Created: 2019.05.25 Updated: 2019.06.14

The Mechanics

Wow, this is my fifth book to download to Zity. I feel like I should give it a rest and let others play. Oh well, "The Mechanics" is a short 3 chapter story about two eighteen year old boys who find each other in a trade school, and not only come out to each other as gay, but as two enema devotees. I find the characters interesting. I hope you do too. BigBoy

By the way, even though I go by BigBoy, I'm truly not very big at all. It's just a user name.

 1  The Mechanics, Chapter 1 2019.06.14 2401
 2  The Machanics, Chapter 2 2019.06.14 4235
 3  The Mechanics, Chapter 3 2019.06.14 1227