Created: 2014.09.20 Updated: 2014.09.20

Jim’s First Day of Physical Education

This story is a work of fiction. All of the characters are at least 18 years old. The story is set in 1970 and describes the first day of a boy’s high school physical education class. It is told by the female P.E. teacher as she and her male assistant take the boys through an orientation on the first day of class. I set the story in this period because it was a much different time than the one in which we live today. Having grown up in the 1960’s and 70’s myself, I know that it was a time in which a teacher’s authority was not questioned and a different standard of what was considered acceptable behavior existed, for the teachers as well as the boys. On occasion, this manifested itself as P.E. teachers that might be considered cruel and even sadistic by today’s standards. Primarily, this is a story about control, submission and embarrassment. I've tried to create a scene that evokes the feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and embarrassment that boys of that time may have experienced in the steamy, homoerotic world of a typical boys P.E. class. There are no sex scenes in this story. If you’re looking for such a story, you’ll need to look elsewhere. While there is a brief medical scene, this isn't solely a medical fetish story, since that’s not its primary theme. The story is presented in 12 parts.

 1  Part One: Introduction 2014.09.20 1770
 2  Part Two: Getting Started 2014.09.20 2798
 3  Part Three: Uniforms 2014.09.20 1508
 4  Part Four: Even More Rules 2014.09.20 1265
 5  Part Five: Stripped 2014.09.20 2898
 6  Part Six: Examined 2014.09.20 3339
 7  Part Seven: Genital Exam 2014.09.20 3597
 8  Part Eight: Straps 2014.09.20 3859
 9  Part Nine: Workout 2014.09.20 6878
 10  Part Ten: Discipline 2014.09.20 3608
 11  Part Eleven: Showers 2014.09.20 7131
 12  Part Twelve: Final 2014.09.20 2116