Created: 2019.06.07 Updated: 2019.06.07

The Farmhand

“The Farmhand” is a story about a troubled 18 year old boy who meets a man who falls in love with him. It’s also a story about a man who teaches a boy how to love and have a full life. It’s also a story of how two unlikely people learn to express their love in unlikely ways. It takes place in rural Ohio where gay love isn’t normally openly expressed, but behind closed doors it can flourish with great sensitivity.

I hope you joy it.


 1  The Farmhand, Chapter 1 2019.06.07 5915
 2  The Farmhand, Chapter 2 2019.06.07 4143
 3  The Farmhand, Chapter 3 2019.06.07 3012
 4  The Farmhand, Chapter 4 2019.06.07 2820