Created: 2019.11.05 Updated: 2019.11.06

A Boy's Transition

I read the story, “Joe’s Barium Enema Ordeal”, which was written By Joelaxen, and published on Zity on 08/19/07”. I found joelaxen’s story base to be so interesting that I decided to edit his original 2 part story and add chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6 to bring Joe’s barium enema ordeal to a totally different conclusion. I did this just for my own interest and enjoyment, and in the end I realized that my story hardly resembled joelaxen’s original offering. Even though the story is still based on a boy's barium enema experience, I’ve changed the title to “A Boy’s Transition”, Joe’s name to, Barnard, and called him Bunny for short, and because other's have enjoyed my changes I've decided to offer it here again for your enjoyment.

Although I hope you enjoy my changes and additions, I also hope that you read Joelaxen’s original offering as it is still available on Zity.


 1  A Boy's Transition, Chapter 1 2019.11.05 2068
 2  A Boy's Transition, Chapter 2 2019.11.05 4647
 3  A Boy's Transition, Chapter 3 2019.11.05 3213
 4  A Boy's Transition, Chapter 4 2019.11.05 2663
 5  A Boy's Transition, Chapter 5 2019.11.05 3853
 6  A Boy's Transition, Chapter 6 2019.11.05 343