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A camping enema

A camping enema

Camping enema session

Setting the scene: We have had enough communication by email and phone that you and I are comfortable to meet and go up into the mountains for a weekend getaway. I meet you in a convenient location and you get into my Jeep full of camping gear and our special ‘fun’ stuff. We go to a National Forest campground high up in the mountain forests where it will be at a nice temperature and private for our forthcoming activities, and free from others observation, just you and me. You help me set up our campsite with my spacious tent and sleeping bags over the double air mattress. We have a nice lunch and a bottle of wine.

You are now relaxing in a folding chair and enjoying the clear air and warm sunshine. I start to get our ‘special’ equipment arranged and hang up the 5 gallon solar shower on a nearby tree and spread a nice soft quilt on the ground with a plastic cover. As I start to get the red 4 quart enema bag hanging also from the same tree and arrange the enema equipment and lube and double balloon nozzle and some hand lotion on the covers, you are starting to get excited about the forthcoming activities. We like each other! And so you are eagerly awaiting my request to remove your clothes except your tee shirt. I am now only in my briefs, but with a slight bulge showing.

I take your hand and we hug closely for a little while. Then you lie on the covered quilt on your stomach. I spread some lotion or body oil on your back and start to give you a nice and slow sensuous massage on your back. I then continue the massage to your fingers, arms, shoulders and neck. Following to your feet, I massage your toes, feet and lower legs. I work my hands slowly up your legs to your lovely ass cheeks and gently massage each of them. I am enjoying touching your lovely body and anticipating touching your special parts.

I spread your legs slightly apart and apply some more massage oil to you ass cheeks, and some runs down to your cute rosebud, and below, which I can only now just see between your cheeks. Now the more erotic part of my massage starts with my hands starting to rub deeper between your ass cheeks and occasionally touching your rosebud, which makes you quiver in anticipation of things to come. As I start to focus my hands on your rosebud and surrounding area, my fingers begin to exert some little pressure on your anus, and you give a little gasp of excitement. I continue my attentions on your anus with more pressure on your opening and with some more lotion, the beginnings of my fingers probing into your asshole. You are now starting to further relax and enjoy the pleasure of my probing of your ass with my fingers. I put some more lube on my finger and slowly insert my middle finger all the way into your asshole. I hold still, leaving my finger into you as deep as it will go. You start to move your ass against my hand requesting more and deeper attention to your interior.

I respond with some more lube and now gently insert two fingers into your ass. You moan in pleasure as I push my fingers deeper into you and start to give your ass a massage from the inside out. I like the feelings that I have been able to instill in you, and that your body is responding to my probing. I like the feeling of my fingers into your asshole and the way your body is responding. Its fun to play with your ass!

Now, it’s time to start the enema activities. I hook up the hose and double balloon nozzle to the 4 quart bag, and insert the hose from the ‘sun shower’ to fill the red enema bag. I add some backing power and sea salt to the enema solution so you will be comfortable and not have too much enema solution absorbed by your colon. Now your sweet rosebud gets some more lube and another probing by my fingers to insure you are relaxed inside and ready for the nozzle. I put more lube onto the nozzle after partly inflating each bulb so that there will be lost of lube to keep you comfortable with the bulbs once they are inflated. Now, for you, the fun and feelings of my inserting the first nozzle and bulb into your asshole. With a little gentle pushing and probing the tip and first bulb enters your ass and I then pump up the bulb with 4 squeezes of the inflator. Then, I inflate the outside bulb and you are well sealed against any leaks. The pressure of the inside bulb makes you feel like you have to ‘go’ or fart, but after a little while your insides get somewhat used to the feelings of the inflated bulbs in and out of your ass hole.

The enema hose has both a flow limiting clamp and an open and shut clamp. The enema solution is a little cool, but not cold, so it should feel nice going in. Before I inserted the balloon nozzle, I started the flow to get any air out of the hose and nozzle and also set the flow limiting clamp for a slow flow of the enema. Now, I open the on-off clamp and the enema starts to flow into your rectum. You immediately start to feel a cramp and I stop the flow. We are in very close communication as to your inside feelings. After a short time, your inside sigmoid bend starts to allow the enema solution to begin filling your colon and because of the tight seal of the double balloon nozzle, you can totally relax your anal muscles without worrying about any enema leaking out of your anus.

The cool enema flowing gently into your colon is feeling so, so good. I now gently start to slowly massage down below your rosebud until my fingers are caressing your labia. You like this additional stimulation and raise your ass to provide me more access to your pussy, which I gladly oblige. Again, some more lube and I start to rub my fingers all around your outer lips and into your inner lips labia and the entrance to your vagina. This action starts to get your own juices flowing and your pussy starts to get wet. As you feel your colon filling, you rise up on your knees, ass in the air with head down. I now have a full view of both your sweet cunt and also your balloon filled ass with the red enema tube connected to the somewhat less full enema bag. So, I continue my rubbing of your cunt lips and probing of your vagina, but I do not touch your clit, which by now has become fully aroused and is slightly protruding out from the labia. You start to reach between your legs so as to finger your clit, but I tell you, you are not allowed to touch yourself, only to feel my caresses and rubbing. With the pressure building inside your colon and your body yearning for some release from the sexual tension that has built up around your pussy, I now start to play with your clit which almost immediately triggers the first wave of a powerful orgasm. Between the full colon and my massaging of your clit, the orgasm waves continue in delightful succession until you beg my to let you rest a bit.

The enema bag is now partly empty and you have taken in all of the enema solution that you could comfortably hold. As I help you to your feet, you can easily see that I have become fully aroused with my 7 ½ inch cock pressing out on my briefs. Along with looking at your distended belly, the sight of my hidden hard-on is very stimulating to you. I then lead you to the chair with the center of the bottom removed and with a bucket underneath. Now you realize that you will have to expel with me watching, something you have never done before and are very embarrassed about, but also strongly stimulated by being observed in such a formerly private action. You are willing, and sit in the chair as I spread your legs and kneel down in front of you. Again, I continue my rubbing of your cunt lips as your bowels are wanting a release from the enema pressure. I insert one, then two fingers into your cunt and can feel the enema pressure from your rectum on my fingers. You again feel the beginnings of another big orgasm building and I let the air out of the outside balloon. You are getting close as I allow the air to very slowly deflate the inner balloon, while once again paying attention to your unbearably sensitive clit. The inner bulb pops out with a woosh as my fingers on your clit also releases waves of orgasm that surge throughout your body. With each wave of orgasm, the enema surges out of your asshole creating another wave of orgasm. I am now standing in front of you as you now lean forward and hold my body tightly to your chest while the last of the enema drains from inside and the orgasm fades to a warm glow throughout your body. I help you up to your feet and remove your tee shirt and drop my briefs. You reach out your hand and hold onto my raging hard-on as we walk to a blanket in the warm shade of the forest trees. We lay close together enjoying the feel of our naked bodies against each other, and begin to kiss. It now feels like we have known each other for a long time.

Continued later for what happens next and the second enema session of the series.


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