I’ve removed my content.


well I posted in the Lounge explaining why but a moderator deleted that post with no explanation to me. when I asked, one of the better mods here explained that a different moderator didn’t think it should be a forum post.

why? I didn’t call anyone out by name. I listed some of the upsetting comments people left on my photos like umpteen unsolicited sexual fantasies having nothing to do with the picture posted, someone saying, ‘that looks weird’, another commenting, ‘I hope that’s lens flare’, people reposting links to my photos without permission and many more offenses.

Ive been a participant here for more than 10 years and I’m frankly one of the most prolific ORIGINAL content creators. You’ve done me dirty Zity. I question how female friendly this site is, unless you want a sausage party you need to address this.

Created: 2022.09.18
Updated 2 weeks ago
Updated 2 weeks ago