HiI have got dysfunctional stressincontinence from a neurologic disability called Cerrebellar Ataxia, Thats why I have to wear diapers. I have always wondered why people bullied and beated me for my way to talk, walk, and for many other reasons. I have always wondered why I always pee on me everytime I do anything. I went to a hospital and did costoscopia, I went to a district nurse and told her I had incontinence from a neurologic disability but that fucking bitch didn´t believed me, she thought I lied to her and said I couldn´t get it from disabilities and I was too young to have this. Finally I got the diagnosis from a neuro doctor 11 years ago that I had Cerrebellar Ataxia and I have had this all my life I without knowing anything. I was 33 years old when my neurodoctor told me I have Cerrebellar Ataxia, now I am 44 years old.I cried when I heard it because I thought my future is ruined now forever and the only way was to learn myself living with this. It took many many years to learn myself this but my incontinence has now become a fetisch for me and I have turned it to a fetisch to drench diapers. But even today some people don´t know why I pee on me, why I have diapers in the closet, why I talk strange, why I walk strange etc. Today I wear a card around my neck telling people I have a neurologic disability and that is a good help for me because earlier I had to stand with corked claims like I am drunk etc. Today I wear jelly boosters inside another diapers for extra protection, I have worn diapers for about 30 years now and it is really fun after all. No one knows I drowns my diapers for fun but no one need to know it either.My disability has slowly become worser for me now and has affect my fine motor skills, walking etc even more and my future never became that I wished it to be.

Created: 2013.08.11