"Think for yourself - question authority!" were the words well spoken by Timothy Leary in the 60's, and are even more important as a guide to those who love their freedom today. The world needs a great many more free thinkers and skeptics, and far less of these "sheeple" which is a label well deserved by those among the herd of blind followers. And we need more followers of the heart. more lovers and less haters. I'm very much busy with my teaching (and increasing my own) the understanding of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, upon which were inscribed The Seven Principles of Hermes (You can Google that phrase to know what they are 😃). These principles form the basis of for the Eastern religions such as Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism. The Principles are likewise the basis for Gnosticism, which was spread to Europe by Ptolemy from Egypt first to Greece and from there spread rapidly all around the Mediterranean for about six hundred years until the burning of Alexandria at which time it was ruthlessly nearly stamped out and forced "underground" by the Emperor Constantine's Holy Roman Empire in the 4th Century AD.

In addition to such philosophies, I am entertained by my music, the arts, all forms of eroticism, and of course, my morning sip of tea.

Created: 2011.08.09