A lovely telemarketing person got a good dose of instruction earlier this morning when she called.

My visiting nurse as per our agreement answered. Always does during a rectal temp which I was getting or an enema.

”No I’m sorry he’s unavailable right now. Can I take a message?”

The caller insisted that she speak with me Re; a student loan. My nurse asked me if I had one . I told her I did not.

Despite that being said the caller, Jenny said it was urgent. My nurse took a nice approach when she responded.

“I don’t know if he has a loan or not but what he DOES HAVE and why he can’t speak to you right now is because WHAT HE DOES HAVE…is a well shaken down, liberally lubricated mercury rectal fever thermometer half it’s length up his rectum registering his body temperature! it’s a sight to see! He’s on his tummy, tighty white cotton briefs pulled down stretched across his spread legs and that red topped glass thermometer is jutting very prominently from between his buttocks! I’m sure you’ve had that too, right, Jenny? ”

There was a brief lull then my nurse ended the call saying if she wanted to call back do it in about half an hour.

”After I take his temperature he’ll be getting a 3H enema. Know what that is, Jenny? HIGH, Hot and a HELL of a lot! Bye, Jenny!”

I got my enema and my nurse ended her visit and as of now 1:40 PM no call.

Created: 1 year ago