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Playing Doctor With My Cousin Again (1)

Author’s note:

I wasn’t really planning on any additional Sue and Jane stories but people seem to like this and want more so I’ll try. There’s a lot more fiction in this story than the first but there are a few elements of reality providing verisimilitude. Comment if you enjoy it and want me to continue.


“Playing Bad Doctor,” Jane said smiling mischievously.

Sue snorted. Bad Doctor had been their go-to naughtiness from third grade until maybe sixth grade. From their current position in tenth grade, that felt like a million years ago.

“Bad Doctor? OK I need to hear more about this!” Brian said grinning.

“I need more wine if we’re gonna talk about that,” Sue said grabbing the bottle and pouring all around.

Sue was spending the New Year’s weekend at her cousin Jane’s house while her parents were away. Jane’s aunt and uncle (not Sue’s, they were from the other side of the family) along with Jane’s parents, were out at a party at the church hall. Jane’s cousin Brian and the girls were at Jane’s. The parents figured they were safe enough as a group. The kids were on their own until at least midnight, so they were doing what typical kids their age did; stuff they weren’t supposed to.

Sue had snuck a big bottle of wine in her suitcase (she never had problems getting wine) and the three were polishing it off while playing that adolescent rite of passage: Truth or Dare while Dick Clarke’s Rocking New Year’s Eve counted down the hours to 1980. They were about 3 rounds in and no one had picked Dare as of yet. This current round, Brian was the questioner and Sue was the questionee. Brian had asked ‘What’s the naughtiest sexual thing you’ve ever done’.

“Oh, Sue and I would play every chance we go,” Jane said still smiling, “Right Sue?”

“We were very naughty kids,” Sue said laughing.

“Ok but the naughtiest thing?” Brian asked, smiling but a puzzled kind of smile like he understood there was a joke, but didn’t quite get the punch line. “Like don’t you guys date?”

“You KNOW I ‘date’,” said Jane, laughing outright now, “and she’s had one boyfriend after another since she was like, twelve, but bad doctor was pretty naughty.”

“What about you?” he asked Sue. “Do you think that way too?”

Sue blushed, rather prettily Brian thought, and said, “Yeah it probably was the naughtiest thing I’ve done.”

“OK I need to know more about Bad Doctor!” Brian said.

“Nope, your turn is up, hell you got more than one questioned answered,” said Jane. “It’s my turn. Sue, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” Sue said.

“Oh you’re such a wimp,” said Jane. “How about dare?”

“Truth,” Sue said again.

“Fine, since Brian thinks we’re a couple of virgins, how far have you gone with a boy?”

“Um, a blowjob?” Sue said a little embarrassed.

“And did he eat you out?” Jane asked.

“Yeah, so I guess sixty-nine then,” she said.

“How many times?” Jane asked.

“Let’s leave it at ‘lots’,” Sue said.

“Wait,” Brian held up a hand. “You do sixty-nine with a guy and you still say Bad Doctor is the ‘naughtiest’ thing you’ve done?”

“More than one guy,” Sue smirked, “and yes, it’s the naughtiest thing I’ve done. And now it’s my turn. Jane: Truth or Dare?”

“Someone has to start it, Dare,” she said.

“Show us your boobs!” Brian yelled.

“It’s Sue’s turn, Brian,” Jane said.

“OK, show us your boobs!” Sue said, laughing.

Jane was wearing a holiday sweater lifted the waistband to flash the others her chest.

“I said yer boobs, not yer bra,” Sue drawled.

“Fine,” Jane said, “Is this better?”

Jane lifted her sweater again and this time pulled her white bra up with it. Her full breasts bounced a little as the came free, nipples erect.

“Those are a lot bigger than I remember them,” Sue joked and the other laughed with her.

“You’re just jealous,” Jane said as she vamped a little, turning from side to side.

“Yes, yes I am,” Sue replied. “I’m a carpenter’s dream: flat as a board.”

“But are you easy to lay,” Brian quipped.

“In your dreams maybe,” Sue shot back mock primly.

Jane put her boobs away and poured out the last of the wine to everyone. They were having a good time, a better time than honestly any of them suspected they would.

“OK, my turn!” Jane said. “Sue, truth or dare!”

“Oh fine, Dare,” Sue said.

“Play Bad Doctor with me so Brian can see what the big deal was,” Jane said with a wicked grin.

Sue was nonplused. She had expected to have to show her boobs or maybe kiss Brian or something ‘normal’ like that. In spite of talking about it earlier, Sue did not expect this to be the dare.

“You’re kidding,” Sue said.

“Nope! Hey, I’ve still got my nurse’s kit…” Jane said grinning.

“I’ll play!” Brian said enthusiastically.

“Yah, this is MY dare mister and I will play,” Jane said. “If you’re lucky I’ll let you watch.”

“Um, hello, what about me,” Sue said. “I never said I was going to do it.”

“Come on Sue,” Jane implored. “We don’t even have to go into the attic!”

Sue snorted and Brian asked, “Why the attic”

“We had a closet in the attic that was our lab,” Sue said. “We’d go play up there so no one would catch us.”


“Bad Doctor was basically a mad scientist,” Jane said. “We used to watch old horror movies together and eventually it turned into Bad Doctor. It would be the Bad Doctor and the victim and the Bad Doctor would experiment on the victim.”

“Ok that does sound naughty,” Brian laughed. “Would you, like, pull down your pants?”

“Oh yah,” said Sue.

“If we thought we had time we’d say, ‘I want to do it good’ and that meant the victim was going to be naked,” Jane responded.

“Like totally naked?” Brian asked. It was painfully obvious that he was trying to picture it in his head.

