Who says you have to be sick to take (or have someone take) your temperature rectally! I take mine often; even when I’m not sick! I also take it for fertility reasons….I check my basal temp regularly and I do it rectal! I usually do this one myself just because of timing and all but my husband also takes my temperature by putting me over his lap (this is my favorite position for rectal temps!

My temperature is taken rectally at the doctor on sick visits….well checks they just do forehead but on sick visits it’s done rectal! I of course lay stomach down on the exam table and although I take my rectal temp @ home (it’s the only way I take my temperature) it’s still a little awkward having it done @ the doctors office; if you know what I mean! The nurse is a girl I grew up with but that doesn’t mean it’s any less embarrassing! Anyways I take my rectal temperature often; even when I’m not sick!

And yes; I still sometimes cry b/c 1. If I don’t feel good; I don’t exactly like something stuck up my bottom. 2. It’s a little embarrassing having it taken “in public” no one sees but the nurse or doctor but you know what I mean. And when it’s taken rectal @ the doctors office; it’s b/c I’m sick and I tend to be more emotional when I don’t feel good!

Anyways b/c I only take my temp rectal (in my bottom) it’s done whether I’m sick or not!!

Created: 2 weeks ago
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