The Conductor

Once again my short story idea has ended up growing rather long. I guess I enjoy a detailed story on which to hang the sexy stuff. I've recently become aware of the term Stranger Sex. This is not just a one night stand with a stranger, but a sexual encounter arraigned where either you don't talk, or maybe don't even ever see the other person. Please let me know what you think of my work, or what you might like to see in future chapters.



 1  PART 1 : The System 2018.10.24 1194
 2  ROOM 704 : The Businessman 2018.10.24 3747
 3  ROOM 1206 : The Birthday Treat 2018.11.05 3522
 4  ROOM 3216 - The Royals 2019.01.24 6670
 5  ROOM 4320 - The Honeymoon Suite 2019.07.30 7603