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Sickroom procedures

Best friends, Laurie Walters and Brenda Johnson were freshman and the state university. They shared a small apartment just off campus and split the expenses between them.Both young woman were 18, but Brenda had a wisdom beyond her years and had a natural "take charge attitude and Laurie always submitted to her in the decision making. Brenda also had a car and Laurie did not, so she went where and when Brenda wanted. This worked out well for both of them, as Laurie liked having someone to take care her and keep her out of trouble. Brenda's take charge attitude came in handy when the two of them were at the football game of the Wildcats of State University and the rival Raiders. It was a cold Autumn afternoon and a light rain fell from the opening kickoff. By the fourth quarter, both Laurie and Brenda felt the onset of a cold.

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