“Like totally naked,” Jane confirmed. “Oh and Sue, I dare you to do it ‘good.’”

“No, I am not playing Bad Doctor, Good with you,” Sue said.

“Oh yes you are,” Jane said. “Otherwise you’re a chick-chick-chicken, bwark, bwark. Besides, you know you want to.”

“Fuck,” Sue said. Of course Jane was right. She did want to. She always loved getting naked.

“What are we going to do?” Sue asked.

“We’re going to play Bad Doctor good and do it in the dining room. We can use the table as the operating table!” Jane said.

Sue had to admit it would be super cool to use the table.

“Weeeell,” Sue said. “If we’re going to do this then everybody needs to take their clothes off.”

Sue looked at Jane and raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah OK,” Jane said impatiently, “fine. Brian you go first.”

Brian was a little bit stunned at how quickly this had escalated. He was a pretty much go-with-the-flow kind of guy but he was struggling a little to keep up.

“Yeah but what if you’re just fooling me and, like, I get naked and you just are teasing me?” he asked.

Jane looked at him sideways. “Look, dummy, you’ve to a chance to see two girls nude, and trust me, this is gonna be worth your while, and you’re hesitating?

Brian didn’t hesitate any longer but whipped off his shirt and pushed down his pants and jockey shorts. He was excited by the game so his erection made it a difficult to get his shorts over it. He kicked off his sneakers and stepped out of his pants.

“OK!” he said.

“Well that didn’t take long,” Sue giggled.

He was cute standing there naked with a huge erection. Sue had seen a couple before so it wasn’t anything surprising. Brian was taller than Jane but shorter than she was, but at five foot eight, Sue was tall for a girl and tall for her age. He was a little on the skinny side and aside from his legs and his groin had very little body hair.

“Ha, our plan worked!” Jane said. “Let’s laugh at the naked boy!”

Brian looked so crestfallen that Sue and Jane burst out laughing themselves and his erection began to wilt.

“Relax Kojac,” Jane said and started to take off her own sweater. She made a production of it, going slowly and folding it before slipping down her jeans and stepping out of them, folding them and putting them with her sweater. She took her bra off next and finally slid her panties down over her hips.

Sue was a brunette with thick, dark brown hair standing at five foot two, her large breasts had pronounced areolas and her bush was full and dark against her olive skin.

“Ok, you satisfied?” Jane said to Sue.

“Not as satisfied as Brian,” Sue joked (the boy was hard as a rock again), “but yeah, I’m good.”

“OK, take your clothes off and get onto the table, you’re the victim,” Jane said.

They moved to the dining room. The heavy table in the middle of the room dominated her focus. She felt the need to one-up her cousin and pulled out one of the chairs, kicked off her shoes off and climbed up onto the table. She could just barely stand without hitting her head on the ceiling, she had to be careful to stand offset from the light fixture. She slowly started to unbutton the tiny pearl buttons of her silky blouse, swaying from side to side as she did so. She slipped it off and, impulsively, tossed it at Brian. Taken by surprise, it bounced off his chest and slid down his body, getting caught on his erection.

Sue’s grand plan of a seductive strip was derailed by gales of laughter, her included. She unhooked her slacks and slid them down, stepped out and handed them to Brian, took off her bra and then stepped out of her panties handing them off as well. She put her hands on her hips and stood front on to Brian, looking him in the eye.

His eyes were elsewhere. Sue was very thin with long legs and small breasts. She was naturally blonde with a small, light brown bush and a light but not pale complexion.

“I’ll go get my kit,” Jane said. “Brian move some chairs so we have room.”

Jane stepped out and Brian started moving chairs. Sue wasn’t quite sure what to do so she stood there watching. Brian kept looking over with a grin that amused Sue.

Jane was back fairly quickly with her old white nurse’s kit, looking a little worse for wear and the sash from a robe.

“Hey show off, sit down,” Jane said to Sue.

Sue sat on the table with her legs out in front of her.

“What’s the sash for?” Sue asked.

“I don’t have a jump rope anymore,” Jane smirked.

“You’re gonna tie me up?” Sue asked.

“Duh,” Jane said.

“You guys tied each other up?” Brian asked.

“I told you it was pretty naughty,” Sue said.

Brian was beginning to feel out of his depth. Sue took out all the old, familiar instruments and laid them on the table one by one. The toy syringe, the stethoscope, the otoscope, the tweezers, the fake thermometer, the cigar tube.

“I hope you washed those,” Sue said.

“Very well,” Jane assured her.

Brian was intrigued.

“Put your hands out,” Jane commanded.

Sue held out her arms and Jane did a very credible job tying her hands together with the silk sash from the robe.

“You’re pretty good at that,” Sue commented.

“OK victim, lay back,” Jane said.

Sue assumed the old, familiar position: On her back, arms above her head. She covered the full length of the table.

“OK so you’ve got to, like, picture that we’re in a giant lab someplace,” Jane said to Brian.

“Like in a cave,” Sue piped in.

“Like in a cave,” Jane agreed, “and she’s strapped down to an operating table and I’m the mad scientist. I’m going to perform experiments on her and she can’t do anything to stop me.”

Brian was slightly mind-blown by the situation, not at all how he expected to spend his New Year’s Eve. Far from the lame evening he expected, he was standing there, naked, with his naked cousin (yeah that part was a little creepy but beggars can’t be choosers), and a really pretty blonde stretched out, naked, on the dinner table. Hello 1980! Fuck the ‘70’s the ‘80’s were gonna be AWESOME!

“OK,” said the Mad Scientist, “We will now start the experiments.”

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