would feel some pressure for a few minutes as he examined me. I felt him slide his finger in and out of my rectum and it started to feel really good. I could feel him slide another finger into me and I was starting to get pretty wet and turned on. I wanted to moan, but I stayed quiet. He was talking to me the entire time about me relaxing my muscles and letting his fingers examine the inside of my rectum to discover any blockage. I felt a third finger slide in and I let out an involuntary moan. He asked if he had hurt me, and I said, "No, not at all. It's all very relaxing, please continue..."

This went on for a few more minutes and he was thoroughly examining the inside of my rectum and rubbing all around it, and it felt really incredible. Then he gently pulled out his fingers and said that I had a definite blockage in my colon and he would next be giving me a nice warm, relaxing enema to break it up. I had no idea what he was talking about, but he went on to explain that he would be placing a tube up my rectum and slowly filling my colon with a warm solution of water and a slight sedative to help me to relax. After the colon had been filled with this solution, he would plug my colon and I would hold the solution for about twenty minutes and then he would help clean me out. I said that if he thought it would help me, that I trusted him completely.

He walked out of the room and said he would return shortly. He helped me to lie down across the examining table on my back and relax before he left to prepare the enema.

About ten minutes later he returned and remarked that there were no other patients there that night and the nurse on duty was buried in a book at the other end of the building, so he was free to stay here with me and answer any questions I might have in regards to the procedure.

He was carrying what looked like two rubber hot water bottles, which he proceeded to hook onto a tall stand that would normally hold an I.V. bag. He then attached the tubes that extended from each bottle into a larger tube with a small nozzle at the end. This he covered in lube. He helped me to lie down, still naked, on my back and scooted my ass to the end of the table. He then had me bend my legs and place my ankles on each side of my ass cheeks, thus spreading wide my ass and pussy. He told me that if the water filling up my colon became uncomfortable, I might want to put some weight on my heels and relieve the pressure until the water passed further into my colon. He told me that I might become slightly woozy as there was a slight sedative in the solution, but that I should just relax. I smiled and said, of course.

He began to massage my rectum again and inserted his gloved finger into it, back and forth a few times, and then I felt the hard plastic of the nozzle slide up into my ass. He told me to relax again as he adjusted the tube, and I felt a warm sensation as water began to flow into my colon. It felt really good, I started to feel the effects of the sedative, and my pussy started to get really wet.

He was standing between my legs with them spread and I know he could tell that my pussy was dripping. I was slightly embarrassed that I was having this reaction to the things that a man older than my father was doing to me....and a doctor, no less!

The sedative was really starting to get to me and I smiled to giggle a bit. He asked how I was doing. I laughed and said, "Really fine, Doc. What's next?" He chuckled and said I was his best patient that day and I would see in a few moments.

I started to feel my nipples tingle, and I could start to feel my pussy throb. I was starting to feel like I was in heat! I adjusted my heels and lifted my ass slightly to a more comfortable position as I was beginning to feel full from all of the water flowing into me. He smiled and said, "Just a bit more. Just relax. This is good for you." It seemed that his voice was coming from a distance. I felt like I did when I had been in the dentist's chair under the influence of nitrous gas. I reached up and felt my nipple, not even cognizant that I was in a doctor's office. It was rock hard. I massaged it and reached up to massage the other one. I moaned at the sensation.

He chuckled again, and said that he thought I was just about ready for the next step. I just smiled and lay there enjoying the sensation of being so full and throbbing all over my body. I felt him remove the tube and then I felt some pressure as he squeezed something into my rectum that stayed there holding it, plugging it.

The doctor then told me that the sedative was so that the cramping that is normally experienced with the enema would not bother me, but because I was so relaxed, he had to use a plug to hold the solution in me while we waited for it to break up the blockage in my colon.

