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1st Gynocoligist Exam

I guess I wasn't totally surprised. Many of the girls at school had had their first internals at 13 or 14. It was pretty common at my school. My mom picked me up after school as always, but on this day she took me to the doctor's office. She didn't say anything about the exam, but I had a hunch. The nurse took us back to an exam room I had never been in before that had leg crutch stirrups attached to the end of the exam table. The nurse took my BP, my pulse and my ear temp. She handed me a cup and pointed me toward the bathroom for a pee test. When I came out, she pointed to the chair and said, "You will need to remove all of your clothes and I will weigh and measure you."

I decided not to argue and I stripped naked. She weighed and measured me, height, chest, hips, and waist. I stood by the table while she pulled new paper down and she put a big blue and white pad at the end of the table. She went to a set of drawers and removed three vaginal speculum of different sizes. The second drawer read Rectal Speculum and a strange steel instrument was removed from that drawer. The final drawer she opened was marked "Anal scope" and I didn't like the looks of that at all.

She reached under the table and pulled out a blue and white tube and squeezed a whole lot of clear stuff on a paper towel. She pulled out another tube of stuff and put it on the tray as well. Then she went to the phone and I heard her call for a fresh PAP kit for Room 8.

The doctor came in carrying the PAP kit and got down to business. He put on exam gloves and so did the nurse. He had me sit on the table and he checked me over like a regular physical. The major difference was that he felt my tiny breasts and did it again while lying down. Then came the part that I was unprepared for. He took my right leg and placed it in the leg crutch, pulling a Velcro strap across my upper knee. The nurse did the same with my left leg. A foam rubber thing was placed underneath my lower back. A bright light was turned on and the stirrups were widened. I never felt so naked and exposed in all my life. Thank God he was gentle and explained every thing. He checked me outside and then he pushed a finger inside my vagina. Then the nurse warmed the smallest speculum and he inserted inside me. He was real good at getting it in. It was very uncomfortable because I was so small. He did the PAP with the brush which hurt a lot.

Then he took the speculum out and put some numbing cream on my vaginal lips and my anus. He put lots of lube on two fingers of his right hand and pushed them really deep inside my vagina while he pressed with his left hand above my pubic hair. Then he lubed my anus and pushed his middle finger all the way up inside me. He re-lubed my anus and then he changed gloves and put one finger inside my vagina and one up my butt. At that point I started to sob.

The nurse was lubing the anal scope which looked huge. She handed it to the doctor, who told me to take deep breathes. The scope went all the way in and hurt real bad. He didn't use the rectal speculum until my next visit. That was 19 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. My daughter just turned 13 and will be going to the same doc in a few weeks for her first gyn exam.

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