I felt like I was floating and settled back onto the examination table, still rubbing my breasts. While we were waiting, the doctor suggested that he get to the rest of the examination, and I agreed. He walked to the wall and pulled out a drawer and withdrew two see-thru tubes with a hand pump suction device at the end of both. He stood by my chest and said that he would be testing the elasticity and firmness of my breasts and nipples. I removed my hands and he gently took one breast, fit the tube over the breast and then began to use the suction pump to remove the air from the pump, thus forcing my breast up into the tube. I sucked in my breath at the sensation. It was painful, but not uncomfortably so. It was more of an increase of a sensation, and it felt so good. I could see my poor breast all squeezed up into the tube, and I was getting more and more turned on by the second. He then attached the second tube to my left breast and followed suit.

I could feel the squeeze, and it felt like fire was blooming in my entire breast. I could feel my clit start to throb, and I could feel juices running down my pussy. I moaned again. He looked down at me and asked how I was doing; it wouldn't be much longer now.

"No," I said, "Don't stop. What is next?"

He smiled and wiped my hair back from my face and smiled as he leaned down to place a sweet kiss on my forehead. "I think you will really like what is next, my little one," he said.

He walked down to my vagina and laughed very softly. "You are quite wet down here, I think." He began to massage my pussy, "How does that feel?" he asked. It felt heavenly. I was feeling sensations and feelings that I never knew existed before, and his inquisitive fingers probing around my clit and under the hood was driving me crazy. I began to moan.

He stepped back for a moment. I then felt something hard sliding into my pussy and felt it expand. He had just inserted a speculum into my pussy and was widening it. I gasped at its sudden expansion of my pussy. I felt a click as it was locked into place. My pussy was now wider than it had ever been before and my clit was stretched sideways, throbbing.

He looked at me and said that now he thought I was ready for some real relaxation. I looked at him and heard a low humming as he held up a small vibrator with a tip no longer than the tip of my thumb.

"I find that three orgasms do more to break up a blockage in the colon than hours of waiting, but you have to try not to cum, try to hold back." He gave a broad smile as I tried to grasp his meaning, but in a moment his meaning was all too clear. I felt the small tip of that vibra-massage device humming against my clit. I gasped and lifted my ass off of the table. He held me down and said, "Just relax, little one, this is good for you. Just let it happen, but hold off for as long as you can. Remember, you will have to have three."

He placed it against my clit again and I could feel it gaining in strength as the power was being turned up. I couldn't help myself, the fullness of my stomach, the burning of my breasts, my pussy stretched so tight by the speculum, and there was no way I could hold back from my orgasm. I felt it start at my toes and work its way up in waves up my body. I gasped that I was cumming, and he held it there and turned the power up some more.

Finally, as it hit me fully I began to moan a low full-throated moan as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed me, growing more and more powerful with each successive wave. The pleasure became so great that it was torture, and I felt the orgasm itself begin to climax. I was losing control and felt streams of liquid running down my legs from my pussy as I couldn't stop cumming. He turned the power down, but kept it against my ooh so sensitive clit through the aftermath until I had given out my last spasm and begged him for relief.

He smiled, "Well, I am sure that was sufficient. You must be exhausted. Let's get you empty."

He removed the tubes from my breasts; they had swollen to a size easily twice of what I was used to. The speculum was removed and he helped me up and over to the small bathroom to the side of the room. There he gently and with great care removed the small plug and I was able to empty myself. He helped me clean up and then led me once again over to the table where I was able to lay down, my body still throbbing from the workout it had just been given.

He then put my feet into the stirrups and began to examine my rectum again. I was still so relaxed, as he slid one, two, then three fingers deeper, deeper, into my ass, as his other hand gently massaged my sensitive clit. I felt another orgasm sweep over me, and I let myself be carried away on its warm, soft arms. I lay there and smiled, thoroughly exhausted as he smiled down at me and told me that the problem was all gone, but I might want to stay overnight in the infirmary to sleep off the effects of the drug.

I got up and put on a robe he handed me as the nurse stepped into the room and, smiling with a very knowing smile, announced that the doctor had another freshman in examination room number three also with cramps. She helped me to a bed in the main sleeping area and I drifted off to sleep with my erotic dreams.


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